Is The South Lost?


Thomas Sowell writes:

“Now that census data show — for the first time in American history — the number of white babies born exceeded by the number of babies born to non-white minorities the question is: What does this mean for the future of American society?

Politically, it means that minorities who traditionally vote overwhelmingly for Democrats can ensure that the country veers ever further to the left over the years, making America more like the welfare states of Europe, whose unsustainable spending led ultimately to finical crises and widespread riots …

Yet when all is said and done, the future political direction of the country seems painfully clear for these demographic trends, unless something happens to change the current correlation between race and political party affiliation. Moreover, even that may not be enough.”

Here’s the percentage of the black population in the South on the eve of the White Man’s Revolution of 1876:


Alabama – 48 percent black
Georgia – 46 percent black
South Carolina -59 percent black
Mississippi – 54 percent black
Florida – 49 percent black
Louisiana – 50 percent black
Texas – 31 percent black
North Carolina -37 percent black
Tennessee – 26 percent black
Arkansas – 25 percent
Missouri – 7 percent
Kentucky – 17 percent
Virginia – 42 percent
Maryland – 22 percent

Here’s the percentage of the black population in the South in 2012:


Alabama – 26.2 percent
Georgia – 30.5 percent
South Carolina – 27.9 percent
Mississippi – 37 percent
Florida – 16 percent
Louisiana – 32 percent
Texas – 11.8 percent
North Carolina – 21.5 percent
Tennessee – 16.7 percent
Arkansas – 15.4 percent
Missouri – 11.6 percent
Kentucky – 7.8 percent
Virginia – 19.4 percent
Maryland – 29.4 percent

What’s the moral of the story? Just because a state has a large black population doesn’t mean it will stay that way or get worse. Half the black population in America relocated to the North and West in the Jim Crow era.

In 1901, Rep. George White of North Carolina gave his farewell speech to Congress in the aftermath of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898:

“This, Mr. Chairman, is perhaps the Negroes’ temporary farewell to the American Congress; but let me say, phoenix-like he will rise up some day and come again. These parting words are in behalf of an outraged, heartbroken, bruised, and bleeding, but God-fearing people, faithful, industrious, loyal people-rising people, full of potential force.

Mr. Chairman, in the trial of Lord Bacon, when the court disturbed the counsel for the defendant, Sir Walter Raleigh raised himself up to his full height and, addressing the court, said, “Sir, I am pleading for the life of a human being.”

The only apology that I have to make for the earnestness with which I have spoken is that I am pleading for the life, the liberty, the future happiness, and manhood suffrage for one-eighth of the entire population of the United States.”

It would be 28 years before another African American was elected to Congress. In an early demonstration of attrition through enforcement, the states that chose the policy of resistance over submission succeeded in driving out large numbers of blacks to other states.

The same thing might happen again with Hispanics: illegal aliens mignt flee the states that choose resistance while relocating en masse to those states which are more willing to accomodate them.

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  1. Holy shit a silver lining. Unfortunately even with smaller numbers the right to vote allowed them to effectively create a sanctuary within every major southern city where BRA can exist without opposition

  2. What of the Hispanic pop?

    Anyway, even blacks hate each other enough to keep their own numbers down.

  3. Tom, the state government is where the power is located. Even a Negro majority city such as Birmingham is under the control of Alabama state government. This will particularly be the case when the empire is dead and gone.

  4. Free drugs, free (hormone disrupting or even slowly poisoning) food and free birth control and abortions. That’s how the undesired population excesses will be kept in check in the future — nice and soft, no killing, no concentration camps, all voluntary.

    Sinister and sneaky, but it doesn’t lead to “genocide investigations.”

  5. The same thing might happen again with Hispanics: illegal aliens mignt flee the states that choose resistance while relocating en masse to those states which are more willing to accomodate them.

    Good luck. Illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle, and most Hispanics are native born citizens. If you pick on illegal immigrants, I doubt citizen Hispanics are going to leave so they don’t get “profiled” or some other BS.

  6. Kievsky
    Or better, you can cut off state assistance, bring back Jim Crow and they will move to the DWL states, like they did last time. If DWLs want diversity, they are welcome to it.

  7. I hear the percentage of the black population in the South is growing as many from the North are now coming south.

    Not good news.

  8. Make life hell (or something resembling it) for the spics; no free lunches for the ninos at school, no free healthcare, no food stamps; NADA…

    Then institute a Spanish-language educational program on what a paradise of tolerant, freebie-giving, brown-skin loving, please-fuck-my-daughter people live in the North.

    Build superhighway to the northeast, complete with spanish language roadsigns.

    Yankees want em…they got em.

  9. Okay, listen, because FedUp has got it, the key to removal of negroes is free money.
    Take some of it away and they leave. They go where there is more.

    Covington, KY, vs. Cincinnati, OH.
    Weirton, WV, vs. Steubenville, OH.
    White vs. blacked.
    Not because of a river, but because welfare pays better.

