The Stimulus Myth: Disguising BRA’s Bailout

Who are Paul Krugman's "distressed families" who benefited from the stimulus package?


Paul Krugman wrote a column today about the economy that just didn’t sit right with me.

The conventional wisdom is that Barack Hussein Obama spent nearly a trillion dollars in a failed attempt to “stimulate the economy.” In the process, he dramatically expanded the size of government, which led to the Tea Party backlash against Democrats in the 2010 midterms.

Actually, Krugman is right when he points out that there are fewer government workers today than when Obama took office.

The Republican controlled state governments have been cutting benefits and laying off thousands of government employees because most are required by law to balance their budgets.

Since black people are disproportionately employed in the government/diversity complex, these budget cuts are wiping out the black middle class, which is why black unemployment is now surging to record highs.

From 2007 to 2009, the average black household lost 83 percent of its net worth, collapsing from $13,450 to $2,170. In the same period, the average White household declined in value from $134,280 to $97,860.

Krugman is also correct when he points out there was never any huge work relief program like the Works Progress Administration or the Civilian Conservation Corps from the Great Depression.

In the last three years, have you seen anything comparable to the Tennessee Valley Authority or the Hoover Dam emerge from the “American Investment and Recovery Act,” which had a $787 billion dollar price tag?

BRA’s lesbian mascot Rachel Maddow was reduced to “Leaning Forward” for the cameras at the Hoover Dam because nothing like it has actually been built since Barack Hussein Obama has been in the White House.

To put this in perspective, the Panama Canal cost $14.3 billion in 2007 dollars, the Manhattan Project cost $25 billion in 2007 dollars, the Apollo Space Program cost $145 billion in 2007 dollars, the Hoover Dam cost $690 million in 2008 dollars, the Empire State Building cost $558 million in 2008 dollars, and the entire Interstate Highway System cost $500 billion in 2008 dollars.

The WPA and CCC left a massive footprint in Alabama which can still be seen all across the state today. Whenever you visit a state park or drive down a county road in rural Alabama, you are likely reaping the benefits of Depression-era investment in public infrastructure.

Krugman’s point is that “the stimulus package” was nothing resembling FDR’s New Deal. If it wasn’t a job program for the unemployed, just what the hell was it then?

In the few cases we have taken a look at “stimulus package” spending, we saw that the Obama administration was spending hundreds of millions of dollars to employ black contractors to tear down blighted ghettos in Michigan and replace them with “green homes” which could be sold below cost to Detroit welfare queens.

Also in Michigan, we saw that millions of dollars was being spent to build these broadband networks and computer labs in the ghetto for illiterate African-Americans can watch movies and download pornography on golden chairs in the Detroit Public Library.

Yesterday, I learned that more of these broadband networks are being built in Alabama by black contractors in economic dynamos like Gee’s Bend and Tuskegee, which is such an egregious example of squandering White taxpayer dollars that it makes you wonder whether such projects are the exception or the rule in the “stimulus package.”

$59 million dollars had been given to Trillion Communications Corp. for that project.

When I probed deeper into the nature of the “stimulus package” in Alabama, I learned that over $3 billion dollars in federal “stimulus” dollars had been spent here.

Where did all the money go?

It turns out that 39.79 percent went to health and human services, 18.13 percent to education, 17.76 percent went to workforce, 12.77 percent went to transportation and infrastructure, 2.2 percent to housing, 4.7 percent to public safety, 2.47 percent to energy, and 2.17 percent to environment.

As you can see, “health and human services” spending was by far the biggest item of the “stimulus package” in Alabama. Do we have any idea of what the “stimulus” money was actually spent on?

(1) FMAP Increase – $799,644,323.00 (Federal Medical Assistance Program – Medicaid)

(2) Food Assistance (SNAP) Client Benefit – $211,493,824.0 (EBT Cards – Foodstamps)

(3) TANF – Emergency Contingency Fund – $32,311,593.0 (Welfare)

(4) TANF – Supplemental Grant – $11,093,254.0 (Welfare)

(5) Increase in Unemployment Compensation Benefits – FAC Benefit – $232,505,125.0 (Unemployment Benefits)

Unlike the New Deal, that is why Obama’s “stimulus package,” which was 4.5x the size of FDR’s spending on the WPA, is simultaneously wildly unpopular and yet completely invisible to ungrateful White people in Alabama.

It is because the lion’s share of the “stimulus package” was channeled directly to African-Americans in the form of EBT cards, Medicaid, TANF welfare, Section 8 housing, and unemployment benefits.

Just out of curiosity, I glanced through the cities where this money is being spent, as I wanted to see what Tuskegee – just as a test case of my theory – was getting out of the “stimulus package.”

There is a $56,938 grant to Tuskegee University from the National Science Foundation for “Collaborative Research: Aerial and Terrestrial Testbed for Research in Aerospace, Computing, and Mathematics.”

There is another $123,189 grant to Tuskegee University from the National Science Foundation for “Tuskegee University Robert Noyce Scholars in Mathematics and Science Education in the Alabama Black Belt.”

The Tuskegee Housing Authority got $891,184.00. The Montgomery Housing Authority got $3,287,260.00. The Birmingham Housing Authority got $8,529,817.40. UAB got $225,471.04 to study the “Etiology of Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke.” The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama got $13,695.0.

