DiLorenzo on Obamacare

Lew Rockwell

DiLorenzo is right on this one:

“Yesterday’s majority opinion, written by the conniving little totalitarian left winger John Roberts, proves once again what I have been saying for years: Ever since 1865, Americans have lived under the “Hamiltonian constitution” whereby the document is used as a rubber stamp of approval for virtually anything the politicians in Washington can dream up. This is how government lawyers with lifetime tenure (our “black-robed deities”) like John Roberts view their jobs. This was Alexander Hamilton’s take on how the Constitution should be used. It eclipsed the Jeffersonian vision of a government “bound by the chains of the Constitution” many generations ago. . .”

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  1. (our “black-robed deities”)

    they just look like fat men in dresses to me. On the women, who could blame them; one look and you can see why they’d want to cover up as much as possible.

  2. I would like to lay Obamacare, and the Arizona decision on the Catholic assholes on the SCOTUS. But, there is a good chance that Robert’s mother was a Jewess. Her maiden name was Podrasky, and his father(?) is actually the Slavish Catholic.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  3. Hey Earlmundo, you Jew shill..4 of those justices who voted to DUMP Obamacare were catholic. What is your excuse for Protestant assholes like William O. Douglas, Hugo Black, Earl Warren, Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O’connor, David Souter, and a whole line of traitors in the WASP tradition. I was raised Catholic and have left the church over its liberalism…but you are an idiot who doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. You never attack the Jews.. you just throw them in from time to time to distract people here from the fact that you are in league with them. So why didn;t you lead off your comment with “the three asshole Jews”.. I think we can figure out why Shlomomundo.

  4. Shlomomundo..what’s Slavish Catholic? is that a Catholic who was a slave? or maybe your inability to spell.Did you mean Slavic? With allies like you..the white does not need enemies.

  5. @The Holy Roman Catholics

    Yeah, I got a hunch that Roberts’ father is actually an Eastern European Roman Catholic, and his mother maiden name Podrasky is of Jew ancestry,thus making Roberts a Jew. The “sky” ending is usually used by Jews rather than “ski. That’s the facts.

    There are six Roman Catholics and three Jews on the Supreme Court, unless Roberts is a crypto Jew?

    I tried to shame a few acquaintences in the press into asking Roberts, but, he isn’t talking,or taking questions. Roberts’ spoke today at Farmington, PA just a few miles north of the Mason Dixon Line.

    Of my Revolutionary War ancestors two are buried around Farmington PA. Both were officers of Virginia troops in the American Revolution and are recognized by the Sons of the American Revolution as Captains & Patriots. Was your Holy Roman Catholic Roberts there pissing on their graves?

    In both the Arizona Immigration Decision and the Obamacare your Holy Catholic Chief Justice was the swing vote. Court watchers claime Roberts has sided with the Jews at least 30 times in the past.

    Then there is your Hispanic Latino Catholic Sotomayor who also voted with Roberts and the Jews.

  6. To my Lutheran eyes he sure doesn’t look Jewish. Your “ski” vs. “sky” statement is pure bullshit. And piss on your ancestors whoever the fuck they were.

    I’m really sick and tired of morons like yourself calling someone a Jew or nigger (or worse!) whenever you disagree with them. It’s stupid and unproductive.

  7. Earlmundo is a liar..he’s a Jew troll who always shifts the blame to catholics whenever any starts to blame his tribe.

  8. Didnt Protestant presidents put Catholics and Jews as Scotus on the bench.
    Hey Earlmundo, via Il Papa!!!

  9. Hey shlomomundo, my Irish Catholic great grandfather (age 19) stood in the bloody lane at Antietam with his regiment, the 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment, fighting off the Union attacks for three hours until they had to retreat. 8 months later he was wounded in the hand at Chancellorsville, his regiment , the same 3rd Alabama, was in the lead on Stonewall Jackson’s famous flank march around the Union left flank and the charge that attacked the Union left flank. So bigmouth, why don’t you just shut were ignorant mouth about Catholics. I came to this site thinking it might be a place to meet like minded southern patriots. Instead we meet troglodytes like you and so called Dixiegirl , you don’t care about the plight of present day whites, just refighting the 30 years war!

