Alabama’s “Native” Al Qaeda Rap Music Jihadist

Alabama Good 'Ol Boy Gone Bad

Hunter Wallace and other (deservedly) proud Southern Nationalists have been beating up on “Yankees” in the NorthEast, Midwest, Yankee transplants to Florida and Virginia. Mr. Wallace has made persuasive arguments that Whites in the North and sadly in Midwestern states like Ohio and Wisconsin gave Obama the election victory and ensured the horror of continued BRA tyranny, radical racial Reconstruction etc.

I do note that while most of the Confederate South looks solid, there are some very embarrassing instances of political, cultural treason down in Dixie.

The Chicago Tribune reports that an Alabama native “Omar Shavik Hammami”- (looks to be another John Walker Lindh – American White boy turned non White Muslim fanatic) has been added to the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list. Hammami, 28, has been called the “Rapping Jihadist” as he performs a Muslim Jihadist version of Black Afro/Arab Somalian Rap “music”. I am sure some Ron Paul, Libertarian cultists or conspiracy mongers will come with some wild tale that poor Omar Shavik Hammami is being framed by the FBI/CIA/JDL/MOSSAD and White American patriots should be allying ourselves with these Afro-Arab-Somalian-Afghan-Chetnian-Paki Islamists as these Islamists supposedly share our “Conservative Christian-Islamic family values” and opposition to Zionism and gay rights. But, as a former public school teacher in Red Hook Brooklyn, I take a zero tolerance approach to anyone promoting any type of Black Rap music.

The only good Rap Music singer is a dead Rap Music singer!

So once these Islamists embrace Black Rap music, they have gone over to the “Dark Side” and deserve to die and spend eternity in Hell with the lowest, low lifes of Black African Americans, Black Africans, Afro-Arabic, Turko Mongolian, Pakis etc.

“Civilization…. It’s a White thing, they wouldn’t understand”.

Here’s a link to the Jew York Times article on Alabama, good ‘ol boy, gone bad Black, Somalian Muslim Jihadist, rap singer Omar Shavik Hammami.


  1. Otoh what exactly has he done though?
    What precisely did Lindh do?

    Was it treason? Or taking up arms against their own?

  2. As sad as this is, I can see how it happens. This organization offers him comraderie and a sence of fellowship and acceptance. It offers him the chance to believe in and fight for something bigger than himself. It’s action oriented, not hot air.
    Contrast this to what BRA has to offer: belief in nothing but equality, fight for nothing but tolerance. The dying husk of Christianity is more interested in making latte sipping respectables comfortable with their divorce or thei sons sodomy. The BRA legions (military) is on a crusade to enforce global social democracy everywhere and diversity on itself.
    We need to realize that not every boy wants to waste their lives peddling dept wrapped up as wealth in some BRA bank, serve as a tax slave, and spend his weekends watching Hollywood and sports denigrate his culture.
    White men need something to fight for, it’s a shame we can’t offer that.

  3. Re: “Civilization…. It’s a White thing, they wouldn’t understand”:

    White? But isn’t this blog no longer pan-white-nationalist? Hasn’t this blog taken the position now that there is “no such thing as White people,” white race, white civilisation, etc. — but only somewhat-related “different peoples” such as “Yankees,” “Southrons,” Italians and Irish, “different ethnic groups, that bear some resemblance culturally and genetically”?

    Re: “beating up on Yankees”:

    Anglo-Celts or Nordics who were born and bred on the northern side of the Line are “beaten up on” here MOSTLY when they DISAGREE here that being born and bred on the northern side of the LINE (or west of “Dixie”) makes them “D—-d Yankees,” members of “a different people” (another ethnic group) that is DISTINCT from “the Southrons.” But if a “Yankee” accepts or does not dispute this, and knows and takes his or her “place,” coming to learn or even contribute something humbly at this NO-LONGER-pan-white-nationalist site, then there seems to be NO lack of respect and hospitality here! Am I correct?