  10. Is the South lost? Yes, I think that in a racial sense the southern tier states (not exactly the same as the traditional South) are indeed lost. There is a new, stark racial dividing line running from the Atlantic to the Pacific, separating the 16 increasingly non-white southern tier states (call them the Warm States) from the 34 still mostly-white northern and middle states (call them the Cold States). Consider these percentages of non-Hispanic whites from the 2010 census, followed by the percentages that the white population fell by from 2000 to 2010, running along the racial fault line from west to east:

    Oregon: 78.5%, -5.0%
    California: 40.1%, -6.6%

    Idaho: 84.0%, -4.0%
    Nevada: 54.1%, -11.1%

    Utah: 80.4%, -4.9%
    Arizona: 57.8%, -6.0%

    Colorado: 70.0%, 4.5%
    New Mexico: 40.5%, 4.2%

    Oklahoma: 68.7%, -5.4%
    Texas: 45.3%, -7.1%

    Arkansas: 74.5%, -4.1%
    Louisiana: 60.3%, -2.2%

    Tennessee: 75.6%, -3.6%
    Georgia: 55.9%, -6.7%

    West Virginia: 93.2%, -1.4%
    Virginia: 64.8%, -5.4%

    Pennsylvania: 79.5%, -4.6%
    Maryland: 54.7%, -7.4%

    The gap along this racial fault line ranges from 14.2% between Arkansas and Louisiana, to an astonishing 38.4% between Oregon and California. Moreover, the gap is increasing all along the fault line, with the exceptions of Colorado-New Mexico and Arkansas-Louisiana. Overall, I would estimate that the Cold States are about 70-75% white compared to the Warm States at about 50-55%, with the racial divide between them continuing to widen.

    To be fair, there are exceptions on either side of this racial fault line, with Hunter’s own Alabama at 67.0% white, compared with New York at only 58.3% white. But consider the racial divide between the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, where most Americans actually live: Of the 51 metro areas over one million in population, 23 of the 25 whitest are in the Cold States (the exceptions being Tampa-St Petersburg and Jacksonville), while 23 of the 26 least white are in the Warm States (excepting Chicago, Memphis and NYC).

    Because this racial fault line between the Warm and Cold States is so new, only becoming apparent within the last 20-30 years or so, the economic and political ramifications of this division are only beginning to be felt. Politically, the situation will inevitably revert to the historical period from 1856-1976, when the Republicans usually dominated the North and the Democrats mostly ruled the South. Economically, the Cold States will probably continue to muddle along, while the Warm States will struggle to maintain First World living standards with their emerging Third World majorities.

    Of course there are great divisions within these two racial blocs, with the ethnic makeup of, say, Hawaii being far different from that of Mississippi. To a lesser extent, there are also ethnic divisions within the Cold States, with the ethnic and religious background of the white majority in Massachusetts being quite different from that of North Dakota. If I have time later, I’d like to comment on the 8.5 “ethnic provinces” within the 2 incipient “racial nations”.

    If there’s going to be any future secessionist movement led by white nationalists and/or conservatives, it will probably emerge in the white-majority Cold States, seeking to separate from Washington DC and the increasingly non-white Warm States. Or, conversely and less likely, a second southern secessionist movement (this time including all the southern tier states, not just the southeast) led by blacks, Hispanics and Asians, could seek separation from the white-majority northern and middle states. Either way, and sad to say, I believe that the South, or more accurately the lower South, is well and truly lost.

  11. Looks like Brazil is the model!

    I’m going to re watch City of God and Elite Squad.

    Plenty of well to do whites down there but they live different sorta life.

  12. Re: Brutus

    Here are some interesting takes on this issue:

    “Broad predictions can be made. Anything other than predictions is highly unlikely. As was stated in the first part of this work, however, we can learn, if we have eyes to see, the lessons of the past for the organization of our future. The great cause, the seemingly insignificant apparatus which turned the first gear in the machinery of the race and culture can be identified by the very application of causes – the practical result. Its technics are never to be isolated in the context of ‘this’ or ‘that’ was the cause, but rather in the overall outlook of the entire personality of the particular presence being analyzed. The Future, likewise, may be seen in the light of the past and its continuous presence in manifesting itself in Industry, Political technics, and its Military endeavors. The disposition of the past is the manifest spirit of any age – as change evolves slowly, the recognition is, therefore, also slow and, consequently, may take several centuries to be analyzed effectively. Only during the siege of revolution may one ascertain, on a daily basis, the future of this or that particular culture. Therefore, as in this case, generalized predictions may be made in the expectation of a ‘high certainty’ as to the eventual outcome of this present discussion. The long-range prediction, of course, is symptomatic of a lesser degree of certainty. Deviations always occur – this is the great cause – the working prime lever of the machine of change in the period of, say, a hundred years or so which may, or may not, fix any one or numerous predictions to a set course. The trends we speak of now is based solely on those experienced here, in the United States of America, as well as based upon her international conduct. These predictions, as well, are predicated upon a ‘liberal’ policy of immigration towards non-western elements; any tightening of this policy will slow, but not stop, these predictions. Predictions are not prophecies. This is, rather, a safe series of probabilities and possibilities as seen in the present presence. Here, then, listed below, are such predictions as are warranted in this work:


    This simply recognizes that Whites will begin to show less and less sympathy for nonwhites. Their feelings of charity and aid to these groups will be limited to the altruistic, and philanthropic principles. Ethnic factors and values will be ever more prevalent in the political arena; the deadlock realized from this positioning will create ever more conflict, and prolong the process of governmental stagnation. Separatist movements will increase.” pg. 238-40

    There are 14 Predictions listed by this author.

  13. Faustus- All of these screeds that deny or downplay the position and necessity of return to Christendom, and her Unified European Faith, are doomed to the dustbin of history.

    Western man can deny God, but he can never get rid of Him. He is incarnate in our race, our people, and our culture. We are conjoined to Him.

    No pagan options- whether odinist, A3P, neo-Nazi- will ever work. They can’t- for they all deny the very soul that gave Christendom her name and identity: Jesus Christ, the Messiah of his People, Israel. That Israel of God is the White Race of Megala Europa. And no other.

  14. Sigh!

    No pontification, whether religious, or personal, will ever bring us closer to a viable and functioning system without, firstly, a real unification of our People, through identity and and cultural integrity.

    The ‘faith of the fathers’ works so long as it, the religious implications, are subsumed by a practical ‘secular governmental system – christianity’, unlike the Greek systemization of natural law, seeks ever to admonish and punish the convert, not work with him – or that ‘redemption’ is the penultimate value, rather than the Extension of our Race and Culture.

