VNN’s The Aryan Alternative Distributed In Matthew Owens Neighborhood


It turns out that Alex Linder’s The Aryan Alternative has been distributed in Matthew Owens’ neighborhood in Mobile.

Chuck Rudd of GLPiggy has engaged Linder to try to find out who is distributing Rounder’s defunct tabloid. Personally, I doubt that Linder had anything to do with this, as he hasn’t expressed much interest in the Matthew Owens case.

Detective Hunter Wallace strongly suspects that VNN Forum member “OTPTT” (the only VNN Forum member in that area) acted independently and took advantage of the situation to distribute some old bulk issues of The Aryan Alternative.

Note: The SPLC has an article about the story.

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  1. personally, I think one of Unamused flyers about negros and crime would have been a better choice

  2. I disagree. It’s about getting memes out there. Some middle aged ladies squawked about it, but who cares about them. They are not our audience. White young adults living in multiracial hell are fertile ground for the AA newspaper. It is a megadose of Truth that has an excellent chance of getting through to them.

    If OTPTT did this, good for him. I always liked him.

  3. if they don’t throw you off. Mark Zuckerberg can kick you off facebook. he can’t stop you from distributing dead tree literature.

  4. My opinion is this: people need to be spoon-fed this sort of thing. I haven’t seen a copy of the newspaper in person, but saw a photo of the newspaper posted on Twitter and it seems it was too over-the-top for these folks. Also, I would not want to cause any distress to Owens’ family or other white people living there that are fearful of more attacks.

    When I saw the photo of the newspaper, the first thing I thought of was — I wonder if the blacks living there got copies of this as well, since whoever did this probably doesn’t know who lives where. And I considered the possibility of blacks getting all riled up after receiving a copy of this newspaper. Have you all seen the video of the black lady yelling an almost unintelligible ebonics rant at a white news reporter? What do you think her reaction would be to this newspaper? People like her don’t follow logic.

    I’m sure that’s what the white people there were thinking when they received the newspaper.

    I agree that it’s better to talk to people about these issues.

  5. I don’t know much about Linder or AA – there isn’t time in a 7 – day week for all of this stuff. Linder I have glancingly gathered is an untethered bomb-thrower. But then OD and a host of unabashedly racialist venues are that and worse – that is, to all that would be regarded as “main-stream.” And yet the TRUTH is that “main-stream” is a brainless, suicidal, unclothed emperor that as long as it exists as such will keep the doomsday trajectory on track.

    This is perfectly ludicrous that a mere printed entity was placed on a couple of lawns. And THIS is a problem when you have just had a man beaten to within a micron of his death. This is more of the White dementia that prevails in BRA. The old White drone (hate to say this about a woman who no doubt is a White decent person) is both incapable of grasping essential blackness and afraid not to say the BRA approved good-speak.

    That a mere periodical was deposited on some lawns in response to so heinous a violent act by a hate-motivated mob of blacks is both risible and tragic at once.

    I am a little surprised at some of the tacit hand-wringing on the part of some commenters here that a provocative periodical enters the narrative as if such left a few blacks bloody and unconscious on the street.

    Watch that timorous, guilt-tinged White reflex trait there friends.

  6. “A rampaging chimp mob is desirable. Notthat youwould want to be caught up in it.”

    It might actually be MORE effective to distribute such literature ONLY to black residences. COINTELPRO.

  7. It would be good to observe what the Bolsheviks did, in the wake of the 1905 Russian uprising, and again in 1917, to ‘effect change’ to such a degree.

    That they may have thrown incendiary leaflets, seems typical. That NO ONE in Bolshevik circles seems to call down such ‘Angst’ over said truth (Pravda) being ‘fuel to fan the flames’ shows the utter duplicity of both the Jews (Bolsheviks) as well as the Liberals (Demon-crats) in a scenario here in America that has been ENGINEERED by the LEFT to cause Obama to be elected via FEAR, and not via Freedom.

    We need to dispense, gentlemen (and ladies) with any notion of ‘fair play’ or ‘equal opportunity’ to discuss points of order in this- the war for our nation/race’s survival.

    Lord knows, the butchery of the Soviets didn’t think twice. There is a time for that sort of ‘clemency’- after the Foe has been routed, and the uprising quelled. If this is NOT a ‘rahowa’ as some would call it, then what is it? If violence against Whites- for merely being WHITE – is not reminiscent, or at least redolent of Haitian massacres, then WHAT IS IT?

    Define terms, stick to them, go for the jugular. Jefferson clearly allowed rebellion against tyrants (which is obedience to YHWH God). What letigimacy does the Obmanation have, except our fear to become martyrs for a cause? And is that the stuff of which American Whites have been made? “Give me liberty, or give me…. what was that word? Oh, yeah.

  8. First off, I know when ever the TV news asks if I am willing to be interviewed, I always put on my cleanest whitest wife beater before I let them roll the camera …. nigga puhleaze.

    Lily Della Valle says: I haven’t seen a copy of the newspaper in person, but saw a photo of the newspaper posted on Twitter ….

