Official: Romney Wins Nevada Caucus


Mitt Romney should win this one in another landslide.

Note: As with Richard Spencer and Matt Parrott, I can’t bring myself to detest Romney. His stance on immigration and remarks about the “very poor” resonate and have blunted a lot of animosity toward him.

It certainly helps that Al Sharpton attacks him every night on MSNBC for endorsing the Ryan plan which would cut over a trillion dollars in spending on “low-income households.” The Reverend Al thinks that cutting the EBT card is a political loser for the Republicans.

In The Forum: In 2011, there were 700 vicious bus attacks on three routes alone in Seattle including an attack on a pregnant teenager, a vicious assault on a White male teenager, and most recently an attack by the Black Undertow with a screwdriver.


  1. I don’t detest Romney for one simple thing unlike Bob Dole and ilk Mitt would push the NYTs editorial collective off a cliff to be president. Dole would throw himself if the NYTs promised “new found respect.”

    When he gets the nod the left is going to white guilt him with the “racist” lable expecting him to do a Dole in 96 routine. This is our chance to put the white guilt syndrome in a grave.

  2. Paul ain’t goin’ nowhere. Never mind his views, he’s just too old and his career is not presidentially substantial. But I guess it’s good that he sticks around and basically reads into the record a lot of conceptual stuff that should be discussed more widely yet isn’t, gee I wonder why.

    Gingrich is certainly entertaining, in a dancing-bear sort of way, but how anybody imagines he could defeat Obama is beyond me. I mean in an actual vote-gettin’ contest. In a debate, Newt would cream Barry, but he still wouldn’t win an election. Part of me wants to see him nominated just to watch that debate.

    Mitt could maybe possibly beat Obama in the general, but that debate won’t be any fun, he’ll just sort of try to out-tolerate Obama, it’ll be like that boring fight when Muhammad Ali tried to fight that kung-fu guy, and basically nothing happened.

    It’s a pity Paul Ryan isn’t running.

    “Romney/Anybody 2012!!”

    Campaign slogan: eh, what the f__k, it’s better than nuthin.

  3. Oddly enough, Mormons do have experience with being OTHER. As long as he diest get hustled or guilt tripped he’s probably going to fend well.

  4. Romney is going against illegal immigration- but not legal, which is a big problem too. You could attribute this to bravery on his part, and maybe there is a little. But he also knows this is a red-hot issue for primary voters, who for some reason are willing to forgive that weasel Gingrich for it, but he knows they wouldn’t forgive him.

    More importantly I think the establishment is turning against illegals. Unemployment is really bad, and working construction for $12 an hour is starting to look really good to a lot of people. State and local budgets, which have to be balanced, are getting sucked dry by expenses for illegals. Illegals have done wonderful things for the people in power, but now there are a few too many of them, and they aren’t loyal or dependable. The people in power are able to look down the road a few years and see a time when this mass of sullen non-English-speaking, and many even non-Spanish speaking mestizos and Indians are a threat to them, not just a threat to non-elite whites.

  5. “More importantly I think the establishment is turning against illegals. ”

    We could only hope, but that does not mean they don’t wish ill of us. Closing off mexican immigration to open up asian or african immigration(incidentally mexico’s demographics are played out anyway and they need a new source of cheap labor) does not help.

  6. HW, I agree with you and Parrott and Spencer on Romney. He is a New Englander and culturally he’s not one of my people. But I don’t hate him the way I do Gingrich or Santorum. They are far worse in my view. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not voting in the upcoming election. I voted for Paul in the primary and have found my vote over the last 13 years to be completely worthless. I don’t feel like wasting my time any longer. But as I say, I don’t hate Romney. He is what he is and his instincts alienate me far less than the other GOP candidates (minus Paul).

  7. As much as I love the South, I don’t really care for the Baby Boomer generation. My identification with the Confederacy and Southern heritage is based in large part on my hatred of BRA and the politicians like Newt Gingirch and George W. Bush who are the epitome of it.

  8. It’s all my fault. I taunt the Hebes, on various forums, with the facts that”

    1) Their Dark Pets will never do as much for them as the tamed down Whities do. And will attack and kill thme for fun – they don’t distinguish between White and a facsmile Khazar.

    2) They think they are using China – but China is using them. China will NOT put up with their nonsense, once Whitey’s gone.

    So they are running Romney. Perfectly. Every-one is OVER Negro Worship. Really – it’s DOA. Romney will win.