    I have generally enjoyed your posts, but will draw the line here: If god, or the god you osstebsibly support, is a player, then the pain that individuals of our stock, or the institutions which our antecedents produced through blood and bone, is a vicious and unwarranted attack on the very ‘spirits’ which are, tentatively, closer to him than the angels – this, then is mean-spirited, and no ‘plan’ you can come up with, will molify this position.

    Christians and Pagans can, and do, work together for the betterment of our people. Poison, from whatever corner, is to be fought; better men than you and have not risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor so that priests and shamen might then chastize them based on some esoteric understanding of the Almighty.

    If what you seeks is a new ‘teutonic knight’ and its accompanying doctrines of race and government, then have at it – at least their Courage bor the brunt of all-comers, and the folk-community knew whose side they were on. I cannot say the same for laymen or the modern day priest-craft.

  15. It’s just a matter of will.

    My dad used to point out during boxing matches and dog fights that the will usually fails before the means are exhausted. I have found that to be completely true in every human event in which tenacity determines the outcome.

    The only thing that will save our White asses now is a sufficient number of us simultaneously having an experience similar to what I call “a fat man’s epiphany”. That happens when a fat guy steps on the scale and realizes that he’s a tub of shit, it’s all his fault, and only he can do something about it.

    I don’t know what it will take to trigger the same will in every Cracker that a fat man finds when he sees that horrifying number that leads to the change of lifestyle that allows him to shed half his body weight. The history books seem to indicate that we are presently waiting for an emergent nationalist leader with the charisma, wit and determination to lead us back from the ledge. A man with will.

    We have the numbers we need right now. What we lack is the man who can convince 10% of the non-Hispanic White population to start bucking. That 10% is over 21 million people. What would happen if that many of us marched on D.C.? Do you think those nigger-loving crooks would have to change their Depends, their panties, and a couple of constitutional amendments if they ever heard the 14 words being spoken by so many?

    Our leader is out there somewhere. He could be in either, or neither, of our major political parties. He could be a upper-level military man. He could be in another Western nation, preparing to lead a coup or a movement to bring about sweeping changes to their immigration laws and end the social experiments that are destroying the quality of life of his country’s historical majority. Such a coup or movement would quickly spread to every country that has a White majority who long to sit their burden down.

  16. Is the South lost?

    (1) No, the South is not lost.

    In spite of WN hyperventilating, the South is actually a lot whiter today than it was in the 1870s and 1900s. In 1870, 95 percent of the black population in America lived in the South, whereas today only about 56 percent of the black population lives here.

    South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana used to be majority black. All three states are now majority White because millions of blacks migrated to the North and West in the Jim Crow era.

    (2) Is there a “Great Migration” of blacks back to the South?

    In spite of WN hyperventilating, the actual numbers show that only about 3 percent of the black population has moved back to the South since the 1960s. Most of those are retired public employees moving to Georgia and Florida.

    In that same time period, far more Whites moved to the Sunbelt. The migration of blacks to the South was just part of the national trend of migration to the Sunbelt. It is also doubtful that the trend will continue.

    Americans have become far less mobile since the collapse of the housing bubble in 2007.

    To be continued …

  17. I had not realized how effective Jim Crow was.

    With respect to causing emigration, it wasn’t. The proportion of blacks in those states hardly changed in the 40 years up to 1910. It wasn’t until after WWI that blacks began to leave en masse. And that probably had a great deal more to do with the economic opportunities available in the north than it did with intolerance of their social position in the south. In addition, one has to consider that, just as gases expand so as to take up all the room in their containers, people tend to expand geographically to take up whatever room is available to them.

    That isn’t to say that social conditions can never, of themselves, be so severe that emigration ensues (ie without requiring deportations), only that in the case of the post-reconstruction south conditions evidently weren’t.

  18. Ww1 and ww2 factory work. It remains to be seen if the nigspansion is
    going to kill us off or can be contained.

    It seems that the blacks like to spread out if possible. Too many and the ecosystem collapses.

  19. Silver,

    The Jim Crow system emerged sporadically in the South in the late 1880s and early 1890s, but what we would recognize as “Jim Crow” didn’t emerge in the South until after its constitutionality was affirmed by the Plessy decision in 1896, and then mostly in the 1900s.

    See the American Racial History Timeline.

  20. Hunter,

    I wouldn’t dream of contesting your competence regarding historical details, but nothing in my reading of American history suggests to me that blacks found a mecca up north. By all accounts they found themselves at least as viciously despised as they were down south. Not only did they encounter masses of immigrant whites who were often even less sympathetic to their cause (whether that was a result of innate aversion or as part of an attempt to prove their racial bona fides to founding stock whites), they lacked the support that strength of numbers provided them in the south. Blacks’ willingness to abandon the relatively more benign modus vivendi with whites they enjoyed in the south (to say nothing of cultural familiarity and sense of rootedness — which, lest we forget, blacks also experience) points to economics rather than Jim Crow as the driving force behind their mass emigration.

    But again, with respect to white racial objectives, the social attitudes and practices that underlay Jim Crow should be something to study, learn from, refine and refit to suit 21st century conditions.

  21. Silver,

    By the 1880s, every Northern state was integrated. There were no anti-miscegenation laws. The public schools were integrated. Public accommodations were integrated. Some states even had laws against “racial defamation.” Most importantly, blacks had voting rights in the North, whereas they ceased to be voters in the South.

    In essence, the racial system that we have today, nationwide, emerged first in the Northeast before the War Between the States, spread across the Midwest from 1865 to 1886, and across the West from 1945 to 1965.

