Montgomery Set To Surpass Murderham In Violent Crime

Montgomery's latest homicide occurred on a street named after key civil rights leader
Montgomery’s latest homicide occurred on a street named after a key civil rights leader


The City of Montgomery is on track to set a new record in 2013.

For the first time in over a century, perhaps ever, Montgomery is set to soar past Birmingham as the most violent city in Alabama. There have been 16 murders in Montgomery so far in 2013, which is 4 more than in Birmingham, 10 more than Huntsville, and 12 more than Mobile.

The latest victim – Larry Wells, Montgomery’s No.16 homicide – was shot dead on E.D. Nixon Avenue last Friday nightEdgar Nixon was the president of the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP whose secretary, Rosa Parks, famously challenged segregation on public buses in Montgomery in 1955.

Nixon organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott which kicked off the Civil Rights Movement. He invited local black ministers to support the boycott – one such minister, Martin Luther King, Jr, of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, had only recently arrived in Montgomery from Atlanta in 1954. Due to his brief stay in the area, King was selected as the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association, which became his launching pad into becoming a national civil rights celebrity.

The Montgomery Advertiser has an interactive map of the 16 homicides in Montgomery in 2013 and the stories behind their murders:

– Terrance Murphy, 26
– Cherokee Johnson, 39
– Jesse Stevens, 70
– Darium Hill, 21
– Terrance Hall, 27
– Louis Robinson, 41
– Robert Gatz, 39
– Jarvas Terrell Baldwin, 19
– Danny Stroud, 21
– Larry Wells, 23
– Melissa Ann Slater, 18
– Erskine Chambliss, 32
– Douglass Gray, 29
– Dave Ivey, 77
– Deandre Robinson, 22
– Cordarrius Woodall, 21

With the exception of Cordarrius Woodall, every homicide in Montgomery in 2013 has occurred in or around the border of the Black Hole in west Montgomery. Deandre Robinson was shot and killed by a homeowner in east Montgomery in the course of a “home invasion robbery.” Dave Ivey was killed on Atlanta Highway by his wife. Douglas Gray was shot and killed in the course of a robbery near the border of west Montgomery by Kenayaree Fuller and Ayrquan Jarrett. opines:

“It ought to be a wake-up call. It ought to be an indictment of a culture that turns a blind eye to kids with illegal guns, that embraces both violence and silence, that enables fear, excuses apathy and rationalizes the spinelessness of a don’t-snitch psychosis.”

Whose culture?

What culture in west Montgomery has “faith ministers and city officials” gathering in City Hall auditorium to pray for divine intervention from a higher power to “Change the Culture of Crime” in Montgomery?

Black dysfunction can never be indicted and labeled as such because doing so would require the admission that the social and economic conditions that prevail in west Montgomery and Birmingham – low property value, abandoned shopping centers, blighted homes, violent crime, failing schools, food deserts, a small tax base, a callous disregard for the value of black lives, etc. – are a physical and statistical reflection of the content of character of black people and their capacity for self government and creating the conditions that foster social capital and economic growth.

Instead of “a wake-up call” that indicts the culture of the real “violent extremists” who are probably responsible for 100% of homicide in Montgomery, the SPLC (which is based in Montgomery) will continue to issue hysterical warnings about conservative groups like the Tea Party and the Family Research Council.

The City of Montgomery will continue to name its streets and schools after civil rights leaders and black scientists … and the black teenagers who populate those schools, who live in the shadow of those civil rights monuments, will continue their killing spree and succeed in driving more middle class White taxpayers (and the businesses that cater them) north into the safer suburbs in Autauga and Elmore County.

Note: In the previous post, I forgot to mention E.D. Nixon Avenue. My apologies.

  • Mr. Rational

    If a lot of “Whites Only” signs went up across those shopping centers and neighborhoods beginning to experience the blight but not yet consumed by it, they would bounce back immediately.

    That is why the liberals try to make this literally unthinkable.

  • John

    Is there an equivalent of this story in literature? It reminds me of The Killing Fields a film about Cambodia. Also Escape From New York. These are films from the 70s mindset. Oddly enough Escape from New York was actually filmed in St Louis. The wrestling match itself was filmed in Union Station. It’s now a rather grand restored Saloon.

  • Gayle

    My mom lived in Old Cloverdale. She was terrified of the blight from West Montgomery that was slowly but surely creeping towards their beautiful neighborhood.

