The Civil War of 2016

South Carolina

H/T Kosher Republic

Maybe these people are reading Occidental Dissent and Southern Nationalist Network? Obama’s military is preparing to go to see with South Carolina and the Tea Party.

Update: Here’s the link to “Full Spectrum Operations In The Homeland.”

“Imagine Tea Party extremists seizing control of a South Carolina town and the Army being sent in to crush the rebellion. This farcical vision is now part of the discussion in professional military circles.

At issue is an article in the respected Small Wars Journal titled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future.” It was written by retired Army Col. Kevin Benson of the Army’s University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and Jennifer Weber, a Civil War expert at the University of Kansas. It posits an “extremist militia motivated by the goals of the ‘tea party’ movement” seizing control of Darlington, S.C., in 2016, “occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council and placing the mayor under house arrest.” The rebels set up checkpoints on Interstate 95 and Interstate 20 looking for illegal aliens. It’s a cartoonish and needlessly provocative scenario.”

Note: We know they are watching.


  1. I’ve been informed, on excellent authority, that ZOG is watching 20,000 “White Nationalists”

    Twenty THOUSAND.

  2. Nothing scares the establishment more than whites explicitly coming together for what’s good for them and their children.

  3. Hunter – indeed! It’s bitterly funny. White people, seeking to preserve SOME kind of semblance of functioning and decent human civilization – and THAT is the biggest threat to ZOG.

    John 8:38-44.

  4. I see this as positive. It certainly plants seeds. And probably half of the US military is Southern-born anyhow. I would bet there are thousands or more Southern nationalists in their ranks. A few well-placed officers here and there… well, it could be interesting – especially as the Empire deteriorates.

  5. I’m sure that Obama would use the military to defend illegal aliens and criminals against Arizona or South Carolina. It never occurred to me that they would publicly admit in a respected mainstream military journal that they are actually preparing to go to war with the Tea Party.

  6. This is a gift horse.

    The U.S. military is planning to go to war with the Tea Party. Hopefully, the Tea Party will now realize that BRA’s military is under Obama’s command and represents a threat to THEM.

    The Founding Fathers were against standing armies for a reason.

  7. My Fellow Bramericans,

    One can imagine Abu Malika (Barry Soetoro), brow furrowed with a Newport pursed between his purple lips skimming bios from his domestic kill-lists.

    The UAV strikes will continue until morale improves! Obama 2016!

  8. The Tea Party? As if…It’s far more likely that the mexicans in CA will reject the authority of the federal government over them, or perhaps the muslims in dearbornistan. Will the U.S. military be ready with a plan when either of these scenareos occur…?

  9. “As if…It’s far more likely that the mexicans in CA will reject the authority of the federal government over them, or perhaps the muslims in dearbornistan. Will the U.S. military be ready with a plan when either of these scenareos occur…?”

    Of course not. It’s only whitey “we’re” worried about.

    You can imagine the list of insane, crazy ass demands the Tea Party would come up with if they took over a city hall. Let’s see. Maybe they objected to the passing of a 6 trillion dollar bond for a black aerospace magnet school. Oh wait! I know! They wanted to fly an American Flag instead of Mexican over the County Seat. What a godawful joke what makes an “extremist” anymore.

  10. @Runs Crying from Savages

    “The UAV strikes will continue until morale improves!
    Obama 2016!”

    Since your so enthused about innocent white people being murdered by the president you support, then you’ll understand if your name happens to come up next on the kill-list, right? I mean, like you said, it’ll be important for “morale” in the long run.

    Take one for the team, Tamer!

  11. If you think 2+2=4 you’re an extremist.

    I think instead of “In God We Trust” our money should say “2+2=5.”

  12. “The article is a choppy patchwork of doctrinal jargon and liberal nightmare. The authors make a quasi-legal case for military action and then apply the Army’s Operating Concept 2016-2028 to the situation. They write bloodlessly that “once it is put into play, Americans will expect the military to execute without pause and as professionally as if it were acting overseas.”

    What Simmons said about leftards was dead right. While liberals say, we must be disarmed, they demand politically correct authority use its guns on us.

  13. I saw the clip of Jackson and viewed several more clips of him and other soldiers. Interesting how righteous men on both sides beseeched the Almighty. Where was God during the battles? Just thinking out loud. Which side was the Lord on?

