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Chuck Thompson’s Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession is coming out next month.

“Let’s talk about secession.

Not exactly the most suitable cocktail party conversation starter anywhere in the country, but take that notion deep into the heart of Dixie and you might find yourself running from the possum-hunting conservatives, trailer-park lifers, and prayer warriors Chuck Thompson encountered during the two years he spent traveling the American South asking the question: Would we be better off without ’em? …”

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  1. because the jews Hunter! or the Pope, or the Illuminati, or masons or one legged space chickens or ninja space monkey’s…….

  2. “Whether it would half way work or not depends on how it was implemented.” – If they let all the blacks, hispanics and others come north, it fails, otherwise it works passably well. Does Chuck think that they are going to stay in the south?

  3. I haven’t posted here for some time, so I should probably follow the lead and not respond to Joe. But I’ll bite. If Hunter wants Joe silenced, he knows what to do.

    Being descended from small farmers and white sharecroppers, I probably don’t have the same level of nostalgia for the planters that some southerners have. But if I understand you correctly, it would make no sense for southern planters to fight a war with their northern co-conspirators that would destroy their own wealth and interests, and ensure that they would be far less powerful in the future.

    At least in the port city where I live, the local Jews were more involved with the slave trade and commodities speculation than with actual plantation farming. The price of slaves was high going into the Civil War, so outside of compensation for their slaves, the large-scale owners stood to lose. It’s also worth mentioning that many in the North also profited from cheap cotton that was made possible by cheap slave labor in the South.

  4. @ Hunter Wallace
    I honestly don’t know why England didn’t recognize the Confederacy, or intervene in the war. That I don’t know doesn’t make my points null and void, however.
    What I do know: I do know that Benjamin was on the queen’s council ; I know slavery was becoming increasingly unprofitable ; I know the wealthiest slave owners had shared business interests and business dealings with northern banks and wealthy northern businessmen as well as British banks and wealthy British businessmen ; I know the economy turned into a corporate-robber-baron economy immediately after the war ; I know the wealthiest southerners didn’t suffer from the war, not really ; They transitioned to the new robber-baron-corporate-monopoply economy very smoothly.
    In short, I know enough to lead me to believe that there’s much about the war of 1861
    our history books fail to mention. I know enough to compel me to learn more as to the real truth of what happened, not the pablum we’re served up in the history books. I know enough to make me curious about the connection(s) between the largest slave owners down south + the northern banking/business interests + British banking/business interests.
    There’s alot about the war of 1861 that remains in the dark. What does shine through, however, is that there’s enough evidence to more than greatly suggest a close and tight link between the wealthiest southerners, the wealthy northern business men, and the crown ( the banks in other words) of England. Enough evidence to compel anyone interested in the war of 1861 to pursue the matter further ; More than enough evidence for any curious reader. There’s certainly enough evidence of a link strongly connecting the wealthy southerners, the northern business interests, and the British banking/business interests for me to be curious about it and to compel me to further study of the war of 1861. I think it would behoove all of us to further inquiry into the matter.

  5. QC is an honorific title in the legal profession. It simply means you are an expert barrister.

  6. Joe provides us with a: steady iron hard jet of nonsense, in the comments section.

    Hebes have caused a set of problem for the US from the 1910s onward. It’s become acute as a problem since Israel was founded and America has settled into a position of hostility toward the Arabs culminating in 2001 with open warfare and raiding on all continents. Coupled with Jewish/DWL support for multicturalism we have seen a funhouse version of our own cultures develop in our own lifetime. The civil war antedates the specific issue. I think the Confederates ought to have been left well enough alone. Both Europe and North America would be robust healthy place today if the Confederacy had fended off the Unionists.

  7. Tennessee ain’t called the Volunteer state for nothing.

    Southern military tradition is just another difference that separates us from the North. Deeply ingrained in our people, it is both a blessing and a curse. I wish that it were not abused by the political whores who run our country, but I remain intensely proud of that quality in our people.

    As usual, the spineless worm can only denigrate the valor of those whom he holds in contempt. They are far better than he, however, and as such, their existence serves as a constant accusation of his own lack of any manly virtue.