  10. From Wikipedia and other sources
    Although Pope Pius IX never did sign an actual statement supporting the Confederacy, he wrote a “letter to Jefferson Davis [that] was accompanied by an autographed picture of the pope”[9] in which the Pope addressed the Confederate President as “the “Honorable President of the Confederate States of America”[10] showing that the Pope recognized (at least on a personal level) the Confederate States of America to be an actual country (and separate from the United States of America). Charles Chiniquy vowed that letter caused great distress to Abraham Lincoln.[11] Robert E. Lee, pointing to his own portrait of Pius IX, told a visitor after the war that he was “the only sovereign… in Europe who recognized our poor Confederacy”.[12]

  11. From Wikipedia and other sources *
    Although Pope Pius IX never did sign an actual statement supporting the Confederacy, he wrote a “letter to Jefferson Davis [that] was accompanied by an autographed picture of the pope”[9] in which the Pope addressed the Confederate President as “the “Honorable President of the Confederate States of America”[10] showing that the Pope recognized (at least on a personal level) the Confederate States of America to be an actual country (and separate from the United States of America). Charles Chiniquy vowed that letter caused great distress to Abraham Lincoln.[11] Robert E. Lee, pointing to his own portrait of Pius IX, told a visitor after the war that he was “the only sovereign… in Europe who recognized our poor Confederacy”.[12]

  12. @Rudel So you think Chief Justice Roberts is a Roman Catholic, and not a Jew? You can be sure there will be a lot more questions as to why Holy Catholic Roberts has voted with the Jews at least 30 times! I realize some Germans use the -sky ending, is that you worry? But, Roberts’ claims “Slavish” ancestry. “Slavish” is his word, not mine.

    You Holy Roman Catholic types can’t be taken seriously, Roberts is a perfect example of that! Can any of you Holy Catholics defend Roberts, or Sotomayors’ rulings on Obamacare or Arizona?

    Catholic bastards like Roberts, probably can’t even identify where their parents were born, let alone their grandparents.

  13. I wish that our H.W. didn’t turn the other cheek to Europe.
    Especially in light of this intriguing quote from R.E.L., tall poppy of the Southland.
    I am a yank. And most of you are red state rebels. I support and admire you. Cherish you guys actually but we’re just not right together.

    Liberate yourselves from not only BRA, but also Europe.
    We are New World Whites.
    We have our own interests and problems.
    Stop looking to child-murderers and stupid slavic autocrats as saviors.

  14. OK earl arm pitts #3, I was born in the Bronx as were my parents. And their parents were born in Sicily and so on. Now where were you born and your family?

  15. There exists no Jew that can equal the Catholic St Augustine in damage wrought to the western mind; aside from Jesus Christ: the Marx to Augustine’s Lenin.

  16. Oh, the Pope wrote a letter. How wonderful.

    Meanwhile about half of the Union army was made up of Irish Catholic & German Catholic immigrants who like the Mexicans today are throwing the balace of power against White people.

    Who do you think you are kidding?

  17. I was born in Saginaw Michigan
    my father was a poor hard-workin’ man…..
    too many times he came home with too little pay
    I met a girl……

  18. “@Rudel So you think Chief Justice Roberts is a Roman Catholic, and not a Jew? “

    Yes I do. According to Wiki:

    “Roberts attended Notre Dame Elementary School, a Roman Catholic grade school in Long Beach, and then La Lumiere School, a Roman Catholic boarding school in LaPorte, Indiana”


    “Roberts married Jane Sullivan in Washington in 1996. She is an attorney, a Catholic, and a trustee (along with Clarence Thomas) at her alma mater, the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts”

    Why should I believe otherwise? Do you think these well known facts are in dispute? Are you a “birther” or just an obnoxious shit-disturbing liberal or Jew? I’m afraid I will have to put you on my growing list of people whose posts I don’t bother to read on this site like Fr. John+. Your credibility goes down with each incoherent post you make.

  19. Actually it is not so. White Catholics were 50% Republican to 41% Democrat at the 2010 Congressional elections.

  20. “I’m afraid I will have to put you on my growing list of people whose posts I don’t bother to read on this site like Fr. John+” – Jewdel

    Why thanks. I was going to say, if there was any hope for secession, clearly, this infighting post, started off by Earl saying CJRoberts might have been a crypto-Jew, clearly shows the entire edifice of an independent Dixie is a complete CHARADE. For a day (or two) I thought, maybe this will work. But no…. Those who cannot look back objectively at a situation- even that of their faith- aren’t fit to hold the plows of the future, as new furrows are made, in the earth of our Western Culture.

