Update: White Guy Beaten and Stripped By Black Undertow


Remember this video from last week?

This crime happened in Baltimore. More here.

Update: 4chan got him!

Note: The attacker is from Rosedale. If that rings a bell, it is because the Rosedale McDonald’s’s is where the transsexual Chrissy Lee Polis was attacked in that viral video around this time last year.

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  1. Like anybody other than the Homosexual Mafia cares about Chrissy Lee Polis …..

    niggers don’t care …. even though they are on the same Congressional team.

    Because of where I work, I try to be out by 4:30 PM CT every day to avoid the negroes that use the train station housed in the building By 4:32 PM today I was mumbling “nigger” this and “nigger” that. …………….. I need to leave earlier on holiday weekends …….

    The smell of negroes is so vulgar I can’t even explain. If I here the train bells of an arrival I watch the stairs for the arriving, and as soon as the smell of Axe hits me I go back in, fuck the cigarette.

    Don’t think fat nigger women don’t smell as bad as the AXE wearers, most of them smell like they use powdered detergent as body powder.

    It is olfactory abuse to anywhere near them.

  2. Hunter,

    What do you mean “4 chan got him?” Can you elaborate and/or provide a link?

    Interesting that there are a lot of pro-white hackers out there who got all of Trayvon’s social media. Now that’s activism! Wow! You see that — the younger generation is not lost.

  3. People need to see the entire video… not just part where he gets knocked out.

    This is their MO, surround you, distract, creep up, then take or do whatever they want…

    Situational awareness people!

    Rashad Pitts is one of the nice young gentlemen that video’d this: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1226160088&sk=wall
    Rashad Pitts’ facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1226160088&sk=wall
    Aaron Jacob Parsons is the gentleman who robbed and punched the victim. His phone number: (443)-633-8508 (taken from his since deleted Facebook page)
    Baltimore District Attorney Violent Crimes Division: 410-887-6610
    Baltimore PD detective Bureau: 410-396-2300 or Toll Free 1-855-396-2500
    More info on the video and criminal: http://krashthrills.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/aaron-jacob-parsons-is-a-wanted-man/

  4. I don’t feel sorry for this guy. Apparently the locale is well known for prostitution, and drugs, and he got what he “axed fo'”.

    DID he learn his lesson? Or did he just shrug it all off? More Whites need to learn this lesson.

    I am far more disturbed about the Luton video. I kept dreaming, or nightmaring, on and off, all night.

  5. Interesting that there are a lot of pro-white hackers out there who got all of Trayvon’s social media.

    Most of these people are the weirdest of the weird. I don’t know if they are explicitly pro-white or just know that they don’t want to be around people two or three or four standard deviations beneath them, or whether they got picked on a bunch and now just hate them all.

    XYZ, a permission slip for a class photo??? — This makes me want to try to count the number of cameras that photograph me on my walk home more than ever. I am guessing my walk home (2.27 miles) puts me in view of several hundred. The government and building owners have never asked my permission.

  6. @Denise

    Clearly you have not been to B-more. You can be walking on 1 block that has all the nice hotels/bars/attractions, then go to the next block over and youre in dark-territory. It is absolutely shocking. Last time I was there for a friends b-day and we went 1 block from our hotel to hit a McD’s, we were the only white folks inside, upon sitting and eating some older black guy talked us up about how we needed to be careful and that we were currently being watched – no doubt when we left a number of ‘youths’ tried to sell us drugs and followed us for a bit until we go back to the main-strip. The victim of the video was leaving a club that is not in the best part of town (there are only 3 ‘districts’ suitable for white folk, just ask a J Hopkins student as they all gravitate to one of these 3).

  7. The silly cow in the Luton video.

    She actually doesn’t know how to deal with people who believe what they say.

    A real Christian for example believes that all non Christians are damned.

    Same with a Muslim.

    Why is she crying about it? Instead of saying kick out these alien fundamentists she attempts to understand them!

    Understand this honey– that bearded bastard wanted to fuck you. His women wanted to tear your eyes out. The rest want you begging on the street shooting up heroin and prostituting yourself.

    These primates are not complicated.