    I don’t put much store by a sniveling little cur who never served a day in uniform yet still possesses the unmitigated gall to criticize those who have. It doesn’t cost him anything to be such a sorry excuse for a man. Contrast that with those who pay the ultimate price or those who return home maimed for life.

    All your pissant criticism doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, Joe.
    You only disgrace yourself.

    Deo Vindice

  8. Big deal. They pay the ultimate price for uncle sams/ jew bankers/rothscilds/rockefellers empire. Keep paying the ultimate price for a goverment that hates your guts and floods your south with foreigners, and a government that encourages the black panthers to declare against you…. Real Smart.
    I’m not impressed. Well, not favorably impressed anyway . Good luck with your succession. Judah’s great-great grandson is behind stage waiting eagerly and earnestly for that one beautiful fine day in the morning.

  9. Not to drag out an argument, but the South did not transition to industrialism and become a society based on finance as soon as Reconstruction ended. There was no Gilded Age in the South. The region stagnated for almost a century after the Civil War.

    Seriously, if the Planters wanted to transition to the northern economy, wouldn’t it have made more sense to try and sell their slaves on the international market in Brazil than to have a war with their co-conspirators and risk losing all? Why would two sides working together with similar goals go to war with one another to bring about their common wishes? Am I understanding Joe wrong?

  10. Typo. Meant to read:
    “A government that encourages the black panthers to Declare War against you…”
    The black panthers declared war against you ( all white americans really) . And the government didn’t say anything about it — let alone do anything about it. And you all want the pay the ultimate price for this government? Think about it. It’s good to be tough. It’s also good to think. Think first– then be tough. Not the other way around. That gets you nowhere. And gets you nowhere real fast.

  11. @Todd
    It’s true, the South stagnated economically as a whole after the war. However, the former owners of the large platantions ( 1,000+slaves) didn’t stagnate at all. They invested in the new corporate-monopoly-based economy and made out like bandits. They left the middle-class Southern whites to deal with all the problems and clean up the mess.

  12. @Hunter Wallace
    The wealthy southerners invested in the newly transitioned robber-baron-corporate economy while still making plenty of money off the blacks (and poor whites) from the share-cropper system* which replaced slavery. After the war, the wealthy Southerners made their money from both the new corporate -Robber -Baron -monopoly economy + the share cropper system. The wealthy Southerners didn’t lose.
    * the erstwhile black slaves still held their value ( as far as the wealthy Southerners were concerned) in the share cropper system. Labor under share-cropping didn’t cost the wealthy anything anyway, plus the wealthy Southerners no longer had to provide the blacks with food, shelter, or anything else. That more than made up for whatever little losses they “suffered”.
    They invested the bulk of their profits in new industries outside the South, too boot. Additionally screwing their “own kind” white Southerners.

  13. @Hunter Wallace
    Jack Ryan requested all commentators to refrain from using the acronym for “Laughing on Line”. I’m doing my best to do so right now.

  14. The one sin greater than all seven of Chuck Thomson’s “sins” put together is daring to even use the word against the “South”. Dare I take the speck from my brother’s eye when I have a railroad beam stuck in my own? Mr. Thomson can safely be ignored.

    However, when it comes to some of what Joe says, I dare say you should listen. You have allowed the vampire of the world to suck on your souls and now you are his slave. He told you he was “chosen” of God and now you realize he meant Lucifer. You were once the wealthiest section of America and now you are the poorest. Why? Maybe Joe is right. You were had. Scammed. Bamboozled!

    I do not crow like Joe. I mourn, because I see the End. The end of America, the end of history, the end of all men. Jesus is coming soon to set it all straight.

    The British and Jews were on both sides, not just the South. Karl Marx was pulling for the North to win in 1861. Think about that! The Communists won a long long time ago. Yeah, it is a conspiracy, Hunter.

    It was over twenty years ago when I had the pleasure of speaking to some Christian Southners. They were military, I was not. Within minutes, they had begun to jump on me about the Civil War. Speaking as a Northener who is at best a second generation American, I could have cared less about the war. I believe it is a disgrace to this nation and all those who get excited about it are seriously disillusioned.

