Rich Lowry Is Against Amnesty


Hard to believe, I know.

Maybe Conservatism, Inc. is having second thoughts about rolling the dice a second time with a bipartisan push for amnesty? After all, California should be a solid bastion of conservatism today after the Reagan amnesty won over all the naturally conservative Hispanic voters there.

“The networks had barely called the election for President Barack Obama before GOP elites rushed to embrace an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Getting killed by almost 3-to-1 among Latino voters understandably concentrates the mind, but it’s no reason to lose it. The post-election Republican reaction has been built on equal parts panic, wishful thinking and ethnic pandering.”

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  1. The GOP has no intellectual core, what should have we expected post-election except a recycle of what the NYTs printed (and it has always been that way, ask Bob Whitaker and his experience with NR and half wit Buckley).

    IMO if the word “racist” is defeated all those 5000 word essays our side produces which quibble some detail will become more valuable.

  2. What’s left of things for Generational Americans, pre-WBTS and colonial voters, will be had by them when they DECIDE, simply decide, that they feel interested in themselves again and when they want to have more dinner parties with people with the same interests.

    When DECIDE they want to join heritage organizations that really have something to do with them, read books about their real history by their own writers, and novels and poems by the same. When they DECIDE they have looked long enough at the hate-filled literature of what other groups think of them.

    When they DECIDE the voice of anti-Germanism, and anti-Angloism, and anti-Southernism, etc—- is thoroughly digested. And they have really “taken in” what the others have to say.

    When they say, “OK, so that’s what those people think of us.” And then move on.

  3. They will not wake up.
    I did so in the Dem Primary, I only became fully conscious with Emma West’s persecution and looking in depth at Public Housung Project policy on segregation and integration.

  4. Housung = Housing.

    These editors probably know what they should be saying but life is too good to upset the status quo.

  5. Whites = 70% of the electorate in 2016

    Non-whites will be voting anti-white with greater reflexivity

    At a baseline, 70% of whites voting together yeilds 49%, perhaps enough for a bare majority, except that it will be gained by 90+% in the Red States and may not be enough in the Blues states.

    Even if a white coalition wins, do they defy the courts? Do they defy a 20 Blue state filibuster?

    And for what? To save the multicult? To run it “better”, as Mitt Romney promised to do?

    No. A divorce is in order, and the man on the street is already in a “separation” mode; we just need to formalize it.

    Infrastructure. Infrastructure. Infrastructure.

    Affirmative action ruling, Obamacare going into effect, Amnesty, the next recession:

    each of these events will rekindle and expand the anger felt on election night; petitions were a great first gambit, but now with each subsequent flare-up we will need something more.

    Infrastructure. Infrastructure. Infrastructure.

    We have a good chuck of the Freepers, we have white nationalists, we have the Info Warriors and the Ron Paul people, we see the neocon controllers scrambling to catch up with their targets: it is time to go county by county, block by block to get this thing to the next level.

    Mammals are territorial and humans are herd animals. Flags, signs, and other territorial markers are very important.

  6. Winning is meaningless without the nerve to wield power. Not only do people need to wake up, but they will have to get out of bed.

    I hope that these Hispanics kick out the media and install media that only Hispanics like. Just imagine what whites could do with all that extra time on their hands.

  7. Bebo,

    I think it’s likely they are going to take away things that keep whites pacified, as part of “winning,” and that’s going to force Whites to wake up, and get out of bed. Skynet will go online . . . and decide the fate of its enemies in a microsecond.

  8. It will be interesting to watch CA as it transforms from a White, 1st world state to a new new Mexico 3rd world one. The browns are here to stay, legal or illegal, amnesty or not. The anti-Whites will never allow mass deportation.

    As CA goes, so goes the nation. The America of the 1950’s is gone forever and not coming back. The future of our race will not be a return to the good old days. Surviving genocide it will be something no one even thinks or knows about now.

    In the meantime it will be fun watching Jerry Brown and the rest of the white anti-White race traitors get ethnically cleansed.

  9. beaners are liberal. They come from places where things like national health care and strict firearm laws are the norm. The gop courting them proves that the gop is the party of stupidity and evil.