    PDF’s of it are available online.

    Stonelifter says: personally, I think one of Unamused flyers about negros and crime would have been a better choice ….

    I agree. The Aryan Alternative maybe a little too over the top for the Whites who received it, and, well, we see how the blacks see it. Just remembered I ran off another run of Unamused flyers a while back. ……..

  9. Stupid white woman. They are concerned about the Aryan paper, but not the fact that a gang of thugs beat a white man almost to death. Makes total sense. My grandaddy was right. They will act how they act.

  10. Ah so what? In the immortal words of our own marvelous Billy Roper, “Spook the damned horses!”

    The damned Niiger mob that beat Cowan into brain damage were a lot less tactful than the modest proposals in that literature.

  11. “Evawon on dey block haf one in dey yard…”

    AWWWWWESOME!!!!! Fucking AWWWESOME!!!!

    Thanks you Jesus! This is definitely a Thank You Jesus moment! Life just hands oyu little gifts, sometimes………….hahahhahaha! I”m laughing so hard I’m choking!!!!!

    The VERY VERY VERY best bit is when that big fat Jaboon “reporter”, in the ill-fitting suit that’s too small, picks up one paper off the lawn, and holds it up to the camera. Big fat Nigger shows WORLD a copy of Aryan Alternative.

    HAHAHA!!!!! That’s wonderful.

    Thank you Jesus.

    HAHAHA!!!! I can’t stop watching it. Gorgeous.

  12. Denise, you seem to be a nice white supremest cunt. Why don`t you come and visit me, I`m a blue eyed Nordic woman interested in kicking your stupid sub intelligent hick ass. You can forget Jesus, if he were here now he would be eager to kick your fucking inbreed ass as well….

  13. Trine – I’m laughing so hard. You’re not a Nordic. You’re a Nigger. A pure Nigger. Threats on te Intenet…hahahaha!!!!

    If we were to meet in person – the oly ass that would be kicked would be yours – if I am able to determine exactly which part of your grotesque mis-shappen body IS your ass. I have a strong suspicion it’s difficult to tell where your ass….begins…and ends…

    No matter. Run along. Yo pimp daddy gwan be slapping you upside yo..ass…if he figures out yo not making him de….Lincolns….

    You run along now, heyah!

  14. Denise.

    Jeg er da aldeles ikke sort. Jeg er en Norsk kvinne som har lyst til a sparke den dumme bonderompa di til blokksberg. Er du med meg ditt naut? Si fra, du kan sette av tid og sted. Jeg stiller opp med glede.

    Med vennlig hilsen,

  15. Molon – I have no idea why I’m the one that draws the ire, like lightening. This creature seems to be enraged by my posts, specifically. It seems to be seekng my notice, my attention, or something. Not on

    Is it the invocation of Jesus? Perhaps this thing is Jude. The name of our Holy Lord and Savior Jesus tends to inspire such shrieking, and foulness, and hysterics. Nigs usually don’t get that upset. I’m thinking it’s Jude – which is is pretty much the same difference as a Nigger. Jews are Niggers, after all. They really are. Thnk about it.

    It seems to be seeking my notice, my attention, or something. It flatters itself that I’m going to waste my time translating that nonsense, or read what it wrote on some other thread. I have NO idea why it thinks I’m interested. It’s just…sad….

    Run along Trine. Go suck some Somali dick. Stop wasting your time here.

    I’m gonna re-watch the video, and laugh when the Nog holds up the ARYAN ALTERNATIVE got the camera…HAHAHAHA!!! Ait’s still awsome. This may be my favorite video of 2012. It’s early in the year, I know – but that moment almost rivals the sublime Ray McIntosh MacDonald’s Beat Down, of 2011.

  16. Denise, my dad was a bombadier in WWII and he always said–‘when you’re over the target, you get flak’..

  17. OMG!!! TRULY fabulous! Why did they stage the production on the middle of a vast empy grass space? Why didn’t they put the ARYAN ALTERNATIVE on one of the devastated. aghast, clutching the pearls neigbor’s front steps, to re-enact the horror, the absoute knee-quaking, grabbing for the valium, sweat pouring HORROR of finding the ARYAN ALTERNATIVE White Supremacist Uber Alles paper, ON the front step? That morning.

    Hhhmmmm…..pitifully bush-league news recreation event, there.

  18. Molon – but it’s so funny…….why would any-one get upset?

    LOL! I guess the ARYAN ALTERNATIVE is mightier than the BRA.

  19. Okay I had to look at the video again and something came to my attention. The newscaster said ‘for the most part, everybody gets along’. Bullsh^t. Why is that qualified? Those neighbors don’t get along, or else why say ‘for the most part’.

  20. Actually I died laughing when the lady said she CALLED THE POLICE when she found the paper! LMAO. In some places they(police) can arrest or issue a citation you for frivolous [email protected] like that.