    Anyway, the fact is growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia no one I know cared about the War between the States because it was never taught properly in school. Now, I have a bunch of Southners trying to make me feel guilty about it just because I live north of the Mason-Dixon line. Not a good way to win my sympathy. It took me many years of reading to understand what went on back then. Joe does see some things correctly.

  15. like we want your sympathy. That’s what yankees don’t get. We don’t need or want any damn thing from them but to be left alone

  16. We would all be better off if the Confederacy had fended off Grant, Sherman and Sheridan. Both in North America and Europe.

  17. @ Stonelifter and @ John
    The name of this website is “Occidental Dissent”. The word “Occident” means the West: Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
    I’m Caucasian [ a white person in other words] therefore ,and ipso facto I am of and from the “Occident”. In addition to being “of and from” the Occident, I’m also a “dissenter” ; Therefore and ipso facto I’m an “Occidental Dissenter ” : Dissenter is a word derived from the word “Dissent” ; The same exact word that appears in the title of the website.
    Perhaps you two should go online and find a website specifically for Southerners; Perhaps a website entitled, ” Southern Dissent ” or something similiar. If no such website(s) exist, perhaps you two may consider collaborating and starting your own special and unique website specifically for Southerners. Personally, I don’t know if there’re any websites geared for Southerners qua Southerners : I don’t know because I’m not a Southerner : I would feel out-of-place ; I would consider it unfair on my part to shoot off comments/posts to a website geared specifically for , and only for, Southerners ; I’m very easy-going that way.
    As it is, the name of this website is “Occidental Dissent”: As I’m “of and from” the Occident and I also happen to be a Dissenter, “Occidental Dissent” is where I think it best to do a good bit of Dissenting . It’ not my problem , nor do I care, that my comments/posts perturb and un-nerve you both @ Stonelifter and @ John.
    The picture of the Southern plantation house and the “Dixie” flag on the opening “page” of the website does not change the fact the title of the website includes the words “Occidental” + “Dissent” : Occident =A word meaning the entirety of the West ; The entirety of the West therefore and ipso facto includes all the States that comprise the country called “The United States of America”, whether you two care for the idea or not.
    Dissent= ” to differ in sentiment or opinion”
    I shall continue to “dissent” if I think it best. I shall continue to dissent (or concur, if I think it worthy to concur) here at “Occidental Dissent” as long as the word “Occident” is included in the name of the title of the website : For I am ” of and from” The Occident: The West ; Very much so.
    You @ Stonelifter and @John can cry about it until the cows fly over the moon for all I give a shit.

  18. HW changed his focus and made this about Southern Secession. If not for that I wouldn’t read his blog

    You need to keep up jew-joe

  19. “Thompson—an openly disgruntled liberal from the Northwest”

    From the Amazon review.

    Why even bother discussing a book that you KNOW is going to go against you and your’n, as they say?

    As a Northern Yankee who even so, wishes for an all-White, Christian America once more, I don’t get this hatred that the sanctimonious atheist crowd has for our common history. I mean, didn’t the War between the States involve both the North and South? Didn’t their kin die as well as your’n?

    But then, if they are Judaized (ideologically or biologically) then there would be a reason for both being condescending and not having a dog in this race.

    And therein lies a tail/tale……

  20. Wop Joe- Did it ever occur to you that what the South stood for, what this website stands for, and what REALLY constitutes the Occident is NOT the Papist, Yankee Supremacist, Multicultural liberal version of same?

    Just as I state uncategorically over at my blog (which I am now back to, and will post again on, Lord willing) that Romanism is NOT Catholicism, and that the First Europe (the Europe of the first millennium) is NOT the same as the Europe of the Second millennium (the Papal/Filioquist ‘West’), so, too Hunter et al., are trying to articulate the historical/ideological/philosophical ‘alternate reality’ that IS Reality, as far as they are concerned, that is at direct odds with the Judaized NewYawk sanctimonious atheist ‘reality’ your part of the NFNAUSA (nation formerly known as the United States of America) has contributed for over 150 years.

    If you don’t ‘get’ that, Joe, you haven’t gotten ANYTHING about these posters on this blog. Even I as a Minne-SO-tun, figured that out, long ago…..

