2013 CofCC Conference Takeaways


Here are my takeaways from the 2013 CofCC Conference:

1.) Jews – I saw no evidence that the CofCC has been hijacked by Jews.

Jews were discussed by the speakers on at least four or five different occasions. I’ve only been to one other CofCC conference, but there seemed to be more discussion of Jews at the 2013 national conference, not less.

Of all the problems that plague the White Nationalist movement, a lack of discussion about Jews is not one of them.

2.) Jewish Sabotage – In light of what happened to mainstream conservatism, White Nationalists have legitimate fears of Jewish sabotage.

I can’t really think of any White Nationalist groups – the National Alliance being an obvious example – that have succumbed to this problem though. The closest thing that comes to mind would be the time Ian Jobling and friends attempted to purge Amren of anti-Semites, but Jobling ended up resigning and taking his supporters with him, and ultimately repudiating racialism altogether.

3.) Apathy and Resignation – The real problem facing White Nationalism is the apathy and resignation of its own supporters.

The people who share our racial and cultural views are not organized in the real world. Without an organized resistance in the real world, White Nationalists will always be powerless and will remain bystanders in their own racial dispossesion.

At the 2012 League of the South conference, someone made the remark that a chief without Indians can’t accomplish jack. A gentleman from North Carolina made the same point at the 2013 CofCC conference and that remains true across the entire Far Right.

Golden Dawn’s supporters are on the streets. They are not electrons flying around the internet. I left with the impression that someone like Matt Heimbach or Kyle Rogers could accomplish a lot more with our help.

What’s the old saying? It is easy to snap one twig or to hammer down one deviant nail, but it is much harder to snap a bunch of organized twigs. Well, there is no getting around the fact that nothing is ever going to change until there is an organized resistance on the streets in the real world.

While Jewish subversion is a legitimate concern, the far greater problem is that so few White Nationalists are willing to show up or do much of anything other than vent on the internet.

4.) Action vs. Words – Ideas matter.

The case of Matt Heimbach shows that ideas followed up by action is even more effective. Too often we are content to inform people while neglecting the moral qualities that inspire White people to stand up for themselves.

Amren has been educating the public about racial differences for twenty years. If it wasn’t for men like Jared Taylor, we wouldn’t be reaching men like Matt Heimbach, but education alone isn’t sufficient to reverse our decline.

As Taylor himself pointed out, it is harder for someone like James Watson, Jason Richwine, or John Derbyshire to break racial etiquette than it was twenty years ago. It is harder because White people have become less willing to stand up for themselves in the real world in the twenty years that have passed since Amren was founded or in the decade that has passed since William Pierce died.

For every Matt Heimbach that stands up, there must be a thousand people who are educated, who know the depth of the crisis we are facing, but who do nothing in the real world about it. If those people would simply act on their own beliefs like Heimbach, we would have a Golden Dawn in this country.

5.) White Power – The Council’s own history shows that organized White Power is sufficient to squash Jewish power. In the 1950s and 1960s, Jews were intimidated in the South into joining the Council, but internal sabotage by Jews isn’t why the segregationists were ultimately defeated.

The Council, the Klan, the Wallace campaigns and other types of organized White resistance, mainstream or vanguard, failed due to insufficient support outside of the Deep South. It wasn’t enough to control Selma or Mississippi when a federal judge could issue a desegregation order and smash electoral majorities.

It was possible to win by working within the system … up to the point where cultural demography was decisive.

6.) Hardcore Nucleus – My friend Jim Giles used to say that he wanted to assemble a hardcore nucleus.

I can see the “hardcore nucleus” taking shape within the Council and the League and playing a greater role within these organizations over time. It doesn’t matter who is the leader. What matters is gathering in the real world on a regular basis, growing the size of the nucleus, and engaging in action that strengthens the organized resistance.

As I said above, a Caesar can’t do anything without legions. Until there are legions, there isn’t going to be any march on Washington. Instead, there will just be more navel gazing essays and annual fundraisers.

7.) Courage In Numbers – How do we get White people to be more courageous?

If you look at Greece, you can see what White people will do in the real world when there are other White people around backing them up. The same principle is on display outside of the political sphere. Men are bolder and more aggressive in larger numbers.

That’s why the antifa believe in invading the spaces of White Nationalists. They want to snuff out the flame before the stick of dynamite can explode.

8.) Homogeneity – Ten years of observation and experience and the death of three White Republics (America until 1861, the Confederacy, and the Jim Crow South) at the hands of the same people has convinced me that we can’t hope for any effective action on the basis of an abstract concept of whiteness.

White people are very heterogeneous and individualistic and are easily derailed from working together to accomplish any common purpose. In order to save White people, we will have to build stronger organizations like the Europeans around ethnic, cultural, and religious affinities so that we don’t get sidetracked by other issues.

In the South, we can use our relative ethnic, cultural, and religious homogeneity to build our hardcore nucleus, and to push outside into the public sphere.

9.) Coherent Vision – Heimbach identified the lack of a coherent vision as one of the key problems facing the movement.

What’s the goal? Is the goal to “Take Back America” through voting Republican for Northern conservatism? Is the goal to create a White ethnostate? If so, where? How? This is all incredibly vague. His own suggestion was to emulate Franco’s triumph over the Spanish communists and anarchists.

The closest American parallel would be the White Line in Mississippi and the Red Shirts and the White Man’s Revolution of 1876 in South Carolina.

10.) Anonymity – White people will be hammered into a unit by showing up in real life and putting their ass on the line with other White people to advance a common purpose, not by filling up MySQL databases in search of “the philosophy.”

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  1. Tom’s actually right about that.

    The least religious parts of America are also the most liberal, the most anti-White, the most influenced by Jews, the most Democrat, the least racially conscious, etc. Mosin makes the same point here all the time.

    Science is great in the sense that it sheds light on our understanding of the natural world, but a casuality of this is moral clarity and a weakening of the social mores that have traditionally held degeneracy in check.

    What would you rather have? Would you rather know how to split the atom, or your daughter or sister know that it is generally a bad idea to have dozens of sexual partners before marriage?

  2. Self-ordained ignorance cannot make for a permanent refuge from the world and whatever about it you cannot accept. The amish for example are finding that out every day. And, more often than not, sexual promiscuity accompanies low intelligence.

  3. Science expands our knowledge of the natural world, as a tool it was meant to do, but everywhere it shakes the foundations of morality.

    When people lose faith in a God-ordained moral order, they respond to the doubt created by science by making up their own values. The result is moral anarchy and the weakening of the social fabric.

    Instead of getting their values from a Catholic priest or a Protestant minister, what happens in a liberal society is that people get their values from television, movies, magazines, and newspapers owned by degenerate White and Jewish liberals, or more accurately, from their peers who are conditioned by these things early in life.

    The inevitable result is social and moral decline. As for Tom’s brief comments on the subject in the video, it was part of a much longer conversation over the weekend about how he plans to protest the 2013 Knoxville Gay Pridefest.


    The fact that Tom brought up Gnosticism (something that 97% of the American population couldn’t tell you the first thing about) shows that he is highly intelligent and well educated.

  4. Science does not clarify morality. Quite the opposite.

    It expands our knowledge of matters which are of the least relevance to our lives while dimming our knowledge of the most important things.

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