Uniontown’s Footwash Celebration


Uniontown’s annual “Footwash celebration” looks like an excellent place to see MLK’s Dream in action. OD and SBPDL will have grab some Colt 45 and check this out in September:

“Drinking, violence and open prostitution have become common at the event, this year prompting 200 Alabama State Troopers to flood the premises, with a command center a few feet outside the grounds.

The Foot Wash’s seedy reputation – and beefed-up law enforcement presence – deterred some from attending this year, said John Reese, a Troopers spokesman. The event in recent years has drawn about 10,000 people over three days, Reese said, but this year he’s expecting more like 7,000. An estimated 2,000 to 3,000 were there each day Friday and Saturday, which typically draw bigger crowds, he said. . . .

In 2007, a man was shot to death by his wife after she discovered him in a “prostitution pit,” Reese said. By Saturday night, troopers had arrested just one person – a woman, for public drunkenness and indecent exposure, Reese said….”

This is why America had the Civil Rights Movement. This is why we didn’t go to Mars.


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60 Responses to Uniontown’s Footwash Celebration

  1. From the link provided “On the last weekend in September, a small community near Faunsdale has held this gathering since the late 1880s. It began as a reunion for the Fair Hope Benevolent Society, which helped community members who could not afford to bury their dead…”

    This sounds like a noble gesture to help bury the dead for people who could NOT afford too. However, was this a White function? If so, this would explain the nature of blacks and why on earth would they want to celebrate a White function of the late 1880’s?

    Help me out here………….

  2. AnalogMan says:

    Damn, Hunter, now I need some eyewash.

    I like this site, but those pictures of negroes are off-putting. They’re ugly. Not at all edifying. Can’t you hide them on initial display, with a click-to-display feature and obscenity warning (and I don’t mean just the butts)?

  3. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

    Only made it through a few seconds… fully aware of the look on my face that one can only get while watching a dog eat it’s own shit.

    Is this disgusting behavior, genetic?

  4. These shocking videos need to be set in the context of the Civil Rights Movement and the election of Barack Hussein Obama. You are looking at equality.

  5. Denise says:

    Yes, Keep. This is what Africans DO.

  6. Denise says:

    I gree with Analogman. I know it’s important to show them as they are – not as the Jews depicts them, in the Kosher media – but still.


  7. Nightowl says:

    Black degeneracy is funny and fascinating to observe from a safe distance.

  8. Edwood says:

    I am sure that you know this, but I didn’t. I always wondered why black girls had such strangely shaped backsides. Many that I went to school with had butts that looked like a shelf you could stack books on. Apparently “steatopygia” is a genetic trait of Africans. See this if you want a clear picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steatopygia
    I was reminded about this by that first video. I used to think that black girls had weird spinal curvature that made their butts stick out like that. Off topic, sorry.

    The footwash celebration certainly looks like something to avoid. Ugh.

  9. Chromedome Brainstorm says:

    ‘You are looking at equality.’

    Forget about praying to God to be delivered from Evil, pray to be delivered from equality!

  10. Discard says:

    It’s not their feet that need washing. Like Denise said, EEEWWWWW.

  11. Douglas says:

    Thanks for this great article. My mom and stepfather lived just east of Uniontown in the 70s. His parents lived there in town until they passed away in the 90s. Despite having some family there, I have never heard of this festival.

    I googled this and saw some interesting comments posted on the City-Data website forum. One black person had commented that in makes them look bad. Someone else commented that whites would never say there “burning man” festival makes whites look bad. I may be wrong, but I don’t think burning man has degenerated this level. If it indeed has, let me be the first white man to say behavior such as this has no place in civil society.

