Germany Bans Neo-Nazi Groups


The crackdown is on “enemies of the state” … racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites, and other enemies of liberal democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany, or as my old friend Dr. Brandt once called them, the “Bastardstate.”

Note: This ties into the previous discussion about Black Republicanism in the French Revolution and whether liberal democracy is a natural enemy of European peoples.

” (Reuters) – Nearly 1,000 police officers raided clubhouses and apartments of known neo-Nazis in western Germany on Thursday after a ban was placed on three violent far-right groups in the country’s most populous state.

Ralf Jaeger, interior minister of North-Rhine Westphalia, announced the ban as part of an intensified crackdown on neo-Nazis in the industrial state. Police searched 146 premises, confiscating weapons, computer hard drives and election posters of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD).

“(The objects seized) expose the tight bonds within the far-right scene,” Jaeger said, referring to the relationship between the NPD and groups of violent militants known as “Kameradschaften”.

Jaeger called the groups affected by the ban “xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic”, adding: “They employ fists and knives against their political opponents.”


  1. There are problems with Alex Linder’s perspective. I don’t endorse everything he says.

    But he seems to be right that a major reason we can’t organize IRL is because we’re under relentless organized attack.

    From Rockwell to Taylor, who has ever tried it in the US that wasn’t attacked?

    I have no doubt the German equivalents of our own White DWLs enjoyed raiding these “Nazis.” I also have no doubt Jews were involved as well.

  2. The last line there is ironic.

    Fists and knives eh? Like outlawing someone isn’t a promisary note of Deadly violence?

  3. Here’s the comedy gold at the end:

    “The NPD has representatives in two state assemblies – Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – but not in the federal parliament. It blames immigrants for crime and unemployment and its voters are mostly unemployed young men with little education.”

    the voters are young unemployed men with little education?

    If I were to raid the DNC HQ and seize harddrives for example, I could claim that the DNC is most supported by unemployed, Unemployable, young, uneducated blacks and Latinos who can barely speak English. All led by a coterie of cynical organizers who ritually blame whites for every Ill in the land. Do these writers know they are doing it?

  4. “the voters are young unemployed men with little education? ”

    By “education”, they mean re-education, brainwashing.

  5. I should add that! the DNC are supported by…

    Unemployed, unemployable, heavily indoctrinated and often violent groups of blacks, Latinos and DWL lead by unscrupulous demagogues.

  6. Well the NPD and the Kameradschaften ARE the enemies of the German state. That state is run by crypto-communists and last time I checked them and National Socialists aren’t exactly all warm and fuzzy about each other.

    “They employ fists and knives against their political opponents.”

    This is a mistake. They should also be using guns and explosives against their political opponents. A single bullet from a high-powered rifle against Merkel’s carcass could do wonders; the same process could be repeated against other politicians, media heads, left-wing academic professors, etc. Why haven’t thought of that yet in Germany?

  7. I wonder how many German patriots were actually affected by these raids? I suspect that it is probably about like a typical FBI raid on Klansmen, Skinheads or Militiamen here. They make a big deal about taking down a couple of felons for firearms possession and they confiscate a bunch of perfectly legal shit.

    They’ve gotta keep those Sheeny Bastids feeling safe.

  8. Today in Pennsylvania the radical Lincoln Republicans forced the Constitutional Party off the Novermber Presidential ballot in Pennsylvania. Among other things the terrorist Republicans threatened to cost the Constitutional Party $100,000 dollars in legal fees if they did not withdraw from the fall ballot! The Republicans had already cost the Constitutional Party more than $50,000 dollars in ballot access legal fees.

    That demonstrates how afraid the Lincoln Republican cult is of the Constitutional Party and their Goode-Clymer ticket.

    In Pennsylvania Clymer is an old name. George Clymer signed both the Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution.

  9. By the way, aren’t the Germans a bit overdue for another shot at world domination? I guess they are just waiting for that one particular charismatic leader to emerge.

