Romney As Bateman

South Carolina

H/T CofCC.

Mitt Romney gives a struggling African-American woman $50 dollars on the campaign trail and gets attacked by MSNBC for being a patronizing White racist. Meanwhile, The New York Times attacks Romney for being “the whitest white man to run for president in recent memory.”

Excellent! Now you know where the Left is coming from.

Note: This is just another illustrative example of BRA’s racial etiquette where whiteness has become an accusation. SBPDL asks “What’s that about no Disney World in a Segregated Florida, Mr. Jesse Jackson?”

As for Corey Meyer, this website and others of its genre dwarf their entire network in terms of readership. No one really wants to spend their leisure time listening to a bunch of effeminate liberals spout politically correct bullshit.

Who wants to listen to Brooks’ sanctimonious preaching? Except for lulz?


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14 Responses to Romney As Bateman

  1. John says:

    As Patrick Bateman?

  2. Yeah, the Romney as Patrick Bateman meme is being pushed real hard.

  3. John says:

    Bateman is probably the most interesting character created in American lit since Yossarian in Catch22.

  4. Chris says:

    Romney is leading in South Carolina polls with 33%. He’s also ahead of Rick Perry in Perry’s home state of Texas. I imagine Santorum will drop out after Saturday’s contest. Perry will likely follow sometime next week. Gingrich will stick around and throw daggers, since he’s probably being funded by some Democrats, until Super Tuesday. Then, expect the GOP leadership to approach him and tell him to let it go.

    So it’ll be “The Whitest White Man in History” vs. the shit-colored, crack-smoking, closet-faggot, foreign-born commie nigger. Storm clouds are building, folks. I am liking this…

  5. Panel = 2 Nigresses, one Octaroon, and two SWPLs. Sez all. Romney? The election? White Shabbatz Goy vs. Black Shabbatz Goy. Invest in lead.

  6. FedUp says:

    “Excellent! Now you know where the Left is coming from.”

    Anti-Racist is a code word for anti-White.

  7. Denise says:

    This is excellent! The “media” is so out of control, in hatred against Whites, that evne the thickest Whites are beginning to clue in.

    Romney is beig likened to Patrick Bateman. Geez Louise – if only. I’m really impressed with Romney’s general dullardness. How did get get where he got? He doesn’t seem that bright.

  8. Fr. John+ says:

    “So it’ll be “The Whitest White Man in History” vs. the shit-colored, crack-smoking, closet-faggot, foreign-born commie nigger. Storm clouds are building, folks. I am liking this…”

    So, tell us what you REALLY think.


  9. John says:

    Of course Romney shouldn’t have given her money–because it’s a waste to so.

    He’s basically a nice go along to get along type. Very tame. He’s a pet. As Enoch Powell said “the black man [or woman] has the whip hand now”. He’s not going to win if black commentators are given these free potshots at him. He can’t respond. So he’s doomed.

    Powell once said he wished he had died in World War II– So that he didn’t have to witness the decline of his nation. Maybe he was onto something.

    I sometimes wonder if he will be viewed as a prophet by English speaking peoples.

  10. stonelifter says:

    for the record, I’d love to be called the Whitest White man in history.

  11. John Thomas says:

    Look on google search: Kissinger says Jeb Bush to be next President? Is this bull crap or what?

  12. John Thomas says:


  13. Denise says:

    Sometimes I think the White Race deserves to die off. Not all of us, of course – but thsoe us us that do appreciate our abilities, our history, and each other are very few and far between, and are being dragged down into oblivion by the MASSES of Whites who are so niave they can be wholy conned by MEDIA – and who would stab any one of us in the neck, to “prove” their “tolerance”.

    We have overall higher group intelligence than most Darkies – yet their population numbers are exploding. We are disappearing. Most Whites would rather DIE and be called a racist. Names do apparently kill Whites – with their full complicity.

    Don’t mistake me – I’m merely opining. I have no intention of giving up or giving in. I’ll fight as long as I’m alive, in any way I can. But we seem to have lost the ability to do what the most simple life form does – fight to live.

    So I’ll live as best I can. The one consolation I do have is that once Whites are gone – all every-one will have left is each other. The other populations will collapse once Whitey’s gone. It’s gonna be UGLY. But life itself will go on.

  14. Jef says:

    When Republicans don’t help black people they’re racist. When Republicans do help black people they’re racist.

    So what’s the lesson here, Republicans? If the game is rigged don’t play!

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