Can White Northerners Say “No” To Black Run America?

Romney/Ryan 2012: the North's last chance to say "no" to BRA


After several months of watching the Romney/Ryan 2012 presidential campaign, I am left with a final thought heading into this election.

This is the last chance for White Northerners to prove themselves and say “no” to BRA at the ballot box.

If White Northerners choose to renig with Obama in this terrible economy, after all the shit he has done in office (read through four years of Eric “My People” Holder’s press releases), over two Yankees who will win the Confederacy in a landslide, then White Southerners will lose all confidence in the North.

It is November 5th and this ball is teed up and ready to be knocked out of the park. The only thing standing in the way of Mitt Romney becoming the next president is the possibility that White Northerners might close ranks and hold the line for Obama like the 20th Maine at Gettysburg.

A political hurricane is coming out of the South tomorrow. If it washes over Ohio or Pennsylvania, Barack Hussein Obama will be swept out of office. It would be the first (national) public repudiation of black people in five decades. If the tide is checked at the Mason-Dixon line, it will be another gallant, but futile attempt by the South to defend itself from the overwhelming numbers of the Union.

Can White Northerners say no to BRA? In 48 hours, we will know.

Note: The South doesn’t have a problem saying “no” to blacks. We firmly said “no” to Obama the first time around. We said “no” to Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee in 2006 and most recently to Johnny DuPree in the 2011 Mississippi governor’s race.

The only thread that sustains BRA is the political support of White Northerners. If White Northerners started saying “no” to blacks again on a regular basis, BRA would collapse like Reconstruction did the first time around.

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  1. What kind of a question is that?

    If you went to London in the early nineties, there were lots of Americans. Not so much these days. This is a change that makes me extremely sad. On some deeper level the drift apart from Western Europe and North America is what is killing us.

  2. “If I had to make the choice, I would happily trade Vermont for Israel. Honestly, I think the odds of White survival would improve if we could rid ourselves of the Northeast.”

    ^ This is the simple truth. Truly pro-White Northerners ought to enthusiastically endorse a free Dixie. But generally their big egos get in the way, so they would rather put forth their ridiculous explanations about how we Southern Nationalists are the ones being “divisive” and preventing some kind of great unity of White Americans. Whenever you prove how it has been the “progressive” North and West that has forced BRA on us, all you get back is excuse after excuse with a load of lofty promises about how a Great White Awakening among Northerners is just around the corner. But where is the evidence? As Hunter has said, we’ll see just how much we can trust Whites of the North to save our race on November 7. Maybe if the Kenyan-in-chief sweeps Yankeeland tomorrow, folk like 313Chris will put away their delusional belief that it will be anyone but White Southerners who will turn the tide of White genocide in America.

  3. @Jared

    Oh Please. White Southerners can’t even stop themsleves from packing college football stadiums to cheer the very same niggers that fuck their daughters and beat up their sons. White Southerners couldn’t even win the Civil War (which they started) against the “negro-worshipping, city-fag Yankees” that they always cry about like a bunch of ass-hurt jailhouse punks.

  4. My prediction is two niggers running in 2016 and thereafter a non-white Republican vs a nigger Democrat.

    Will this be the last presidential election featuring a white man? Demographics and ALL the razor thin margins in polling today say yes. By 2016 it will be impossible for a white man to be elected president of the United States. The percentage of white people who are not Progressive Liberals will be too little to overcome white Progressives and non-whites.

    How can it be anything but when one considers the literally razor thing margin right this minute?

    Is 2012 white America’s last stand?

  5. Wednesday’s headline will be “Yes We Can: The Day America Said ‘No’ to Hate”.

    I’m sorry, but I have no faith in Americans to know their own best interests any more. Obama will win the popular vote by a surprisingly large margin.

    He will win because Americans hate Dad. Dad means rules, regulations, chores, church. Whites will turn out for Obama because he is the black, cool guy that Dad hates.