  10. What does Linder mean by relentless organized attack?

    Is someone attacking VNN Forum? There is no one stopping WNs from creating organizations or joining organizations. I’ve personally joined the CofCC and the League of the South.

  11. Funny because this time around Germany does have some legit complaints. They are being displaced by Turks to some degree.

    I’m not so keen on their bitching about Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece. They were not complaining about these basket cases 7 years ago or at the inception of the Euro currency.

  12. I interpreted it to mean stuff like this. In Europe, the authorities harass nationalists, restrict free speech, jail dissidents. In America, there is less direct repression by the authorities, but they generally look the other way when violent antifa show up to disrupt White events. Hotels are able to break contracts with AmRen with impunity when they wouldn’t be able to get away with that with any other group. The government lets ADL/SPLC surveil and harass people, track their activities, etc. The government at all levels welcomes SPLC/ADL input on the White menace. These things add up to organized attack. That’s my take on it.

  13. At the inception of the Euro no country was supposed to be allowed to run a deficit higher than 3% of GDP. That rule wasn’t enforced. Result: disaster.

  14. “They employ fists and knives against their political opponents.”

    As opposed to themselves who just use the Communist thugs employed by the state to kick down doors.

  15. “As opposed to themselves who just use the Communist thugs employed by the state to kick down doors.”

    When Commies say, they want everyone disarmed, they mean everyone, except “Politically Correct” authorities.

  16. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    By the way, aren’t the Germans a bit overdue for another shot at world domination

    That’s highly debatable. It appears Hilter was only interested in reversing the Treaty of Versailles, greater Germany, and defeating Communism.

  17. “And neither is Ireland.”

    Sure it is. Ireland’s fiscal mess is entirely one of over lending for housing, similar to here but without the extra derivatives speculation. Not like Spain, Italy, or Greece at all.

  18. It’s never sat comfortably there. They have virtually no raw resources. The market is also small. The main export is people.

    The old style was best. Education, leave to work in New York, Sydney, London. Go back and retire with the money earned if you still want to be there.
    Once that was disrupted the place imploded.

  19. The 1st thing I noticed was German people being labeled enemies of the state, not hajjis from turkey, even after the success of that book, Germany does away with itself by Thilo Sarrazin.

  20. It’s also the case that the neonazi’s have very little traction in German politics anyway.
    Have they done anything like The Sikh’s in Canada blowing up the AirIndia flight?

  21. The shootings of some doner kebab shop owners several years ago. That and Breivik, is I assume the reason behind these arrests.

  22. The Immortals, a pro-white group in Germany, are pretty interesting. They gather publicly while wearing white masks to conceal their identities. Lots of great videos on YouTube of them marching. Some show them unfurling a banner off an abandoned building or over a highway overpass.

  23. The Immortals are the ones I find most interesting, because they aren’t dressing like a time warp from the 1930s, they are covering their faces, because they really are political dissidents, persecuted by the state and they are saying, “Germany is being killed by immigration”, which is raising the White Genocide issue, after a fashion.

    ‘Killed by immigration’ is not good enough for me, they must use the stronger ‘White Genocide’, but they are far closer to the truth, than the respectable pro white membership organizations, that use the weaker and utterly false “Displacement”. Forced integration policy proves “Displacement” is false, but try telling that to a respectable like Jared Taylor.

    And of course the German authorities are behaving like thugs, regarding the Immortals, because the Immortals are effective and the authorities know that anti-white soft power, is breaking down.

    So they have only two choices:

    1) Use violence against whites that want to discuss what is good for whites.

    2) Be decent human beings and stop participating in White Genocide.

    I wonder what it is going to be?