    If you can’t deal with the long-entrenched differences among yourselves, you will NEVER fight off the power of the Leviathan state of the Jew/Obamanation. I’ve only been saying this for about seven years. But, just to be helpful, I’ll point out some talking issues, so you can discuss it amongst yourselves.

    1) Rome is a false church, a whore, a cult, and the image of the woman astride the beast. No salvation will come from, nor CAN come from her. Both her pride, as well as the utterly heretical philosophy of Filioquism, damn her for all eternity. That the CSA sought recognition (from whatever source) must always be tempered with the thought that Rome was only seeking another ‘field’ to sow her tares, had the South won the battle, and nothing more.

    2) A state religion to which all citizens adhere is your only hope against the Deicides (Jews) and their minions- liberals, sodomites, mestizos, and other ‘thurd world’ types. The Deicides have their own religion (Talmudism) saviour (themselves as ‘gods on this planet’) and sacraments (equality, diversity). What have we got? We can’t even agree to call the great enemy of Protestantism and Orthodoxy for what she is- a Whore! How can we even replicate the mass/forced conversions of entire tribes and nations to Orthodox Christianity (and not Romanism, as some on this forum will lie…) in the centuries BEFORE Rome self-schismated herself from that Orthodoxy!?

    3) Name calling and ethnic baiting cannot avoid the fact that Anglo-Celtic stock are what made this nation in the first place- and unless and until we return to that section of our leadership, who are/must be both a)racialist to the core, and b)Christian in our very souls, we cannot win this battle.

    We (Anglo-Celts) once sought to assimilate those not of that ethnos (and Slavs, Greeks, Siciliani, and other ‘lesser races’ sought to do that- that is why the whole panoply of ‘nicknames’ for ‘youse guys’ in American history/literature/playground fights exists- to point out that ‘non-Anglo’ character, even as your grandparents and great-grandparents tried to ‘fit in;’

    4) But clearly, seeking to find a ‘validity’ in being a ‘wop,’ or a ‘ski’ as a means to differentiate yourselves from the Black/Mestizo hordes today, does not and will not cut it with those of us who know that we are the “Founding Stock” of this land- even if we only came here in the last hundred years. As a mixed Celt (Irish/Scottish) I know I am not of that ‘elite’ but I can appreciate it, every time I see it. OTOH, Germans are Germans, but their physiognomies ‘blend’ in with the Anglo culture- that is why Germans are the largest White ethnic group in America- but their anti-Calvinist amillennial Lutheranism, clearly does not- in that it is the liberal Lutherans, and their capitulation to the ruler (the famous cujus regio, ejuus religio paradigm) means that they ‘go along to get along,’ unlike the Calvinists who saw themselves as both the a) racial and b) covenantal heirs to the Theocratic Nation of Israel in the O.T. and acted accordingly.

    Latinate folk think they fit in to the American WHITENESS, but I’ve been to Utica, Rome, and “Joisey.” YOU dark, swarthy peasant folk will NEVER fit in- you clearly don’t- as you have hung around the Anglo/Jew centers of power, (NYC) and haven’t made a move to either a) extricate yourself from your Roman cults, or b) extricate yourselves from the lower-class culture so clearly shown in TV and the Movies (Godfather, Welcome Back, Kotter- John Travolta, Moonstruck-Cher/Nick Cage, etc.) that’s only twice removed from the greasy, slimy ‘Icangetitforyouwholesale’ AshkeNAZI jews, with whom many of these Latins seem to be comfortable living with.

    I am glad that the Italians gave us opera, but I am not glad for the terminally stupid lower-class ‘wachadoin!’ types that come with it….They don’t look like us, don’t talk (tawk?) like us, and don’t worship like us. But then, most of them would stay in the YS zone (Yankee supremacist) of New [Bank of] England, in any secession, anyway.

    And, as we have seen in other posts on this forum, the Yankees can have the WINOS (whites, in name only) as well as the RINO (regenerate in name only) RC’s…..