    Sorry. It’s all my fault.

    P.S – I’m still writing in Paul. And Romney will win. At least his wife looks human. She’s the real brains of that outfit. Cool. collected, “classy” and razorsharp. If she’s had little nips and tucks – it’s flawless work. I can’t see a seam anywhere (which is the key to plastic surgery). But I like Shirley Paul. She’d be a GREAT First Grammy! Shirley would make EVERY-ONE feel like everything is OK – here, dear – have another cookie. It’s OK. They’re good! I baked ’em fresh this morning. Shirley is what America REALLY needs.

    Rand Paul in 2016! (Cause America is still an economic Titanic. All that fiat debt. And the Kikenvermin are REALLY ramping it up for a go at Iran. )

  9. As we have moved through this election season with Rickroller Perry, The Cain Train, and now The Newtron Rebellion, you can visibly tell that the Tea Party has lost all the wind behind its sails and the South in particular has embarrassed itself before the nation.

    It happened at a time when the country was just getting over its George W. Bush hangover. I think a lot of people were scared into supporting the Yankee and spending the last several months watching Perry, Cain, and Gingrich on television.

    There was a brief moment that lasted from 2009 until 2011 when a lot of independent voters were so disgusted with Obama that the GOP base was able to briefly reinvent itself and surge to victory with the support of swing voters.

    It seemed like things were changing. The states made an effort to crackdown on immigration. There were a few candidates like Rand Paul that got elected who weren’t so bad.

    The illusion faded through in 2011 and has evaporated since October. The pivotal moment was when Perry surged in September and crashed and burned under scrutiny.

  10. There are still a lot of good people at the state level and a handful of standouts in Congress. There is nothing much else that can be said though for the American system.

  11. The GOP voters are voting for the Whitest looking candidate and the Whitest sounding candidate – that’s a good thing.

    Romney is clearly the best on immigration and the key is he and his handlers just listen to the GOP base.

    The Ron Paul Libertarian/Constitutionalist cult will always be around in some way – good chance RP will run 3rd party again like he did in 1988 when he won less than 1% of the popular vote.

    I hope everyone is aware of Ron Paul’s shameless pandering this week in Nevada – Hispandering big time and also looks like he is opening some pandering shots aimed at Jews, coming out as big fighter against White racist NAZIS who say bad things about illegal immigration, Muslim terrorists etc.

    Here’s the link to Ron Paul’s insane/treasonous comments about immigration. This should kill Ron Paul’s campaign, but it will probably limp along.

  12. Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Romney has 62 percent of the vote, Gingrich with 16 percent, Paul with 15 and Santorum at 7.

  13. I got the full video coverge of Ron Paul speaking to the Nevada Hispanic groups. It’s not as bad as I orginally thought, RP is actively pandering call us immigration control restrictionists NAZIS doing to Hispanics what the NAZIs did to the Jews. Instead, RP just comes off as a sincere old guy with a whiney voice talking endlessly about economics and how everything would be so much better with a better economy. OK, sure – but some other White guy has to lead our people, beat back the NW attacks, the NW immigration invasion.

    Here’s the full video:

  14. True.

    Of all the Republican candidates, Bachmann was the strongest on immigration. She might be a raving Israel firster neocon nutcase, but repulsing the Brown Tide and shutting down the invasion of Dixie by Hispanics must take precedence over every other issue.

  15. PalmettoPatriot,
    “[Romney] is a New Englander and culturally he’s not one of my people

    Romney is NOT a New Englander, even though he did end up in Massachusetts (as Bush did in Texas and Newt in Georgia). His ancestors were mostly (~60%) early converts to Mormonism from Britain.

    Romney’s Ethnic Ancestry Summary:
    40.6% England — Mostly Northwest England, partly W.Midlands.
    18.8% Scotland
    28.1% Colonial-Yankee
    12.5% North-German

  16. Denise: “So, Jack – you believe Mexican Mitt will really “get tough” on immigration? Really?

    Mitt Romney’s father was born in Chihuaha, Mexico on a Mormon colony in 1912. As a young boy of 7, he and his entire extended family expelled from their homes by one of the angry, anti-white Mexican revolutionary governments of the time. (See details here).

    Mitt Romney’s father was expelled from his very place of birth by anti-white radicals who speak Spanish. (And Mitt knows it: we all know how well Mormons know their own ancestral histories.)

    So, Denise, do you really believe Mitt will be slavishly pro-Hispanic, given this information about his own father whom he idealizes/idolizes?