    I haven’t been back in the years since she died, to find out if things have gotten better or worse…

  • Allison Hunt

    “If a lot of “Whites Only” signs went up across those shopping centers and neighborhoods beginning to experience the blight but not yet consumed by it, they would bounce back immediately”.

    Sorry to burst your fantasy. That’s not the capitalism works. Money talks and bullshit walks.

  • Mr. Rational

    Allison, do you really think that people trying to avoid Black crime and dysfunction wouldn’t flock to Black-free neighborhoods and shopping?  They already do, it’s just that the “freedom” can be taken away as soon as a bus line or Section 8 complex comes in.

  • Proud Globalist Race Traitor

    If a whites-only mall ever becomes successful, my Jewish masters I will be sending out some of our friends to vandalize them. Then they won’t be that safe will they? I hope you people do try racial segregation and the so-called freedom of association (aka violations of human rights), so the UN can finally smash your asses and institute the world government we desperately need.

  • Allison Hunt

    16 dead in West Montgomery… that’s an average week in Juarez. Juarez would celebrate if they totalled 16 murders for the year. If you like scary, Juarez. It’s like someone designed a social experiment where everyone is free to murder. You literally cannot get a murder conviction in Juarez if you confess to it. Murders often have NOTHING to do with drugs. If a psychopath likes an attractive married woman in Juarez, he simply murders her husband. Problem solved.

  • Of the 20 most violent cities in the world, I believe New Orleans is #20 and the rest are in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Anon

    16 dead over the course of 2 and a half months, that is not the annual figure, nor is it adjusted for population size.

  • xyz
  • White & Confederate

    Allison, I was not aware that capitalism didn’t function during Jim Crow.

  • jeppo

    16 dead in West Montgomery… that’s an average week in Juarez.

    No, an average week in Juarez would be about 60 murders. In 2010 Juarez had more than 3000 murders compared to only 5 murders across the river in El Paso. The fact that El Paso is majority Mexican makes the vast difference between the two murder rates that much more amazing.

    A similar cross-border murder differential can be found in Detroit and Windsor. Windsor, with about one-third of Detroit’s population, recently went for more than two years without a single murder, while over the same period Detroit had more than 800 murders.

  • DixieGirl

    That’s really it, HW.

    Black cities are high crime, yes, but so many (at least more generational) whites have left cities and even the country due to LRA, not BRA.

    South Florida, Central NC, AZ, much of TX, and more went Latin. Jews seem ok with Latin, and retire there, along with white catholics. The only people who don’t feel comfortable in LRA are Generational Americans, who actually lived in what I’d call “america,” (the german palatine, scots-ulster, english, experience).

    The new america really seems to make their skin crawl, lol.

  • lex

    Can’t wait to finally have some live targets.
    The culling is going to be Biblical.

  • Mr. Rational

    If a whites-only mall ever becomes successful, my Jewish masters I will be sending out some of our friends to vandalize them.

    You blew the cover on your act when you said “my Jewish masters”.

    Windsor, with about one-third of Detroit’s population, recently went for more than two years without a single murder, while over the same period Detroit had more than 800 murders.

    Because Windsor’s population is largely White (82%) and the visible racial minorities are mostly Chinese, other Asian and Arabs, not Black.  The 2002 Canadian census found only 7150 Blacks in Windsor out of > 200,000 total.

  • J Spruce

    Just goes to show Democracy and AA don’t mix.

  • civil rights apostate

    Blacks are the seed of Cush, possibly even of Cain. A Cushite built the tower of Babel, and Isaiah the prophet said that they were terrible from the start, while Zephaniah said that someday they would die by the sword of God. No one realizes it. It’s considered ok, and almost good, to talk about a burly black teenage son of a triple rapist who was tortured and killed for flirting with white girls, even though it happened in the early 1960s, but it’s considered almost wicked to even show the photograph of a thin 12-year old white girl who was kidnapped, bound, raped, and strangled for no reason at all not so very long ago, even if you just say that she was killed by a black man, without saying the awful details.

  • Allison Hunt

    The Mexican murders, the way the people are butchered, the tortured corpses being dumped off in public places are all too similar to the civilain murders that happened in Iraq. The Iraqi murders had the signature of Mossad and the CIA all over them… and so do the Mexican slaughters. The modus operandis are just too similar. They may be the handiwork of the same black-bag murderers. It takes a special person to be able to look a person in the face and slice his neck. I don’t know if you’d call it a talent but it’s definitely something most people are unable to do. Bottom line, the mayhem in Mexico is political, not racial.

