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  1. Hold on, let’s hold off judgement. The police say they can’t confirm if racial comments were made. It might have just been a case of mistaken identity.

  2. Cop was terrified of admitting what actually happened. Anybody says anything about black racism like to get their town Trayvoned.

  3. Sorry, but Travyon Martin was just an excuse for what has been going on since Nobama got elected.

    What pisses me off is that Whites are so damned meek about it.

    Most liberals will tell you that LBJ decided not to run for President again, because he was told by his advisors that his mismanagement of the Vietnam War had set the people against him.

    No, it was his Great Society followed by long, hot summers where feral Negros acted out. Humphrey was beaten by Richard Nixon, because he represented himself as a LAW AND ORDER CANDIDATE.

    I assure you that the reason why there is so much dissatisfaction with the Republican ticket by so many Whites is that CRIME is being ignored not only by the media but by the authorities. If a White candidate had wanted to distinguish himself by promising to restore REAL law and order, he would have already taken the Republican nomination.

  4. Interesting. Law n Order.

    Romney will likely have a superpac for thOse sorts of adverts. Obama gave him the Son comment.

    If I were Romney I’d have to decide if a surrogate does this or I’d own it myself.

    Personally I think he might borrow Blair’s formula.

    Tough on crime. Tough on the causes of crime. It’s just vague enough
    to mean he with crush Trayvons mercilessly. But a liberal sap might think he means funding midnight bakkaball.

  5. Pretty soon Romney should smoke out Obama’s “Inner Trayvon.”

    say stuff about his own sons. How proud he is of them, needle the President with a lack of potency and manhood. Obama has no sons but surrogate gangbangers. A man needs sons if he’s a man at all. Romney has five.

    He can pull W’ s old trick. Saying “I can take or leave the Presidency, I have my five sons to love and protect. I’d like to protect America’s sons but it’s all good.”

    I’d keep it up until the Trayvon in Chief goes apeshit.

  6. The Hell with Romney! He’s a Jew lapdog that is as Anti-White as the Nigger infesting the White House!

    Get you a gun or a big knife and get ready for some black death!

    Savages are TOO STUPID to reason with, they only UNDERSTAND FORCE!

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