American Transcendentalism: An Indigenous Culture of Critique


Kevin MacDonald has an excellent essay on Counter-Currents about the Yankee Question. This is too good to pass up.

Note: MacDonald has never been a Single Jewish Causer. He could easily write an entire book on the radical utopian movements of the nineteenth century (abolitionism, civil rights, pacifism, “strongminded womanism,” Unitarianism, Free Loveism, Shakerism, Fourierism, Transcendentalism, etc.) that plunged America into racial and cultural decline and laid the foundation for their destructive successors in the twentieth century.

Actually, there is already a book on this subject which comes highly recommended from Thomas DiLorenzo: David Goldfield’s America Aflame: How The Civil War Created a Nation.

“This sweeping, provocative history of America from the 1830s through Reconstruction has two grand themes. One is the importance of evangelical Protestantism, particularly in the North and within the Republican Party, in changing slavery from a political problem to an intractable moral issue that could only be settled by bloodshed. The second is the Civil War’s transformation of America into a modern industrial nation with a powerful government and a commercial, scientific outlook, even as the postwar South stagnated in racism and backward-looking religiosity. UNC-Charlotte historian Goldfield (Still Fighting the Civil War) courts controversy by shifting more responsibility for the conflict to an activist North and away from intransigent slaveholders, whom he likens to Indians, Mexicans, and other targets viewed by white evangelical Northerners as “polluting” the spreading western frontier. Still, he presents a superb, stylishly written historical synthesis that insightfully foregrounds ideology, faith, and public mood The book is, the author writes, “neither pro-southern nor pro-northern,” but rather “antiwar.”

The anti-racist movement in America is synonymous with the anti-slavery movement. It grew out of abolitionism. The first federal civil rights bill in American history was the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which overthrew the White Republic and made blacks into American citizens.

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  1. One can pound one’s chest about how great souherners are until the cows jump over the moon, if you want to — still southern lawmakers and a southern -born president were as instrumental in handing ALL MONEY POWER over to the Rothschilds as the northern lawmakers were.
    More so even as Woodrow Wilson– the president: A southerner– had the very last word and the final say on the matter. He signed the Federal Reserve Act with complete free will and complete voilition.
    All the jack daniels in Tennessee and all the “war between the states” re-enactments on all the hallowed battlefields of the south can’t cover up the truth– A Southern President Handed All The Money Power In The USA Over To The Rothschilds– giving the Rothschilds all ultimate decision-making on all levels of government.

  2. “We ought not bash each other but agree to live-and-let-live in a loose federation.”

    As long as that federation is based on a strong commitment to support the U.S. Navy. We need to protect our coast and our commerce from both the Chinese, Russians, and Hindus. The world is not going to somehow go magically nuke free.

  3. Woodrow Wilson had no roots in the South. His mother was an immigrant and his father was from Ohio. He was governor of New Jersey and President of Princeton, if I’m not mistaken. That does not sound very Southern to me. It would be like saying Ceasar Chavez is a son of California or the USA, when in fact he was nothing more than a Mexican on the wrong side of the border.

  4. You might also recall that around this same timeframe, Southerners earned our prize position as the eternal enemies of the eternal others (YKW), due to the bad blood generated by the Leo Frank murder confession and lynching in 1913.

    The opening shot in what would eventually morph into the “culture wars” in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. New York versus Dixie. Blue states versus red states.

    Just listen to neocon shill politician Peter King (R) NY, whenever he speaks of Southerners. He’s a “conservative” Republican. Kind of like the “Southerner” George W. Bush. They don’t much mind Marxist political correctness, either of them.

    The Jewish lobby had failed to exert the requisite political pressure before enraged Southerners took matters into their own hands in the case of Leo Frank. They would remember this humiliation and never forget. They’re still big on that: never forget.

    The Jewish lobby was able to have Leo Frank posthumously pardoned in 1982.
    They never forget.

    Deo Vindice

  5. Correction: Leo Frank was posthumously pardoned in 1986. The Jewish lobby began pressure tactics in 1982.

  6. @Apuleius

    Excellent observations. I forgot about that. Lynching that Jew pedophile was one of White America’s last high points.

