Republic of Dixie: Projected Coal Production (2011)


Here’s the numbers for U.S. coal production by state: Dixie would walk away with 31% of U.S. coal production, and if the Far West tagged along, the Red States would walk away with 80% of U.S. coal production.

Wyoming and West Virginia are the Texas and Alaska of coal.

Thousand Short Tons

West Virginia – 134,662
Kentucky – 108,766
Virginia – 22,523
Alabama – 19,071
Texas – 45,904
Louisiana – 3,865
Mississippi – 2,747
Tennessee – 1,547
Arkansas – 465
Oklahoma – 1,145

2011 U.S. South Total Coal Production: 340,695
2011 U.S. Total Coal Production: 1,096,052
Percent of 2011 U.S. South Coal Production: 31%

Wyoming – 438,673
Montana – 42,008
North Dakota – 28,231
Utah – 20,073
Arizona – 8,111
Alaska – 2,149

2011 Far Western U.S. Coal Production: 539,245
Percent of 2011 U.S. Far Western Coal Production: 49%


  1. Given this chart—- why isn’t the “Clean Coal” wiping out of coal seen as an ethnic attack? KY/ WV are the two regions most the target of hillbilly incest jokes, everyone knows this, i.e.— strong ethnic (mostly very Generational Ulster-Scots/ “Scotch-Irish”)
    and “Bible Belt,” (usually a code word for protestant.)

    NC Tobacco was part of that same sweep. (No Yankee has tried to SAVE Brazil, China and India from their smoke habits—the world’s other three top producers of tobacco), only the “Bible Belt.”

    Crops and resources tend to be ethnic centers also, but this aspect is never discussed.

    So, why would wiping out coal NOT be Genocide? Depriving defined ethnic groups of their economic livelihood is listed by the u.n. under its genocide definitions.

  2. The staggering numbers for coal in WV/ KY—- should make clear it’s the PEOPLE who are targeted. For some, being “inbred,” just means they are a group. That they are a clan, kinship group, etc. But this is supposed to be such a put down for Appalachians (WV is the only state entirely in the Appalachians)— yet, it is only the livelihood of these people targeted.

    One could argue, easily, that hollywood propaganda and music has ruined lives, led young kids down horrifying paths—- yet that INDUSTRY is not targeted! Wine in california is not targeted— and look at all the drunkards! Many “INDUSTRIES” cause demonstrably more harm than coal—

    So, isn’t it clearly just to keep the “ig-nert” hillbillies from using their own resources? An attack on “the wrong kind of wasp” (as they used to be called?)

  3. “So, isn’t it clearly just to keep the “ig-nert” hillbillies”

    Yep. Irony is, us “ig-nert hillbilly” cowboys ain’t so dumb. Wyoming always does well on National Assessment of Educational Progress, usually among the top 10 or 15 states.
    Science NAEP for 8th graders, 2011:
    “Only five states ranked ahead of Wyoming: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and New Hampshire. Wyoming scored higher than 36 states and was on par with 10.”
    Screw you, New York, we did BETTER than you, you buncha inbred jew-diots, and Massachusetts, we’re right there with you, you buncha loathesome self-satisfied smug sneering anti-White Yankee bastards.

    Can you tell I’m tired of being insulted by libtards?

  4. These are all very interesting points Dixie.

    I recommend that you write letters to as many newspapers as possible.
    I recall that the attack on coal by Thatcher in the UK was an attack on a class and an attack on a region. Notably the miners in the US vote conservatives in. In the UK the miners were Welsh or Yorkies or Lancastrians. Same sort of genocide, a harrying of the north.

  5. Seriously—

    WV & KY are producing the coal— and that’s half the energy in the country.

    Amazing really. Those little states are that valuable—and what do they get? Nothing but redneck jokes and the promise of Genocide (since their industry is one politicians want to put on the chopping block).

    Mark my word— they’ll wipe it out (Genocide of “undesirable Bible Belt” Ulster-Scot/ English/German)—- then, after a period when it turns into a meth version of detroit, bus in “new —more “desirable” populations”— to mine the coal

    Deprivation of livelihood is listed in genocide info.

  6. To paraphrase Franklin: It is good to be reasonable or statistical, because one can always find a reason or a statistic for anything one wants to do.

  7. “Those little states are that valuable—and what do they get? Nothing but redneck jokes and the promise of Genocide”

    Hey! What about Appliance City, mint juleps, thoroughbred horses, and Loretta Lynn?

  8. Gasification of coal as the Germans did during WWII makes so much sense that the only reason it isn’t done now is political: they want dependence on the Middle East.

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