Thomas Buhls vs. Bloomington Antifa

Thomas Buhls vs. Occupy Bloomington


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Kevin Levin has drawn my attention to a Confederate Heritage Rally in Bloomington, Indiana.

It was organized by a longtime Knights Party member named Thomas Buhls who stood up to a frothing mob of 200 antifa from Occupy Bloomington all by himself.

The antifa dressed up in black hoodies and showed up with bats and batons and the de rigueur signs that said “LOVE IS THE ANSWER.” They punched and kicked Buhls, stole his hat, ripped up his sign that said “Celebrate Your White Heritage,” and screamed various expletives at him in the name of “tolerance.”

Buhls reportedly invited several African-Americans on Facebook to join him at the event to celebrate their Confederate heritage. Two antifa who weighed over 200 lbs jumped Buhls and one attacked him with an “18 inch steel baton. He says the event “went down exactly the way I hoped it would.”

The Herald Times wrote a positive story about Buhls and the online commentators there have almost unilaterally defended him. The wider community was impressed by courageous and principled stand for his beliefs and has been extremely critical of the thuggish behavior of the Occupy mob.

There are six comments about Thomas Buhls at the Southern Heritage Non-Preservation Group:

Gary Adams: I understand as he should have left out “white” there are many persons of colour who love the South. Gary

Elizabeth Pike: It is true, there are many people other than whites that ? the south (such as myself) but my ? is why can’t whites be proud of their southern heritage too? in my opinion, i see a greater %age of caucasians that are interested in protecting the real history of the south more so than any other haplogroup. shrugging. fact: multi-diversity = extinction of any one individual culture…. even for southerns…

Joseph Brevard Kershaw: If you watch the video, you will see that on the activist’s sign there was a U.S. flag next to a Confederate flag.

Joseph Brevard Kershaw: The statement itself “CELEBRATE YOUR WHITE HERITAGE” should not be interpreted as white supremacist. However, I think the focus should be on heritage and culture. If appropriate refer to ethnicity. Leave references to race and color out of it.

Elizabeth Pike: Do yall feel that references to race/color in conjunction to heritage stir up negative connotations? If so why?

John Stones: The real race baiters in our society have effectively tied the Confederate flag and our Southern heritage to white supremecy and such is not the case as has already been pointed out here. Doing what this guy did only fuels their fire allowing them to say, “See, I told you so” and makes all their other lies about our heritage get traction as well. We need to stand for truth! Truth is that the Confederacy and Southern heritage has/had many races in it.

Here is the anti-racist Connie Chastain of 180 Degrees Faux South:

Connie Chastain: “Why do you wonder that? Do you imagine such “rallying” to be commonplace in the Southern heritage community? It isn’t. The vast majority of Southern heritage advocates are not white supremacists. Therefore, I can only assume you’re “wondering” in order to smear people you don’t like because they see things differently than you do.

Most Southern soldiers fought to protect their homes, families and communities from a barbaric military invader, but of course that’s not useful in tarring, smearing and demonizing white Southerners with the racism brush, is it?”

I’m not sure what motivated Thomas Buhls to hold a Confederate Heritage Rally in Bloomington, Indiana.

I will tell you this though: if we had more Southern activists with the integrity of Thomas Buhls and fewer “I Had a Dream” multiculturalists like John Stones and Connie Chastain in Dixie, we would have succeeded in preserving our heritage a long time ago.

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