    I watched a depiction of Gettysburg. Poetic speeches, somber prayers. Then the carnage bagan . Incredible savagery ensued. Supposed brothers in the Lord sanctified by the blood butchering each other. Angels must have been rejoicing. The Southern forces lost that one. Didn’t they pray loud enough? Or was there a lack of faith?

    More than fifty thousand killed that day. A sea of dead men and boys not to mention the wounded, maimed and crippled. A glorious day in the Kingdom.

    Jackson supposedly wasn’t concerned with dying. He believed he would go when his time would come. Predetermined, predestined. He was killed. What if he stayed in bed that day? Would he have lived or not? And the sodiers at Gettysburg. Let’s assume they all went home instead. Hmmm.

  14. Ever notice any time our leaders talk of illegal aliens they always mention that illegals should be auto-citizens if they are willing to join our military?

  15. This is exactly why the RINO Romney must win in 2012. He wouldn’t have the stomach for this kind of crap, but Idi Amin, Baby Doc, Whathisname would definitely use US Troops to slaughter Whites fighting ZOG/BRA.
    The Chimpout by blacks after an electoral defeat of Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Whathisname is VITAL to awakening Whites to the Existential threat of Genocide that ZOG/BRA has in store for them.
    The Lying Jewsmedia would not be able to cover up the Massive Rioting that would follow the defeat of Shaka Zulu, O.J. Simpson, Whathisname!

  16. Looks like your precious NWA’s are about to mau-mau your newly PC “sanitized” site.

    Joe should arrive soon to pump more sunshine up you ass, backup provided by neo-Nazi Denise. It’s just another beautiful day, smile and enjoy.

    Remember, it was the great grandfathers of your NWA darlings who burnt Columbia down to the ground. Of course, God was on their side helping trample out the vintage, don’t you know?

    You now have the same problem Amurrica has. Unwanted aliens come in and act as they please, undermining everything you seek to achieve while granted carte blanche to do so.

    Mark this well. It will be a Romney administration that follows this plan against white Southerners/Tea Party/”domestic terrorists.” Obama lacks the support of neocon elements needed to carry such a plan out. Yankee Neocons will support such a plan as this to the hilt. Of course, you can’t join the service if you have a Confederate flag tattoo these days.

    Nevertheless, ATF or some other “law enforcement” agency will be the spearhead, supported by an Army of gays, wimmen, negroes, and illegals vying for “citizenship.” White Southerners in the Army will be conveniently stationed elsewhere.

    Better take down your flag before they get really pissed.

    You can “moderate” this post out of existence if you want. It’s all good.

    Have a Dixie day!

    Deo Vindice

  17. I don’t see it Doom.

    If Obama has plans to go nuts, why wait until the election? Like he has these giant plans to slaughter whites but, darn, he lost the election, so I guess we’ll wait ’til next time around?

  18. Bah! RINO Romney is TOO MUCH WIMP to Lincoln the South! He’s second-or-third generation neo-aristocrat!
    He may send ZOG’s zombie army to Iran to save the Jumping Jews of Jerusalem, but there’s no way he would send US Troops to put down a White TEA Party revolt. The neo-cons NEED the support of Conservatives for there foreign Empire of “Democracy”.

    No neo-con would jeopardize the support of Conservatives to use US Troops against citizens – unless they were the darkie variety rioting and causing property damage to their Vampire Squid masters’ insured markets!

  19. The darkie pretender does not have the Support of the Vampire Squids due to his mooslim tendencies and Iranian Lovefest, plus the US Troops HATE him and his administration. Remember when they DISARMED the US Troops when his adjutant Panetta went to revue them in Afghanistan?
    They don’t have the Support or Trust of their own – so bringing in the US Troops now would be SUICIDE for the darkie Commie and his Lunatic Admins.
    The US Troops would probably side with the Insurrection rather than the Administration!

  20. Obama is no mulatto superman. He has been ably assisted by the Yankee legislature, judiciary, and bureaucracies in everything he has done.

    What you need is someone who thinks BRA was divinely ordained…
    …like Mormons do. I wonder where they could find anybody like that?

    Following the chimpout, the GOP gubmint will need to do something to appease its pet negroes. Know any convenient targets, like say, racist white Southerners?