    The North was far more like Canada than the Jim Crow South. In the South, racial attitudes were so hard that a black could be lynched for simply looking the wrong way or whistling at a White woman.

    But sure, I will grant that blacks flocked to the Northern states to work in the manufacturing industries in WW1 and WW2. The exodus was already going on before WW1 though. The U.S. didn’t enter WW1 until 1917.

  22. I agree with Hunter. The South is not lost.

    When Arizona passed its immigration law, the brownies started leaving before the law even went into effect. Same story in Alabama.

    The South knew how to keeps its former slaves in line also. Without Yankee interference, the dark ones would be eating behind Denny’s and IHOP instead of starting trouble inside.

    Without Yankee interference in the South many of the niggers who are presently here would be dwelling among the people who love them so much in the Rustbelt and the Northeast. Even a dipshit with a 70-85 IQ is capable of figuring out dat livin’ amongst da Crackas dat passes out da Great Society stuff be much mo betta dan livin’ amongst dem old racis Jim Crow Crackas.

    Niggers follow the free stuff. When the folks got stingy in MI and IL in the 1980’s, the niggers were quick to discover MN and WI. Now OR is the sweet spot.

    All that the Southern states need is to once again be able to decide who we serve in bars and restaurants, who we rent to, who we sell to, and who our kids go to school with and we will have few problem niggers to deal with in a very short time. I suppose they will move to the places that are inhabited by the people who elected the politicians who have been shoving niggers down our throats since the 1950’s.

  23. Well done PRB.

    You just managed to stay within your “no more than 4 niggers per sentence” threshold.

  24. Check out this map of dominant ethnicities by state from the 2000 census:

    These dominant ethnicities are pluralities, not majorities, in their respective states, but I believe that these ethnic groups will come to wield more and more political and cultural influence in their various strongholds as the once-unifying white majority in America continues to dwindle away. I would draw the map of the United States’ “ethnic provinces”, eight and a half of them, somewhat differently from the map linked above, as I will explain below.

    Books like The Nine Nations of North America, Albion’s Seed and American Nations do an excellent job of explaining the political, economic, cultural and religious geographic divisions that emerged from the very beginnings of American history, but they represent an overview of the old America, the America in which whites were overwhelming majority, the America which, alas, is fading away before our very eyes. In the emerging multiracial America of the 21st Century, the divisions between various white ethnic and cultural groups, while still important, will be overshadowed by the far more serious racial divisions between whites and non-whites.

    The US, through rapid demographic change, is beginning to divide into two all-encompassing racial nations, a majority white nation in the 34 Cold States of northern and middle America, and a majority non-white nation in the 16 Warm States (plus DC) of southern tier America. Within the Warm States, three major ethnic provinces are beginning to emerge, while in the Cold States, at least five major ethnic provinces are already visible, with a sub-province within the largest ethnic province, for a total of eight and a half.

    (1) Asian America: Hawaii (also American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands if overseas territories are included). Asians make up a plurality of Hawaii’s population, and a majority if part-Asians are included. This has been the case for at least a century, but because of Hawaii’s small population and great distance from the mainland, the existence of an Asian enclave in the US has mostly gone unremarked. In its unswerving loyalty to the Democratic party, Hawaii serves as the political template for the rest of the Warm States as their white majorities fade away.

    (2) Latino America: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida (also Puerto Rico). Even though Hispanics/Latinos are, by far, the fastest growing segment of the US population, the illegal or non-citizen status of tens of millions of them and their general political apathy means that they punch far below their weight politically — for now. But make no mistake, all six of these states will have Latino majorities in the coming decades, and those majorities will eventually flex their political muscles, to the detriment of whites and other Americans. Increasing levels of crime, poverty and corruption will characterize the future of these states. New Mexico will be the first state with a Hispanic majority, and it will increasingly resemble Old Mexico rather than the rest of the union, with the rest of Latino America not far behind.

    (3) African America: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC (plus the US Virgin Islands). These are the nine blackest states in the union. Although blacks might never become majorities in any of these states, the ongoing influx of Hispanics, Asians and white liberals means that blacks will become the majorities within the Democratic coalitions that will eventually come to dominate each of these states as their demographics continue to change. If you think that Black Run America is a problem now, you ain’t seen nuthin yet. The southeast is where the full-on horrors of black rule will emerge at the state level. Think Detroit writ large. Maryland and Georgia will probably be the first states to fall to black-controlled Democratic majorities, Delaware and Alabama the last.

    (4) Native America: Alaska. Though nominally part of the white-majority Cold States, the large aboriginal population (15% and growing fast) and the huge swathes of land and resources they control make this a state like no other. Whites will probably remain the majority in Alaska for a long time to come, but an Indian/Eskimo population far more powerful than anywhere else in the US make it a distinctive ethnic province of its own.

    (5) Mormon America: Utah. This state is about 60% Mormon, making it America’s only quasi-Christian state. But Utah is also unique ethnically, with its counties and those immediately around it having English pluralities, compared with German-dominated counties to the north and Mexican-dominated counties to the south surrounding this “Mormon Island”. Also, interestingly, there is a large Danish contingent in Utah and nowhere else in the US, unlike their Swedish and Norwegian cousins who mostly settled in the upper Midwest. So the Anglo-Danish Mormons definitely form an ethno-religious province of their own.

    (6) Scots-Irish America: West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma. These Appalachian-Ozark states are the heartland of a people that once dominated most of the South, but are now being squeezed out of the coastal states by blacks and their non-white and white liberal allies. If traditional Southern culture survives anywhere, it will be here, where whites still make up large majorities. As the lower South becomes less and less white, and the black-controlled Democrats begin to take charge permanently there, many Southern whites will probably flee to these states where white Republicans will continue to rule for decades to come. Once again, the Scots-Irish will fulfill their historical duties as America’s premier frontiersmen, guarding the southern flank of the Cold States against the encroachment of blacks and other non-whites.