  12. Jazmine says:

    Yall are some of the rudest most racist ppl i have ever had the opportunity to read comments from and i have lived in ALABAMA my entire life(and went to a predomiently white high school). If you dont wanna go to the footwash because you do not like the things you think go on at a footwash then dont go no one is forcing you but to insult an entire race from a few pictures shows exatly where your intellect is. If you dont approve because of whatever bullshit reason you wanna list then fine but dont go around being assholes about it who are you to judge??? oh wait yall probably dont believe in God if you are judging people like this do you? Whatever you believe in being down right rude is simply UN FUCKING CALLED FOR!!!!

  13. Denise says:

    Jazmine you ignorant belligernt looudmouthed Negress – typical of you breed – WE pay for oyur EBT. WE pay for your indulgence and pathologies. WE pay fopr your crime and depravity. And we are SICK or you. We are SICK of confiscatory taxation, which forces us to pay for you, and you countless ugly little untermenschen Niglets. So WE WILL JUDGE YOU.

    YOU are uncalled for, you noxious sheboon – and you will be begging for God’s mercy when your big fat bubble-but is booted back to the Congo. GOD judges – so you won’t like God’s Judgment very much at all. No more blonde weaves and acrylic talons for you!

  14. Tiffany says:

    Denise first of all how dare you sit up here and bring God into your ignorant opinion. In that case YOU won’t like God’s judgment. CRACKERS ARE NOT ON EBT?!?!?!?! I see them ALL the time come in the store with EBT so what the fuck are you saying?? You ain’t shit, never will be shit, and your parents aren’t shit for having you. You can’t be too educated being that you cannot even spell!!! Oh, and FYI I am a white woman. Right is right and wrong is wrong and you are beyond wrong.

  15. lgtr says:

    AnalogMan: I noticed you said pictures, and not picture. You can’t see anyone’s butt before you start the Youtube video. Your disgust of negroes in general should have prevented you from viewing the videos. You’ve just proven to me that, like most white men, you secretly desire the black female physique. I would not have though, because my standards are much higher than that.

    KeepHonking: A profile name like keephonking I’m reloading tells me alot about your mental status. Only a psychopath would resort to violence from a simple horn honking.

    Denise: I challenge you to prove your theory that ALL Africans behave in this manner. Cite your references please.

    Edwood: Interesting that this same round derriere is what many white women desire. We aren’t getting sillicone injections in the buttocks or lips.

    Denise, Denise, Denise: Your many misspellings and grammatical errors lets me know that you’ve barely finished high school. Your rant about taxes also tells me that you are poor and white. It is always the POOR white people who complain about taxes. The respectable, WEALTHY white people never complain because their attorneys know all of the tax loopholes.

  16. Veronica brown says:

    I just saw a documentary on this Foot Wash. What an embarrassment, not only to people of colour but to the town, the county, the state, the law enforcement and anyone else who knowingly allows this to continue and is doing nothing to SHUT IT DOWN.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to see that everyone turning a blind eye has a full pocket. A House of prayer, drug dens, gambling tents and prostitution tents, hookers strolling the festival 95% nude WOULD NOT occur with THE LAW looking the other way. ALL are getting the GREEN.! Get your heads out of the bucket of racism and hate.

  17. corry says:

    What’s sad is their are more white people in welfare then blacks I’m sure half of the comments on here are from trailer trash white people. The only thing your superior over is your own pridegul attitudes and your ridiculous notion that your better then everyone else! That’s why the people outside of this country hates you and in the end God will have the last say believe that. Good Day.

  18. Joe says:

    And to think, there are those here at “OD” who denigrate Vermont.
    Laughing online big-time.

  19. wayne says:

    Jazmine: “If you dont wanna go to the footwash because you do not like the things you think go on at a footwash then dont go no one is forcing you but to insult an entire race from a few pictures shows exatly where your intellect is. If you dont approve because of whatever bullshit reason you wanna list then fine but dont go around being assholes about it who are you to judge???”

    That’s why OD exists, brainchild. So that we can express our views with like-minded individuals. Moreover, who are YOU to be judging us? Isn’t that what you say we should not be doing?

  20. wayne says:

    lgtr: What does being poor and white have to do with it? Does our opinion count less?

