Republic of Dixie: Natural Gas Production


The South dwarfs the rest of the United States in natural gas production:

Note: The value of Wyoming in terms of coal and natural gas is starkly clear.

Million Cubic Feet

Texas – 6,091,724
Gulf of Mexico – 2,798,718
Oklahoma – 1,744,393
Louisiana – 1,363,538
Alabama – 270,407
Arkansas – 269,886
Virginia – 112,057
Kentucky – 95,437
West Virginia – 231,184
Mississippi – 73,460
Tennessee – 3,942
Florida – 1,778

Wyoming – 1,923,224
Alaska – 433,485
Montana – 116,848
Utah – 376,409
Kansas – 365,877

Source: EIA

Who do you think would really collapse in the event of secession? Would it be the Red States with the balance of America’s crude oil, refining capacity, coal, nuclear power, and natural gas?


  1. these last couple posts shoot the we’ ‘re doomed without those people all to hell and back. same for us needing the west or midwest

  2. I think the main point is that BRA will collapse as it is running plays from the Soviet Playbook.

    With secession you at least have a fighting chance to retain a first world standard of life, if not an outright guarantee.

    Let’s not forget the power of debt to smooth the transition for the new government when people talk of disrupted pensions and services. I believe we could secure amazing interest rates, especially when biblical quantities of money flow in to our low tax, low regulation environment.

    I am EXTREMELY BULLISH on the new nation!

  3. Energy reserves are fungible to a certain extent, and the north could secure energy, provided that they pare back their own environmentalism, but this right here is probably the biggest illustration of why the federal government will use force. Energy reserves are simply too valuable.

  4. There is another reason they may not let the south off without a fight. Huge amounts of resources, including the most precious of all whites.

  5. Interesting stuff, Hunter. And if you think USG is going to let the South free without a fight, well, you are mistaken.

  6. “And if you think USG is going to let the South free without a fight, well, you are mistaken.”

    There are two sides to that coin. The first side is getting the locals to realize they’d be better off.

  7. The arab’s story is more sound, if there’s a police report.

    But what do these darkies expect? Roses scattered on the floor beneath their Invasion?

  8. “Would Wyomingans lol, go for it?”


    Count me in, at least. — We’re the 2nd reddest state in Amurrica, after Mississippi.

  9. “I would be happy to take Wyoming. We could use Wyoming. It is also in our interest to deprive the Union of Alaska and North Dakota.”

    – You’re starting to wander into the realm of HAC-style fantasies, Hunter.

  10. Those are five or six year old statistics, Hunter. Pennsylvania’s new gasfields are bringing it near the top of the list now.

  11. ““I would be happy to take Wyoming (…) and North Dakota” !

    But most of the counties of Wyoming are majority German heritage, and North Dakota is also majority German or Scandinavian except the majority Indian reservation lands.

  12. That’s less important than weakening the Union.

    Wyoming, North Dakota, and Alaska are small conservative states with huge energy reserves. They would be less of a problem than the millions of transplants in Dixie.

  13. …but wouldn’t Dixie naturally expand into other territories that share a similar (warm humid) climate and racial profile, such as Caribbean islands?

  14. As a practical matter, the Blue States couldn’t reconquer the Red States with 20% of America’s energy resources, much less even maintain their economies without access to the Southern ports which brings in and processes massive quantities of foreign oil.

  15. Our farm in Ohio conatins a huge pool of oil under it. Problem getting someone to pick up the lease on it and drill.

  16. Germans have been bad for liberty. they will only want to recreate some version of the federal system we have now

  17. Interesting stuff, Hunter. And if you think USG is going to let the South free without a fight, well, you are mistaken.

    It all depends on how badly the south (or any other secessionist region) wanted it. If the south wanted it badly enough, yes, the yankees would let it go. They don’t have the stomach to really fight for it. Of course, the south doesn’t have the stomach to really fight to secede, either.

    If the south wanted it badly enough, it could secede. It’s not 1860 any more.

  18. “If Stonelifter took a shot at you, link to the comment and it will be deleted.”

    If Stone actually took a real shot at you, you wouldn’t be in any condition to comment on anything!

  19. Re: the energy reserves in red states:

    If you think the Grand Bourgeoisie (to put it in Marxist terms since you are the actual revolutionaries according to their lights) is going to give up control of these resources without a fight then you are delusional. While a political wing will be absolutely essential to secession you will also need a military force and the support of a substantial percentage of the civilian population in order to secede.

    If a financial collapse precipitates a major reduction in our imperial armed forces overseas, the federal government will fight all the harder to keep control of our domestic resources.

    Any fantasy about some sort of peaceful dissolution of the Union is just that, a fantasy.

  20. The Union is going to implode, guys. It won’t be peaceful, but trying to keep it together will be even bloodier and more expensive, and the Union is bankrupt already.

    Tall buildings used to be demolished from the top down, with wrecking balls and guys with sledges. Then they got smart and realized that tall buildings have immense built in reserves of kinetic energy, imparted by the cranes and derricks and scaffolding used to haul the materials up there in the first place. Now, the building is brought down by deliberate weakening followed by well placed small charges, detonated in the right order, and it comes down in a compact small heap with a big boom and a lot of dust.

    The Empire is coming down. With or without us. We need to shape and control and time the implosion, providing a little help here and there, but it’s 90% of using the Empire’s own energy and weaknesses. Our goal is to keep certain parts intact, protect what we can salvage, and make sure the chunks are what we want as best as possible.

    The Blacks will get a piece: they should get a piece and it should be a decent piece, but one we can isolate and manage from outside to an extent. The Jews probably will get a piece, and again, we want it to be one they can’t manage us from. Insufferable liberals, queers, feminists, sluts, halfwits and mulattistizos will get one too. Whites should get not one but at least two or three, each separate from the other and independent, each equally White but suited to the varying needs and desires of different White populations.

    One may be explicitly Christian, one may have a choice of religions to include all those compatible with White needs. One may be a monarchy, another a direct democracy in the model of the Swiss cantons or Greek city-states, with a limited demos. One may absolutely prohibit abortion, shoot all drug users, brand adulterers and horsewhip gamblers, whereas one may permit limited abortion, encourage eugenics, tolerate pot and limited recreational substances and have state licensed or even owned casinos. One may ….oh, you get the idea.

    Imagine a united Dixie in the South minus the Florijew Peninsula, an NARedoubt (to include part of what is now Western Canada…or not) in the other corner, and maybe a Greater Deseret. Minnesota becomes a province of Canada as it has long wanted, Quebec splits to ally with France, the Maritimes down through Maine except the Boston exurbs become something else, New Liberia having deepwater access eastward below, etc, etc.

    Then imagine a less beneficial division.

    The question isn’t if, it’s when and how.

  21. Stonelifter says:

    Germans have been bad for liberty. They will only want to recreate some version of the federal system we have now.

    Oh please give the Germanophobia a rest!

    We’re the most individualistic of all Europeans. We’ve only been a freaking nation since 1871. Germans killed more Germans than Yankees killed Southerners in the WBTS. Germans used to be divided into small principalities about the size of an American county. We used to be the foremost proto-libertarians.

    The German Chancellor not long ago blurted out loud that multiculturalism is a failure. Has any high office French or British official said the same?

    We Germans take the time to hear new interesting ideas and debate. The French have too much snot in their ears as usual and recently reelected another nation wrecking socialist PM.

    But we must be aware of the cultural divide between north and south Germany, divided similarly to the US. We’d want the southern Germans, especially Bavarians (German: Bayern).

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