  17. The issue is that gingrich is a hardcore neo-con whereas romney is just a politician trying to get elected.

    If it’s a two man race, I definitely am glad Romney is winning. That being said, our problems are systemic not merely a matter of personalities.

  18. It doesn’t matter what they say, they’re all
    – Israel first
    – pro bankster
    – pro immigration
    – pro offshoring
    if they weren’t they wouldn’t be getting the campaign funding.

    Paul is the partial exception in that he’s isn’t Israel-first or pro-bankster which is an improvement but he’s not pro-white. None of the candidates are pro-white. The least anti-white candidate will be the one the MSM calls “racist” the most often – which is Paul.

    The bigger question is which candidate would be the most pro-white unintentionally?

    1) Obama winning
    – simply by being a visual representation of Brazil II
    – driving YKW crazy by siding with the bruthas in Iran and Gaza
    2) Obama losing after one term followed by mass chimpout
    – this would point to whichever of the other candidates is most likely to beat him, Romney?
    3) Israel-firsters starting more wars hastening national bankruptcy and EBT day
    – all of the Republicans bar Paul
    4) The one that annoys the MSM the most and makes them foam at the mouth most with overt anti-white hatred
    – Paul

    So it seems to me
    1) Paul for annoying the MSM the most
    2) Obama for being the affirmative action descendent of African slavers
    3) Romney for being the Republican candidate most likely to beat Obama thereby possibly causing mega chimpout and bringing down the bankster republic by attacking Iran – or Pakistan or Finland or wherever.

    So it all seems about the same to me but Paul at least up until the nomination just to get the MSM as steamed up as possible.

  19. Mitt Romney’s father was one of the most anti-white politicians of his era. Do you think he will be any different from the one he idolizes?

  20. So, Denise, do you really believe Mitt will be slavishly pro-Hispanic, given this information about his own father whom he idealizes/idolizes?

    Right. Thanks for that info. It tells me that if Mitt rolls over for the immivasion lobby, it’ll only be with a very bad taste in his mouth. That’s a good thing.

  21. If Mexican Mitt does idolize his first class Nigger LOVER of a Daddums – then he’ll roll over for any Darky that crosses his path. So the mestizos booted Daddy – but he sure made up for the loss of one type of Orc, for another.

    Perhaps Obama would be a better choice.

  22. White Vote (90% of voters)
    57% Romney
    18% Paul
    19% Gingrich
    8% Santorum

    Nonwhite Vote (10%)
    All nonwhite groups were too Small to report, but we can extrapolate the aggregate Nonwhite total, based on the White Vote vs the Total Vote.

    Total Vote: ~55% Romney
    White Vote: 57% Romney

    This would imply that the Nonwhite Vote went only ~40% for Romney, by my math.

    Romney is seen as ‘The White Candidate’?

  23. To me, Obama would be the better choice because there is really no difference between him and Romney. Both will do the bidding of the Zionists, both are friends of the bankers and both are anti-white.

    Obama would polarize and bring more people to our side. Romney would lull the people back to sleep.

  24. Some of the Exit Poll numbers have slightly changed, I’d suppose because of new surveys coming in. New numbers:

    Total Vote: ~54% Romney
    White Vote: 55% Romney

    Maybe there is no story there after all. Taking the exit poll at face value is perhaps not wise, given margins of error. At precisely face value, though, the Nonwhite Vote would have gone only 40-50% for Romney, to knock him down a point.

  25. Hunter, you should be ashamed. Do you just buy into WILLARDs pandering or have you researched his past actions while he worked in government. HE LIES TO GET VOTES, most politicians do. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS RIGGED AND YOURE PLAYING YOUR ROLE, shill on shill.

  26. @Maxx, Orion14, and others-

    So what do you propose, exactly? Vote for the fucking nigger who, if re-elected, will interpret it as a MANDATE to see his current policies to their genocidal extremes? You all think that a second Obama term will guarantee the accelerated decline of the federal government, and an opportunity for–who knows what–secession, or some other hazy shit that has no support even now, among the most racially lucid of us. You think that four more Obama years will bankrupt the economy and hasten the fabled “chimp out”, thus thus starting a long overdue race-war..

