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  1. @Butz, #313, & Lew: You would like me banned because you fear facing me head-on on HW’s freedom-of-speech forum, knowing that I would eviscerate you.

    What, you don’t?

    Okay, jackasses – then I’ll take you on one at a time or all three at once. And if you’re too cowardly to meet my challenge, be prepared for a vigorous offense just the same.

    I don’t suffer fools easily.

  2. Lew: “I suppose he should be taken at his word, but it crossed my mind that perhaps he just wants a normal life. The outright denunciation of WNism in the harshest possible terms might help with this, make him more employable, or reduce the headaches that come with un-PC views in college or grad school.”

    In other words, the coward’s way out. Coming from a milquetoast like you, I’m not surprised that you would attempt to justify Derek Black’s odious and despicable actions. That little pencil-necked jerk telegraphed his traitorous intentions literally years ago, but you were unable – or unwilling – to see it. Sorry, “Lew”, that your little woodpecker-headed teen hero chimped out on you. That’s what comes when jerks like Don Black tries to glamorize white nationalism, trying to act as if he and his knuckle-headed son were celebrities. That’s the harsh truth but marshmallows like you never see it coming until it’s smashed into your face.

  3. Reminds me of preacher’s kids of about the third generation from a TRUE firebrand (second generation is normally nepotist milquetoast) where “nobody in the church saw it coming” when they finally came COMPLETELY “out”!

  4. Nut or agent provocateur.

    I’m going with nut. Passionate, sincere nut, but a nut.

    Hunter, slightly OT question but a serious one, and it would be good if you gave it some thought and formulated a serious answer (at least for yourself, whether you want to share it or not): if you could go back in time fifty years, what would you have done differently? To make it simpler, name one thing you would have done differently. It needn’t be one thing that would have “solved everything,” just one thing differently. Or if you like ten different things.

    I was prompted to think about it reading through some of those old Instaurations Jack Ryan linked to in the other thread. That was a worthwhile publication, but the most the eager contributors didn’t really seem to have a sense of just what they were up against. (Although some certainly did; that Cholly fellow was one of them.) Much of the material was complete garbage. Reading it again I couldn’t help feeling that what Jews constantly (and completely fallaciously) accuse Palestinians of is more true of WNs: they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity – although that doesn’t quite hit the right note. It’s a more a sense I have that, given the cultural landscape (that is, the inherited cultural patters and cultural developments) there are only handful of ways of “doing” something like WN properly, and that the WN efforts that were made always fell very wide of the mark in terms of what actually stood a chance of “working.” (“Working” here being defined as merely things being made to move in the right direction rather than defined as actually delivering a uniformly white USA or white ethnostate on a reduced portion of former US territory.)

  5. Mosin,

    One can’t expect ones own kids to take up one’s cross. It’s not heredity. At best you hope your kids breed true and stay quietly race loyal.

  6. Don’t tell me I’m still sane. I have no idea who the fuck this guy is nor do I care.

    Did I just hit the mainstream?

  7. The reader comments at that site are stomach-churning. Those people speak in exactly the language of religionists who welcome a “sinner” into their flock. Those comments are identical in nature to those that a Victorian would say of a “sinner” who turned to God. In fact, Christians still use language like that to express their approval of a “sinner” who finds Jesus.

    (Note, I’m not mocking Christians; far from it. But it just shows how these people have made politics their religion.)

    It also goes to show the staggering brainwashing power of colleges and universities. They’re not called “activist factories” for nothing. Something about the environment, about having everyone around you, and your professors as well, pushing a certain viewpoint indoctrinates the vast majority of kids who get their degrees. The Black family just experienced the present-day version of the 1960s, when baby-boomer kids would come back from college hating their Archie-Bunker dads and all those dads stood for.

    A traditionalist university – very much needed.

  8. Every time someone quits white nationalism or attacks it, Hunter defends it, while maintaining that he himself has abandoned it.

    I bet Derek is motivated by Malice, Hunter notes that he could have just “moved on.” I say good job.

  9. Lew says
    “In doing so, he used rhetorical formulations that could have come straight from Tim Wise or Abe Foxman. ”

    Lew’s comment makes Derek Black sound like a captured POW, forced to read a pre-written confession for propaganda purposes.

  10. “Would anyone here ever renounce their racial beliefs and write a letter to the SPLC endorsing the craziest liberal bullshit theories over a woman?”

    If i was a “name” maybe, although i’d be lying through my teeth till i had a couple of kids at least half-grown and would still do stuff on the side like donations.

  11. Don’t know who Derek is. But that’s his decision.He needs to evaluate all aspect of life to make he’s own decision and not be forced upon.