  7. Rudel: I too believe there are lots of good whites throughout the country who are sick as hell of this Union. Even in Yankeeland. Nothing would preclude those states from independence movements of their own. Hunter concentrates on the South, our home and heritage. What’s wrong with that?

  8. Anyone who wants to know about Woodrow Wilson can go online and google
    “Woodrow Wilson”. He was born in Staunton, Virginia. His father was a presbyterian minister.
    His family very much shared the same blood as the founding stock. And yes– southern founding stock.

  9. I’m sure there are Whites in rural inland California who have more animosity toward the Left Coast government in Sacramento than we do. There is a post about this in the archives. The environmentalists are trying to destroy the economy of the rural inland counties.

  10. In 1990, the Jewish founded NAACP would declare war on the Confederate battle flag. To be removed from all public places. Governor Bush of Texas soon decided to exercise his new powers and have several plaques in the statehouse honoring Texas Confederates removed. Political correctness began to be the cause de jure among both political parties in Amurrica. It has grown in popularity with both of them ever since.

  11. Notice that we never complain about Wyoming, Idaho, or Montana. The people who live in the Blue States in the West Coast, Upper Midwest, and Northeast know exactly who the White people are who are destroying the country where they live.

  12. The people who live in Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Texas, and North Carolina also know who is moving into their states and ruining them by combining with blacks and Hispanics. Colorado is the best example of this.

  13. Then there’s the matter of all the Southern lawmakers in the House and in the Senate who signed the Federal Reserve Act– HANDING OVER ALL THE MONEY POWER IN THE USA OVER TO THE ROTHSCHILDS–with full free will and full volition.
    Let’s not forget about them as we discuss Woodrow Wilson– all the Southern lawmakers were Southern founding stock.
    Let not that be obscured or glossed over.

  14. Hunter, I think you ought to ban this guy Joe. Seriously. His comments are a distraction. His point about Wilson has been answered two or three times. Everyone knows the architects of the federal reserve act were northerners.

  15. Google : “know southern history” + “woodrow wilson”
    Good website: ” knowsouthernhistory” (.net)
    They have alot of onfo about Woodrow Wilson and his background and his heritage.

  16. Woodrow Wilson was a politically naive university president, not the mastermind of some nefarious plot. He was duped. His and his families allegiances were with the South. Think of him as an early prototype for Jimmy Carter.

    He’s really not the bogeyman that he is in Glenn Beck’s fevered imagination.

    Glenn learned a new bad word today, progressive. Anybody he wants to discredit he will call “progressive,” just because he’s tired of saying “racist” all the time.

    White Californians in the central valley are most Oakies. Culturally, they are Oklahomans, a branch of the Southern family tree. The state of California is attempting to annihilate them economically and their way of life farming in the valley along with them.

    Oh joy! More Mexican fruit (salmonella) at the supermarket. The wonders of free trade and diversity! It R our strength…

    Deo Vindice

  17. Joe is here as a spoiler, Hunter. He’s here to turn off people interested in this site. Moreover, he sounds like he’s on some type of medication. From his posts you can tell he hates Southerners, the South and our Founders. Why else does he visit here? Shit can that turd.

  18. The Southerners who signed the bill are somehow innocent?
    How does one explain that? How does one justify that?
    If one is blaming Northern lawmakers ( for being guilty) of signing the Federal Reserve Act: How is that the Southern lawmakers are not considered guilty for signing the same Federal Reserve Act.
    The jews did not put a gun to the Southern lawmakers–or to Woodrow Wilson– the Southern lawmakers signed the bill with full free will and full free volition– just like the Northern lawmakers.
    Why are we expected to see the Southern lawmakers as innocent ? : They signed the Federal Reserve Act also. They share the guilt of it.
    There’s no way of getting around that.

  19. “Hunter concentrates on the South, our home and heritage. What’s wrong with that?”

    As I said, nothing except the need for a modern nuclear armed U.S. Navy. This is my major criticism of Covington’s Northwest Front. The powers that be are not going to give up Puget Sound, Bainbridge Island, and the Kitsap Peninsula which is home to a major portion of our nuclear submarine force. And they shouldn’t!

