Updated: Ocala Bus Beating


H/T CofCC.

Update: It turns out there have been two attacks on White students on this bus in Ocala. The first fight happened last November.

Here is some video that sheds some fresh light on the Ocala Bus Beating (Larry Auster blogged the story) from a few days ago. The Black Undertow “accidentally” beat a 14-year-old White girl unconscious until she had a seizure.

The latest Quinnipac poll has BRA’s president with a 54 to 42 percent disapproval rating in Florida and losing to Mittster by 3 points. Romney has a 21 point advantage with White voters.

Note: This website needs to be redesigned to include a microblog just for these short and snappy video threads. In related news, it turns out that Head Start was another colossal “progressive” failure like integration.

  • Lone Wolf …Lone Wolf….Lone Wolf…….White Vigilante Strikes Backl!!!!!! Why put kids thru this….Home Schooling is answer! This problem exist all over USA. The big Metro Cities are not meant for Whites……. Cainites rule all the cities…..

  • JW

    For your readers who might be interested, here is a link to the official 35-page executive summary of the federal Head Start Impact Study issued in January 2010. It’s been public for a year.


  • John,

    Please cut out the lone wolf stuff here. The last thing we need is to get shutdown by some whining faggot.

  • Hunter: Ok, will stop th e Lone Wolf Stuff and let Terrible Tommy be the man.

  • RobRoySimmons

    Good call on the lone wolf stuff HW, let those kind go back to their gun forums and contemplate ballistics endlessly. I know those types, blustering big mouths, but nearly childlike when a scruffy campus marxist type calls them “racist.”

    Its not their fault for the most part since the conservative leaders use them when they need a war to promote then they allow the gun cultists out of their chains to intimidate the scruffy campus marxists, then the war loses popularity and the CONservative leaders abandon them, rinse, repeat.

  • RobRoySimmons

    One thing to keep in mind as I have found on many occasions is that the non-White anti-Whites are stone cold psychopaths. With that in mind I’m sure the DWLs have figured this out, but what kind of terror must go thru a DWL’s mind for having them as political/social allies?

    What I’m getting at is how long can the BRA coalition hold together? Is that even a legitimate question?

  • Douglas

    If a black attacked and killed your loved one, would you attack with brutal violence? I would attempt to destroy as many as possible in retaliation.

    Our focus should be against the elite people who are bringing this upon us. We need to identify be name those elites just as you have been doing. We must forego holding the high ground and meet brutal violence with the same or much more.

  • Less IQ than a Jew

    Have WNs made an all-out challenge to the very existence of public schools on Constitutional grounds? I claim that public schools for students under the age of 18 are a violation of church/state separation, because a public school must teach something about religion: either one particular religion, or some kind of atheistic/agnostic toleration of many particular religions. Another idea is to hammer away at the public schools on many particular points: Vegetarianism in the cafeteria is mandatory because of Hindooism. If Christmas is an official holiday, then there should be 100 official religious holidays. Arabic is the holy language of Islam – therefore Arabic must be on equal footing with English. … and so on.

  • jack ryan

    Less IQ than a Jew says:

    “Have WNs made an all-out challenge to the very existence of public schools on Constitutional grounds?”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I suggest people stop wasting too much time engaging in Constitutional Libertarian fantasies. America isn’t going to get rid of public schools. Poor people in cities want free schools. Regular citizens want teen age people off the streets – if only to be baby sat in public schools. This idea of letting everyone do whatever they want to do, let poor, NW parents educate their children whatever way, or no way they want and letting “the market decide” outcomes, well that’s Somalia for the Black underclass. We have to live in reality and make the best of the situation where we live and reality really isn’t that bad. If you are in a rough, NW city – find some private school to support where White students can go and not get beat up and don’t tell too many people about this good, safe private school or it will get taken over, same as my private school was taken over – tuition is now ~~ $25,000 a year and Obama and Rahm Emanuel send their children to this school, it’s PC to the max.

  • Jackson

    The wrapper on this news report is a lot more useful than the one on yesterday’s video that had the stars of David floating above the fireplace and some 60 year old man ranting about the Jews. These videos do the most good when you can mail them around to the unawakened – you can do that with a straight new report, not so much with 20 year old National Alliance stuff pasted on the front and back. The sort of hip hop branding with English trip-hop kind splits the difference.