  4. “I am sure some Ron Paul, Libertarian cultists…will come with some wild tale that poor Omar Shavik Hammami is being framed by the FBI/CIA/JDL/MOSSAD and White American patriots should be allying ourselves with these Afro-Arab-Somalian-Afghan-Chetnian-Paki Islamists as these Islamists supposedly share our ‘Conservative Christian-Islamic family values’ and opposition to Zionism and gay rights.”

    IMHO that is not the view of Ron Paul or of the vast majority of those who have respect for him — and he might be “too old,” from the point of view of a Youth Cultist, but certainly isn’t senile:

  5. Omar Hammami had every right to flash his magnetic smile. He had just been elected president of his sophomore class. He was dating a luminous blonde…..

    Don’t people even hear it: “Every right”…. the blonde (blah, blah…)

    Daily, people read accounts of the grisly reality of being the unwitting Blonde Object, but somehow –how!– do not HEAR it that way….

  6. Come on, Jack, stop denigrating people who support Ron Paul. I don’t agree with him on everything. I just happen to understand that his message and his method will do more to make us free than any secession or civil war.

    I’m not going to make an excuse for this nutjob. We must keep in mind that we are all brainwashed to some degree. Some more than others and all of us in different directions. But, thank you for pointing out that some Southern-born whites are just as sick as many in the rest of the country. I still laugh to myself when I encounter Confederates who treat me with disdain once I open my mouth and the lack of a Southern twang confirms, for them, that I am a real, live enemy combatant.

    Jack, are you a native-born Booklynite? If you’ve said so before, I just didn’t catch it.

  7. This guy is from one of the Syrian families that live in Mobile:

    Hammami grew up in Daphne, Alabama where he graduated from Daphne High School.[3] His father was a Syrian-born Muslim, while his mother was an American Southern Baptist with Irish roots.[4] Hammami began to identify as a Muslim in high school and over time grew increasingly religious, becoming a Salafi in college.[5] He was once Muslim Students’ Association President at the University of South Alabama.[6]

  8. Jack: It was the Yankees who passed the Immigration Act of 1965 which made it possible for that dipshit’s Syrian-born father to move to America and mate with Shanty Irish trash.

    It’s still ALL your fault.

  9. I once knew a white kid that decided to ‘revert’.
    He’s in supermax now.
    They’re real. They’re scum.

    Wayne, Hammami is on black wife #2 and has a mulatto kid. There were other options open. Guys like stonelifter indulge in adventurism without turning traitor.

  10. This kid is possibly the result of forced deracination and the madness of a pop culture society of atomized, lost wanderers. Forced into this, he just wanted some structure and purpose; he found it I guess. Just a theory.

  11. “His father was a Syrian-born Muslim, while his mother was an American Southern Baptist with Irish roots.”

    Miscegenation- the great adulteration of the White Race. THE sin that YHWH God asked the Israelites (sons of Adam) to avoid, at all costs. Re-iterated in Christ’s day, and noted over and over again- the last time most vocally, by the South prior to 1960, and the Afrikaaners up to the 1980’s.

    Mr. Ryan- You forgot the ‘c’ in spelling [c]RAP music. Remember, Hitler enjoined decent music during his reign. There is a reason for it. You tell White Boys to be white, and let them listen to nigger music, as someone else said, ‘they will become ‘sand wiggers.’ Case in point.

    They are the damned (musically, as well as racially).

  12. Here’s a documentary video that shows a little about this mixed up half White, half Syrian Alabama boy who ended up going Arab/Somalian native, trying to sing Jihadist rap music – really pathetic.

    The video show the truth that this Alabama boy first went bad going to liberal Toronto Canada and trying to help/bond with Somalian refugees/immigrants.

    It’s a weird twist on an old story, Lib White boy “feels” for the non Whites, wants to help them, blames “THE WEST” for all the problems in places like Somalia, Afghanistan – so his misguided White guilt, liberalism ends up with him being a Taliban Jihadist doing rap music!


    And this #*&$(#@ started in Alabama!