  • stonelifter

    Is this our 1st beaner apologists?

  • Allison Hunt

    All you fuckers want to marginalize. Let’s go down a list and find all the things you believe. Whoops! Here’s one thing with which we don’t completely agree… yeah, fuck that guy. You’ll end up with a cohesive group that’s you, your old lady and maybe all your children. If I was Kike, this would be the kind of opposition I would like most… a bunch of fragmented families, not unlike the Westborro Christians in Topeka. It’s not smart. And good luck getting anything accomplished… or it that the point? You don’t WANT to get anything accomplished. But you DO have a tight hand full of people who hate everything and understand nothing. God’s speed.

  • Mosin Nagant

    Allison, thanks for the unity reminder. Old Christian saying: “Unity in the essentials, liberty in the nonessentials, charity in all things.” The most essential point of unity is Christianity.

  • stonelifter

    Being pro beaner is nothing we can build unity with.

  • Mosin Nagant

    I’m not saying inter-ethnic or inter-cultural, or inter-regional or inter-STATE unity, but the unity of general agreement on what are the essentials of racial, ethnic and cultural conservatism and preservation — including of course the foundational faith!

  • Mosin Nagant

    Re: “being pro-beaner”:

    What is best for the Hispanic is for them to live in their own lands and work at solving their own problems. Inter-ethnic, inter-regional mixing, even if intra-racial (if Hispanics are white) is unnatural and destructive.

  • Mosin Nagant

    If there are conservative Hispanics who truly love their own culture and ethnic identity, their homelands, and Christ, rather than to chase after pleasure and money, we could share a unity with them, at a distance.

  • Mosin Nagant

    We must be careful not to project our wish for this “blessed” unity onto figures who may only want to play the part.

  • stonelifter

    Beaners are half breed savages. Murder is in their DNA from before the aztecs up until today. A White person who says their murder is not like them is full of shit or utterly lost, but there is nothing to unify with them.

    As for the rest, more of your liberal roots showing. Tribes, clans races dominate others or are dominated. That should be abundantly clear to anyone who has read any history. Our job as White men is to ensure our people dominate and are not subjugated

  • Mosin Nagant

    “Tribes, clans races dominate others or are dominated (…) Our job as White men is to ensure our people dominate”:

    Sounds like the morality of Ishmael or Esau.

  • Mosin Nagant

    I never said they are good and that “murder is not like them.” Read again, on what basis I said one could agree with some of them at a distance.

    “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet, BUT….” To state categorically ALL Hispanic people are by nature evil and murderous is wrong!

  • “Tribes, clans races dominate others or are dominated. That should be abundantly clear to anyone who has read any history. Our job as White men is to ensure our people dominate and are not subjugated”

    “What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.”

  • Sean

    Mexicans are savages.

  • stonelifter

    Hey Rudel,

    I saw the coolest bumper sticker for you at the VFW last night.

    The back ground was the Vietnam service robin; in the fore ground was a M14 w/ a wooden stock. The caption read, “The only “woodstock” I remember in ’69”. Then something about the 3rd Marines

    Our people are in this tight spot because of their softness. It is not the hardness of my heart that is leading us to destruction.

  • “in the fore ground was a M14 w/ a wooden stock”

    Here’s a funny story for you. When I was in boot camp I was issued an M-14 with a fiberglass stock! It had metal rails imbedded inside so the that the receiver sat on. It shot pretty well but it made me feel like an ass as everyone else in the platoon was issued a rifle with a wooden stock. It was brown but it must have stood out like a sore thumb when watching our platoon executing close order drill.

    Later I was issued an M-1 Garand in infantry training. I’d still take a Garand over any other battle rifle today as they are sweet handling, and unlike a plastic/electronic M-4 can be used as a quarter staff/spear in CQB, and the internal magazine can be reloaded with the en bloc clip in about 3/4 of a second if you actually train with it.

    The Marine Corps uniform’s shoulder patch chevrons still show two crossed Garands for every rank from Lance Corporal to Master Sergeant.

  • stonelifter

    Dude it sucks to stand out in boot camp…

  • “Dude it sucks to stand out in boot camp…”

    Except for shooting well at the rifle range!