  • If we could identify a handful of basic principles that defines what we are about, there would be less infighting and we would have greater appeal to the public. Instead, WN is overrun by people who hold back their own cause.

    This blog has made more progress in the last year and a half than in the previous three years. By seceding from the movement, we have begun to rethink everything and attack the problem from a fresh angles.

  • rjp

    America isn’t going to get rid of public schools. Poor people in cities want free schools.

    America will get rid of public schools and already has begun. They’re called Magnet Schools. I see this as progress. Give the blacks what they want, let them have their own schools. Then whites can do the same. But do it with the aim at getting out of education, give them 60-75% of the current cost per pupil and give them free use of current properties with maitainence their responsibility. Then the states are left with only the worst. The black magnet schools will fail (and end up looking like buildings in Detroit) but so what everything they publish about their current so-called successes is lies.

    As for this instance of violence and all of them … I think it is safe to say that every white kid in America know you don’t walk up to a pack of feral niggers and hurl the word unless you got a lot of back up. It’s the new Race Card.

    I like how this girl, that has the speaking ability of a second or third grade white kid, stomped on the other girl’s head by “aXident”.

    And I too like the song:
    Vandals: Get Down With The Mantra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lUMz7WnKII&feature=related

  • Jane

    rjp, one would like to pursue “benign neglect” for the inner city schools, but at least in two cases, the judges and politicians won’t allow it. Or to paraphrase the Trotsky quote, suburban whitey may not be interested in the ghetto schools, but the ghetto schools are interested in suburban whitey. A federal judge is forcing consolidation of of the Memphis school district with those of beautiful suburban towns in Shelby County like Germantown and Collierville. http://tinyurl.com/bw74lh4 Say bye bye to those towns. The same thing is happening in Kansas City, where a couple of decades ago a federal judge appointed himself schools czar and forced massive (1 to 2 billion dollar) taxation and investment in KC, Mo. ghetto schools. After a cool two billion and twenty years later, the schools have gone Congo. So now the ghetto inhabitants are going to be bussed to the suburbs. I expect this to be repeated all across the US.

  • DR

    No, no, no, no, no….. Your not thinking about the public school issue correctly. Anyone whose politics are based in simplistic “libertarian” fantasy needs a swift wake-up call. The reality is always more complicated and they will use your simple notions against you, guaranteed.

    Getting rid of public schools is NOT the solution and it WILL work to further marginalize your kids, due to the fact that you will have zero education options that aren’t government influenced. Therefore, your kids will have no government free alternate education options, other than home schooling, as they do now.

    How does the paradox of getting rid of public schools to increase government influence work? Because ALL schools that accept vouchers are required to meet government curriculum standards, inclusive of multi-cultural education and the dumbed down curriculum that your kids can now avoid should you be able to save enough to send them to a government-free private school. Now, you have a choice. If public schools are eliminated, you will only have one choice: private schools funded through government tuition stipends. Don’t fall for it.

  • Dixiegirl

    @ Getting rid of public schools is NOT the solution and it WILL work to further marginalize your kids, due to the fact that you will have zero education options that aren’t government influenced. Therefore, your kids will have no government free alternate education options, other than home schooling, as they do now….

    The people around me who homeschool are almost categorical public employees (pretty hypocritical). They bleed the public dry, then use the money to “homeschool.” Since they, themselves, are public school (and often the children of people who in turn lived off the tax payers), they are usually seemingly just giving their kids a more “precious” version of the public schools.

    The kids will probably turn out like public school mentality on steroids. The parents can only teach what they, themselves, learned.

    You do get to monitor them 24-7, so less chance of violence in the classroom. That seems the main plus. Otherwise, most states now monitor quite a bit (test, etc.) And the school books are ones people use through ‘networking’ systems.

    It’s nothing like what it probably was in the beginning, and at least around where I am, it isn’t doing what many people seem to think it does.

    It’s sort of a status thing, with some people (the way private schools used to be), and they “brag” about giving this to their kids— but their politics are no different from the average neo-con, which you can get in public schools.