    I hate to sound like a relic from the 1950’s (’40’s actually) but let’s get real folks. Both the Han Chinese and even the demographically challenged Russians are both coherent ethnic states with superpower weapons. A breakup of America is an open invitation to Russian and Chinese imperialism up to and including invasion and occupation of North America either in whole or part. The Russians make vast claims to Arctic waters and are conducting military exercises there even as we speak.

    I remain a White National Socialist for this very reason.

  20. As a side note, I will observe that we have done an excellent job in building up a pro-Southern website. There is no site on the internet quite like this one. The goal was to start building up a resistance movement for a free and independent and WHITE South.

    For all the talk about a “White ethnostate” on the internet, this is the only website where it is starting to seem like a real possibility. We can tell you where the ethnostate is located, what ethnicity it is based upon, why it must be created, what the name of the ethnostate will be, and what distinguishes it from the United States, among other things.

    Nothing else out there in America sounds like real visceral ethnonationalism. It is hopelessly abstract. It can’t even answer the most basic questions.

  21. Nor were the lawmakers duped in any way– including Woodrow Wilson.
    The Federal Reserve Act was debated in the USA for 10 years before the actual signing of the bill.
    The majority of American citizens– both north and south– were opposed to it. Our lawmakers– both northern and southern– passed the bill nonetheless.
    If you don’t believe me that the bill was debated for 10 years prior, go to the Library of Congress archives/website and go get the info.
    There were newspapers articles about the debate concerning the Federal Reserve
    in all the newspapers in the country– if not every day ; At least 2-3-4 times a week –for 10 years.
    The issues of the debate– and the implications of passage of the bill –were very well known by the average American– both north and south.
    Check out the Library of Congress archives, if you care to.

  22. It should be clear by now that no other White group in America has a separate and autonomous sense of national, ethnic, regional, and cultural identity nearly as strong as our own even in its present degraded state.

    We live on what is unquestionably the biggest cultural fault line. The challenge is to agitate that fault line and activate that dormant sense of nationalism.

  23. I agree with Rudel. Civil war ( war between the states) now at this point in American history would be an open invitation to the Russians and/or the Chinese to go on the attack against the U.S.

  24. “For all the talk about a “White ethnostate” on the internet, this is the only website where it is starting to seem like a real possibility.”

    Who cares about the fucking internet? I moved to Oregon over 20 years ago because it is White IRL! (plus it has good snow and uncrowded surf.) 😉

    I will admit that the “South Shall Rise Again” meme has had a bit of resurgence as of late but you still haven’t answered the question: where are you going to get your modern navy, air force, and nuclear arms?

  25. “The people who live in the Blue States in the West Coast, Upper Midwest, and Northeast know exactly who the White people are who are destroying the country where they live.”

    I believe actions speak louder than words. I’d rather convert my brethren (who act white implicitly) to explicit WNs rather than demonize them as “damyankees.”

    Plus I hate grits and chicken fried steak.

  26. I care about the internet. The Library of Congress , for example, is now accessible to all Americans. Great information there.
    In addition, many books and many works by many authors are now available online. Authors who were never published by the New York publishing houses.
    Also, all our books from the main publishing house are abridged.
    One can now go online and read works/books unabridged– and learn exactly what the author has to say without the “gatekeepers” eliminating passages to
    distort the meaning the author had in mind — all this to steer us to think along the lines our ruling class wants us to think.
    Everyone posting here cares about the internet. That’s why we’re here online.

  27. Rudel: I don’t think anything on this site puts off anyone serious about the state of this Union, wherever they live. People are beginning to see, at least I hope, that the South was right all along. Moreover, the South has always been respected for it’s armed stand against tyranny. Every true American respects the Confederacy, whether they agree with it or not.
    Most of our bases are in Southern States. There are hardly any left in New England. Also, a good part, if not the vast majority, of our special forces and land forces are white Southerners (even Joe says so).
    Foreign influence is just a risk that would be taken. I really don’t see Russia, China or India doing anything.

  28. Manufactured fear of foreign nations has been handy distraction for the establishment to keep our focus off our displacement in the very nation our fathers built for us.