    I don’t think anyone should be on EBT, period. But to say more whites are on it, while technically correct, is misleading if not downright dishonest. ADJUST FOR PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION, dufus. And don’t forget, Hispanics and Latinos are all counted as White.

  21. wayne says:

    Corry: I don’t think white people are any better than anyone else, especially since “better”is often a matter of opinion. I only admit that whites produced Western Civilization. I won’t say West Civilization is better, but it’s what I want for me and my family. Based on immigration trends, it seems to be what the rest of the world wants as well. Only white, who built it, can maintain it.

    African civilization is fine too, as is Arabic, Hindi, ect. I have a great time everywhere I go, but I want to preserve Western civilization.

  22. Lotorneau says:

    It’s really a shame how such a great event that was started by Blacks for the good of our own people has been turned into such disgraceful foolishness by the whites of the sorry southern state of alabama. State so disgraceful I choose not to capitalize it. Blacks are as far behind in that state today as they were in the 1800′s. White people hold similar events and nothing is said because you choose to live in a fantasy world. Enjoy yourselves now because you will meet your maker at some point real soon.

  23. Stonelifter says:

    When Whites do such things, they don’t need extra police presence, or the police at all unless its to direct traffic.

    See the difference nigger?

  24. Bobby says:

    I hate to sound ignorant but whites in this country know that Blacks had no say when the constitution was written by their fathers and we don’t have much say now. We can never really be free because those laws were written while my people were enslaved. They haven’t changed a word of that bull since. When will we get the big picture and stop acting in such a manner and channel our energies into getting some rights and make the playing field level. White man give back all that you’ve stolen and lets see who will be laughing then.

  25. So it is our fault black people in Greene County and Hale County behave like this? Don’t black people control that area?

  26. Bobby says:

    Hunter, there is no such thing as any Black person controlling any area in this country. There are laws that govern the U.S. so why in the hell can anyone run free in Alabama. I’m not blaming you for this foolishness that’s being allowed to continue in this manner. I can only assure you that greed is feeding the minds and the pockets of those in charge of your state to let this happen the way it does. Prostitution is not suppose to be legal any where except Nevada if I’m correct. Greed even allows that. It’s funny how money can make a person or people sellout to the devil.

  27. Bobby says:

    Hunter, I live in NY so I have no idea about the counties where this is being allowed. I was told about this festival by a friend who saw the play. It wasn’t meant to be like it is. We both know that Blacks run absolutely nothing in Alabama or any other state in the union. We do have a voice if we choose to unite and be heard. So you’re not to blame if you’re not hiding behind the scenes. Get what I mean?

  28. Re: Bobby

    Did you know?

    1.) Blacks control Uniontown.

    2.) Blacks control Perry County.

    3.) The Alabama 7th Congressional District has a black congressman.

    4.) Blacks in West Alabama send blacks to the Alabama House and Alabama Senate.

    5.) Barack Obama is president.

    6.) Eric “My People” Holder is Attorney General.

  29. John says:

    Why not f**k off back to the freedom of Africa? You can run with the Springbok and steal Ostrich eggs for dinner, as god intended.

  30. Alternatively, I actually live in Alabama, and I am familiar that area (the western Black Belt), so I am probably right when I say that is a black-controlled area and a disaster zone like all the other black-controlled counties in Alabama.

  31. What’s so surprising about degraded and degenerate black people at Footwash in Uniontown? Have you ever seen WorldStarHipHop? It is black people attending events like this who are uploading these videos to YouTube.

  32. Bobby says:

    Hunter I will address you and John, I don’t attend any matters that pertain to degrading my people. I never came from Africa although that’s my proud heritage. What you must remember is that My people were taken from their homeland and brought here to build what is known as America. After your people got all they could from us why didn’t they have the sense to take them back home. I really don’t think there would have been any complaints. Were there any fair skinned blacks on those ships? How in the hell did that happen? You see this argument can go on and there may never be any winners. The facts are what are and we have to live together and make this work for all of us. If you choose to live in a distorted mind set that will make you more ignorant to the real truth.

