Origins of “Racism”


I found this in the Inhuman Bondage footnotes:

“According to Imanuel Geiss, the neologism “racism” originated in Germany in the 1920s as a polemical term denouncing Nazi ideology.”

“Racism” first appeared in America in 1936 in an anti-fascist pamphlet.

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  1. I remember reading about this a couple of years ago. This article said it was Trotsky that made it up and he said it about Slavs, whom he obviously despised as a national group.

    And the people that invented the word “racist”, are the very same ones that committed genocide against the Ukrainian people (Slavs), probably because they were “racists”, that would not get on board with whole the Worker’s Paradise thing.

    One of the anti-whites here, says the above was a mistranslation. So I guess it needs some research.

  2. The real question is, when was it first used to demonize white people? That’s what really matters. I remember Bob Whitaker said he first saw it used by Jewish activists in New York, but he did not give a date.

    They discovered that if they shouted “racist” repeatedly, at WW2 veterans they would all back down. He attributed this backing down behavior, to army basic training, which consisted of sergeants bullying young men, by shouting at them.

    Here’s a Google graph showing the usage of “racist” in books, which started at the beginning of WW2:

    As you see “racist”, was the anti-whites little soldier and they went nuts with it.

  3. I’ve also seen it attributed by Sam Francis to a German Jew named Magnus Hirschfield.

    Hirschfield was a social engineering German Jew that promoted feminism, homosexually and LGBT rights. When the NSDAP did their famous 10 May 1933 Jew book burning event they burned Hirschfield’s books.

    Predictably, Jewpedia used the propaganda term “Nazi” rather than the correct correct terminology of “NSDAP” in their article.

  4. Elucidation to my ealier post. When used as a term to frighten majority/founding populations into any overt resistance, to guilt trip them into immobility, THAT usage of ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ is FULLY the Jews’ tool. In this, they have 2000 years of practice. Just look at how the Pharisees treated Christ. Same meme, same methodology, same bogus charges.

    “When a Rabbi enters a room, he is ALREADY guilty of a crime.”

  5. I have heard Trotsky, but also (and more interestingly, in a way, Magnus Hirschfeld). Here’s Samuel Francis, mentioning Hirschfeld, who mysteriously doesn’t get mentioned all that much, although the Hitler “book burning” pictures are from his library:

    Some SERIOUS SCHOLAR (ain’t me)— should connect Hirshfeld to Bela Kun’s “sex programs” in Hungary under Lukacs and to Kinsey in the U.S.

    There’s a truly phenomenal UNWRITTEN book for someone: a “far right”/ alt right look at the History of the USE OF Sexuality to control populations— starting with sexuality in ancient “cults” and including “church” sex scandals (past and present, Luther even mentioned them) would be AWESOME.

    Hirschfeld who wrote a book called RACISM, was a key figure in this use of Sex for social control— and that culminated in his Institute of Sex in Weimar Berlin. He also had a “Museum of Sex” and idk how it’s going now, but the same opened in NYC more recently (want to say the 90s, but would have to look).

    Wiki on Hirschfeld:

    Idk why no serious scholar has put together an alt-right history (or at least a documentary-length vid) from Bela Kun- Lucaks- Kinsey- Hirshfeld- something sort of like how some vids talk about the left in the u.s., surrounding the Frankfurt School. (Even Foucault’s ‘History of Sexuality’ could be a source.

    As far as I know, no source links all these things.

    Instead, the “alt-right” concentrates on “gay is bad” or something—- not the larger picture of the use of Sex in social control; msm would make it out to be merely a catholic church phenomenon (“sex scandals”—and then, of course, people say “well, what about the protestants who have “gotten caught” but in this— the LARGER issue is totally lost and obscured—- of the INSTITUTES dedicated to sex and social control)

    Hirshfeld is never connected to Kun’s programs and so on. Or to the modern day “sex school programs” etc.

    For the right (real) intellectual, there’s a really big book there, imo.

  6. “My grandfather was old and “prejudiced” as they used to say.”

    I remember those days, too. Then, sometime in the late 80’s/early 90’s, racist became the new word to be used as a bludgeon against whites. The leftist propaganda surge in the 90’s resulted in the hardened form of PC we see today. That seems to me when the resurgent anti-white radicalism gained critical mass among white anti-whites.

    The radicalism today makes the 60’s seem positively quaint at times.

    Deo Vindice

  7. Okay, we know – or have a good idea – when the use of the word started. Anyone want to bet on when the use of the word will end?

  8. Jim P—

    No pretending. I n’t know about it, but found by searching author name.

    Still, it sounds like the usual academic fare where it locates “politics and social control” in the Enlightenment (the usual ms collegiate view).

    I was suggesting something more comprehensive that moves the critique into ancient societies, away from the hackneyed enlightenment critique—- it’s MUCH OLDER than the Enlightenment.

    Going on about the “enlightenment” is like when idiots “find ALL original people in AFRICA!” What kind of Idiot wouldn’t notice that this because it’s where they repeatedly do all their digging, lol.

    If I got mega-funding to dig in my yard, I’d probably find a dinosaur eventually (they used to live here).

    So, anybody who by rote locates things repeatedly in “the Englightenment” I discount as serious right off the bat (for the above reason).

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