  8. She is a white woman, the first priority in life is feeling good about herself. If she needs to lie to herself to feel good about herself she will. I’m no mysoginist, I just realize that this nonsense of gender equality is yet more bunk.

    White women have a sense of duty (that makes them feel good about themselves) that is way outsized, and this is good, especially for our children.

    But what white women lack is a sense of responsibility of any sort. This is their weak spot, any hint that they are to become responsible for some clusterfuck and they go fetal position, metaphorically speaking.

    A white man’s duty is to reward the white woman’s sense of duty, and to gently ward off her nonsensical thinking which can lead to harm.

  9. Agreed about this. Thing is white men are losing the means to offer that protection.

    A bunch of “skinheads” should have attacked that Demo and chased the foreign fascist type out of the streets. Problem solved. The Muslim fundies can lament their loses.

    But this dumb broad thinks that is evil. Instead of being something that enables her to live a full life.

    Believe me there are lots of English who would enjoy a good punch up with the muslims there. There was a riot in Oldham 10 years ago. The English thrashed them.

  10. This is nothing new, it is generational hatred being visited upon whites since their feelings of “payback” and out right permission was granted to them since the early days of the “Civil” Rights movement, forced integration etc., only to have escalated to it’s current level in the last 15 years, exponentially so since the 2008 election. These feral blacks now feel even more embolden than ever, and with Eric”my people”Holder’s blessing.

    Note a few things about Mr. Jacobs demeanor at the start of this “incident”, He KNOWS he is under or soon will be under attack, yet he is basically paralyzed through years of re-programming to just stand there….clueless. There is literally nothing he can say or do to either defend himself or make this nightmare stop.

    He knows it, and more importantly… the blacks know it. They know it’s open season, they however can act, say, take however they choose. Knowing there are no repercussions.

    Yet, time after time, year after year, we Whites have been told that the mere idea that we personally would prefer to not allow ourselves to be victimized by blacks, makes us racists, simply for preferring the company of our own and the choice to avoid people who OBVIOUSLY hate us.

    This was the case in the late 60’s & early 70’s… the days when this grand experiment began, when they first started forcing us to not only accept these animals into our own lives, communities, schools and workplaces, but we then had to be accepting of their ghetto behavior and accepting of whatever “punishment” they felt like delivering upon us in the form of intimidating(in greater numbers as always).

    I lived through this shit in my early years in public education… I can actually pinpoint when it happened, but sometime around late elementary to middle school grades my brother and I found ourselves having to go to a “new” school the following year.

    Before, we walked to school in our own neighborhood, attended class, walked home and life was “normal”. Until that year, now my father had to drive us several blocks away to a school bus stop, to surroundings that were completely “foreign” to us.

    I can honestly declare in all good conscience that prior to that year, at that age, it never even occurred to me that there were “different” people, or that any of them would, could or should have any reason to hate ME, simply because I was not one of THEM. But that fact became immediately apparent from that first trip to that remote bus stop.

    My Brother and I were scoffed at, glared at, threatened and told we were not welcomed… not that we really wanted to even be there at this point. From that day forward it was literally a nightmare that shaped who I am today. but again, it should be noted that my beliefs and “prejudice” now, was taught to me at the hands of the real racists in this country…. feral blacks.

    I remember the first incident like it happened yesterday… sitting in Art class after about 3 weeks of being informed and just getting the impression that I was not wanted there, I had at this point moved to a large table in the back corner of the room, where I sat, kept to myself and worked on assigned project, basically a painting/drawing being done on poster board.

    This one particular day, after a few days of attempting to “participate” in classroom discussions, a classroom taught by, you guessed it a large(obvious now) black woman, who would ignore or sneer at me anytime I dared to raise my white hand to answer a question, and even more so in the event that I was ever called on and dared give the correct answer after 5 or 6 black darlings had given incorrect responses to the same question. Upon giving a correct answer, I was answered with smacking sounds, pursed lips and insults from the class and especially damaging, the teacher herself. I remember being referred to as red-neck peckerwood, cracker, honky, white boy etc… terms I had never known existed at that age.

    Fast forward 3 or 4 months of this hell, and one day, sitting at my table, I find myself being approached by 4-5 of the black students(did I mention I was the only White in the entire class?), they approached and began behaving in a similar matter to what you see in the video prior to this man being attacked. I call it, creeping up on.