    Deo Vindice

  21. A neocon would do it in a second. A neocon has chutzpah. A neocon knows a conservative is something to be skinned alive and left for dead, because they have nowhere else to go, and, by God, what’s the alternative? Some God-hating communist?

    Obama would never get away with anything like that. And I’m not even sure he wants to.

  22. After an attack by nonwhites, isn’t the neoconservative response always to worry about backlash against the attackers? What will follow a chimpout?

    Check the government response to the Fort Hood slaughter.
    “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”–Chief of Staff General Casey

    How much freedom did you lose after 9-11? Homeland Security and TSA granny groping okay by you? How’s border security these days? What administration actually began Fast and Furious? Whatever happened to those two border guards that got arrested under Bush?

    After Katrina, whose weapons were confiscated?

    The Yankee dominated federal government is your friend, white Southron.
    They’re here to help.

    Deo Vindice

  23. Do not UNDERESTIMATE the HATE that the darkie has for the White Man. In a second term, he is likely to abolish the Marine Corps which are Lily-White and replace them with ZULU’s Pink Panthers and Ghetto Gangbangers.
    There is talk of Drastic Military Cuts that he will make in a second term. All the cuts will probably be White Troops.
    The GOP will protest the cuts, but afterwards the darkie will probably replace them with his kind of Turds. The New Turd Army will be Totally Anti-White and armed with the latest machine guns. Ready and Willing to Attack the White Suburbs and get them some of that White Pussy and Shit!

  24. Apu you are a DWL aren’t you? Those are Liberal Talking Points!

    RINO Romney will send the US Troops to the Middle East to save the Jumping Jews of Jerusalem. That’s well AWAY from HERE!

    With a War in Iran and Syria and probably also with Egypt, there are not enough US Troops to put down a White Insurrection following a Terminal Meltdown in the Economy!

    In the States, it will be Whites vs. darks, Vampire Squids targeted by both sides!

  25. We were in Vietnam with way more troops in 1967.
    Where was the 82d Airborne at that time?

    Anybody who doesn’t toe the neoconservative line is now a DWL, right?
    I thought they were just “traitors.”

    Anyway, that’s just my buck o’ five worth on the situation.

    Deo Vindice

  26. No one here is going to burn Columbia to the ground for the sake of illegal aliens. I wouldn’t put it past the Rainbows at the SHPG though. I’ve actually seen Carl Roden say that he is willing to die to preserve the Voting Rights Act.

  27. The 82nd Airborne is almost 100% White! The 101st is just as White!

    The darkie Commie can’t Trust Whites! He HATES them TOO MUCH!

    The Feeling is MUTUAL! The White Troops are solid GOP, which is why the Dems are trying to stop them from Voting this November!

    Follow the News MUCH? Or, do you TRUST the JEWSMEDIA?

  28. Doom: If the Army isn’t going to follow Obama’s orders anyway, wouldn’t you prefer them here when the economy implodes?

  29. The White Troops will probably not fire on White citizens, but may I remind you of the thousands of die-versities that the Military have recruited.
    Troops like Major Allahu Akbar Hassan, or the darkie Ghetto Rat that needed money for college because he sucks at B-Ball, or the new Proud Latrino son of Wetbacks, etc, etc. etc.!
    Would these die-versities hesitate to SHOOT THE EVIL WHITE MAN that their Putrid Schools have told them enslaved them and keep them down?
    Also, there are these Predator Drones that kill on their own like Terminators! How would you like some of these flying around your suburbs shooting anything that moves?

  30. Putin won’t let your hero Romney touch Syria. He’s already set Obama straight about that. He set the liberal “conservative” PM Cameron straight about Syria in London last week. Nigger Kofi Annan is quitting as UN envoy to Syria. They also discussed the Pussy Riot situation.

    They’re also cracking down on “Gay Pride” parades and other such nonsense in Russia.

    At least one country is doing something against the cultural rot infecting the West.

    If you want an example of what a pro-white white leader who actually cares about white civilization, Putin is the real deal.

    Makes me wish I was Russian sometimes. Does that make me a Commie, too?

    Deo Vindice

  31. You realize that Putin is ex-KGB don’t you? Also, he nationalized most of the Oil Industry in Russia to get the money for his new Military.