  21. @Stonelifter
    I’ll continue to shoot off posts here as long as the website is entitled, “Occidental Dissent”. Words have meanings. Words carry meanings. A meaning of a word is very important. The meaning of the word “Occident” encompasses the whole West, and ipso facto, all members of the white race : Including “white” dissenters from up north, even includes “white” dissenters living in California. Deal with it or not, at your discretion of course.
    I needn’t “keep up jew” as you so inarticulately word it ( though I’m accustomed to your inarticulate way of expressing yourself) for “Joe” is not Jewish. I feel no need to keep Jewish traditions or holidays,etc. which the inarticulate expression “keep up jew” somewhat suggests.
    I feel neither love nor hatred for the Jews. I still think the biggest problems could be solved if the white race were to collectively examine its own faults and work towards amendment and betterment ; I am convinced of that ; I shall continue to harp on that.
    However, I do respect the Jews for their love of learning, their loyalty to one another, their charity to one another, their common-sense, their desire to succeed, their clear-minded way of looking at life for what it is– a power struggle– without any kind of bizarre, namby-pamby, pie-in-the-sky, wierd religious notions clouding their vision.
    I do not begrudge* them their wealth, nor their position. They have worked hard for it.
    * I do not care for Jewish criminals. Then again, I do not care for Italian criminals. I’m of Italian descent myself. I do not care for my fellow Italians who are criminals either. I do not care for anyone who has made his money illegally.
    I do not like communists. That’s the problem I have with Jews in a nutshell. Quite a few are communists. I stand opposed to that.
    If a Jew is not a communist and is not a criminal– if the Jew made his money honestly– I respect such a Jew as I respect everyone else. I remain easy-going, friendly, polite, civil, and a gentlemen to the Jews as I am with everyone else.
    I have a tendency to dislike my own kind ( white Italians and all other type of whites)who are communists, criminals, liars and cheats, and other assorted scumbags and traitors , even more than similiar types who are not of my kind. I much prefer to criticize my own kind ( including myself ) . It requires alot more self-examination, thought, and courage ; It leads to deeper amendment ; And points and leads much more directly to a viable and honorable life without devolving into hatred, envy, anger, and vague feelings and inarticulate thoughts leading one nowhere.

  22. Secession?In the 1860’s the South had a healthy,strong and dedicated White people and they were not successful.Today 60/70% of the South is non-white and most Whites today are not healthy,strong or dedicated. Secession? Not in your lifetime.

  23. From Wop* Joe to the Blessed and Holy [+ Fr John+]
    I never said nor ever implied in any way that I agree with the liberal/leftist/anti-White agenda ascendant in this country and throughout the whole of the Occident: The West.
    “….. the Papist,Yankee Supremacist,Multicultural liberal version of same” does not appeal to me in the least. In fact, I stand opposed to the whole leftist/communist anti-White agenda. My posts to “OD” over the last two months or so since finding the website prove I’m in no way what you suggest in your above post. Quite the opposite. I have shot off many posts to “OD”delineating my opposition to the whole liberal agenda, including and especially communism. You know that padre-mio.
    I do not begrudge the South seccession. I just hope and pray it comes about peacefully. Too much white Caucasian blood has been lost over the matter as it is. I just happen to think it would be a tragedy if even more white Caucasian blood is lost over this matter. That’s all. That hardly makes me an enemy. Again, I do not in any way begrudge Southerners seccession if that’s what the Southerners collectively decide. Of course, it’s up to them to decide the matter. I never said otherwise.
    Neither have I ever said or in any way implied the church of rome represents true Catholicism : Quite the opposite ; My posts to “OD” about the roman church very clearly prove my dislike for the church of rome. You know that padre-mio. { You may want to take the issue up with Lynda. She’s the die-hard roman catholic. Lynda doesn’t care for me at all because of what I have to say about the church of rome}. Again, you already know all this padre-mio.
    * Why you look-a so sad? It’s-a not so bad, it’s-a nice-a place. What’s-a matter you?
    Gotta no respect ? Put-a smile on-a your face-a. Its-a not so bad.

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