    They started with the usual “whitey”, “cracker” type insults, letting me know they didn’t want me there, I chose to respond with the only true answer I knew…

    After finally realizing nothing I could do or say would rescue me from this(this all happening in full view of the “teacher”), I gave the only answer I knew, something like “I didn’t WANT or choose to come to this school…I was forced to”.

    Followed by more insults and accusations…”oh, so you thinks you to good to be comin to school with us huh?”, again, no answer you try to give will be good enough… this soon escalated to the point where one of the largest, overweight girls in the class was up in my face espousing what she “wish I would” do, calling me more names, threatening me, pulling at my shirt, having already spit on the poster I had been working on, at which point she makes reference to my freckles asking “what all them dots on yo face”, followed by the approving laughter of her little gang…and yes, even the “Teacher.”

    I know at this point, I was tired of this…and was going to respond in kind with something like, “they’re freckles…what’s with that brown stuff all over your face…”

    Well, I never got to finish that sentence. Now, I am seated, surrounded by these apes, much like Mr Parsons finds himself surrounded in the video above, as these animals have now whipped themselves in to a frenzy against an outnumbered individual.

    Before I knew it, one had thrown or hit me in the head with a large textbook, almost simultaneously, the large black bitch, who started this whole mess, has grabbed me by the hair, forced my head against the table top, punched and slapped me several times before jumping off the floor and landing on my head with her ass, and entire body weight. I could literally hear my skull crack over the shouting, whooping and hollering of the whole classroom, “beat that white muthafucker”, “what he say?!”… another 30 seconds or so of random kicks and other blows from the now larger crowd surrounding me, and now I can hear the “Teacher’s” voice shouting, calling out to move while she plowed her way through the crowd… now, I actually felt some relief thinking(hoping) she was coming to intervene and stop this attack….

    Nope… she yanked away the hand of the girl who still had a firm grasp on my hair only to replace it with her own, jerking me up from the chair, clothes now ripped, nose slightly bleeding, several tufts of my then long(70’s) hair laying on the floor, jerks me by the hair across the room, out the door toward the Principal’s office down the hall… stopping by the rest room, shoving me through the door and ordering me to “go clean yo damn face up”… For a few minutes I was at least happy to be out of that situation, sobbing, I grabbed a few paper towels and started to wash the blood from my lip, and spit out a few mouthfulls of blood, only to look up and notice at least 7 of the same students from the classroom were coming through the bathroom door, jumped me immediately again, with accusations of being a cracker, threats of killing me, “oh you gonna pay now white boy…dis shit ain ovuh”, another 30-40 seconds of being pummeled from ever direction, to once again have the same Teacher(who no doubt held the bathroom door open for these fuckers), came in snatches me up by the hair again and drags me the rest of the way to the office, basically throwing me into a chair as she begins to scream and rail on about what I had done in her classroom, and I started a fight, a I got what I had coming….


    It was pretty much like that every day until my family moved and I was once again in a “normal” school district… I was made to fight my way home nearly every day from that shit hole…. those assholes taught me I/we were different, they taught me the distrust and second nature I posses to this day. THEY, taught me I was hated and not welcomed… THEY, taught me “hate.”

    To this day, my Wife can’t possibly grasp or understand why I harbor the feelings I do… she admittedly, did not have to grow up around negros so she has a totally different frame of reference. I usually, jokingly tell her it’s for similar reasons I no longer care to be around horses, having grown up riding them and being bitten, bucked off, kicked or dragged under low hanging tree limbs enough to learn…I don’t like horse.

    She, has never had any experiences with “horses” either.

  11. F’kin hell!

    Fuck em eh? Half are probably deid already or in jail but…

    I’d track down every last one of them. A reverse “My Name Is Earl” scenario. Wreck their lives if possible. Tempt them into embezzlement other crimes etc etc. Be clever.

    “No one touches me with impunity.” In case you ask it’s a Scottish Regimental Motto.

  12. @ keep honkin’, im sorry about you experience with niggers, i had the same experience myself, niggers make racism everywhere they go, i got thrown into lockers, sat on, punched, slapped and called whiteboy too. and the niggers/ libtard teachers usually let it happen. they don’t want to deal with all that paperwork.