  33. Bobby says:

    John, let me ask you this.. are you 100% American or did your people come from other European countries as did all the rest of white Americans? How can you say that God intended for things to be the way you assume. Wasn’t the Indians here when Colombus so called discovered this land called America? How can you discover something that has someone living there? When you figure that out then you will definately make history because no one else has ever done so. Read modern history and discover who really invented many of the things that make us comfortable. Everyone has their own beliefs, so there’s really no need for this discussion. Have fun in small town alabama where obviously there’s only rules and order when it’s convenient for those involved. I would hate to think that the Blacks in office would ever approve that event the way it is. They really have no control when the greed comes from the many congressional leaders who out number them.

  34. Bobby,

    I’m familiar with your homeland. I actually spent the whole month of February celebrating Black History Month 2012:


  35. As for your question, it was the triumphant Union which abolished slavery, not the Confederacy. Lincoln spent years promising to colonize blacks in Central America or Africa.

    Why weren’t blacks sent back to Africa?

    (1) First, the South was under military occupation, so we had no say in the matter.

    (2) Second, there was little desire in the black community to emigrate to Liberia, although several thousand blacks did settle there after the War Between the States.

    (3) Third, the Union reneged on sending you back to Africa because it occurred to Northern Republicans that black people were a useful constituency which could be turned into voters and used by Yankees to dominate the Union.

    You’re still playing that role today under Obama.

  36. John says:


    Blacks have invented virtually nothing of use to anyone. You can’t survive without leeching off white tax payers. When cities are inhabited with over 30 % blacks the local tax system collapses. When it hits 50% the city itself implodes. When you get to 90% like Detroit the weeds takeover.

  37. John says:

    In St Louis there are amazing buildings constructed by English, Irish and German workers. They were inhabited by the children and grandchildren of the builders until the 1950s. The architecture is glorious. These houses would be worth half a million in Paris or London or Berlin.

    Then blacks were alllowed to buy a house here and there. A lawyer blockbusting this or that street under federal threats of fine and prosecution. Gradually these grand houses were turned to crap. By 1970 St Louis was an uninhabitable war zone. It got so bad that “Escape From New York” was actually filmed in the Urban ruins. Whites
    moved out under threat of violence and degradation…and built new cities West and
    East of the black takeover.

    Your people don’t build. They are termites.

  38. barb says:

    “If you dont wanna go to the footwash because you do not like the things you think go on at a footwash then dont go no one is forcing you”

    If you don’t like reading the things we post here, then don’t come here. No one is forcing you.

    “If y ou dont approve because of whatever bullshit reason you wanna list then fine but dont go around being assholes about itwho are you to judge”

    Who are YOU to judge US?

  39. Sean says:

    Prostitution is not suppose to be legal any where except Nevada if I’m correct Bobby

    No, your wrong about that too.

  40. barb says:

    go look up the word “ignorant,” you ignorant slut.

    You know what? I’ll make it easy for you. “Ignorant” means you are unaware of / uninformed of something.

    We at OD are the quintessential OPPOSITE of “ignorant” — we here are VERY well aware and informed of the gobsmacking depth and breadth of black sociopathology and perversity.

    Which is, we know, unfortunate for the North American pavement ape and his apologists. We are NOT ignorant of this– we just don’t care anymore, you see.

    But you really should dispense with the “ignorant” slander. Because when you call us “ignorant,” you are simply displaying your own ignorance of the facts we possess and positions we, in light of those facts, take.

    What you WANT is for us to shut up about them. So I’ll help you. The phrase you’re wanting is “shut up.”