  21. @Denise

    I ran that block of Norweigan jibberish through the google translator. So yeah, it is in fact a nigger. It describes itself as “perfectly black” and used the tired “inbred” line as an insult against you. It also said it wants to kick you to something called “Blokk Mountain”, and wants you to set up the time and place. My guess is, the pitiful simian is insane with jealousy and self-loathing, being situated in a country full of Nordic white women.

    In any case, this has got to be one of the most epic trollings I’ve yet seen on here.

    Trine, swim back to Africa and get raped and necklaced. Nigger.

  22. Molon – that lady is an old lady who probably cannot unload her house. Her assertions about every getting along are simply her version of whistling past her own graveyard. The calling the cops thing is just sad.

    Did she call the cops last Saturday night? She probably cowers inside her place, in utter fear, every day.

    The Nig Neighbor? His keeds prolly be da wuns wiv day pain cans, n sheeyit.

    You could actually write an essay, and decostruct EVER BRA code in the book, in this little slice of Dieveristy. It’s all in there……

  23. LOL; me and my girl plan on putting out some Unamused flyers when I get back. We figure we’ll find a neighborhood in Raleigh that’s semi DWL, but borders a negro infested part of town and put them on car windows.

    man, I might be in love with that girl

  24. Chris,

    Ah ha! Thanks for taking the time to unravel the babble.

    Who knows WHAT it is? I thought this Trine thing is a Nig, cause it wants to challenge a woman to a fight, over the net. CLASSIC Nigger tactic. I’ve seen this idiocy for years. The foul-mouthed thing is typical too.

    The hysteria over “Jesus” made me reconsider, and speculate that it’s Juden. The invocation of the Holy Savior’s Name is akin to throwing Holy Water on demons. Maybe it’s a Muzzie. Who knows?

    Well – I’d be happy to meet up with the Negron in the USA this Summer. It can travel here. It won’t be kicking me in ANYTHING – as I already know how to deal with Jaboons. It will be a learning experience, as I will teach it a Rope Trick.

    The Jabbon probably grew enraged cause it’s a big fat lardass, with only ill-fitting suits.

  25. well Denise if by some impossible odds things would occur, I know where you could find 300 pounds of back up

  26. Know what I didn’t see? Any Negro swaggering and strutting arrogantly all over the area wit a menacing look on his face, growling about having “an honest conversation about race.” Finding that little conversation starter on their front yards obviously worries them. They were awfully subdued and there was real fear in their eyes.

    Maybe some of the smarter Negros are starting to think that they are only one more incident away from Whitey calling their bluff of the last four or five decades.

  27. “As a Norwegian I also commented on the thread below, it should leave little doubt about who I am.”

    Do us all a favor and sneak your ‘puter into Anders’ cell. He’s about the only Norwegian I’ve ever found interesting.

  28. Chris, I’m pretty sure that shit went into google translate the same way it came out.

    Maybe Hunter can shed light on it’s ip. No nigger would be smart enough to block that.

  29. Denise, there`s one red thread feature about you, you are always wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Anyway, Norway is a good socialist country, we are pro Islam and anti American. So what do ya think of that hick?

  30. I came across this thread when I was on the Topix forum. I would never seek it out otherwise. Someone added it on a Stoltenberg thread.

    Denise, let me guess. My intuition tells me you`re an unemployed, uneducated, single middle aged or elderly person, maybe on welfare? People like you usually are. Come to Norway, people like you would benefit from our generous socialized medicine and welfare programs.

  31. I’m reading the Unamusement flyers now. I like them very much.

    Oh yeah, socialism and Islam suck.

  32. Stonelifter – thanks for the offer. Deeply appreciated.

    Nigger – you are wrong on every count. As per Typical Nigger Anything.

    HaHaHa. Norwegians have collectively lost thier minds. Too bad. The Wheat seperates from the chaff. What else is new? Eventually they’ll find out. And their will be many more Anders Breiviks. Enjoy White Largesse while ya can Nigger. If ever travel there – it’ll be to start a Norwegian chapter of the Klan.

  33. Jack Ryan, on another thread, said that white must vote Race. If Romney is the Republican Juden Proxy – we must vote for him. Jack is right. Now Paul has the same amount, or almost the same amount, of delegates as Romney – but the fix is obviously in,

    I’ll bet every White on Delmar DR votes Race. Including that frightened old woman, in this video. They may say that Race doesn’t make a difference – but I’ll bet they vote Race.

  34. Stonelifter – of course. Thankee. You are a gentleman, and a True White Man.

    The Niggers will never ever ever understand what that means.

  35. The Klan is DEAD

    Obama 2012

    See ya later Denise, and I`m sure I`ll find you on this forum from dusk till dawn, 27/7, being you`re an unemployed loser hick hahahahahaha

  36. Trine – you are Juden. Tell yourself whatever you want to make yourself feel better. Whatever you ‘think” is what’s bumbling around in your diseased head.

  37. Hahahaha, wrong wrong wrong. Denise, I hope you realize that you are wrong all the way across here. You are nothing but wrong all the way, that`s a shame. I`m basically a Lutheran from birth, but I`m an atheist just like 80% of my fellow Norwegians.

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