    “To run it “better”, as Mitt Romney promised to do?” Afterthought

    Maybe its the Virgina creek water or the after glow of Bosnia women but good Lord Almighty does that statement sum up the gop. Nothing better for White men, but a more cost efficient BRA. Brilliant little bother

  10. The easiest way to keep illegals from squatting in your state is to ban their kids from the public schools. Mass deportation isn’t necessary. They will leave on their own if they are cut off of public services.

  11. Tom, that’s just the problem. Who is going to ban them from public services? CA voters wanted to do this some time ago (prop 187?) but the courts shut it down. The same will happen again. Hell, states aren’t even allowed to enforce immigration laws at all. The anti-Whites run to the courts and the anti-White courts shut it down. On top of that, what do you do with the legal ones?

    I know. It all makes a strong case for secession.

  12. One of these 11 or 12 southern states with repub super majorities needs to get the ball rolling on attempting to get illegal kids out of the schools. keep making the courts play legal gymnastics to explain how illegals are entitled to benefits of american citizens.

  13. XYZ, delusion is exactly it, and negroes suffer from it spectacularly. It’s just as common among both sexes, one of the things that always struck me about blacks was their acute lack of self awareness. I used to think it was purely false bravado, but they appear to actually beleive they really are all that, even when everyone around them is rolling their eyes and avoiding them.

  14. @Hunter, Maybe some of the William F. Buckley Catholics’ like Lowry are getting nervous because:

    Latino = Catholic = Hispanic.

  15. Rand Paul came out in favour of amnesty, but–as Peter Brimelow pointed out–he coupled “assimilation” of illegal aliens with a moratorium on legal immigration. Here is the relevant part of the interview with Paul in Politico:

    Paul plans to inject himself into the middle of the GOP’s emotional immigration debate in the wake of Romney losing swing states with heavy Latino populations like Florida, Colorado and Nevada. Paul is working on a novel plan that he says would “assimilate” many of the 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the country. Those individuals, he said, could apply for legal status, but immigration would then be clamped down in the interim. He also says his plan would toughen security at the border.

    “I want to show what conservatives would or can accept,” he said in describing his plan. “If we assimilate those who are here, however they got here — don’t make it an easy path for citizenship. There would be an eventual path, but we don’t make anybody tomorrow a citizen who came here illegally. But if they’re willing to work, willing to pay taxes, I think we need to normalize those who are here.”

    Paul said the “trade-off” would be “not to accept any new legal immigrants while we’re assimilating the ones who are here.” Asked if he is concerned about the ripple effect that could cause around the world, Paul said the details over which countries would be affected are still in the works.

    From an immigration restrictionist standpoint, this plan is utterly brilliant in its deviousness. Toughening border security would presumably not mean make-believe solutions like a “virtual fence”, but rather an actual double fence along the entire length of the Mexican border. This would have the effect of permanently cutting the number of illegal crossings from Mexico by at least 95%. Promising to naturalize millions of illegals once the border is secured might be the impetus needed to finally get the powers-that-be to actually build the damn fence.

    But the real brilliance of Paul’s plan is to “not to accept any new legal immigrants while we’re assimilating the ones who are here.” The process of assimilating millions of illegals could end up dragging out over 10, 15, maybe 20 years. Twenty years without any legal immigration would be a godsend for America, and would buy much-needed time for whites to maintain their majority status.

    Even if this was eventually watered down to mean zero *net* immigration instead of zero immigration, period, this would still be a deal worth making. A policy of zero net immigration would allow about 200,000 immigrants annually to roughly match the same number of emigrants, far less than the million plus that are legally admitted every year now.

    And Paul cryptically mentions that the details over which countries which would be affected are still in the works, possibly meaning that the “quotas” from nations with lots of illegals (Mexico, Guatamala, El Salvador, etc.) being regularized would be completely filled, and that any new legal immigrants would be selected from countries with few illegal nationals in the US. Like the countries of Europe for example. Canada is slowly but surely increasing immigration from Europe and the US while lowering it from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and there’s no reason why the US can’t do the same thing.

    The best part of Paul’s “temporary” immigration moratorium is that it will almost certainly turn out to be permanent. From the beginning of this century, Turkish immigration to Germany has dropped precipitously, and in the past couple years it is actually negative; more Turks are emigrating than immigrating. The same trend is happening with other Muslims and Third Worlders in Germany; more are leaving than coming. And there is virtually no popular or political support to re-start the influx of non-Europeans. Sure, there is still large scale immigration to Germany, but it is virtually all from Eastern and Southern Europe.