    But, if you were to use the phrase “shut up” every time us racialists speak TRUE facts about the perversities and sociopatholgies of the NA pavement ape, then all the White in America who are currently cowed into quietude when you scream”ignorant,” would realize your ilk are simply sacks of shit. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

  41. Sean says:

    Go back to Africa, Bobby, your people are nothing but a drain on this nation.

  42. barb says:

    “After your people got all they could from us why didn’t they have the sense to take them back home. I really don’t think there would have been any complaints. Were there any fair skinned blacks on those ships? How in the hell did that happen? You see this argument can go on and there may never be any winners. The facts are what are and we have to live together and make this work for all of us”

    No, we don’t.

    It’s never to late to right a wrong–so trot on back to Africa. I bet everyone on OD would chip in 10 bucks to buy you a plane ticket. Senegal NEEDS you — go, go, go!

    On Sunday, Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade said he was offering free land to any Haitians who wanted to “return” to Africa.

    “The president is offering voluntary repatriation to any Haitian that wants to return to their origin,” said Mr Wade’s spokesman, Mamadou Bemba Ndiaye.

  43. SomeGuy says:

    Sub-Saharan Africans never invented the wheel. Enough said.

  44. 313Chris says:

    @Tobey (I mean, Bobby. My bad :)

    “What you must remember is that my people were taken from their homeland and brought here to build what is known as America.”

    - Incorrect. You niggers were brought here to build what the Southerners called “Dixie”, and what many neo-secessionists call the “Golden Circle”, which I guess was some plantation/slave empire that encompassed the Caribbean island and the Southern colonies in the American mainland. We Northerners never had any use for your kind and did not, then or now, want you anywhere near us.

    “After your people got all they could from us, why didn’t they have the sense to take them back home?”

    - Lincoln did begin to send your people back to Africa. Sierra Leone and Liberia were colonies founded by repatriated African slaves. And then that fool Booth killed Lincoln and here we are for it.

    “Were there any fair-skinned blacks on those ships? How the hell did that happen?”

    - Yes, there were. Mulattos became the de facto ruling-class in Liberia and Sierra Leone in the early goings. Those fair-skinned blacks were the product of Massa sneaking down to the slave quarters while the wife was asleep, and helping himself to some of that brown sugar he had been checking out all day, back during the Antebellum days.

    “The facts are what they are and we have to live togethor and make this work for all of us.”

    - No we don’t. White people have no obligation to you niggers at all. We fought a war to free you, we made societal equals, we gave you head-starts at every opportunity and you thank us by destroying our country and brutalizing my people. At some point, the federal government will no longer have the muscle or legitimacy to force us to accomodate your “culture”. What do think is going to happen then? What do you think si going to happen when your “hoods” are utterly surrounded by seas of nearly 200 million vengeful white people with assault rifles, and no po-leese, no NAACP, no “yall crakcaz cayn’t do dat! dat be raysiss” to protect you?

    “If you choose to live in a distorted mindset that will make you more ignorant to the real truth.”

    - Thanks, black Confucius. Was that fortune cookie included with your fried rice? And BTW, “real truth” is redundant.

    “John, let me ask you this.. are you 100% American or did your people come from other European countries as did all the rest of white Americans?”

    - John is a liberal from Britain who has been living here for a decade or more, because the taxes are lower and Britain is an Orwellian shit-hole. He’s jealous of what a better country this is, and probably ashamed of the comparitively better life he has here, so he compensates by claiming that America’s history is illegitimate, and calling for the old Confederacy to be partitioned from America and returned to British rule. Don’t worry about John. If Obama is re-elected, he might just start deporting foreign-born white people to help speed up the demographic browning of America, and John might find himself in a cell next to Emma West in Londonistan.

    “How can you say that God intended for things to be the way you assume?”

    Simple. Anyone who thinks that black slavery was positive and beneficial to white civilization is either blind or suicidal. Draw your own conclusion.

    “Wasn’t the Indians here when Columbus so-called discovered this land called America?”

