The Belgian Congo: A Civilization Destroyed By The Black Undertow

In a century, the Belgian Congo was lifted from cannibalism to skyscrapers and automobiles. In half a century, it has returned to the jungle.

Feast your eyes on this: a photo gallery of an entire civilization destroyed by the Black Undertow and transformed by freedom, equality, and democracy – which result in climate change and structural inequality – from a prosperous and pacified country into the biggest hellhole on earth.

Several years ago, I remember reading about how the copper thieves systematically tore down power lines and other infrastructure in Katanga Province following independence from Belgium. The infrastructure of the Congo was literally cannibalized in the same way that a Black Undertow based salvage economy is emerging in cities like Detroit in the United States.

The U.N. intervened and launched air strikes on the Whites in Katanga who were attempting to secede from black controlled central government in Leopoldville. Freedom failed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Note: The Africanization of the Congo (or Haiti or Zimbabwe or Clayton County or Detroit) is what happens when liberals like Brooks D. Simpson and James Epperson get their way. Civilization inexorably plunges into decline.

As the formerly prosperous plantations and cities fall into ruin and neglect and are overwhelmed by the darkness of African ignorance and tropical vegetation, the Yankee is left standing over the ruins of civilization, beating his chest with pious lectures about “progress” and the wickedness of “racism,” as reality stands as an irrefutable monument to the genius of segregation and the folly of universal equality.


  1. White nationalism only strengthens Bolshevism. Your movement is dead unless you find a way to prove that you are not supremacist by waiving your rights to the wealth of the third world and provide appropriate reparations. You are already providing the latter courtesy of the Bolsheviks distributing your tax money to the poorest migrants in the world who roam your cities, jobless because you broke their souls.

  2. Of course not, you broke their humble livelihood. You brought communism upon yourselves. Had you educated the Blacks when you entered their lands , they would have been able to “get the money rolling”, you did not do so.

    The British did attempt to civilize India and that is why today you can’t speak of the Indians as you so candidly speak of the Africans.

    You pose an interesting question: having a “functioning” society vs freedom.

    I think most of us prefer freedom. This is why racial supremacy is dead and the more you push it, the more Bolshevism and police state you will create.

  3. Piss off you Orc. Europeans improve EVERYTHING – except Nigger beasts. GET off the White Man’s computer, and out of my world.

  4. Not when it’s not your land. You need to understand this, the moment you trespassed into Africa, South Asia, the ME or Latin America and decided to pillage and enslave the people, you lost your right to freedom. As simple as that.
    You can still buy back your freedom by getting the heck out of those countries and renouncing to their natural resources, reparations are also on the table.
    You are your worst enemy. You fail to understand that there are millions of people who are intelligent enough to decipher your schemes and will inevitably react to your subtle moves towards abuse of power. The faster you learn this, the more peace there will be in the world.

  5. This is OUR land. And I think you are confusing Jews with Whites, Your problem is JEWs. FYI – Africans kidnapped THOUSANDS of Europeans for centuries. Where are MY reparations? Fuck off, parasite.

  6. I’ve been reading about those theories for some months now and I have found no indication that the non Jewish European was not the overwhelming force behind slavery.
    As far as natural resource exploitation, it has been the European. The Spanish, British, the Belgians, the Italians, French, Dutch, Germans who went into the South with the intention to pillage.
    They then proceeded to instill laws of miscegenation so that the wealth was never transferred, even by blood.
    You lazy separatists can live by yourselves but it will have to be like the Mennonites, a sustainable life of farming and limited electricity as you will have to live without natural resources. Work will make you free

  7. You are the ones bringing in the most uneducated people from the developing world. You think colored people are beasts because that is what the Bolsheviks have taken into your countries. Black doctors and lawyers need not apply.
    You created Bolshevism the moment you trespassed the Southern Hemisphere lands and enslaved the natives.
    Racial supremacy feeds Bolshevism and communism. You’re bringing this upon yourselves. You cannot expel the people you pillaged. The saddest part is that you won’t get the Latin American scientists or African Doctors. You will get the most destitute from those lands and they will be indoctrinated by the Bolsheviks. You are destroying our world. You represent the original sin

  8. You’ve had your reparations. You’ve lived off of welfare for generations. I highly doubt you are a productive citizen. You’re probably upset because you no longer go to an all white school or live in an all white neighborhood or buy the same amount of food with your food stamp quota as your single mother used to be able to. That’s all, you think that yours kin color entitles you to my tax money and to the resources of the world you pillaged.