    The same pattern can be seen in other European countries where immigration restrictionist parties have been part of government, like Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Third World immigration rates have dropped big time, and even when these Rightist governments have been replaced by Leftist ones, there has been no corresponding rise in the number of non-European immigrants. Why? Because Third World immigration is inherently unpopular with the large majority of the electorate and if it comes down to a choice between flooding the country with non-whites or staying in office, even Leftist politicians will always choose the latter. The lesson here is that once the immigration tap has been turned off, it is exceedingly difficult to ever turn it back on again.

    If it was up to me, and probably just about every other OD reader, I would stop Third World immigration completely and permanently, deport all the illegals, and pay a significant bounty to any non-white or non-Christian willing to renounce their citizenship and leave the country voluntarily. But Rand Paul’s plan, while on its surface seemingly just another GOP Hispandering sellout, might just be the ticket to end the Third World colonization of the US for all time. We’ll have to wait and see what the details of Paul’s plan actually are, but this is the type of out-of-the-box thinking that our side needs to do more of. Let the Left think they’ve won the amnesty battle while we win the immigration war. Call it victory by deception.

  16. *wretch*

    Reagan’s amnesty called for cracking down on illegal employers to remove “incentive”. That was supposed to mean virtually no more illegals after amnesty.

    Border security, punishing employers, stopping immigration …. all reversible or willfully unenforced.

    Shitizenship is forever.

  17. There is no magic bullet. And there is no fix-it pill.

    There is only hardball in the era ethnopolitics. The First thing the Whiteskins are going to have to do is form the team.

    The Blacks are loud, proud and out there with the race hate on the Jew media. Like that MSNBC presstitue schmoozing the Obamanation and the Jew abortion industry with “white people want to end abortion because they’re trying to build up the white race.”

  18. Earlmundo – it obvious that you have never read Szun Tzu’s The Art of War.

    “Knowledge precedes victory; ignorance precedes defeat.”

    There is a big difference between the Roman Catholic Church from antiquity until now and the Concilar church estblished 1963 and currently in occupation of the Roman Catholic infrastructure worldwide. This is what the Conciliar church calls itself, by the way. It is the Concilar church that is working for new world order and indeed calls for NWO in one of their founding Vatican II documents – Gaudium et Spes.

    Prior to the Masonic revolution that destroyed the strong and prosperous nation of Mexico in the 1920s, the Hispanics of Mexico were Roman Catholics. Now what the Concilar church promotes in Latin America is Marxism in the form of ‘Liberation Theology’ and the whole raft of victim entitlements against whitey. Both liberal American Conciliars and Hispanic Conciliars are indoctrinated with this Jew Communism.

    Both are totally Jew-enabled, as are all the ‘catholic’ politicos in the US like Ryan and Kerry and Pelosi. All cryptos.

    The real Roman Catholics oppose Judeo-Masonry and its revolutions and NWO, oppose the whole swag of liberal agenda (following the errors condemned in the Syllabus of Errors by Pope Pius IX), oppose multi-culturalism (Communist agenda) and support nations as nations and preferably on their ancestral lands.

    Your schtik, Earlmundo, clearly stamps you as either an ignoramus or a crypto.

  19. If Michigan struck down AA by calling colorblind decisions unconstitutional, what stops the white debil from openly Discriminating?

  20. Because civil rights case law openly advocates for discriminating against whites. It is anti-white, and probably the most blatant, in your face example of anti-white behavior. Affirmative action is a euphemism for ant-white. The fact they get away with using such a touchy-freely euphemism shows how much they control the narrative.

  21. The battles to save America as a polity and in its peoples has already gone to the streets.

    Foremost is the opposition against the legislation for sins crying to heaven for Divine vengeance by an anti-Christ government: murder of the innocent and sodomy.

    These battles are in the public square. There is no way the Jew MSM will report the hundreds of thousands marching in Washington every year for the March for Life.

    Here is a Tradition Family Property vid of the 2010 March for Life (300,000 people). TFP is a Roman Catholic CounterRevolutionary sodality. In this video, their Holy Choirs of Angels marching band, pipes and drums give the salute to the marchers. They fall in at the end carrying Our Lady of Fatima in procession. There is no way political freedom will return to this nation without victory against the sins that place this nation under Divine judgement.