  13. @KeepHonking,

    I copied your comment and will be posting it on my blog tomorrow.

    I encourage anyone with such stories to post them in comments. We need to spread these stories around. Don’t underestimate the value of sharing our horror stories of racial desegregation. They have the potential to be mindweapons for us just as “Holocaust survivor stories” did for Jewish power.

  14. Kievsky

    Be my guest… feel free to correct any typos i missed. I was actually getting angry all over again and didn’t catch them all.

  15. Maxx,

    I used to live in DC, ages ago. We used to frequent Charm City all the time, to attend the Orioles games. (Earl Weaver RULED!) This was ages ago…..

    We restricted ourselves to “tourist areas”. I used to live the Multi Culti lifestyle, I palled around with actors, writers, artists and musicians. We used to go to the Inner Harbor for dinner, etc, but even then, a “handful” of “random” attacks were occurring, even in the tourist areas. Black on White, of course. ALL the “tolerant Liberal” artsy types I knew were WELL are of ghetto Negroes. Many were Southerners, so there was no cognitive dissonance, on this issue.

    I haven’t been back in Baltimore for years. I passed through approx 3 years ago. I’m sorry if I sounded unkind; I just took it for granted that ANY White in the region would be hip to racial reality. Gosh – even the “nice” Negroes knew back then were hip to the horrors of the Baltimore and EC ghetto trash.

  16. Denise: Concur, the Lutton video is much more depressing. Google “How Whites Took Over America” for an awesome and very funny antidote, or at least temporary depression killer. It hits all the wickets and is dead on accurate.

  17. P.S. – Truck Roy and his wife are darlings, Horus is skeery smart, and I LOVE Bobbie W. That man is too much fun! I LOVE him! He’s a devil. Way too much charm. He’s in his Sunset years – and he’s still a Charming Devil. The sparkle in his eye is still mega wattage! Yikes – if I had met him ages ago – he’d a ruined me for good!

  18. Denise: I was watching it a work today with my headphones on and laughing my ass off. One of my office mates told me that whatever I was laughing about I needed to share. I sent him the link. Hopefully there won’t be blowback, because I don’t think he like what he saw! LOL
    I’ve also been a very bad boy by skipping the diversity training. I told one of my office mates that diveristy meant no whites, so I would take my first step of furthing diversity by letting a vibrant person of color take my spot in the training! I hope I don’t get fired, but this shit is TOOOOOO fun.

  19. “Svigor says:
    April 6, 2012 at 9:21 pm
    The smell of negroes is so vulgar I can’t even explain.

    Stale Fritos.”

    No. Much worse than that. When you get up close – it’s like something’s tht’s bene rotting in the earth, for a long time.

    The first time I noticed this was when I was 13 years old, in a School Assembly, in Junior High. I and a few pals were seated behind a row of Negro males, in the school auditorium, They had picks, sticking out of their ‘Fros. That was the closest I’d ever been to Negroes, re: physical proximity, in my life. My friends and i noticed a weird, pungent, unpleasant odor. We were looking at each other quizically, sniffing the air, wondering what is WAS – and one of us realized, with horror, that is was the Negroes in front of us.

    That was my very first impression. I am very sensitve to smells. I know if a house has mold within 30 minutes. I now appreciate that the first impression was a blessing. I have not EVER wanted to get that close to Negro males again. I’ve only bene next to them, in that proximity, in subway trains, or trolley’s in Philadepia, but that’s it. (And I’ve caught that dreadful, repulsive scent again, in those settings) Even in social settings – I’ve literally kept my distance.


    I hope this is not too much information – but the scent of man’s skin is one of the things that draws me to him. My hubby smells GREAT! Not just after he’s showered – but his skin, all on it’s own. I loathe most colognes, and artifical scents. Good clean skin has a perfume all on it’s own.

  20. Wayne – tossing little wrenches into the system is….well – it’s irresistable. I’ve done things like that, too.

    I screwed up a diversity session, once, where I got called into my boss’s office. A female boss – but she was really cool. (Most female bosses are NIGHMARES. I say this AS a woman). I told her exactly what happened, regarding “the trouble” I caused, for the DiversityCrats. SHE got pissed. I won’t get into any details, but THEY violated a lot of company policies, regarding privacy issues.

