English Youth Declare War on Cultural Marxism


H/T Jackson

I’ve seen the French one … now there is an English one.

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22 Responses to English Youth Declare War on Cultural Marxism

  1. Afterthought says:

    Watching the number of whites decrease makes our people uncomfortable: leverage that.

    I want to request fellow ODers to give a listen for 30 plus minutes to the pitch-perfect broadcast of the Texas Nationalist Movement.


    I am a vanguardist, that is by nature, and will never change. But I want to be a smart vanguardist, and I want to win. What Hunter is doing here and what others are doing is educating the main stream. It is the main stream that has to carry the ball across the goal line. We’re just the coaches. We have to call plays that the main stream has the capability to actually execute based on their skill level.

    That is why I really hoped that Mr. Linder would have had a change of heart and use his platform and is rhetorical skills to call plays and win some games. And that goes for all of us. We have the play book, let’s call some plays so that the team can get down the field!

  2. August Dammler says:

    “We’re just the coaches. We have to call plays that the main stream has the capability to actually execute…”

    It’s tough being a coach. That means we’re the boss and our followers have got to understand that. They’ve got to start taking orders and doing what we coaches tell them. Being a field commander isn’t as easy as our troops sometimes think. Like Rommel, we are exceptionally intelligent, complex, and even somewhat dashing. That we’re admired, even worshipped, is just a fact. That just comes with the job. Even now I’m working up some new battle plans that I expect all the followers on here to obey to a T. I’ll post them later.

  3. Nonny says:

    Don’t forget to follow the vid to the youtube site & leave a note of appreciation! :)

  4. John says:

    There are a couple of false notes but it’s good overall. The metal at the end was not needed.

  5. John says:


    The roads should have British regiments marching up and down them protecting white farmsteads. Ohhhh wellll… That’s just rayciss.

  6. Coach Roach says:

    My, my. I’ve got a bigger harem than the rippin’ Prince of flipin’ Persia! Look at you ladies. Drop and give me 20! SEEN-YOORS! raise your dainty lil’ hands! Three sorry seasons of the Yankee-Judeans rubbing your nose in the dirt, the dirt grangrangrandaddy fought for. For what? For this moment. For me. Prepare to be redeemed.

    Yes, the Zio-Puritans are bigger. Yes, they’re faster and just plain better than you. They know it. We know it. It’s ok though, I’m here and I’m a Vanguardist. I trained for this all my life on the internet! I specialize in lost causes such as yourselves now go out there and kick some ass!

  7. Anti-Whites Are Evil says:

    Ha! That is one Very pissed off Englishman, accusing the left of White GENOCIDE.

    And he is right!

    Love it!

  8. Silver says:

    It is the main stream that has to carry the ball across the goal line. We’re just the coaches. We have to call plays that the main stream has the capability to actually execute based on their skill level.

    That’s a very good analogy. WNs have been employing a strategy of throwing Hail Mary’s off the first snap every time, ignoring that their WRs are has-beens who run a ten second 40. (Or as I’ve put it elsewhere, the “one fell swoop fallacy”: the idea that you’re going to change ingrained mental habits by just pointing out a few key racial stats — and pouting when it doesn’t work.)

    WNs have neglected defense to the point that they routinely concede TDs off kick returns.

    Continuing the analogy with respect to myself, I’m no WN nor a nationalist of any sort, but I concede that whites are right to demand a racial future so I’m willing to work with WNs to move the ball up the field. Let’s get to the goal line first; we can kill each other over what to do at that point when we reach it.

  9. Joe White says:

    I think you all are really over thinking the issue of race and commiting too much time to this. You’re arguments are: 1. We need to maintain the “white race” b/c this is good. 2. Diversity is a threat to the white race 3. Therefore the “white race” needs to seperate itself from the rest of the diverse nation.

    Some thoughts: 1. If we are all white will that be good for everyone? From what I’ve read of European history, being in a almost completely white Europe wasn’t utopia. Inquistions, diesease, serfdom, religious wars etc… Also, can we even control whether there is a white race or not. People forget the earth is over 4 billion years old and “people” have only been living in it for 8-15 million years. White people have been around less than that and we now know the original people came out of Africa (boom!). So, can we really know for sure that we will even be here if we seperate and is it worth our time…? 2. Diversity is a threat to the white race? IDK…I don’t think if we all inter-marry we will lose all white people. Assuming that things remain constant, it would seem we will get browner, but who will that hurt worse on a racial scale; blacks or whites? 3. Can we really seperate ourselves from the rest of the world? I mean really? If we have a white country with a border, people are still going to cross that border and meet other non-whites and intermarry… You can’t stop people of different races from falling for each other, it will happen.

    Why don’t we spend more of our time focusing on things that really matter? Loving each other, working for justice and fixing our economy.

  10. John says:

    Here’s a good case.

    In my classes the quiet white guy who doesn’t make a fuss almost always eats everyone else’s lunch in exams, and then cleans the collective clock of every other group in essays.
    Always the quiet ones. The token negro is fun to have around but he’s often substandard and the Asians don’t understand concepts. That’s 4 years of experience with specialists and general student populations. I have to admit that sophisticated Hindu’s are as good as anyone else though.

  11. Wayne says:

    Joe: tell that to the Jews or the Japanese or the Chinese.

  12. Anti-Whites Are Evil says:

    @Joe White
    All you are doing is Justifying GENOCIDE against White people.

    No one is flooding Africa with millions of people that are not their RACE. Is force integrating everyone, until the Africans are blended out of existence and telling them, “You know what? Who cares if Africans disappear?”

    No one is flooding Asia with millions of people that are not their RACE. Is force integrating everyone, until all the Asians are blended out of existence and telling them, “You know what? Who cares if Asians disappear?”

    You anti-Whites are doing this in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. So your future plans for humanity do not include White people.

    Sorry Joe, we don’t believe you are a “friend of humanity” at all. Your intentions towards the White RACE are very clear – GENOCIDE.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  13. John says:

    Arabs are often worse.

  14. Anti-Whites Are Evil says:

    Come on Hunter, don’t let the anti-Whites get away with justifying GENOCIDE against White people.

    Silence is consent.

  15. Why do people come to this website to use the Mantra on other racialists? It is annoying.

  16. Anti-Whites Are Evil says:

    Did you read anything John White wrote before approving it? Are you really calling him a Pro White? lol

    Are you going to allow people to justify GENOCIDE against Whites and disallow any effective response?

  17. Anti-Whites Are Evil says:

    If that is the case, then Wow… What game are you playing?

  18. Anti-Whites Are Evil says:

    I would like a clear answer from you on my question, before I take this matter further.

    If you ignore my question, I will have an answer anyone can understand.

  19. Okay.

    It seems there are two “Joe Whites” posting in the comments. There is a new one and the other is one is a Catalan nationalist.

  20. Anti-Whites Are Evil says:

    Okay thanks for replying. You had me worried for a minute there.

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