    (7) White Catholic America: New York, New Jersey and the six New England states. Whether Italians in New Jersey, Portuguese in Rhode Island, Irish in Massachusetts, or French in Maine, this region is unique in America for being dominated by European Catholics rather than Protestants. It also has — by far — the nation’s largest Jewish contingent, so it could also conceivably be called Catholic-Jewish America. This peculiar ethnic makeup has made this region the most Democratic-leaning in the US, but this will probably change as the southeast and southwest become less and less white (and more and more Democratic). White Catholic America will likely first become a swing region between the two parties, and then start leaning Republican along with the rest of the Cold States in opposition to the Democratic Warm States. White Catholics have been moving from the Dems to the GOP for decades, and will almost certainly continue on this trajectory, but the Jews will probably continue voting overwhelmingly for the Democrats till the end of time.

    (8) German America: The twelve Midwestern states, plus Pennsylvania to the east, and Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington to the west. The largest of America’s ethnic provinces, and the least ethnically distinctive. Germans form a plurality throughout this region, but are so utterly assimilated and intermarried with other white ethnic groups, that this province could also be known as Default America, or American America. This is the heartland of the Cold States, and therefore of white America. Right now, German America is roughly evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, but the I believe the long term trend will be for this region to lean heavily Republican, with the possible exception of Illinois.

    (8.5) Lutheran America. North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. These six states form the core of German America, so rather than makeup a distinctive ethnic province of their own, they are a province within a province, or a half-province. Combined, these states are about 20% whiter (85%), 20% more German (35%), and 20% more Lutheran (25%) than the national averages. They also have a large contingent of Scandinavians, which helps explain their unique Lutheran character. These states are truly the last bastion of whiteness in the US, the coldest of the Cold States as it were (in more ways than one). If the rest of the country eventually turns non-white, Lutheran America will be the last region to fall. In that worst-case scenario, they could possibly merge with Canada (or whatever remains of it), so as to preserve an enclave of white-majority rule on the North American continent.

  25. I disagree.

    (1) First, this map is misleading because it counts blacks as a single ethnic group, while subdividing Whites into everything from “English” to “Scottish” to “American” to “German,” etc.

    (2) Second, it gives a misleading impression of the Black Belt. For example, there are 10,914 people in Bullock County (AL), 70.2 percent of whom are black, which shades Bullock County purple on the Census map by ancestry.

    There are 658,466 people in Jefferson County (AL). 42 percent of them are black. In reality, the vast majority of blacks in Alabama and the South and elsewhere live in urban areas (like Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile), not in the sparsely populated countryside.

    (3) Third, the Black Belt counties are actually depopulating (which is to say, losing blacks) who are moving to the big cities. In the South, it is the big cities like Atlanta that are attracting blacks, not the countryside.

    (4) There are no “two all encompassing racial nations” in North America. That hasn’t been the case since the 1850s when blacks were concentrated in the South.

    – The South only has 56 percent of blacks in America. There is no mass migration of blacks to the South either. Only around 3 percent of blacks have moved back to the South and they are mostly retired public employees. The Jews in Florida are also retirees.

    – 44 percent of blacks in America live in the North and West. The vast majority of Asians and Hispanics, who are driving changing demographics, also live in the North and West, particularly in the West Coast and Northeast.

    (5) From 1970 until 2012, the Deep South was the region of the country that changed the least, with South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in the top five least changing states.

    The West, Midwest, and the Northeast charged much faster because those regions absorbed far more Third World immigrants. These areas have a folk memory of being more than 90 percent White. In 2012, they are not as homogeneous as the Upper South was in the 1970s.

    (6) Asians, the most rapidly growing part of the American population, are concentrated in the West. They are driving demographic changes in Hawaii, California, Oregon, and especially Washington.

    (7) Hispanics are concentrated in the West, in Chicago, and the Northeast. Not all Hispanics are the same though. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are mestizos. The Cubans in Florida are predominantly the descendants of Spanish immigrants in the early nineteenth century.

    (8) The Democratic coalition actually dominates the Northern states … like right now, already in 2012. Barack Obama won every Northern state in 2008. The only Northern states he might lose in 2012 are Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire which are outliers in the region.

    (9) Since 2007, the Hispanic population in the Eastern South (Florida, North Carolina, Virginia) has actually declined, as hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have left the region following the collapse of the housing bubble.

    (10) For all the talk about “black rule” in the South, it is actually New York and Massachusetts that have elected black governors, with the latter reelecting its black governor in the 2010 elections.

    It is also thanks to the Northern states that Obama is the president and Holder is the attorney general as all the Northern states voted for Obama in 2008.

    (11) Virtually all the Jewish senators in Congress are from the North and the West. The same is true of Jewish representatives in the House. There is one Jewish Republican, Eric Cantor, who voted against the DREAM Act.

    (12) Jews are concentrated in the Northeast.

    (13) There has always been a Hispanic population in South Texas.

    (14) The Deep South is far less black than it was 100 years ago. Did blacks rule the Deep South in the Jim Crow era? There wasn’t a single black representative in the region until the Northern states passed the Voting Rights Act.

    (15) Washington and Oregon are following in the footsteps of California with steep declines in the White population.

    (16) The Midwestern states actually show some of the biggest demographic changes. Illinois is less White than the Deep South. The same is true of New York and New Jersey. Washington will be less White than Louisiana in a few years.

    (17) White Catholic America?

    New York, Maryland, and New Jersey are under 60 percent White when their Jewish populations are counted as White. All the Northeastern states with the exceptions of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are rapidly changing. The Northeast is changing faster than any other region in the country.