    Romney is Dad. That’s why he will lose.

    No matter whom is elected, of course, we’re boned. Still, I’d prefer a president that looks like me. I won’t get one. It’s going to be four more years of that man and his apelike wife — and this time they’ll have nothing left to lose.

    If I turn out to be wrong, I’ll admit my misjudgment. But I don’t think I’m wrong.

    Come Obama or come Romney, we’re still going to be white and we’re still going to be Christians. Our duty to our people and our faith will remain no matter who wins. May God help us not to falter in our devotion to Him or to our duty in the difficult days ahead.

  6. LOL, what a bunch of a hysterical little schoolgirls you guys are…

    Boo hoo hoo! You make the rest of the white race so proud. Buncha pussies.

  7. “He will win because Americans hate Dad.”

    Guess what, Robert, Dad didn’t give a fuck. Dad never stood up for jack shit except making a buck. Dad left the borders open. Dad overspent. Dad didn’t stay married, dad didn’t control Hollywood, Dad didn’t keep porn out of the house, Dad didn’t keep us from getting beat up by niggers in school.

    Guess what Robert? Dad didn’t do jack shit. So to look to Dad for a way out is against all common sense. Dad taught us this. Dad brought up a feral, stupid nation because Dad left Mom with three kids and Mom left them to the government skools. Dad is now out of the picture for 40.7% of children.

    Listen, God Bless Romney for giving it a shot. But Dad fucked up huge. Admitting it is the first step.

  8. Dad needs to break out the pimp hand (modern parlance) or he needs to break out the paddle (from my era).

  9. 313Chris:

    How about you, Chris? However you’re voting tomorrow, where do you stand on white genocide? Are you opposed, indifferent, or strongly in favor of white genocide?

    If you’re strongly in favor, I guess you’ll vote for the candidate you think will complete white genocide the quickest. Which candidate do you think that would be, and why?

  10. America was lost a long time ago. Can’t you see the founding stock is a minority and the additional whites along with the founding stock are soon to be come one. Voting for Willard is like voting for Clinton, get over voting if it could change anything it would be banned. Think for a time what America was like fifty years ago, one hundred, one hundred fifty, two hundred and two hundred fifty years ago. It is this goverment which is the enemy of man, choosing for a president is like choosing who you would wish to be robbed by, it is just silly.

  11. Well you know they say fortune favors the brave. There is still honor in fighting on no matter what happens. But what we’re now seeing unfold before our eyes is the complete vindication of the WNist vanguardists. We’ve finally arrived at the end point Rockwell and Pierce saw decades ago. Even in the WNist Internet debate circa 2004, I don’t think anyone realized we were watching the last American election with two White candidates.

  12. How does the free-ish flow of whites between North America and Europe
    Bring in browns?

    It seems that America and Europe went brown once the visa barriers went up and both were flooded by shitskins.

  13. I didn’t say we were doomed. I said that it is very likely there will be no more white men as president in the coming elections. And as far as all evidence indicates, that is certainly a conclusion well within shouting distance of the truth.

    If a white man wins 2012–and we all know that at bottom that is just what this election is, white vs black–it will be ONLY by the very narrowest of margins, literally razor thin. Meanwhile, as we speak, more policies and legislation is coming down the line to further enable and benefit non-whites and Progressive Liberal whites. More effort is underway as we speak to increase the percentage of non-whites and Progressive minded whites. Continuing effort is being expended as we speak to decrease the percentage of non Progressive Liberal whites and what little power they have left.

    Right now it is and will be by only a photo finish decision if the white man wins. That is how close it is. Nowhere is there in evidence that normal whites will significantly increase to a point that allows the gap to widen at the expense of The Other Side. If anyone can make the case that my analysis is wrong, please do so in detail and show my error. I welcome it. Otherwise, my above prediction stands. And unlike the outcome of this election where I have advised no one bet over fifty cents on the outcome, on my prediction I cannot warn against a significant bet placed on my prediction. Where I would not bet fifty cents on this election, I would not hesitate much or be too nervous placing a grand on my prediction for the years following 2016.