    First of all, “WERE”, not “wasn’t”. Stupid nigger. And Columbus didn’t “discover the American mainland. Amerigo Vespucci did. Columbus landed on an island which he named San Salvadore. And long before either of those two, Vikings settled North America and built settlements as far inland as Minnesota.

    “How can you discover something that already has someone living there?”

    - Uh, because the definition of “discover” is literally to become aware of something of which you previously weren’t. The term is as much relative as it is literal. Stupid nigger again.

    “Read modern history and discover who really invented many of the things that make us comfortable.”

    - I have, and everything was invented by WHITE PEOPLE. Stupid nigger yet again.

    “Everyone has there own beliefs, so there’s really no need for this discussion.”

    - Then why did you initiate it?

    Peace, ma nigga.

  45. barb says:

    “And long before either of those two, Vikings settled North America and built settlements as far inland as Minnesota”

    And long before the Vikings, the Solutreans from France discovered and populated North America 18000+ years ago. And then when the feather-Indians walked across the Bering land bridge 12K years ago, the redskin savages murdered all the North American Solutreans. So us White folks have come to North America in the latter centuries to TAKE BACK what is ours that the feather-Indians stole.

    That you darkskins got a ride over is, well, regrettable.

  46. Marcus Redman says:

    In 19th century England one of the many institutions which spread through the emerging industrial working class was the burial club.

    For a small regular payment the member insured himself of a respectable funeral without making his burial a burden to his family and friends. Until well into the early twentieth century a respectable funeral meant glass windowed gleaming black hearse, (remember the one Vin and Chris drove up to Boot Hill in “Magnificent Seven?), “mutes” – the undertakers’ assistants – in black, with black scarves or veils tied as hatbands around their gleaming black silk top hats. The hearse would, of course be drawn by at least two, if not four, splendid black horses, groomed and polished, with tall black plumes nodding above their heads.

    It was all part of the new working class earning itself a feeling of responsibility and respectability at a time of great social uneasiness and change. I imagine that in American black communities the burial club served a similar purpose. The black funeral director was a significant member of the black middle class in the segregated South. We can still see in New Orleans remains of the old Creole and free black cultures, and the elaborate funeral survives as a black community rite.

    I hope this makes the journalist’s account of old origins a bit more comprehensible. I’m sure some true Southerners among OD’s readers can tell us more about the details.

    The festival seems to have drifted a mite from the old burial societies’ drive for respectability and thrift.

  47. Mr Harvard says:

    Seems to me that u redneck sons and daughters of bitches just mad because,we out worked yall race even under the worst condition,we are smarter than the white man will ever be and just like the next your afraid of change because ur stuck on stupid. We and african bka Negroes and i quote have always been smarter,always will be, so like it or not we run the world now….. white chocolate

  48. John says:

    Apostrophe’s denoting contractions and possessives and commas, spaced correctly are good for you.

    I also had an epiphany. I read an article in Nature today about new skull finding in lake Turkana (Mr Harvard, it’s not in Turkey) it indicated that there were various subspecies of hominid previously unknown. This hominid shaped its environment by various means.

    Anyway, it occurred to me that blacks are a microevolutuonary subspecies. They cannot farm very well As this takes organized effort so they flock to cities. The repetive tasks of the field hand are not farming btw. They maintain a hunter gatherer life style though as criminals and scavengers. They cannot quite manage to live the civilized life. They shape the urban environment they are
    alllowed to occupy to suit their needs for ambush, robbery. Literally turning the cityscape we are stupid enough to abandon to them into the Savannah, Jungle or Velt.

  49. Mighty says:

    I was scrolling the recent comments and I noticed a commenter by the name of “Mr. Harvard”. I knew–I just knew–it was jungle bunny! Upon reading its barely legible screed, all suspicions are confirmed.

    Its comment, in microcosm, reflect the enormous inferiority complex most Africans keenly feel.

  50. Sean says:

    Mighty, that’s called ebonics, or some call it, nigger babble.
    Should be ignored after the laugh.

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