    (18) Lutheran America?

    Minnesota had an almost 15 percent decline in its White population. Wisconsin has experienced a 12.1 percent decline. Illinois had a 19.3 percent decline.

  26. Dividing the US into 2 racial nations and 8.5 ethnic provinces doesn’t necessarily reflect the America of today, 2012, rather it’s speculation into the future based on existing demographic trends. Everyone knows that making predictions is hard, especially about the future, so who knows what will happen. But demographics are pretty well 90% of everything; politics, economics, culture, etc., so we do the best we can with the tools at hand.

    But the east-west racial fault line that stretches across the country is real, and definitely exists today. And I labelled the two sides of this divide “northern and middle America” and “southern tier America” instead of North and South so as not to confuse this modern day division with the old Free State-Slave State or Union-Confederacy divide. For example, southern tier America includes Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, but not Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky or West Virginia.

    I used your 1970 racial numbers from the post above to compare the racial fault line then and now. Though it existed in parts back then, it has really only become definitive in this century. In four cases through the middle of the country, Utah-Arizona, Colorado-New Mexico, Oklahoma-Texas and Arkansas-Louisiana, the racial gap has more or less stayed the same. But in the other five cases toward the coasts, the gap has increased markedly, 20.9% in the case of Idaho-Nevada. Now, unlike in 1970, it’s a true Atlantic-to-Pacific divide.

    What this means for the future is hard to tell. Right now the large majority of blacks, Hispanics and Asians live south of this line. I suppose they could all start moving north at some point. But the trend lines from 1970 until now, or 2000 until now show the opposite occurring, with the non-whites consolidating their numbers in the Warm States (with exceptions like Alabama). So until I see demographic numbers indicating otherwise, I can only conclude that white people have a far better chance of remaining the majority population north of the racial fault line in the Cold States (with exceptions like New York).

  27. Jeppo, ever lived in Southern New England? I have and everywhere you look there’s a hispanic. They are everywhere here. One more think is that you analyis (which is interesting for sure) seems to count on the politics remaining the same, that is a choice between Republicans and Democrats. As America loses legitimacy in the eyes of her rightful heirs (true Americans, the descendants of the settlers), the two-party system is very likely going to die, beginning with the Republican Party.
    Also, it seems to me that the states/counties/cities with the most diversity tend to have the most cohesive whites, while those, especially in the North and Midwest, are DWL’s hot for diversity and multi-culturalism.
    One more thing. I hope that my descendants hold responsible the descendants of those who ruined our nation. We know who they are.

  28. Re: jeppo

    (1) In 1900, Detroit was 1.4 percent black, but in 2012 it is 89 percent black. No one in Detroit in 1900 could have imagined what Detroit in 2012 would look it does today. Most Northerners would have falsely assumed that Mississippi would be 89 percent black by now.

    (2) Here are the 1870 to 2012 numbers for the South:

    Alabama – 21.8 percent less black
    Georgia – 15.5 percent less black
    South Carolina – 31.1 percent less black
    Mississippi – 17 percent less black
    Florida – 33 percent less black
    Louisiana – 18 percent less black
    Texas – 19.2 percent less black
    North Carolina – 15.5 percent less black
    Tennessee – 9.3 percent less black
    Arkansas – 9.6 percent less black
    Missouri – 4.6 percent more black
    Kentucky – 9.2 percent less black
    Virginia – 22.6 percent less black

    The only Southern state is more black in 2012 than it was in 1870 is Missouri which is usually counted as a Midwestern state. We can say definitively that every Midwestern state is more black in 2012 than it was in 1870.

    (3) There really isn’t an “east-west divide” though: Illinois, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey are less than 60 percent White. The only Southern states that are less than 60 percent White are Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.

    From 1970 until 2012, the Northeast was actually the region that changed the fastest. The Deep South (Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas) changed the slowest.

    Since 1870, the Deep South hasn’t become blacker. The rest of the country has become more like the Deep South. Alabama is now whiter than Virginia and North Carolina. In 2012, Alabama is whiter than New York, California, New Jersey, and Illinois.

    (4) In 1970, California was 76 percent White. In 2012, it is 40 percent White. In 1970, Mississippi was 63 percent White. In 2012, Mississippi is 58 percent White. Thus, California has blown right past Mississippi in terms of its racial demographics.

    In 1970, Washington was 94 percent White. In 2012, Washington is 72.5 percent White. At the rate Washington is changing, it will be less white than Alabama and South Carolina in a few years.

    (5) From 1970 to 2012, what were the 10 fastest changing states in America? How many of them were “northern tier”?

    New Jersey – 25.7 percent
    Maryland – 25.3 percent
    New York – 21.7 percent
    Washington – 21.5 percent
    Connecticut – 19.8 percent
    Rhode Island – 19.6 percent

    6 out 10 of the fastest changing states are “northern tier.” What were the slowest changing states? West Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Wyoming, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Montana.

    In the race to the bottom, some states and regions are changing more rapidly than others. The West and the Northeast are changing the fastest. Thus, the states in those two regions (California and Mississippi, New Jersey and Alabama) are overtaking states in the South in terms of their demographics.

    (6) 56 percent of blacks live in the South, but 44 percent of them live in the North and West.

    OTOH, the vast majority of Asians and Hispanics live in the North and West. Since Asians and Hispanics are driving changing demographics (the black population has stagnated at 10 percent to 13 percent for over 100 years), the North and West are changing faster than the South over time.

    (7) From 1970 until 2012, the “northern tier” has become significantly less White (down from over 90 percent in most places, below 60 percent in 4 states), while a few Sunbelt states in the South (Florida, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina) have changed while the rest of the South hasn’t changed much at all.