    Any takers to the contrary?

  14. And is there not a single computer ace or “hacker” in the ranks of pro-whites that can combat this DDOS bullshit and do to the Other Side what they frequently do to our sites?

  15. “(1) The vanguard is a group of people who passionately hate Jews, but who mysteriously boomerang around to the Jewish position because their contempt for White America is even greater than their hatred of Jews. It?s shocking to see them echoing Tim Wise.”

    That is a little much Hunter. The animus some feel for Jews is because of guys like Tim Wise or Abe Foxman or the ADL or the heavily Jewish SPLC, or Gloria Steinum or Alan Dershowitz or Bill “i’m all for immigration” Kristol and on and on and on, I could go on forever. Sure some “vanguardists” resent Jews but gosh man shouldn’t we all? A big percentage of them are hostile to white American interests. Jewish and white American interests have never dovtailed don’t dovetail now and never will.

    “(2) I?m not voting for Romney. That doesn?t mean that I am going to vote for Obama though. I?m voting for Virgil Goode who is closest to my position on the issues.”

    I have never told any one to vote for Obama. My position is simply there is zero reason for a racially aware white person to vote for Romney. None, nada, zip zilch.

    “(3)” Sessions is my favorite Senator. The greatest enemy amnesty has in the US Senate. If he were running against Obama I would desperately want him to win. I’d vote and early and if I could often to get him elected.

    “(4) It?s a sad commentary on our Northern friends that Jewish Zionists in Israel are more supportive and more willing to say ?no? to the Black Undertow than our so-called ?White? allies in New England.

    If I had to make the choice, I would happily trade Vermont for Israel. Honestly, I think the odds of White survival would improve if we could rid ourselves of the Northeast.

    Dude you have a very poor understanding of the the nature of Jews and Zionism. Israelis are allied to the GOP because the latter promises to fight all of the former’s wars for them. Not because they like eachother. Israel has it’s own Black Undertow and certainly is no enemy of our Black Undertow. Israelis a non-white country by the way. Vermont is like 97% white or something.

  16. Vermont is the whitest state in the country. So what? They consistently take the nigger side and vote to fuck over the rest of the country. Just because they are *white* doesn’t mean they are on our side.

    Again, if we traded Vermont and Massachusetts for Israel, we would come out of the deal better off, racially speaking.

  17. “Just because they are *white* doesn’t mean they are on our side.”

    Nor does being black mean they are not on our side nor does being Jewish mean they are on our side.

    Do we really need to go through the entire history of venomous Jewish quotes towards whites?

    When did the venomous quotes of whites towards white civilization really start in earnest? The reformation.

  18. We could crap on the Vermont SWPL’s hit parade in about one minute if we took away their “moral superiority” card, other than that its basically rednecks with a blue elite. As for taking Israel over them, while I’m a white zionist by all accounts that is still not a good marriage prospect.

  19. Of the 6 GOP Senators who voted for the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty of 2007 2 were from the Deep South. Lindsey Graham and Trent Lott.

  20. Trent Lott retired at the end of 2007. Lindsey Graham was re-elected AFTER having voted for McCain-Kennedy in 2008.

  21. Pissed Off In Wisconsin

    “I’m listening to the local conservative radio show here and they’re playing the Twilight zone music, ’cause WSJ could probably be considered left moderate”

    So is Romney.

  22. The guy Lindsey Graham beat in 2008 said stuff like this:

    “Conley stands for ending illegal immigration, protecting American workers, bringing our troops home from Iraq, increasing veterans’ benefits, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, ending Wall Street bailouts, repealing the Patriot Act, cutting spending, and fidelity to the Constitution.” He is opposed to same-sex marriage.”

    Wish he had won.