    Here’s the link:

  13. This is the basis of the Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie.
    The sons of migrants who are occidentally included become radical zealots against the culture they are brought up in. The same kid growing uP in Syeua would admire the west as much as the dad. It’s a weird but common phenomenon. It’s also the reason to keep blacks and Asian out of your territory. It’s for their own good.

  14. “I am sure some Ron Paul, Libertarian cultists…will come with some wild tale that poor Omar Shavik Hammami is being framed by the FBI/CIA/JDL/MOSSAD”.

    Well duh yet its not a stretch given the FBI et. al. past actions. It doesn’t appear true here but look at the Christmas tree bomber in Portland Or, a few years ago. He was groomed by the FBI as a honey pot scheme to drag in real terrorists. Then the FBI pretended to be the heroes and saved people from being blown up during a tree lighting ceremony.

  15. Rachel Corrie, John Walker Lindh, Amy Biehl, Jane Fonda, Patty Hearst, now this mixed up Alabama boy, with some Arab/Muslim blood, it’s all the same, just slight variations on the pathetic, same old, same story:

    Useless idiots, White Americans going 3rd world, going native. Don’t try to reason we these types, they want to go native, go 3rd world, then make them actually go NW 3rd world, no Hollywood options, no tenured PHD jobs at Univeristy of Colorado Boulder doing African studies, World music studies, hate crimes/ human rights tribunals etc.

  16. In some ways I’d prefer it if those inclined to these sympathies did bugger off and go native. At least it’s something real. Better by far than the Democratic Party of a Faculty.

  17. The documentary on this mixed up, Alabama Jihadist rap singer is pretty good:

    American Jihadi

    A high school friend from their Daphne Alabama Baptist town describes Omar as being a popular “in crowd” student, accepted as White, local until he went on a trip to Syria to his father’s country, then came back a Muslim, locals shifted to thinking of him as “The Devil Incarnate” – which has to be kind of “cool” for a mixed up, rebellious high school kid from Alabama. I’m only through 1 of 4 of the documentary videos, so I don’t know the whole story – my guess is his trip to hyper PC, Liberal Toronto Canada where he bonds with and tries to help Somalian immigrants suffering “RACISM”, cultural dislocation and the PC Lib/Min Canadian mindset is to always try to help 3rd world people of color, blame “THE WEST” for all the problems in places like Somalia – yeah, I can see where this is going.

  18. Ryan,

    Read Satanic Verses.

    It explains what these second generation children do. And why. I suspect that Rushdie suffered his fatwa because it was warning the west not to allow smiling polite fans of the west into Europe and America. It’s impossible to look at ostensibly respectable Pakistani or Arab migrants ever again.

  19. Omar’s White Alabama mom looks a bit like Barack Obama’s White mom:

    Has child with third world man of some color, definitely “different” not White American. The son is raised by a single mom, the son is #*($#@ up, imagines his father’s world to be exotic, romantic and one that would terrify the local White Americans he was around, so he dives off the cliff, embraces all things 3rd world, Islamic, terrifying, he’s no longer a simple White boy in Daphne Alabama, he’s some Islamic war lord in…. well, pick some place where there is killing, war – why not Somalia? He’s got to make some adjustments in his hair style, dress to fit in with the locals, but he manages to do this.

    Teen age rebellion, kids like this used to smoke pot and listen to “rock and roll music” during the late 50s, 60s, in the 90s some do more exotic stuff like embrace Islam and become a Islamic Jihadist war lord in Somalia.

    When this kid hits middle age, don’t let him come back to Daphne Alabama and try to cop some plea that he’s become more moderate, wants to show the peaceful side of Islam, the 3rd world to his native Alabama. Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam tries some similar scam now in Merry Old England. Both of these idiots belong to stay forever in the Muslim tribal areas of Pakistan/Afghanistan – no indoor plumbing, no libraries, no entertainment besides goat races and packing soccer stadiums to cheer on the execution of women who dare show their faces in public.

    Maybe Somalia is even a better place, Blacker, to purge the White racist blood of this Alabama White boy gone bad.