    (8) As I said above, the SPEED of demographic change varies from state to state, with highs in New Jersey, Nevada, and California, and lows in West Virginia, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

    If South Carolina is declining at 45 mph, then Washington is going about 90 mph, so eventually Washington will become more non-White than South Carolina at the rate it is going.

  29. Hunter, a couple of minor quibbles. Forget about the traditional definitions of North and South for a minute. According to the 2010 census, non-Hispanic whites were minorities in 4 of the 16 Warm States (as defined above), Hawaii, California, New Mexico and Texas (plus DC). Whites were minorities in none of the 34 Cold States.

    Whites were below 60% of the population in 6 further Warm States, Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia and Maryland. Whites were below 60% in only 2 Cold States, New York and New Jersey (Illinois was 63.7% white).

    Whites were above 70% of the population in none of the Warm States, but 29 out of the 34 Cold States. The other Cold States below 70% were Alaska and Oklahoma.

    Of the 10 states with the largest declining percentage of whites since 1970 that you listed, 4 of them were Warm States, including the 2 largest states, California and Texas.

    Here are the 10 states with the largest declining percentage of whites since 2000:

    Nevada 11.1%
    Florida 7.5%
    Maryland 7.4%
    Delaware 7.2%
    Texas 7.1%
    Georgia 6.7%
    New Jersey 6.7%
    California 6.6%
    Washington 6.4%
    Connecticut 6.3%

    Seven of the ten are Warm States, including three of the four largest states in the union.

    If my damned calculator was working, I would figure out the exact percentages of whites in the Cold States and Warm States. As it is, I would estimate that it’s between 70-75% in the Cold States, probably closer to 75%, and between 50-55% in the Warm States, probably closer to 50%. So the “whiteness” gap between the two is somewhere between 20-25%. That’s pretty significant IMO. And there is no question whatsoever that it’s increasing.

    The 19 whitest metropolitan areas over one million in population are all in the Cold States.

    Sure, if you want to go back to 1870, then the percentage of blacks has gone down throughout the traditional South. But what are the chances that the percentage of non-whites will go down in any region of the US in the near future? Not too good I’m thinking.

    I take no pleasure whatsoever in pointing out these miserable facts. But facts they are, so we’re just going to have to deal with them. Some parts of the country, almost all in the Warm States, seem to be beyond saving at this point, at least from the perspective of preserving white majorities. So white America will have to try and carry on from a shrunken base in the Cold States, it’s as simple as that.

  30. 1.) There is no such thing as “warm states” and “cold states.”

    – Politically speaking, California is allied with Vermont and Minnesota, whereas Indiana and Alaska are reliably allied with Alabama and Tennessee.

    – Culturally speaking, California is more like Oregon and Washington than Arizona and Utah. How is Nevada a warm state, but not Utah? How is Utah separated from Idaho when one third of Idahoans are Mormons?

    2.) The Southwest is not part of the South. The people who live there are not Southerners. Even in Texas, most of the state was not settled by Southerners. The area from Galveston to Houston to Dallas and north to Oklahoma – East Texas – is part of the South.

    3.) Aside from New Mexico, the Southwest was overwhelmingly White like the rest of the West in the 1970s. It was not culturally part of Dixie either then or now.

    4.) 3 Western states are majority non-White: California, New Mexico, and Hawaii. Of the rest, Arizona and Nevada are less than 60 percent White.

    3 Northern states are less than 60 percent White: Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. Illinois is barely 60 percent White.

    1 Southern state is majority non-White: Texas. 3 Southern states are less than 60 percent non-White: Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi.

    4.) In the other thread, I calculated the pace of demographic change. As one might expect, it turns out the West and Northeast are changing the fastest, which is why those areas are Democrat strongholds.

    5.) 7 of 10 are Northeastern and Western states: California, Nevada, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Washington and New Jersey. 6 of 7 are Democratic states.

    From 1970 to 2012, South Carolina changed by 5 percent. Massachusetts changed by something like 19 percent. Thus, Massachusetts gained like 14 net points in non-Whiteness while Washington gained something like 20 points.

    6.) The proof that the Northeast and West are changing far more rapidly than the South can be seen in California blowing past Mississippi, Washington blowing past Tennessee, New York blowing past South Carolina, and Illinois blowing past Arkansas.

    7.) The most non-White metro area in America is Detroit.

    8.) That’s an understatement.

    How is the South lost? Almost 1/2 of the blacks now live in the North and West. I would say that at least 3/4 of Hispanics and Asians live in the North and West.

    Seeing how immigration is driving changing demographics, not the stagnant black population, and the immigrants prefer the Northeast and West, isn’t it reasonable to assume these areas will surpass the South in the size of its non-White population.

    9.) The illegal alien population is very mobile and shifts around. Something like 1/4 illegals has left Florida since 2007. State legislation could drive illegals out of states with large numbers of illegals like Texas.

    10.) There is no such thing as Cold States. The Northeast is changing more rapidly than any other part of the country. It is gaining non-White immigrants, but it is losing Whites.

    11.) There is no exodus of whites from “warm states” to “cold states.” Because of high taxes, regulations, declining living standards, climate, unemployment, and the influx of Third World immigrants, what you actually have are millions of Yankees coming here.

    Where are the colonies of Southerners in New York and Massachusetts? There aren’t any there. The part of Florida that is infested with immigrants is part of the Northeast.

  31. Can you see the absurdity of the argument for falling back to the “cold states.” Let’s fall back to the solid block of states from Maine to Minnesota that voted for Obama and the DREAM Act!

    After 4 years of Obama and Eric “My People” Holder, the “cold states” with tbe exceptions of Indiana (guaranteed) and Ohio, Iowa, and New Hampshire (probable) and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (maybe) will vote to send him back to Washington.