    Here is a TFP vid of the Reparation rally at Notre Dame, the former Catholic University, which honoured Obama. Here is the vid of that protest and reparation

  22. Lynda—

    People who can’t look at the organizational, historical RC, and not just since 1963, are simply loyal to that Ideological Nation, that “Proposition Nation,” and you have a right to argue for that “nation.” But Catholicism, per se, is not “white” and certainly not “southern.” (I’m talking about the organized political RC, obviously, not simple mexicans who just want to believe in Jesus and stand in public squares shivering over statues that bleed tears.)

    Absolutely, you have a right to fight for your Ideological Loyalties and your own version of the proposition nation. But it’s your “judeo-mason” narrative that is tired (everybody has heard it a million times and knows it by rote).

    Your argument above is, that what people call “catholicism” is not REAL catholicism. Well…what’s “real” anything, lol. Like any Anti-fa, you clearly believe calling people “Ig-nent” and “crypto” whenever they state their position is acceptable.

    But that manner of discussion doesn’t seem particularly white, and certainly not southern.

  23. White Southerners can only fight a futile rearguard action against our enemies as long as we remain part of the glorious BRA union.

    We must find an efficacious way to separate from bizarre “conservative” yankees like Rich Lowry. His opposition is only a puppet show for those gullible enough to believe that any northeasterner really gives a damn about our demographic replacement. The Republicrat strategy of granting amnesty “just this once” has now blown up their faces. They only wake up now when they find themselves on the short end of the stick.

    Piss on the whole lot of these damn carpetbagging Republican bastards.

    We need to secure a free and independent South where principled politicians like Jeff Sessions can set the tone for the nation, not these yankee neoconservative Judas Iscariot wannabes.

    Deo Vindice

  24. Lynda: I’ve heard the same excuses from Catholics for years, and every year Catholic politicians & Catholic money push more non-White legal & illegal immigration into the US, and, unlimited support for Jew Israel with our American tax dollars.

    For example your Roman Catholic leader Marco Rubio tweeted this today: “God bless Israel. We stand with you during this difficult time.” Pretty typical of all the of the Catholics in the US Senate.

    Willliam F. Buckley Jr. was a pretty typical limp wristed wealthy Irish Catholic who tried to pass himself off as an Ivy League intellectual. That his magazine, like Sean Hannity now supports amnesty and open borders immigration is no big surprise. After all, Latino = Roman Catholic = Hispanic. You can’t lie you way out of that one.

  25. XYZ – the “African Queen” model, in the pic, has straightened and lightened hair.

    That pretty much sez it all.

    NONE of the Commnetors even noticed.

  26. It’s actually black women who pursue white men, not the other way around. Upwardly mobile, aspirational black women all want to get themselves a white dude these days. It’s part retaliation against black men for doing the same, part desire to move into the next caste level. When I joined the military I was shocked at how many black women threw themselves at me, especially since I had been “taught” culturally that white men were not as desirable. And no, I never slummed, would never would have even considered it. Even before I became racially aware, I never wanted anything to do with women from other races, they were just so unattractive compared to my own.

  27. Now, now, Earlmundo, do not be such a big fat ig-nent dense crypto. Those folks you discuss are not REAL catholic persons. They are the fake kind. Of course, real ones sometimes benefit from actions of fake ones but um…maybe those are more fake ones…
    Panetta seemed really Fake when he said his army just answers to the U.N…. and Reno when she Auto-Da-Fe’ ed Waco.

    (“The Enlightenment made me do it, I swear! Damn my controllers!”)

  28. The ones who fall all over Israel and support its endless wars are evangelical protestants like John Hagee et. al. Gotta have that Armageddon so Jesus can come back..Right DG and Earl?

  29. And just like all of those Northern Protestant abolitionist preachers like Henry Ward Beecher who pushed this crap on the South.. Bunch of real WASP benefactors there.

  30. Hispanic immigration is needed to strengthen the Catholic Church and its beautiful NWO policies, and allow us to have even the slightest chance of defeating the abortion industry.
    God bless the Palestinian people.

  31. Bob1 is doing a great job on that site. Wish he’d come here and unload some fantastic truth here.

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