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In another departure from the outrage of the day, I want to spend some more time in March and April expanding on the discussion that got started here in Southern Cuisine, Fitness, and Nutrition.

I recently started using two awesome health and fitness apps on my smartphone to keep track my diet and exercise sessions: RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal. Is anyone here using any health and fitness apps on their smartphone? If so, which ones?

There isn’t much we can do as individuals about the dysfunctional political system and the cultural degeneracy that surrounds us. Some of you like to call it the Kali Yuga. We do have the power to insulate ourselves from it though and live healthier lives than our misguided neighbors.

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  1. When I was in college I realized Southern fried everything wasn’t good for you—I didn’t let that stop me from eating it. Not good for your arteries.

  2. Yeah, Hunter, I see signs of those misguided neighbors every time I go to the supermarket. It’s easy to locate about a 100 kinds of bacon, and there are always two full rows of chips and another row of other high sodium snacks. Lots of cakes, donuts and other high-carb swill as well. And thousands of gallons of cow milk, the deadliest item in the store.

    Of course they have good stuff as well. They’ve usually got organic soy milk. You need Daniel Boone to help you find it, but they’ve got it. There’s lots of catfish, chicken breast and lean red meat, too. Damn good for you when its broiled and served with some green vegetables.

    A look around any supermarket will quickly show you how the other shoppers have been voting at the checkout.

    I don’t have any workout apps. Too old and set in my ways. All I have is a whole bunch of old York Olympic Weights that belonged to my dad and a 150 pound heavy bag on a 20 foot rope. My old egg timer is the only gadget I need to keep me going.

  3. “We do have the power to insulate ourselves from it”

    I was just thinking this same thought on my drive home from work.

  4. Everyone, please get in shape.

    Trying times are just over the horizon.

    Put away some extra food, water and medicine every single payday.

    Buy all the guns and ammo you can afford.

    Google “Chicago mall riot”

    Semper Fi in Mississippi

  5. Today on my way to the gym I noticed a pigeon defecating on the windshield of a grey, new Mercedes and I was reminded, once again, how liberalism is a highly maladaptive ideology synonymous with degeneracy, decay, and death.

  6. Re: Diet and nutrition:

    Where will Walmart find cheaper food for the masses? As traditional white family farming continues to decline in America, global corporatism is bullish on industrial mega-farming in Africa, where immense open areas suitable for monoculture crops are available almost free for the taking from indigenous “natural slave” peoples, thanks to the timely assistance of “anti-terrorism.”

  7. I’ve found that one of my easiest meals is a frozen and fully cooked Tyson’s Grilled Chicken Breast with one or two servings of mixed vegetables. Pop it in the microwave for three minutes and you have meal.

  8. I’ve been writing this stuff down for years.

    It much easier though to have a GPS based app on your smartphone that tells you exactly how fast you are walking and how many calories you are burning. I was underestimating both my speed and my average calories burned.

    The MyFitnessPal app is awesome. It tells you exactly how many calories you eating in each meal and produces easy to read bar graphs and pie graphs of your macros.

  9. ZombiesRun app on iphone. Makes running long distances fun and incorporates your music between a post-zombie-apocalyptic survival story. Out run the hungry hoards!

  10. I started using RunKeeper. The ZombiesRun app looked interesting, it exists for Android as well. I want to do the couch-to-5k workout to supplement weightlifting. There are several apps for that, but RunKeeper has it as an goal.

  11. “Lawrence Bauster says:
    February 26, 2013 at 4:34 am
    Today on my way to the gym I noticed a pigeon defecating on the windshield of a grey, new Mercedes and I was reminded, once again, how liberalism is a highly maladaptive ideology synonymous with degeneracy, decay, and death.”

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Genius satire!

  12. Our ancestors ate deep fried fatty foods for every meal. My grandma is 83 and is still going strong, She has ate these type foods her entire life and still does. She has also led an active lifestyle, rarely having a sedentary day and exercising regularly. Just the other day she came over and spent the night with my wife and I. She cooked biscuits and gravy with real bacon grease. I am convinced that one could eat a traditional southern diet to this day and remain healthy and live to an old age if one exercises regularly and maintains a healthy body weight/BMI. It isn’t the food that kills, it is our modern day sedentary lifestyles and obesity.

  13. deepdixie1979 said it all.

    My grandmother lived 97 years and she made the best, greasiest food on the planet. Unfortunately, eating good food goes better with chopping wood than with internet browsing. IOW get off your ass at least part time.

    Men work. Pussies go to “the gym”.

  14. Most people in the South already work hard.

    The difference between now and then is the supermarket, fast food restaurants, and the automobile which translate into poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

  15. Most folks who work hard today still don’t work hard like a hundred years ago, and it’s easier for folks to change their diet then their sedentary lifestyle

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