  32. Niggers are “warm state”. They evolved in a warm climate. Zero fore-thought for the colder seasons. Cold enviroments are not their comfort zone.
    The only reason niggers reside in “cold states” is because of free welfare handouts. Unforunetly, “cold states”, where most Whites have not been fully exposed to niggers, have gone liberal. Hence the hand outs and migrations of niggers and mestizos follow, for the goodies that White tax payer money provides.
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    The south brought them here, they are responsible for the rampant crimes of today.
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    Too lazy to work their own fields. Just like South Africa.
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  34. Actually, the blacks are your problem now: the Union Army seized slaves as contraband in its war against the Confederacy, so technically every free negro in America belongs to the Union now.

    To the victor goes the spoils! :p

  35. (1) 44 percent of blacks live in the North and West.

    (2) Since the Union liberated the slaves as contraband in war, all the free negroes in America are now your property.

    (3) Eventually, the Supreme Court will solemnize the destruction of the welfare state because it is unaffordable. If blacks want to live on welfare, they will have to move to the free states.

    (4) After we construct the Juan Crow South, the Hispanics will trek north following the North Star to the land of freedom and equality, and gay marriage and welfare benefits.

    (5) Blacks are your African-American fellow citizens. It’s your own fault. You were determined to pass the 14th Amendment.

    (6) You break it, you fix it.

    The whole North had an orgasm over the abolition of slavery. The slaves were seized as contraband and made into U.S. citizens.

  36. The south brought niggers here. Period, end of story. The south and jewish bankers abroad were making tons of money and lost sight of the consequenses. The south was providing Europe with cotton tabaaco ect…
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  37. (1) The North invaded the South and confiscated the slaves as contraband. Thus, free blacks are the spoils of the War Between the States, your spoils.

    (2) Jews … you mean the people that came to the Northern states to work in its manufacturing industries from the 1880s to the 1920s?

    (3) Northern cities were full of free negroes before the War Between the States. They were the “free states” – the states where blacks were free, right?

    (4) The North took great pride in liberating the slaves. In fact, Northern Whites marched at the head of negro armies and armed 200,000 blacks to fight the South.

    (5) Payback is a bitch, huh. You freed ’em, and they followed you home to Yankeeland. That’s the smallest violin in the world playing for you.

    (4) What did you think would happen to them?

    Why didn’t your president Lincoln send them back to Africa? Are you telling me that they all flooded into the “free states” after abolition? Told you so.

  38. I just had a thought … we ought to start emptying our prisons here in Alabama, load up all the nigger criminals and illegal aliens at the Greyhound/Trailways bus stations in Montgomery and Birmingham, and “Freedom Ride” all of them (escorted by Alabama state troopers) to Vermont and other Yankee states.

    We could call it “The New Civil Rights Movement”!

  39. I just had a thought … we ought to start emptying our prisons here in Alabama, load up all the nigger criminals and illegal aliens at the Greyhound/Trailways bus stations in Montgomery and Birmingham, and “Freedom Ride” all of them (escorted by Alabama state troopers) to Vermont and other Yankee states.

    We could call it “The New Civil Rights Movement”!

    Are you jewish….?
    Just kidding, but that is a jewish way of thinking. Or maybe just a southern way of thinking..? Trash more pure White areas with niggers and wetbacks..?
    Travel more, see the nation in its whole, then maybe your narrow mindset will expand.

  40. I call it fairness … or, to borrow a Yankee concept we hear so much about, “social justice.”

    Vermont supported the DREAM Act, the abolition of slavery, MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, the Obama presidency, and the Immigration Act of 1965. It has officially declared itself a sanctuary state that refuses to check the immigration status of illegal aliens.

    Maine has such a crush on niggers that it imported them directly from Somalia. Yankees still come all the way to Alabama for “Freedom Ride” reenactments. Its not like we came up with the idea. We are not busybodies around here.

    Why not have our own “Freedom Ride”?

    In our “Freedom Ride,” we would load up illegal aliens and hardened nigger criminals at the symbolic Greyhound/Trailways bus stations that have been turned into national monuments, and ship them (escorted by Alabama state troopers) to Vermont and other Yankee states that profess their undying love of them.

    If Yankees can “Freedom Ride” into Alabama, why can’t we “Freedom Ride” niggers on Greyhound to Vermont?

  41. You need to look at the big picture here, Hunter. This is a racial thing. Not a regional thing. The days of squabbling about this and that are over. I can go on and on about the failures of the south.
    They are not relevant now. This century will revolve around race, nothing else. The wars ahead will be racial, not political.

  42. No state in the entire country has boasted more about its love of niggers and illegal aliens than the great state of Vermont.

    See here:

    Unfortunately, as the most homogeneous state in America, Vermont prefers to admire niggers and illegal aliens from a great distance, consistently voting 100 percent straight ticket for every “civil rights” measure and “progressive” cause in America.

    This is a situation that can be easily remedied. Vermonters and Mainers don’t have to “Freedom Ride” into our states to profess their love of niggers and illegal aliens anymore. We can “Freedom Ride” plenty of them right to Gov. Shumlin’s doorstep in Montpelier.

  43. What is clear is that there are too many non whites in the United States. Period. All of the above analysis and bickering is not at all satisfying to me because it is not good. I don’t care how you try to frame it. There are too many non whites and rates of change range from either not very impressive to down right depressing.

    It is clear this is a NATIONWIDE problem.


    Not really important but since many bring it up often, it is not true that niggers can’t take the cold. Detroit and Michigan in general is cold in the winter! And the wind there feels just like someone dumped a five gallon bucket of ice water down your back every time you bend over. The same with Chicago. All of the North is cold in the winter. Damn cold.

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