  29. There is NO QUESTION whatsoever that the influences for the Transcendental movement came out of the European Romantic Movement and Biblical Higher Criticism. It is not something that began in America and spread out to the rest of the world. In fact it is quite the reverse. German higher criticism began in the 18th century. This is not a matter of dispute it is just plain fact.

    Transcendentalism is also very closely tied to its forerunner Unitarianism. Anybody who says “Calvinism” or “Puritanism” is to blame once again has no knowledge of early 19th century New England. Calvinism is widely known to have been completely defeated in New England by the early 19th century.

    Wisconsin State University has an excellent print out contrasting Calvinism and Transcendentalism.

    According to WSU one of the key ideas of Transcendentalism is,

    “Transcendentalism, like other Romantic movements, proposes that the essential nature of human beings is good and that, left in a state of nature, human beings would seek the good.”

    There is nothing that could possibly be more un-Calvinistic than that definition given above. It is the exact opposite of one of the central tenants of Calvinism.
    The phrase “The Last Puritan” is something that gets kicked around from time to time. It is usually applied to Jonathan Edwards denoting the last stand of the old Puritan ideas.

    Less often I’ve heard people refer to Lyman Beecher as “The Last Puritan.”

    Anyone who thinks “Anti-Racism” is a product of Puritanism has been deceived. In many ways the Puritans were out in front on what many today would call “racist” actions.

    For instance Massachusetts was the first English colony to legalize black slavery in 1641. They were highly involved with the slave trade. Massachusetts had an Anti-Miscegenation law by 1705 before North or South Carolina had one. In 1786 3 years after the Treaty of Paris ending the American Revolution Massachusetts reaffirmed and updated their anti-miscegenation law to include Indians.

    Another interesting fact concerning Puritans and slavery has to do with the Island of Barbados which we’ve heard a lot about on this site. The man who introduced sugar cultivation on the Island and was the first to make the switch from white indentured servants to black slaves was a man named James Drax who also just happened to be a Roundhead.

    The Drax family still owns their sugar plantation estate in Barbados “Drax Hall” to this very day. It is currently owned by Richard Drax who is a conservative member of parliament for South Dorset.

    The descendants of New England Puritans really broke bad in the early 19th century not before and it was because of rejection of traditional religious belief.

    I’d also really caution people from getting their history from movies. The Northern draft was by and large a total failure. It is often said that it produced more trouble than soldiers.

    Of the over 2 million men who fought for the North during the Civil War only 2% were draftees. So all these boo hoo stories about immigrants being forced to fight are by and large lies.

    The huge percentage of immigrants who fought for the North is no lie though. It’s estimated that around a quarter of the Union Army was foreign born. When you add the over 200,000 blacks who fought for the North the percentage is even worse of course.

  30. We discussed the transformation of the Puritan into the Yankee in the MacDonald King Ashton thread “Yankee Babylon.” SNN did a podcast about it. The post can be found in the archives.

  31. “Manufactured fear of foreign nations has been handy distraction for the establishment to keep our focus off our displacement in the very nation our fathers built for us”

    I agree. But you sound like a defeatist McGovernite liberal when you say it. I also know that both the Chinese and Russians are prepared to take complete advantage of any weakness on our part. Splitting the white race into easily digestible parts for our enemies to consume is not the way forward. Raising explicit racial consciousness among ALL Whites is. Not just Southern crackers.

  32. Anglo-Protestant: Thanks for pointing out that the Yankees imported hundreds of thousands of foreigners to fight against their brethren, with whom they shared a fight for independence and hundreds of years of sharing this continent.

  33. Rudel: How do you know that, exactly?

    McGovernite defeatist? What the Hell are you talking about?

    I do agree that all whites have to be onboard. I wouldn’t turn down an ally, as we will need everyone we can get. But why don’t you start your own site for your own specific region instead of putting down Southerners?

  34. “There is NO QUESTION whatsoever that the influences for the Transcendental movement came out of the European Romantic Movement and Biblical Higher Criticism.”

    Un-fucking believable!!! Your own links confirm that the Transcendental movement pre-dated German “higher criticism”. As you yourself say the Puritans broke bad in the early 19th Century and the higher criticism developed no earlier than mid-century and really only got going subsequently. Unitarianism developed from Calvinists.