  9. I’m pretty well versed in matters of race so no, I’m not confused.
    As a matter of fact, if you tell me more about your lineage, I could probably explain to you why you would’ve been considered part of the servant class had your predecessors not migrated. Not all Celts were created equal.

  10. You wish you would’ve been raised by responsible and educated parents who should’ve explained you that racial supremacy is a cancer whose side effect is communism, yet another cancer.

  11. ‘The saddest part is that you won’t get the Latin American scientists or African Doctors. ‘

    How would the Western world get by without them?

    Take a hike.

  12. You don’t understand the nature of that statement because you have a rather limited mental capacity that only allows you to analyze complex problems in a superficial way.
    Here’s the deal. Colonial economies invaded other lands, pillaged their resources and raped their people. It is just fair that those people partake in the riches generated from their land. I think any honest and ethical person would agree with this statement. Immigration is one way to share.
    The question is, who would adapt better and create a more peaceful environment in the host country? The professional, of course. The professional, if allowed to flourish, would invalidate the racial supremacy assumptions that his people has a lower IQ. When races are equal in education and income, they don’t have the “need” to blend with others, and if they do so, they would do so out of love more than need. This will, in the end, allow you to finally obtain your independence and allow you to live separately in much better terms than you are being able to at this moment. This would negate the need for Bolshevism.
    In other words, whether you can live or not with African Doctors or Latin American Engineers is of no consequence.
    My statement has implicationswhich transcend your limited view of this complex problem.
    Racial supremacy engenders Bolshevism. Bolshevism brings the most destitute from the undeveloped lands and rubs them in your face.

  13. Her’s the deal.

    Negros are not needed for civilizations to flourish.

    In fact, they are to humanity what Ebola is to flesh.

    If not for whites YOU would be digging for grubs and pulling lice out of your nappy hair.

  14. You still don’t understand. You have no leverage any more if you continue with your exclusionary (DNA based) theories. It’s the world against you.
    We’re heading towards a world with less freedoms because of what the colonial economies did and because people like you don’t want to be held accountable. This is not about whether “whites” accomplished more or not. I think we all agree that it is the Europeans and Asians who have contributed mostly on our modern era.
    The issue here is that if you don’t share the riches stolen with those who were victimized you will lead us into a very dangerous world.

    You were probably educated in a small village or in a mediocre school district and chose the – basic – academic track so I understand if this is hard to digest but you still need to make the effort.
    Colonial economies stole valuable goods and broke the people who owned those goods. When you advocate for their expulsion or worse, you become the lowest form of human being. This is why it’s so important to focus on those who can contribute.
    That might be a challenge because that would mean more competition for you and less government goodies for your family but still the only way forward

  15. I never heard of Moon Man till a couple days ago. Whoever does these vids they are hilarious #6GagillionTears

  16. Nobody needs to be punished. Whites pillaged most of this wealth you mention though and thus there needs to be some sort of payment.
    No punishment, payment.
    By the way, it was not all whites who created that wealth, not even all or most protestants. It was a small minority whose back you want to use to piggyback yourself and claim an unearned glory. You have not written a book, or invented a new ideology. You’re just a vulgar hater with no solution on hand other than the exclusion and enslavement of 90% of the world population. You are as guilty as the Bolsheviks of dragging us towards the police state. Heck, some of you are Bolsheviks yourselves.

  17. It’s more complicated than that. The original sin was when the European pillaged from and enslaved the colored people. That was it. Don’t look any further

  18. White supremacists are the worst enemies of the European races. They make the argument for Bolshevism. Once Bolshevism enters the scene, all humanity loses, and yes, that includes the European races.

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