    I also got the entire shipping/warehouse crew to become fans of the delightful cartoons of Tom Metzger. One guy started plastering the cartoons all over his car.

  21. Kievsky and ‘Keep Honkin’ — I understand your stories and I get them, etc etc (grew up in NYC in the 70s/80s — good freakin’ Lord!!).

    As for personal safety, some things I would recommend are: 1) never seem afraid, 2) talk over their heads conceptually, but calmly and rationally, so that they know you’re their superior, 3) never seem afraid, and 4) never seem afraid.

    I’m a very very white-looking 6-foot-two man, and though I’ve had to deal with crowds of rape-apes for a large part of my life (not so much lately) I have to tell you that not one of them has EVER put a finger on me. And it’s not because I’m a tough guy, because I’m not one. It’s because I know how to deal with them, just as a dog-trainer knows his dogs.

  22. I should expand on one particular point: “talk over their heads conceptually.”

    This needs to be done with a modicum of careful sophistication, or else it doesn’t work. If you just say, “shut up you feckin chimp I’m smarter than you” then of course it won’t work and you’ll get the worst of it unless you’re packin’. But if you say something like “that’s not a valid argument, a Lockean argument would make more sense, do you recall what the Lockean argument is?” it has the force of stunning them (I’ve done this in NYC trains many times — remember that to commit an act of violence they have to first explain to themselves that it’s OK for them to do it — if you obstruct that psychological permission then it gets harder for them to to.)

    So in this version of moral-intellectual judo, we attack the premise before it has a psychological chance to invite us.

    That’s enough for now. I’ll wait for the next commenter to call me a tool or an idiot.

  23. @Denise

    You really described THAT SMELL perfectly. I have only caught it a few times as I am rarely in close enough proximity to Negroes to experience their diverse olfactory offerings. I can remember smelling it three distinct times with three different blacks, yet the smell was always one and the same – twice standing near black co-workers and once in a college classroom. It caught me off-guard because otherwise these guys seemed fairly well groomed – not your typical ghetto garbage like @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, that you implicitly expect to offend every sense that you have.

    And in my experience, the stench is not constant; it only seemed to manifest itself in thankfully brief moments – but when it hit, it was like a punch in the gut. It was as you described: a pungent, rotting odor, like a mix of feces and sulfur. I can honestly say it is the MOST UNPLEASANT smell I’ve ever experienced – worse than a trashcan full of baby’s diapers, more offensive than a rotting fish on a hot boardwalk, more revolting than a backed up toilet in a dive bar mens room.

    The fact that there are some of our kind that actually fornicate with them and experience THAT SMELL up close for an extended period of time really highlights the masochistic pathology of mudsharking. Truly broken people, including miscegenation pioneer Stanley from Kansas.

  24. Dear “Keep Honkin’ I’m Reloading”,
    I just wanted to correct one thing in your letter. You refer to the victim seen in the video as “Jacobs” and “Mr. Parsons”. Both of these are incorrect. The victim’s name is not known publicly yet. However, the person who committed this crime’s name is Aaron Jacob Parsons. For more information see my website krashthrills.com.

  25. these negros must be deported to Africa. White America is fed up with these savages. How dare they touch a white man. They are less than human. Take em all out

  26. Oscar the Grinch – I am highly suspicious of oyu – but your post, oopn how to deal with Negroes, is prefect. I’d never call oyu a fool. I’m a 5’3″ White woman. I am baby-faced. For most of my adult life, I’ve looked like I was 12 years old.

    I’ve lived around Negroes for most of my adult life, and I’ve always been able to make them OBEY me. I dopn’t put up with their crap for one second. I’ve usually not had to get mean,either. Cause I can be REALLY mean.

    I never ever thought about it. I have a natural resistance to any-one I perceive as trying to push me around. They sense things on an animal level. I think that when some Negro started to act up – I just gave it RIGHT back – and they knew I meant it.