    BTW, the real thread of anti-metaphysical truth came out of Hume and through the pragmatists to actual scientific understanding of reality and the limits of knowledge. There is no fucking God.

  35. “Rudel: How do you know that, exactly?”

    Because the Chinese just stated last week that they are building up their naval forces explicitly to enforce their claims against Vietnam, Japan, and the Phillipines in the South China Sea and as I previously stated the Russians are conducting military exercises off the Alaskan coast even as we speak. They have long claimed hegemony over the Arctic Ocean via spurious claims of owning the continental shelf under waters of the US, Norway, Denmark, and Canada.

    I don’t put down Southerners, just ill-informed idiots. I ask again, where is the Confederate navy? (besides at the bottom of Mobile Bay)

  36. pragmatism The philosophy of meaning and truth especially associated with *Peirce [Charles Sanders) and *James [William]. Pragmatism is given various formulations by both writers, but the core is the belief that the meaning of a doctrine is the same as the practical effects of adopting it. Peirce interpreted a theoretical sentence as a confused form of thought whose meaning is only that of a corresponding practical maxim (telling us what to do in some circumstances). In James the position issues in a theory of truth, notoriously allowing that beliefs, including for example belief in God, are true if the belief ‘works satisfactorily in the widest sense of the word’. On James’s view almost any belief might be respectable, and even true, provided it works (but working is not a simple matter for James). The apparently subjectivist consequences of this were wildly assailed by *Russell, *Moore, and others in the early years of the 20th century….6)

    It should already be clear from this that pragmatism is a profoundly anti-theoretic doctrine. It says we shouldn’t worry about what is actually or ultimately true, but only what “works”. The fundamental trouble with this idea, however, is that we often find that what seems to be working for a while does not continue working. For a while you can smoke three packs of cigarettes and down a bottle of bourbon every day. But this is not a recipe for living a long, productive and happy life. To ensure that individual or social practice or activity will work it must be in accord with the real situation, and the only way to be sure that your activity always is in accord with the real situation is to fully understand the scientific laws governing that situation.

    Pragmatists don’t rely on any deep theoretical understanding of the world in order to guide their actions. They don’t investigate and think carefully about the situations they face. They reject that approach, and instead rely on hunches, guesses, rules-of-thumb, prevailing superficial notions, ad hoc methods, spur of the moment improvisations, and so forth [Absolutely. Those damn spur of the moment improvs have killed us. Look at the results , as the pragmatists demand!!]. If they do have some understanding of the situation they face, they don’t try to extend or deepen that understanding.

    Thus pragmatism is not only profoundly anti-theoretic, it is also profoundly anti-scientific. (And this is true despite the claims of being pro-science on the part of many of its adherents, such as C. S. Peirce, William James, John Dewey and more recent philosophers such as Richard Rorty.)

    Comment: It is this more than anything that has allowed Leviathan to grow unchallenged. I view pragmatism as being the most shit-eating philosophy of all time.

  37. Don’t let Apuleius near the easter bunny– he’s not too fond of animals.
    (especially northern ones)
    Let us pray the easter bunny Arises Out Of The South– the poor little wabbitt might stand a chance then…….
    “Omne vivum ex ovo”
    ( every living thing is from an egg )

  38. You need to read the links again Rudel.

    “This term refers to a group of German biblical scholars centered in Tübingen, Germany, including Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768-1834), David Friedrich Strauss (1808-74), and Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-72), who began in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries to analyze the historical records of the Middle East from Christian and Old Testament times, in search of independent confirmation of the events related in the Bible.”

    How is saying a movement began in the late 18th century indicating that it postdates the early 19th?

    More on Higher Criticism before the 19th century.

    “Unitarianism developed from Calvinists”

    How did it “develop” from Calvinism? Rejecting central tenants of Calvinist thought is not developing from something it is abandoning it. It would be as saying anti-racist thought developed from racialism just because it followed it.

  39. “How did it “develop” from Calvinism?”

    Because all its first theoreticians started off as Calvinists!