  20. His father was a Syrian immigrant. Growing up in Alabama, I don’t remember any nationalities unless you count the blacks as africons. I would say he is far from being the typical southern. Maybe I am just out of touch with the current southern reality. The article said his mother was baptist. She couldn’t have been much of a baptist to have hitched herself to a muslim. The New York Times likes to throw around types like they have real meaning without examining the reality.

  21. Hunter wrote: “Mosin, you’re overreacting to a few commentators. I’ve already explained so many times that I have lost count that the ethnic and cultural borders do not line up with state lines. There are plenty of “Anglo-Celts” in the North and West. That’s why Indiana sticks out like a sore thumb in the Midwest. It is why states like Wyoming always line up with the South.”

    Thanks, Hunter. My “overreaction” is in fact hyperbole intended to balance opposite overreactions, or overstatements, including that only different peoples or ethnic groups exist, not pan-whiteness! There is truth in the overstatements of both sides, pan-white racial preservationist and ethnocultural nationalist.

    Re: “There are plenty of “Anglo-Celts” in the North and West (…) Indiana sticks out like a sore thumb (…) states like Wyoming always line up”: Much emphasis is placed on STATES and other geographical locations, or statistics correlated to geographical location. Perhaps the white nature of individuals and communities, wherever they exist, is also important to consider.

  22. The Ra Ra Ra Muslims out! stuff isnt enough though. Take a look at that cesspit Breitbart. It’s gone “Full Metal Jew” since the election. Complete focus on Israel and Muslim neighbours. Who cares about either of them? If the Jews had trouble in Germany again it would be wall to wall stories about that instead.

  23. I’m really very narrowly ethnocultural too, and I do see your side, and in fact I’m on it with you. So I also don’t feel much in common with Meds or Slavs, and for the same reason have no desire to transplant my family into “the land of the Southrons” — even though I am nearly genetically identical to “you all.”

    “Yankees” who do threaten your regional culture are those who don’t respect their own culture or don’t really have a culture of their own, and think nothing of transplanting themselves into the “greener grass” of your yard, to change or dilute your culture.

  24. John,

    Please shift the focus to show the reality that American Jews, Westen Jews overwhelmingly support mass Muslim immigration in to the USA, Europe, UK, Australia, The West. Regular Whites all over the remaining White world despise mass NW Muslim immigration, most will fall for Jew Neo Con war propaganda for wars against Muslim nations. You/we will get nowhere trying to teach Joe Six pack to try to understand the Muslim’s point of view, make alliances with Muslim immigrants like this idiot’s Syrian father, polygamist Black African Muslims like Barack Obama’s Kenyan father. Just take the much easier route, oppose mass Muslim immigration in to the USA, in to the West and teach the truth that the Jews overwhelming support the Muslim immigration invasion of the West.

  25. Breitbart is fully committed to pro Hispanic migration. There are stories after stories on it.

    Chances are the next Republican candidate for a president will win anyway. However this one will be fully in the bag. Pro Israeli pro Hispanic and well, Pro Saudi. Just like Bush was.

    Rubio? The GOP’s Obama? Yeah or a Bush. The one with brown kids.

  26. Do whites in the US realize how many Muslims there are? 175,000,000 Pakistanis…300,000,000 Muslims in India. God knows how many in North Africa and the Levant. They probably tip the electoral balance in Michigan already and other places we have yet to address.

  27. Yes, John, and they out-reproduce all other groups, with low mortality with good medical care in Western countries. But the important issue is why they are here.

  28. “White is more than a haplogroup. A lot of culture.”

    There will always be exceptions, “outliers,” “throwbacks,” etc. that by their extreme rarity “prove the rule” of common genetics. See my comments above on ethnoculturalism versus pan-white reservationism.

  29. Tamer of Savages says:
    ‘If he stayed christian, he’d still be white.
    White is more than a haplogroup. A lot of culture.’

    He was half Syrian, half White. His religion could never change that fact. Beliefs do not change genetics.