    Well, what if that DOESN’T happen? What if you re-elect this freak, when he could have been refuted, and the nightmare that is modern America just continues. No collapse, no chimpout, just for more years of being dispossessed, mocked, cursed, and extorted- by a bunch of screeching Marxist ghouls and their Monkey King. You people talk about race-war? I got news for you: I’ve been in the middle of race-wars, fought in once-safe ordinary American streets, and as a young kid, in fact. And I say with dread certainty that WHITE PEOPLE AREN’T READY. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

    You wonder why white people are so thoroughly fucked these days? There it is. A perfectly viable alternative to what has been no less than a tragic, scarring of this country, and like a bunch of rotten, spoiled little children, you won’t accept the chance you’re being given. “I don’t like him”, “They’re both the same”, “He’s a Yankee”, “He won’t buy me a pony”… For Christ’s sake, there is NO SUCH THING as the “perfect candidate”. Forgive me for assuming that adults would realize that. Sometimes in life, you just don’t have a choice; you make the best of what you got. You don’t just knock everything over and run home because you can’t get your way.

    Romney isn’t perfect. I would hardly even call him ideal. But if you think, even for a second, that Obama is somehow better in the “long run”…? Well, then, fuck it. Everything comes to end eventually I suppose. Nations, races, civilizations. Why should we be any different, right?

    Rant over.

  27. This is the 1st I’ve heard about Romney’s comment regarding the poor. It’s a very interesting statement 1) Maybe this comment really means he’s had enough of welfare etc. 2) The left really means negros, mexcians and single moms when they go on and on about helping the poor. Maybe the comment is an indication Romney is for the White man even if he won’t say so out right.

    On the other hand… he seems like another DWL to me. I doubt his father being expelled from mexico matters much. The one things DWL’s seem to be good at is excusing wrongs done to them by non-Whites. Heck they might just blame the expulsion on themselves/ White folks

    I’d never vote for Bachmann. The Bible is very clear on the role of women and my experience with the creatures is not good. I can’t think of more dysfunctional, liberal group of humans than White women. The “I’m not a feminist” yet still is a feminist evangelical White women might just be the most dysfunctional out of the whole dysfunctional group. There are always exceptions to the rule, but I wouldn’t take the chance. God says he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. What Bachmann and her type don’t realize is the jews of today follow the talmud and not Scripture. By default not the Israel of God

    Events will be as they will be. Doesn’t matter what happens or who the president is, it’s up to us to make the best of each event for us and our race

  28. When I hear the “Anybody but Obama” (as long as he’s white) rants, what I hear is someone that is holding out hope against hope that we can somehow reform or “conserve” the present system. They really do believe that because someone who is White is in charge, everything will be okay again. If anyone thinks that Romney will somehow reverse the disaster that has befallen this country, then well, fuck it, civilizations fall, nations die, races become extinct.

    What we really need is more NDAA, more laws passed to restrict our freedom, more efforts to restrict guns and so forth. Romney already has said he supports these things and because he’s “our guy”, there won’t be half the protests we’ve seen with Obama doing it.

    We don’t need a White man doing our enemy’s bidding, we need the enemy in full view. Obama is that guy.

  29. Having “the enemy in full view” is only useful if you take advantage of that situation to lay the moral, intellectual, and political foundations for constructive opposition, and bring a majority onside because you have persuaded them you are right.

    Griping on the internet is only step one. It’s useful, at least because it helps the gripers realize that no, they’re not hallucinating and no, they’re not alone. But without all the other steps that follow, it’s just griping on the internet.

    Tom Paine wrote that very useful little book, but without a Continental Congress, etc etc…

  30. 313 Chris – I do concurr with your POV. Some one else noted that the next Prez makes Supreme nominations. We must remember this at all times. Look what Obama installed in the Highest court. 2 Jew dykes (Soto IS a Crypto). Aye Carrumba!