  21. We Got High Hopes, High Hopes, High In The Sky Apple Pie Hopes…….
    OoPS ….There’s Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant, Ooops There goes……”
    Why you look-a so sad? It’s-a not so bad, it’s-a nice place.
    Ah, shaddap-a you face.

  22. It’a very good thing to own your own business. If you have a resale number, you can buy things wholesale.
    You can stock up in bulk on food and all other essentials about half the price it normally would cost.
    That’s what my Italian father in the Bronx did.
    We lacked for nothing– and had everything.
    Open your own business— that’s the best thing anyone– of any background can do for themselves.
    Stop complaining and go out there and open a business.

  23. Read the Populorum Progressio and the modern day encyclicals that reinforce it.

    Catholics don’t hide the fact they hate the west. Maybe Catholics that haven’t evolved to either protestantism or atheism need to actually read the mission statements of their church instead of just “paying lip service” by kissing the feet and other body parts of their clergy.

  24. All the churches are communist now as they all take commie uncle sam’s 501c tax break– as written into the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
    The Protestant churches support all of uncle sam’s agenda as much as the catholic church does ( I do not care for the catholic church. I’ve written many posts here to “OD” about my dislike for the catholic church, so I’m not defending it).
    One could just as easily write a post condemning the baptists– they are die-hard zionist war-mongers ( at least the big-shots of the baptists are). As it is, the great majority of baptists support the agenda.
    The same can be said for all the other protestant churches.

  25. Constantly harping on church/denominational issues brings no unity to white Americans– only more division. It’s a constant reminder to us of our differences– the differences being set-up in the very first place by our religious leaders– both catholic and protestant. It’s all made-up bullsh*t used to divide the white race.
    Some of the religious leaders know this– that’s exactly why they do it. Others are just naive and blindly go along with the agenda.
    Th agenda of dividing us by church/denominational difference has been going on a long time in the West.
    It has brought the white race nothing but confusion, division, and internecine war. Hatred, mistrust, shunning, misunderstanding and finger-pointing.
    Time for all of us to tell our respective religious leaders to go take a hike and shut up.

  26. The White race has always been confused, divided and violent. We’re not really that great. We’re just way way better than the other races which are arguably subhuman. So I don’t want to drag every dumb white out of the muck by glossing over issues here, Joe. Take your debate-stifling egalitarian White is right mantra somewhere else.

    You’re right about opening a business. And about your choice of bolt-action to dispatch ferals – little else though, Joe.

  27. It was not “well said”, not at all.
    The religious leaders accentuate and exaggerate our differences.
    That Was THE POINT.
    You both overlooked that.
    I didn’t mention anything about other races at all.
    My post was about dragging the white race out of the muck our religious leaders got us into.
    That’s very obvious to any objective reader.

  28. And yes, I’m correct about opening a business– one of the best things one can do for oneself and one’s family.
    And yes, any feral type comes along– it should be dispatched immediately.

  29. Work is prayer– not finger-pointing over church/denominational differences because some pastor told you to finger-point.
    In the meantime– while we finger-point at one another, all our religious leaders work hand-in-glove with the banks– banks our religious leaders love with a passion.
    Though they’re too smirky faced to ever speak the truth about themselves.
    They won’t even admit it to themselves– let alone to us.

  30. The case against Catholics falls apart given that 3 Catholics voted to overturn the ACA. The Catholic leaders are anti-White … but so are the protestant ones, the mormon ones, the pagan ones, and the secular ones. Meanwhile, White anti-Whites exist among every White ethnic group, every educational level, and every IQ level.

    In short, people make too much out of subethnicity and religion. It serves enemy objectives by keeping is divided. From the standpoint of White interests, what matters is whether the person is pro-White or anti-White, and both of those perspectives can be found among Whites of every ethnic background and worldview.

    As long as we’re being driven to extinction all over the world, it makes little real sense for Whites to dwell on what divides us. The focus should be on the division that matters, pro-White or anti-White, and on bringing the former into the tent regardless of their perspective on peripheral issues and on attacking the latter.

  31. got to disagree Lew, catholics voted heavily for obama and the DNC which gave us the damn thing in the 1st place and

    each White ethnic group has its own evolutionary psychology, way of viewing the world and doing things that are incapable for long term stable states. What is good in the eyes of Germans is interference and govt busybodyness in the eyes of Ulster Scots. While we have common ground, we are separate and foreign people

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