  12. I wish Derek would not have turned to social liberalism, but I appreciate his denouncement of WN. I can imagine some possible speculation that I am Derek Black, but this is false. Welcome to the PGRT fold Derek. But interesting points by Mosin and Keevsky about the links between family, religion and ideology. I personally came from an anti-racist family, but I converted to Christianity which my parents had each in different ways abandoned.

  13. “Black also directly confronted some of the main arguments of white nationalism, such as the idea that whites are being victimized by non-white immigration, mixed-race marriages and affirmative action — what amounts, in the arguments of most white nationalists, to “genocide” aimed at destroying the white race. He also ridiculed many white nationalists’ “particularly bizarre” hatred of Jews.”

    This is interesting. They mentioned White Genocide, but have no quote from Black supporting their assertion.

  14. “Would anyone here ever renounce their racial beliefs and write a letter to the SPLC endorsing the craziest liberal bullshit theories over a woman?”


    Doing so would demonstrate a fundamental lack of self respect and manhood. This character trait will express itself in varying forms throughout the relationship which will, ultimately, sabotage the attraction mechanisms in the woman the Judas sought favor.

  15. Black should create a blog and post his statement there. I’m not going to take the word of the SPLC, on an email Black purportedly sent. This is ridiculous.

  16. Hunter Wallace says:
    July 18, 2013 at 12:11 am

    ‘VNN bumped their previous thread:’

    I just read his previous comments to that little weasel Potok and found these comments.

    “Minorities must have the ability to rise to positions of power, and many supposed ‘race’ issues are in fact issues of structural oppression, poor educational prospects, and limited opportunity. The differences I thought I observed didn’t go nearly as deeply as I imagined. I believe we can move beyond the sort of mind-boggling emphasis white nationalism puts on maintaining an oppressive, exclusive sense of identity — oppressive for others and stifling for our society.”

    OMG! This is unbelievable! He may as well start touring with Tim Wise and cash in on the anti-White lecture circuit.

    Black: “I do not believe people of any race, religion, or otherwise should have to leave their homes or be segregated or lose any freedom or whatever other terrifying similar-vein ideas have been posted in threads about me,”

    Well, guess what Derek? Countless millions of Whites have been displaced by niggers and wetbacks who have destroyed the communities they built and were forced to escape to the suburbs if they had enough money. The poor souls who cannot leave are living in hell for the rest of their lives unable to flee from the joys of diversity.

    It’s obvious this rodent has never had to live in an area having his apartment burglarized, cars vandalized, and items stolen regularly or feared for his safety from packs of feral beasts.

    I’ll wager all his bills are paid by daddy and he has never had to get his delicate fingers dirty or lay brick, pour cement, shingle roofs, or work in a slaughter house in very unpleasant conditions to put food on the table.

    Can’t stand little puke traitors like him!

    “— Black described some reaction to him at New College: “glares” at public lectures, “the occasional middle finger in the library,” a few “threatening emails.” But he concentrated on others’ fears of him, saying he’d heard “that people might be scared or intimidated or even feel unsafe” because of his purported views, and inviting students to E-mail him personally about his politics. “Making these statements obviously does not instantly create comfort or security for everyone who’s uncomfortable,” he concluded, “but I hope it might help slightly.”

    Poor baby! He’s suffered so much. Glares and middle fingers! To gain acceptance from the -better class of people- he stabbed the unwashed racist low lives ( who sent tons of dollars for his education and ski trips) solidly in their backs.

  17. Don and Chloe, and Little Chloe, are absolutely LOVELY people. They are wonderful. Any-one would be blessed to have Don and Chloe as parents, and as friends.

    They’ve “loved not wisely but too well”.

    Derek – he wrote it. It’s his doing.

    Derek is an arrogant little berk who is not nearly as intelligent as he thinks he is. Whatever or whomever that got to him will throw him over, out with the trash, as soon as he ceases to be useful. A stunt like this hurts; but pain ends. He only gets to betray ONCE.

    “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child”.

    Derek’s family has been lovely to him. I don’t know why he’s trying to kill his father.

  18. The bitterly funny I in a sick way is that the tide is turning. In the larger society. Has any-one read this?


    Heather MacDonald’s forensic analysis of the U of C. The BRA is a MASSIVE drain on resources. The parasite is killing the host. The Darklings are not going to support the obscure academic career of a vain. arrogant , TREACHEROUS little White Debbil. Whitey’s been paying for THEM. It only goes one way. Whitey is signing off on underwriting the BRA. It’s not sustainable anymore.

    Some-one timing is HORRIBLY off.

  19. As we keep saying about White Genocide:

    The anti-Whites are forcing the conditions of life, that lead to intermarriage and that is Genocide for White people.