    You are right. Most Whites are still CLUELESS. Any White Prez- even Fat Toad of Satan Newt would give us breathing room. I ran into a local candidate tonight, at the local shopping center. He was out doing preliminary local campaigning. He’s trying to get on the ballot. I’m registered GOP. He’s a Dem. He’s a decent guy. I can’t help him get on the ballot – but I may as well vote for him. He’s no worse than the GOP hacks my Party backed (Oh my lord I’d love to tell you what happened here, in the last local elections – but I’d be drawing a map to my house, if I did. ) We were chitchating; he asked me who I wanted as GOP. I roundly called for RP. OF COURSE. He looked surprised; he said that is who he is voting for. We touched Constitutional issues, for 5 seconds, but I launched into full out WH mode. (I’m doing it more and more lately. ) I told him that the USA couldn’t stand that GD’d Commie Nigger for one more term (his eyes bugged out, and some Nice White Mommy, on a cell phone, nearby, heard me and turned around. i just smiled. ). I continued – “The bloody Nigs in Philadelphia are going NUTS. They are attacking Whites all over the city. Totally out of control. Mayor Nutbag is running his mouth – but nothing will happen…and now they are moving the Nogs up here, with Section 8 Housing gimmees. Watch the crime shoot up like MAD”…the Local Candidate had this really weird expression on his face. He was shocked – but not horrified. He looked…curious. Like he was hearing some-one SAY something (in full Theatrical Thea-tuh Projection to the last row of the cheap seats in balcony mode) he knew about and…thought…but hasn’t heard some-one really SAY in a long long time….

    He started to ask me a question, and then a local guy who could get him on the ballot sauntered by. so he scampered off. I was running errands, and he was still chatting with the local guy as I passed him again, on my way out. He and the local guy were perfectly friendly, and we waved bye bye at each other.

    They are nowhere near ready for RaHoWa. Like you said, Chris – not even close. Every-one “…just wants a nice life”. They want things to get back to normal. They DO not comprehend that they will have to FIGHT for “normal” no matter what – and it’s gonna be a long hard slog.

    Chris – deal with all kinds of people in my daily life. Niggers have been INSUFFERABLE, in daily interactions, ever since their Monkey King was installed in the Whore House (I am totally stealing that term. I’m laughing as I type [it] – so THANKS!!!). When the Monkey King gets booted – the chimp out will be magnificent! Whites are starting to see the truth about Nigs. They just don’t know what to do about them (and that’s our job. Giving instructions)

    If he stays – then full on Open Season on Whitey starts for real. We BECOME South Africa.

  31. Sometimes you have to back people up against the wall before they will fight. We are almost at that point now. And you’re right Oscar, it will be for nothing unless we take full advantage of it. Just my personal experience, but I have found people more receptive to our message with Obama in office than ever before. This wouldn’t have happened if the negroes were still on the sidelines or in the back offices like Holder, directing such government actions as the Waco slaughter.

    The lunatics are running the asylum. There will be a reaction, but it’s not going to be through the ballot box, as much as some of desperately hope for.

  32. Chris,
    “So what do you propose, exactly?”

    Focus on local and state where it’s possible for good people to win without big money. At the national level it’s decided by big money and all the (active) big money is all anti-white so any viable candidate will be anti-white too.

    At the national level i’d choose on the basis of who i think would be the most unintentionally pro-white. So
    – Romney (or whoever you think is most likely to beat Obama) if you think the possibility of a chimpout and the economic blowback of an attack on Iran will do the most damage
    – Obama if you think four more years will do the most damage
    – Paul if you can’t stomach either
    just don’t think any of these people are on your side because they’re not – just look at who they get their funding from. Those are the people they serve not the voters.

  33. Denise wrote, “They think they are using China — but China is using them. China will NOT put up with their nonsense, once Whitey’s gone.” Jews are self-deluded parasites who believe their own propaganda. If the U.S.A. and Europe become niggerized and Moslemized, then China will rule the world. Whites who are pro-White perhaps should flee to Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile and then wait to see what kind of deal the Chinese will give them.

    Many listeners, perhaps even a majority, still believe that somehow, when the White public becomes sufficiently exasperated, we can vote ourselves out of our problems. When I have said that the whole democratic process is merely a sham, an illusion, they haven’t believed me. … most intellectuals, just like most Joe Sixpacks, are lemmings. Democracy and Propaganda– Free Speech
    Think about “Bonanza” and “Star Trek” during the 1960s. Of the 4 actors portraying the Cartwrights, one was a Jew and another was a half-Jew. Of the 3 leading actors on “Star Trek”, 2 were Jews. “Bonanza” and “Star Trek” were more Jewish than the U.S. Supreme Court is now.

  34. 313 Chris- Romney isn’t perfect. I would hardly even call him ideal. But if you think, even for a second, that Obama is somehow better in the “long run”…? Well, then, fuck it. Everything comes to end eventually I suppose. Nations, races, civilizations. Why should we be any different, right?

    Orion14- We don’t need a White man doing our enemy’s bidding, we need the enemy in full view. Obama is that guy.

