Obama Race Video


In desperation, Drudge (who ignored the Romney-Embraces-Amnesty story yesterday), Sean Hannity, and The Daily Caller (probably acting as Mitt surrogates) are blowing the dog whistle at Matt Parrott and 313Chris:

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24 Responses to Obama Race Video

  1. I guess the GOP talk radio listeners are looking for something to get excited about. They hate Obama so bad. And he’s going to beat them anyhow, no matter how much they think he ‘hates America,’ won’t meet with Netanyahu and is a secret Marxist-Muslim-Atheist (or whatever the latest nonsense is they are passing around). And will they learn from this? Certainly not. Demographics trumps their mindless talking points.

  2. Phil says:

    The GOP talk radio folks are only concerned about attacking Eye-ran, cause the Jews(Netanyahoo) told them so. These GOP morons will sacrifice their own sons, their own genetic future, their own grandchildren to please the Jews. Their Scofield Bible trained protestant pastors have declared it!!

  3. John says:

    Dog whistling is stupid.

    If he openly said something racist and didn’t apologize he would get more traction. He’d still lose though because whites vote ideology and nignogs, Hispanics, Jews and others vote ethnic or race.

    Dumb GOP.

  4. John says:

    Does anyone actually think Romney is racist? This is an hilarious idea. Nothing he’s proposed benefits the average white.

  5. White & Confederate says:

    Yes John I do think that Romney is ‘racist’. He’s definitely anti-white.

  6. Lew says:

    They’re not called the stupid party for no reason. If I were conspiratorial, I’d propose they’re going to the well with this threadbare technique one more time on purpose. After Romney loses big, the GOP leaders will have a pretext to say “we must never bring up race again.” Stupid works too of course.

  7. Dr. Doom says:

    Here’s video of a NIGGER SUPREMACIST making not so veiled threats against Whites and all you idiots can muster is Waaaa! Jews Hate Iran?

    You people are PATHETIC! You’ll probably be Surprised when Mongrel Hordes of Feral niggers show up in your neighborhoods with Murder and Rape on their one-track minds!

    When they show up at my door they’re going on a quit road to Hell with my 12 guage shotgun and 00 ammo sending them there.

    All you pussies will probably just bend over to your new dark overlords and mumble some incoherant crap about Iranistan not being our enemy! YOU SUCK!

  8. peppermint says:

    (1) fake southern accent is hilarious on him, he should clown around with it more often
    (2) I was one of the morons who was stupid enough to believe his 2004 Democratic convention speech and his 2008 race speech. Here he is in 2007 making a mockery of all that. I should have known about it, and the reason I didn’t know about it was the anti-white media. This makes me very, very angry.
    (3) His 2008 race speech was a Christian narrative about original sin, penance, redemption, and hope. Now we find out he doesn’t know the Lord’s prayer. So much for being a Christian. Incidentally, whites are not guilty of much, have much to be proud of, and certainly can’t have what our grandparents and great-great-great-great-grandparents did held against us now, and have been paying for forced integration and affirmative action for the past 50 years. Us whites owe the black community nothing.

    Obama has always been nothing but a grievance-mongering apparatchnik. Romney will be better, but I’m voting for Merlin Miller.

  9. Stonelifter says:

    don’t dismiss the power in grievance-mongering

  10. Mary says:

    And will they learn from this? Certainly not. Demographics trumps their mindless talking points.


    This is all I think about as Whites worldwide open their borders (and in truly unfortunate cases, their legs) to non-White invaders of many a hue. It has become an almost peaceful meditation now, I just watch in a somewhat detached horror and hope that one day the penny will drop and that it won’t take one of their family members being raped and/or dying at the hands of one of these ‘enrichers’ to do it.
    But, sadly, it most likely will.

    Ps: @ Dr. Doom: you need to understand a little something called ‘the jewish question’.
    By the tone of your post, I feel you may be drawing close to dealing with it, lol……..cuz, speaking for myself, I wasn’t happy at having to face it either ; )

  11. Denise says:

    I put this video on my blog last night, Hunter. I think it’s typical GibsMeDat crap. I don’t find the video to be threatening, for what it is- it’s his power to put his GibsMeDat into action, as D Prezdint.

    But a lot of you will vote for him for sheer, self destructive spite. Aryan Goddess and I do not understand this line of self-setruction, Worse is sometimes worse. You used to know that. The implosion of he USA, wearing a Black Face, will only hurt Whites MORE.

  12. John says:

    Okay Dr Doom.

    I’ll bite. You are not going to fire shotguns at anyone.
    Calm down sunshine. You are eventually going to realize that while Obama is a black who is going to steal your stuff, Romney is someone who couldn’t care less if your gear gets stolen.

    You have to understand that Romney winning is more likely to trigger the chimpout.

  13. 313Chris says:

    They believe that they’re “avengin’ theyuh beloved ancestuhs”.

  14. 313Chris says:


    Just curious, but what are you going to do in “the Chimpout”?

  15. Wayne says:

    Ther isn’t going to be a “chimp out”. Obama has this election in the bag, just based on the “Friends of Wayne FB Poll”.

  16. Dr. Doom says:

    I know Everything there is to know about ZOG! That doesn’t change the fact that a Crazed Idi Amin, jr. is raising a Mongrel Horde of Feral niggers to Kill me and mine!

    One threat is on the Other Side of the World and this one is in my neighborhood! Have none of you any sense of proximity?

    Millions of Feral niggers tweeting how they want to murder Whites if Obonzo loses and video of Obonzo playing to that crowd with White-blaming threats mean nothing to you?

    What is going to be worse? A massive Chimpout if Obonzo loses, or the formation of an Army of Feral niggers supported by an Idi Amin type POTUS?

    The Jews don’t give their rat’s ass about niggers! They’re Expendable! If it takes every one of them getting Killed to make Whites a Permanent Minority in America they’ll say it was Cheap at twice the Cost!

    RINO Romney sending the Troops to Iran merely gets them out of the way. Would you rather have them used against YOU by Idi Amin, jr.?

  17. John says:

    I could be wrong. Maybe they don’t riot.

    I plan if, anything nearby goes haywire to retreat to a farm in central Missouri. Two cows, a fishing lake, vines and such sundry things to consume til it all blows over. If you like you can drop by for a cuppa.

  18. Wayne says:

    Dr. Doom: so in response to this Obama monkeyshines, we’re all supposed to jump behind another empty suit Republitard? That’ll show’em.

  19. John says:

    I don’t think it will be neccesary though as Romney is being asspounded by the press. So far, they have yet to change their story and narrative.

  20. Stonelifter says:

    anyone who says they know everything about anything is full of shit

  21. Stonelifter says:

    unless it’s 313piss saying it knows everything there is to know about sucking off niggers

  22. 313Chris says:


    When are you going to show up like you promised? I emailed you my address and you never even responded. You’re all talk. Go back to pimping your daughter to niggers for empty soda cans, you coward.

  23. Wayne says:

    Yes, to and from work I listen to our tax dollars at work–NPR giving the Republitards down the road. OBTW, whatever came of the T Party plan to defund this?

  24. test says:

    “They’re not called the stupid party for no reason”

    They’re not stupid. They’re traitors. Open borders makes everyone else poor but them rich.


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