  23. I’m so fucking tired of hearing people whine about how the “System” is the problem when they positively go out and vote for the likes of Obama. They are the problem, not the “System.”

    The only reason we have a problem with the “System” is because we are tied to millions of these idiots who are absolutely determined to drag us down into a racial and cultural abyss. If you cut them loose, the situation would improve overnight.

  24. After all this talk about how the “System” is the problem, the reality is that Yankees are the problem. They are the ones who put Obama in the White House in the first place. Whether he stays there or leaves is totally in their hands.

  25. Obviously at this point we can’t say “no” to anyone.

    My logical starting point is where it all started, with Christ, saying “no” to Jews.

  26. The South has consistently said “no” over and over and over again … the problem with the “System” is that Yankees can’t say “no” and take the nigger side and through their control of the federal government force their dystopia on us.

  27. I think where we disagree is the nature of the Republican Party at the national level. If Romney got 95% of the white vote, won all 50 states, and crushed Obama in the popular vote, what exactly do you think would happen next? Anything good for white people?

    I’d say this, you want the vote of a white Auto Worker in Michigan, or a white Coal Miner in Pennsylvania, or a white waitress in New Hampshire, or a white Postman in Wisconsin, or a white mechanic in Minnesota. Then give them to something to fucking vote for. The “right” should dump the vulture capitalists and become more populist.

  28. This problem has so little to do with Obama it’s ridiculous.

    This third column in the US that loves to gloat about how we’re no longer a white, Christian nation started long before Obama’s election and is not limited to Yankeedom.

    It’s the same problem white nations have been dealing with forever. And its root cause is not the presence of blacks.

  29. You think Jim Crow laws could pass in the South right now? Separate but equal, and all that, on the way to full on white Supremacy? You really think there are enough Southrons that would buy into that?

    This problem is not limited to Yankeedom, regardless of what candidate carries the election.

  30. Oh please, Hunter. Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina voted for the nigger last time as well. Don’t act like your precious Dixie didn’t have a hand in it. There are plenty of home-grown Southron liberals down there and you damn well know it.

  31. No, I don’t.

    The Yankee controlled federal government won’t even allow us to pass state immigration laws. The same Yankee controlled federal government destroyed the Confederacy and overthrew the Jim Crow system and imposed BRA on us.

  32. I’m not talking about whether the fedgov would allow it or not, and immigration laws have a substantively different rational basis than Jim Crow laws.

    I’m asking if Jim Crow laws would pass in the South right now. Because most of us weren’t even alive when this shit went down, so blaming the current crop of Yankees for for what they inherited is as irrational as asking for reparations for slavery.

    And at the very least you ought to be able to prove that Southrons haven’t been the victims of the exact same thing.

  33. The Jewish Question is a non-starter as far as the white public in general is concerned. This is not a statement of what my or anyone’s opinion about the facts of Jews is concerned, it is a statement of obvious reality. A pedantic discussion of differential equations given in sanskrit will glaze over LESS eyes than the routine charges against Jews hurled by WN’s. This is the key point that so many name-the-Jewer’s fail to see.

    Yes, it would be so fucking wonderful if 90 percent or even 60 percent of white people knew and understood the J question. Yes, yes, yes. YES!!!! No argument. But they have no common experience with Jews, nothing to put them on their radar screens. Yes, yes, yes, that is a goddamn shame. But it is the reality here on the ground today.

    Naming the Jew does not work. Period. It is like lighting the fuse of a wet firecracker. And most likely will remain so for quite some time.

    We are going to have to go about them in an indirect way, therefore.

    If you want to be effective and reach people, you have to do it with what the people know and are fired up about. Naming the nigger and Mexican and the white liberal will get you light years more distance than naming the Jew.

  34. They’re the ones who have ALWAYS set all this shit in motion. They are doing it again with gay marriage. They force this shit on the South. The opposition is demoralized and resistance collapses. Eventually, their sick, alien ideas become normative.

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