  24. Way back in 1981, I took a German class for foreigners in Germany. The class consisted of people from Thailand, Korea, Iran, Spain, Ireland, Greece and myself, an American. One day, we were asked if we believed foreigners should be allowed German citizenship after so many years. I was the only person to verbally reject this notion.
    The Leftists have been pushing this propaganda for decades. The Greens and others have been telling thier fellow Germans they too are foreigners. Even back then I thought that was an insane comment. Now the world can see (if it wants to) what the end result of all this is. As Leonard Cohen so aptly puts it, …it is murder.
    To me, the real reason the NPD is being shut down is because of thier revisionist outlook on Third Reich history. Then again, it could be the NPD has been infiltrated by the usual suspects and government Geheimdienste that the party is now just an embarrassment. Truly sad.
    And to think that the Communist Party under Gysi (a Jew) posted good numbers in elections during the early 90’s, no one has to wonder how Merkel became so successful as a Christian Democrat once the two German states reunited. No, Communism wasn’t defeated, it was absorbed!

  25. The shootings of some doner kebab shop owners several years ago. That and Breivik, is I assume the reason behind these arrests.

    I haven’t seen anything to suggest Breivik was a neo-Nazi.

    It appears the only group he belonged to was the Masons.

    He had some communications with the EDL, but the neo-Nazi would would frown on the EDL for their Jewish, Sikh and Gay divisions.

  26. @ JimmyGears,

    ‘White genocide’ doesn’t make sense grammatically. It isn’t clear if Whites are the victims, or the perpetrators. Besides, people don’t know what genocide means.
    So, the correct phrase is (government-enforced) race-replacement.

  27. Sure, ban groups and guns.

    But when things get really intense, it will be cricket bats, baseball bats, kitchen knives, piece of pipe, etc..

  28. The Immortals are the ones I find most interesting, because they aren’t dressing like a time warp from the 1930s,…

    Nobody does the uniform thing in Europe except for (at times) Jobbik . But in the latest Jobbik video everyone is wearing T-shirts.

  29. NPD needs to Mantra up or like any other costume or wordist org. just fade away.

    As noted above, NPD has seats in two state legislatures. There were more moderate nationalist parties in Germany, but they have all now faded away. But a lot of NPD’s relative success is no doubt due to its being the favorite haunt of the police-spies.

  30. The solution is to do implicit WN/NS – White biker gangs/clubs work best. It’s the same in the USA. Don’t use a name that is openly WN/NS.

  31. RRS:

    Are you suggesting only the mantra is effective? What are you suggesting?

    The German authorities perceived a sufficient threat from this group to raid them. It suggests they were effective.

  32. @Outlier,

    Yes, but the idea of another Breivik coming out of the woodworks and popping off Red Youth of the privileged political class has all of the Euro Red Elites wetting their beds at night. Look at the hysteria over the wog-loving, magen David-waving EDL in Britain.

    Also, as a Kiwi-colored American has said recently:
    “[W]e want to convey the sense that the bigots are isolated, embittered
    individuals, rather than permit them to contact and coordinate with one
    another.” –Jeremy Waldron, The Harm in Hate Speech, Harvard University Press, 2012

  33. “[W]e want to convey the sense that the bigots are isolated, embittered
    individuals, rather than permit them to contact and coordinate with one

    That is some seriously twisted stuff.

    They are grabbing for the whole enchilada, right in front of our faces. Second-order change:

  34. The Germans will be arresting Lemmy from Motorhead the next time he plays Germany.

    Motorhead is one if the founding metal bands, and are English. Lemmy is a WW1 and WW2 history buff and collects uniforms, pictures, etc. and is well read.

    ” Lemmy in a tank ” 3 min …. A MUST WATCH

  35. Bwahahaha.

    Muslim Gang attacks anti-Racist group.

    They won’t learn anything though. What pussified morons.

  36. NPD is part stage show even if most of the characters are ernest white people interested in saving our race. The anti-whites want our extinction and the NPD is debating the events of the 20th century, they are literally tailgating the pied pipers of our genocide.

    Every group has a right to self defense and the right to organize that defense, and as satisfying and safe to debate some abstract points the issue is genocide (ours).

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