    As for the “higher criticism” you keep quoting sources who try to find the earliest possible hints of it. It really became to be widely adopted by Biblical scholars in the latter half of the 19th century. Adoption of Transcendental “ideals” pre-dated this.

    It’s all bullshit anyhow. Who gives a damn about the obsessively pedantic interpretations of contradictory Iron Age myths? Get a clue: God is dead. Cutting and pasting articles by second rate scholars from the internet isn’t going to change this.

  40. Rudel said: “Because the Chinese just stated last week that they are building up their naval forces explicitly to enforce their claims against Vietnam, Japan, and the Phillipines in the South China Sea..” OK, that’s their backyard, I would expect them to be looking to that, same as Japan, Vietnam and the PI do. What does that have to do with us, besides your inability to let go of the empire.
    Rudel said: “…and as I previously stated the Russians are conducting military exercises off the Alaskan coast even as we speak.” Rudel, Russia’s easternmost territory butts up against Alaska. What’s the issue? Where are we conducting exercises? Anywhere close to Russia?
    Where’s the Confederate Navy: Doesn’t exist yet. But were the US to break up, it would not be beyond the pale that some Naval assets would remain with the South (or whatever other section broke away, if it has a Naval Base). It happened with the USSR broke up.

  41. “But were the US to break up, it would not be beyond the pale that some Naval assets would remain with the South (or whatever other section broke away, if it has a Naval Base). It happened with the USSR broke up.”

    Not really. Russia retained control of the Black Sea ports even if they were actually in the Ukraine. They sold an aircraft carrier to the Chinese but a large portion of the fleet was obsolete and was scrapped. You can be assured that the Feds are not going to be giving up any military assets to breakaway states either if the US deteriorates. It’s going to be more like various arrangements for relatively violence free disunion rather than outright secession when the Federal money runs out. North Dakota won’t be getting any SAC bases.

    And when did I say anything about not giving up our Empire. The foreign bases will go before they cut Social Security. To be honest I thought that it was going to happen under Obango but it looks like they will wait for hyperinflation and/or a deflationary depression before they start cutting the budget.

  42. It’s not really true that all the theoreticians of Unitarianism were Calvinists.

    Michael Servetus a Spaniard was burned to death in Calvin’s Geneva for advocating what basically amounted to Unitarianism. Calvin catches a lot of flak for what happened to Servetus.

    It’s not Calvinism, what really led to these movements was free inquiry and public discourse of ideas without fear of being burned to death by church authorities. The very ideas that give you the ability to go about and enthusiastically proclaim there is no God without ending up toasted.

    However let’s play the game. I have a good progression of development of ideas for you.

    All Unitarians came from Calvinists, All Atheists came from Unitarians, therefore Rudel is really just a Calvinist.

    You should be nicer to your intellectual forefather Rudel. 🙂

  43. My intellectual forefathers are Thomas Hobbes and David Hume who were both (necessarily) closet atheists who came to their conclusions through reason and logic.

  44. I’m perfectly willing to grant that there is a strain of anti-intellectualism in Scots-Irish culture, but I would argue that this probably a good thing for them.


    Hell yes that’s true of us Ulster Scotts, and were damn proud our minds run toward practical things plus heritage and kin. Where has this intellectualism for the sake of intellectualism got us? No where good. Practical things like engineering is a good bit different than intellectualism

  45. No problem Wayne. I really pity the Yankee more than hate him. The first people the Northern manufacturing elite crushed were their own common people in the cities. There were people who were against the mass influx of immigrants into the North. They were called the American Party. The real true believers in the American Party were the first group to be steam rolled by these people and their immigrant allies. The South was next.

    Lincoln hated the American Party. William Lloyd Garrison hated the American party.

    The old Northeast has culturally lost more of its original colonial nature than the South has due to its infidel overlords destroying it first for cheap manufacturing labor.

    Now it’s being done again to the whole of the United States.

  46. Hunter I think the main factor that prevented the South from embracing the radical egalitarianism that the Yankees succumb to is what kept the Dutch Calvinist Afrikaners from embracing it for so long which was being surrounded by masses of black people giving them everyday up close experience with racial reality.
    It’s something most Yankees at the time lacked. Many of them still do.

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