    Every-one knows the deep and abiding love I have for our Hebrew Friends. I attended university in Philadelphia, and I had a LOT of Jewish pals.(I didn’t kno thing about the Jew-Gentile parasitic relationship, whne I was a kid, fyi) I lived in Center City, when I was in college, and I used to travel to campus via subway. One semester, a dorm-mate and I would travel to class together. He was a great big blue-eyed blonde, from NYC. I knew he was a Jew; know I know he was a Khazar. We would dive int the early morning subway throng – a mob of Negroes. We had a favorite spot to board the train – at the end of the platform, This was due to the fact that the car would pull up right in front of our destinaton’s exit. We’d swoop right up the stairs.

    Anyway, he was probably 6’2″, or there-abouts. Big and broad. He lawyd wore black clothes, and usually a black, sweeping trenchcoat. Quite a striking figure, as his coattails swirled out behind him, and his mass of blonde curls bobbing atop his head. He’d cut right through that ocean of Negroes, like Moses parting the Black Sea. I would jog behind him. I was a sweet little girl (yes – I used to be a sweet little girl) from what he percieved as the “sticks” – and he was gonna teach me how to deal with “life in a Big City”. He was “protecting” me, his “little friend”, from all the Shvartzas – but really I was his Second Banana. He used swivel his head around, to bark out instructions, on how to deal with the Schvartzas. “(Insert real name) Do you know what “melanzana” means? It means “eggplant”. Black It’s what the Guineas call Niggers”

    He used racial slurs for EVERY-ONE! Hahahaha!!!!

    He had a loud, raspy New Yawk accent, and he’s boom everythnig out right over their heads. I’d be laughing so hard I could barely keep up with him.

    Not one of those beasts ever gave us one bit of trouble.

  27. L. Green,

    I don’t recall seeing your name before. Welcome to the OD, if I may be so presumptuous.

    That stench really is disconcerting, isn’t it? I’ve been around all types of people, in a variety of settings, including athletic events, after people have been sweating.

    I’ve never ever detected anythng like the Negro stench in any-one I’ve ever known. Even if that person needs to bathe. Unwashed humans, like those other items you mentioned, give off a “normal” bad smell. Does that make sense? Nothing like that Negro buck stench. And Negro females can smell just as ghastly.

    I knew one Negro male who did not give off that odor. A young White mudshark I knew, back in my multi-culti. The-at-eah days, was dating him. She was from a large, very straightlaced, affluent Catholic family, and her alliance with this Negro – who was not a bad fellow – was pretty much all about shocking an horrifying her family.

    He was from the South, and raised as a Baptist, by family of absolutely no-nonsense females. He was fairly bright, and a decent sort. He was fully aware of the destructive nature of most members of his Race. He really was. I’ve always known Negroes who sought the company of Whites, because they could not STAND other Negroes. He was obssessed with Da White Wimmez, though. He wanted to marry this girl. She dumped him when he got really insistent. AND when her family fnally accepted this guy. She was a strange girl. Very pretty, in a very geeky way. She was unhinged. The rest of her famiy was WONDERFUL. No indication of lunacy in any of them, including her brothers. They were initially horrified by her Negro BF. but they grudgingly began to accept him, over time. The Negro worked really really hard at adapting to White social mores. And did very well by doing so. The relationship played out over a few years. She was “broken”as you say. After she dumped this guy, she drifted off into a strange relationship with her older boss, and his WIFE. She broke all contact with our crowd (All college chums). She left the Negro to us. He had not been a member of our college group, but he became a member of our circle. (Had he given off that Negro stench – I’d never have spoken to him. I never got that physically close, though) He was genuinely devasted – for about a month. We’d console him. He began to hit on the other females in our group, to our dismay. VERY insistently.

    Ties were abruptly severed. We all became “too busy”. This was a super artsy “Liberal” crowd, who would have howled to the skies, in denunciations of any sort of “racism” – but when the rubber hit the road – NONE of the females wanted anything to do with this guy, once the mudshark girl disappeared.

    I’ve often wondered how White females can stand to touch Negroes. The Negro Stench put me off forever – but I’ve never found them to be physically attractive. And they are, for the most part, dreadfully BORING.

  28. i take my german sheperd and my steel toe boots when i go for a walk in oakland,ca.
    but a small firearm would be ideal.and when or if you feel threatened use it,like that wetsuit travon martin,punk,he a dead nikka now.

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