  30. Please read and respect the OD comment guidelines.

    There are many places on the web to spread wild conspiracy theories. But, OD is not the place for this.

    Regular White folks in Alabama don’t want their nice, safe towns flooded with Islamic Arabs, Pakis, Somalians. Regular White folks in Alabama don’t like rap music.

    And regular White folks in Alabama don’t much care for this half Ay-rab Jihadist rapper.

    I bet most regular White folks in Alabama might even prefer the company of a respectful “Yankee”… Well, maybe it’s a tie.

  31. Agreed about the mom. Too good for a normal white wasn’t she?
    Some of that kink runs in her son’s personality.

  32. Good old boy? Meh, looks like just another emo doing just the kind of thing emo’s do. That picture on the right showing emo boy with is scraggy beard reminds me of so many other emo liberal boys who instead of becoming Al Queda wannabes become hikers. You see these same queer looking geeks grow beards (and often are seen wearing backpacks) and take up these crusades, be they Al Queda or some “anti-racist action group.” The background info is always similar, though this kid seems to actually have some moslem in him.

    Background, yeah, it’s always more or less predictable.

    I just finished reading an old Arthur Hailey book, Airport. Pretty good. Anyway, on the back cover were shots from the movie–it had Bert Lancaster and Dean Martin starring in it, and also a couple of great looking white women, a blond and a brunette. Out of curiosity last night while on here, I pulled it up on wiki and eventually started clicking on some names. The hot blond was Jean Seberg. After reading the entry on her, I knew I had read about the woman before on one of these racialist sites. I hit Google and Viola, turns out the racialist site was none other than OD here, and Seberg was the subject of a 2010 series of essays titled, “How to make a race Traitor.” Pretty good piece (The series, I mean, turns out the hotty blond was a mental case mudshark who financially supported the Black Panthers while bedding down radical black Muslim leaders in between marriages and relationships with predator kikes in the “entertainment business.””

    Here is the link:

    Seberg wound up a corpse in the backseat of her car in 1979, after ODing on booze and pills. Seberg was born in Iowa, the daughter of Swedish immigrants, originally named Carlson. They were Lutheran. It is an interesting story.

  33. Yes Brutus, you are sadly correct in citing Jean Seberg as one of the worst racial renegade actresses and she died a terrible death. We put out a propaganda flyer featuring a cute, innocent White 3 year Girl and asked

    Will your little girl be another Jean Seberg?

    Then we listed how she was sucked in to the Lefty world of Hollywood Yids, Black Panthers etc.

  34. Is that what happened to her?

    I thought it was suicide, not a murder.

    This is also something midwestern wimminz do of course. They don’t see a nigger their whole lives apart from TV. She must have been quite a headcase with noone to guide her.

  35. Yes, it is a tragedy in the strict sense of the word. Seberg should have become a wholesome white girl and woman who went on to become some white man’s beautiful wife and produced other wholesome children. Instead she joined the NAACP at fourteen years of age (yes, you read that right, fourteen) and just a few yeas later was basically handed over by her father to a Roman Polanski type Jews scumbag. It only got worse from then on until she checked out of life at forty years old and the bedmate of a nineteen year old Diversity.

    It is a good case-study, indeed. We can see clearly in it, too, the celebrity obsession of our society that allows fathers to willingly hand over their beautiful young daughters to slimy men who make even Howard Stern look noble. We see the effect of what Alex Linder calls “Christ-insanity.” We see the devastating effectiveness of 24/7 conveyance of liberal doctrines by way of media, school, church and government on our people and how it can thoroughly poison rural children and turn them viciously against their environment and neighbors, which are portrayed as stuffy, confining and extremely boring.

    We see several things. Well worth reading or rereading and a sober and scrupulous pondering.

  36. She really was a looker. Almost too perfect, there had to be a flaw there. note also she should have had a few kids with a boring YT as you pointed out.

    Otoh, men are made to work and women are made to be loved. She would have been the subject of attention non stop either way looking like that.

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