    Denise- “They are nowhere near ready for RaHoWa. Like you said, Chris – not even close. Every-one “…just wants a nice life”. They want things to get back to normal. They DO not comprehend that they will have to FIGHT for “normal” no matter what – and it’s gonna be a long hard slog.

    Y’all are saying the same thing, but from different POV’s. God is DAMNING the USA, because we have said (remember “Rev. Wright”) G-D America. First, by legalizing abortion, next by legitimizing non-Adamics (read, non-Whites) in a land covenanted “…for US and OUR Posterity,” we’ve now legitimized Bastard children of Commie Whores as The Monkey King, now installed in the Whore House; and it is he/it that has legitimized Sodomy as normative via repeal of DADT, etc.

    We deserve the wrath of God- and, what is even sadder- our clergy are right up there as the primary recipients of that Divine Wrath, for their Hispandering, (RC’s worshiping ex-Maya/Aztec/Inca cannibals as ‘the immigrant in our midst’- anathema sit, Whore of Babylon!) the Prot’s Multicultural Ebony God IDOL worship (Cambria’s blog is head and shoulders above any other, in pointing this fact out) and the still moderately aware Whites, desiring a Polygamous CULTIST as THEIR ‘IDOL’!

    We are ‘rie unto destruction’ and everywhere, everyone is saying ‘Peace, Peace… where there IS NO PEACE.’ – Just like in the olden Times, when the Nation of God was TAKEN FROM THEIR LAND, and it was GIVEN UNTO THE HEATHEN.

    Augustine never could have envisioned this. He saw Rome destroyed, and thought it was the end of the world. But the WHITE Hordes of ‘Pagan’s soon became Christendom, and the promises of Hebrews 8:8-13, nor have we seen the days of Hebrews 12:4… YET.

    Now, we have the TRUE ‘Sons of Satan’ [John 8:44] and the ‘chay of the field’ as their minions (think of Sauron, his Orcs, and the Uruk Hai, and you pretty much have it).
    This is the ‘Great Tribulation’ such as the world has never seen, nay, nor will again.

    There is no place for the White Men to conquer anymore. There is (effectively) no place for the White Man to hide- no ‘Hiding Place’ – except Christ. For while the Germans may have reverted to Paganism, they still were Adam’s seed. As to the others, they never were, never will be, and ‘they know that their time is short.’

    Voting for A Mormon will not save us. We had better either prepare for Armageddon in our own ‘green and pleasant land’ or ‘flee unto the hills.’ There is no other option open unto us.

  35. Don’t be fooled by Romney. He is anti-White to the core. His connections to Wall Street and big money Jews are well known. He was so desperate in 2008 to prove he is not a racist he lied about his father George Romney marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. Although George Romney was indeed a big supporter of MLK and a champion of BRA during that era, Mitt Romney did not see his father march with King. That claim was a lie. Romney’s stance on illegal immigration can’t be taken seriously for this reason. Romney has a well established and documented record of flip flops, waffles, equivocations and lies about his positions.

    I don’t hate him, but this is the reality. Given that a Jew recently attacked Romney and his family in the Jew York Times for being too White, I’m actually temptated to support him. But that’s a gut reaction driven more by a hope and wish that this sharp White man will help Whites than credible evidence he will actually do so. There is no credible evidence that Romney will do more for Whites than Barack Obama.

  36. I voted for McCain because of the Supreme Court and lower court appointments. Now we have Sotomayor and Kagan. I don’t detest Romney at all. But I’m grasping at straws this time around to find a reason to vote for the Party.

    Off topic. Just finished a driving trip through the South to southern Florida and back. Hunter, I think you’re right on in the idea of starting the ethnostate in the place where the heritage for one already exists. And I know you say you can “handle” your blacks. But man the South is INUNDATED with black people. Darker than the darkest blacks of Africa. I hear where you are coming from, but man, you’ve got to get out of there. It’s easy to talk (like I do) about how DWLs are far worse than blacks when you haven’t seen more than a handful of blacks in a decade. But after seeing the Southern States of Africa I have to say if you are white and living down there you are screwed and you don’t know what you are missing. Compared to the South, Montana might as well ALREADY be a white ethnostate.

    I don’t know man. The Southern ethnostate is a suicide mission. I’m going home to my already white Montana. DWLs and all. At least a DWL isn’t going to carjack you and rape your wife.

  37. There are two issues where there are real differences between the parties that are relevant to Whites: gun rights and court appointments. The Republicans are much better on both counts. Supporting Romney because of these two issues alone probably makes some sense.

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