    Putin doesn’t seem to have a problem with Non-White or mooslim immigration to Russia!

    Also, the punkers he’s jailing are Nationalists, that want Russia for Russians! How is arming Syria and Iran good for Russia?

    Iran armed the Chechen rebels that committed the Moscow Massacre!

  32. Romney will not stop the domestic drone program or any other part of the modern American surveillance state.

    You are taking a wild gambit just to get the troops offshore, completely ignoring the negative effects of such a war such as:

    1. Further demoralization of the home populace.
    2. The blind jingoism 90% of whites embrace during time of war.
    3. The ease of manipulation of domestic policy that war enables.

    There may be reasons to vote for Romney, but getting the army offshore for a disastrous war is not a good one.

  33. I never could get all this red team/blue team bullshit straight. Political correctness just ain’t my forte. Neither is trust in our always faithful federal government.

    Lookit! The governor of Montana is pandering to the Yankees, letting them know what he really thinks of his constituents.

    It’s probably because he’s a Democrat. Republicans respect the voters way more than that. Is Montana red or blue? I get confused.

    Deo Vindice

  34. That’s funny, Apul. Syria is all but finished at this point. Asaad is on the run.

    Soon the Syrians will be under IMF control and Russia, well, can’t do a damn thing about it.

    Have you been paying attention, Obongo has already given money and weapons to Syrian rebels. Where was Putin?

    But if the south could be free, all of this would stop.

    Big picture, Apu, try to focus.

    Putin also spoke recently supporting the holocaust lie. Hardly a savior of the White race.

    But, move to Russia, they would hate your American ass more than you hate your Yankee neighbors.

  35. I don’t give a Rat’s Ass about the GOP! I Hate Dems because they’re Commies!

    Most Liberals are Still Fighting the Cold War, on the Soviet Side.

    A disastrous War with an Implacable Enemy is just the thing to finally Crash the Economy of the Vampire Squids. Trillions in new costs and deficits will cause rampant inflation and Ensure the Collapse of ZOG/BRA.

    The Race Riots following a loss by the darkie False Messiah is EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED to Wake Whites from their JEWSMEDIA Stupor! No American Idol or Dancing With B-List Celebrities is going to distract from a Zombie Apocalyse!

  36. Montana is purple because they get the same idiot education everyone else does. And because in the end the liberals scream loudest, Californian or Montanan.

  37. “The White Troops will probably not fire on White citizens”

    At least not the right kind of white citizens, anyway.

    Did you see all those darkies at Waco? Some of them even looked like white troops for a little while until I adjusted the rabbit ears on my teevee set.

    Deo Vindice

  38. No way Doom. You’ve been in some back alley internet echo chamber. That does not sound like a sound plan.

    Even if everything you want to happen in a Romney Presidency happens just the way you want it, it won’t come close to having the same moral efficacy for whites as being allowed to say these 4 words:

    We didn’t do it.

  39. Do you want a Moral Victory, or a Real Victory?

    The Union Troops said that God was on their side, because they freed the Slaves.

    How did that work out for you? Sucks where I live!

    That dark occupier of the White House has Death in store for you, and you’re worried about what the JEWSMEDIA will say if a White RINO is in office when it comes Crashing Down?

    Come On! They’d just blame it on Bush! YOU KNOW IT!

  40. @Apuleius

    You want Obama to win. I understand that much. But just out of curiosity, how exactly do you believe his re-election would further your cause, which is an independent Dixie. Obama get’s a second term, and then what? Why don’t you project a realistic course of events starting with Obama’s re-election, which culminate in your South seceding from America.

    You believe that another Obama term will further harden racial attitudes among whites, and I do agree with that, as has been evidenced by his first term. But what of your people and your cause specifically? It’s true that AL and AZ introduced state laws designed to combat illegal aliens, but that was less an expression of Southern nationhood, than it was a reflection of popular American voter sentiment. So far I haven’t seen any evidence of an organic, resurgent Southern identity, asserting itself across generational lines from Texas to Virginia and everywhere in between.

    By my observation, the Mexicans with their Aztlan movement, have greater numbers, and a stronger sense of identity than you Southrons do.

    So how does Obama Part 2 unite the people of Dixie, where Obama Part 1 has not?

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