  20. “Worse than that, they are agitating to swamp us with third world aliens.”

    They are the forcing conditions of life that lead to Whites to intermarrying with third world aliens, so there will be no Whites anywhere on the planet.

  21. Denise says:
    July 18, 2013 at 3:15 am

    “Then the strongest Whites will resist.”

    And the anti-Whites will answer for it. What they are doing to Whites is intentional. They are trying to wipe us out. If you have any doubts it is deliberate, look to the punishments for any White that publicly objects.

  22. Hunter Wallace says:
    July 18, 2013 at 2:15 am

    ‘I know why he is doing it.’

    Are you sworn to secrecy?

    If not. Inquiring minds want to know.

  23. The only thing I can say is that his ‘anti-racism’ is very bourgeoisie.

    His line is basically this : “Blacks can be rich too, we’re holding them down.”

    My line is more like “life is a video game, and I don’t care about the crimes Blacks commit, since I hate the ruling class anyways.”

  24. Fixed it for you:
    My line is more like “life is a video game, and I don’t care about the crimes Blacks commit, since I hate Whites anyways.”

  25. RRS – it’s not “over” yet…..the situation is not final. There’s still time for a “coming to the senses”………

  26. “The only thing I can say is that his ‘anti-racism’ is very bourgeoisie.”

    Bourgeoisie is a noun, you twit. The adjective is bourgeois. You can’t even get communism right yet you claim to be a commie.

    “My line is more like “life is a video game, and I don’t care about the crimes Blacks commit, since I hate the ruling class anyways.””

    Black crime scarcely affects the ruling class, so you’re hardly sticking it to the elites by ignoring black crime. If anything, ignoring black crime is what the elites want you to do. What a tool you are.

  27. Denise: “Don and Chloe, and Little Chloe, are absolutely LOVELY people. They are wonderful. Any-one would be blessed to have Don and Chloe as parents, and as friends.”

    Years ago, Don Black, aka “Lurch”, attempted to overthrow an all-black Caribbean island with what – five or six men? Now that’s “nuts”. Not only that, supremely stupid as well.

    Later, Don Black ends up running an Internet forum, operating it much like a bar on a Saturday night, serving both as bartender and bouncer. But aside from lightening the wallets and purses of its members, he hasn’t accomplished a damned thing of importance in the all the years he’s been fleecing cash from his patrons. As for his wife Chloe, used goods that David Duke kicked aside when younger, tighter pussy sashayed along, she spends her days helping non-white children “make better lives for themselves” in South Florida.

    See the connection, anyone?

    Long-suffering wife of vile racist Don Black, who, though she may love him, must bear the burden of raising a son in his hateful shadow. Oh, the misery…

    So what does she do? Over the years, she works her ways on Derek Black, slowly, gradually, stealthily, showing him that South Florida’s plethora of non-whites are “rich and interesting” and that it’s “okay” if, at times, his youthful hormones are attracted towards some Puerto Rican girl or mocha-skinned black chick cavorting along Florida’s fine white beaches, their firm asses packed like two halves of a ham into their too-tight bikinis. Just waiting, in fact, for some horny red-headed white boy to peel them off like a couple of banana skins. Because, you see, mothers understand these kinds of things better than mean ol’ racist dads and so, Chloe coos, “it feels just as good no matter what their color, Derek,” and winking slyly, adds: “I oughta know.”

    And Derek, secretly, guiltily, starts off on a newfound sexual odyssey exploring endless nights of dark flesh , sinking ever deeper into the dark swamps of race mixing.

    And the spell is broken.

    For Derek Black has now tasted the forbidden fruit of multiracial love and now he can never go back to being the Rock Star of Racism. His now despised father would never understand.

    But his mother does….

    So you can bet, dear readers, that Chloe Black IS behind her son’s abominable negro-lovin’-and-fu*ckin’ conversion – somehow, someway. Lest we forget, she’s been aiding and abetting non-whites for literally years and thus has long experience working for the enemy. For all too often, wives are the wolf in the fold, ripping out the guts of family unity. Look for a divorce in the near future…

    As for Derek Black, he is irredeemable – radioactive beyond all help.

    He must be shunned by all WN’s, and probably by all SN’s as well.

  28. Hunter Wallace says:
    July 17, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    “Would anyone here ever renounce their racial beliefs and write a letter to the SPLC endorsing the craziest liberal bullshit theories over a woman?”

    Jack replies:

    Anna Kournikova in a bikini, Swedish nationalist singer Saga dressed however she wants. Yeah, these women could probably get me to do all kinds of things, pretty much whatever they want.

    What can I say?

    I’m straight.

    Tarzan had the same weakness with Jane – could have probably got him to enroll at Oxford, forced him to read Jane Austin.

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