In total, Tuskegee got $14 million in federal stimulus money; Union Springs got $2.6 million; Greensboro got $10.2 million – Alabamians who are familiar with these cities know what this means.

I will just stop right there: it will suffice to say that the “stimulus package” in Alabama seems to be nothing more than a thinly disguised bailout for African-Americans designed to forestall the total financial collapse of black households.

$211 million dollars in “stimulus package” money has gone to funding EBT cards in Alabama. The temporary “stimulus relief” is drying up, but the dependency it created among African-Americans won’t be going away anytime soon.

This gives new insight into the ongoing negotiations over raising the debt ceiling and why liberals insist on calling default “a suicide pact.” It is a “suicide pact” because “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” will unleash total anarchy in America’s major cities.

Someone please to tell Rachel Maddow that the International Space Station cost $100 billion and the Apollo Space Program cost $145 billion – we probably could have went to Pluto, but we had to prop up Black Run America.

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Hunter Wallace
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Occidental Dissent

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  1. Although the dirty work of committing acts of real journalism is carried out by people like you, Paul Kersey, Matt Parrott and other non-mainstream bloggers, it doesn’t mean the facts don’t eventually find their way into SOME mainstream channels.

    Pat Buchanan’s column today — although ostensibly framed in terms of “Obama vs. his black base” — is really all about pointing out the extent of Black disfunction and reliance on welfare of one kind of another.

    He doesn’t do the full arithmetic, but he gives us the Black unemployment rate together with the percentage of Black employees in various federal government agencies as well as noting the extensive black use of welfare.

    When people actually start adding all of these things up and reflecting on it, they will begin to realize how frightening the situation really is: (1) actual black umemployment + (2) blacks not covered in unemployment figures because out of work too long + (3) federal and military employment of blacks + (4) state employment of blacks + (5) city / municipal employment of blacks (4, 5 and 6 all being forms of hand-outs, and at the very least are not value-creating jobs but come from taxpayer dollars) + (6) “NGO” employment of blacks (e.g. ACORN, NAACP, MoveOn, countless local “community empowerment” groups, etc.) that ultimately derive their funding from government grants + (7) black people on welfare, food stamps and other direct hand-outs + (8) government set-asides and preferential treatment for minority contractors + (9) affirmative action hires in the universities, + (10) affirmative action hires in corporate America.

    Add these all up: what percentage of black America is actually functioning and positively contributing? And this is just the payments to maintain the peace: it doesn’t even take into account the costs of actual harm done: crime, vandalism, funds diverted to commuting and / or private school costs by people trying to avoid disfunction, etc. And think about all of the positive wasted employment of WHITES required just to make the BRA machinery run? How many more people are employed as cops, social workers, teachers, prison guards, parole officers purely as a result of black disfunction? Cops and prison guards are great, but they are also ultimately a fiscal drain on society. How many of those cops would have been entrepreneurs, store owners, farmers or other types of VALUE producing citizens?

    My father has been saying for thirty years that when it comes down to it, affirmative action and welfare are about the prevention of riots. We are about to see how prescient he was in the coming years.

    Buchanan’s column:

  2. It’s a silly idea to spend stimulus money at the bottom of the economic stack. It makes more sense to spend it near the top, so it gets spread around, which is why Republicans support “corporate welfare.”

    The USA may be screwed on this one however. Its currency is plummeting, its economy is based on selling itself stuff, half of its citizens are on welfare and social chaos is expanding. Time for a glorious patriotic War.

  3. So, what I am hearing (not necessarily what you are saying… but if you are saying this, then…. well…) is that n*ggers were not hired to actually WORK for the FEDGOV, as in the WPA and PWA eras, but were given FREE MONEY for doing nothing other than being/remaining ‘slaves of the Federal Massa.’

    Did I get that right?

    I thought so.
    Misericordie, Domine.

  4. As I suspected, I was only scratching the surface:

    HUD has announced $15,788,758 million will come to South Carolina through its Homelessness Prevention Fund. The Homelessness Prevention Fund aims to “provide financial assistance and services to prevent individuals and famlies from becoming homeless and help those who are experiencing homelessness to be quickly re-housed and stabilized. For a breakdown of Homeless Prevention Funds sent to South Carolina, click here.

    South Carolina will receive $26,296,346 for Section 8 Housing under HUD’s Project-Based Rental Assistance program. The money would fund 89 rental-assistance contracts with landlords.

    South Carolina will receive $25,384,973 under HUD’s Tax Credit Assistance Program, which provides grant funding for capital investments in low-income housing.

  5. There was never a “stimulus.”

    I keep seeing grant after grant for TANF welfare, Section 8, Medicaid, EBT Cards, food banks, retards, “homelessness assistance,” “community block grants” which are designed to ” improve living conditions and provide suitable housing for low-income citizens,” tearing down ghettos, highspeed trains to Detroit, broadband networks for rural backwaters where no one lives.

    No one who set out to consciously “stimulate” the American economy would have an agenda that looked like this.

  6. Shhh…they’ll continue to riot whether they get mo money or not, batten the hatches it is coming to BRA soon.

  7. This black bashing is pointless. The average African-American IQ is 85. This means that vast numbers of blacks will *never* be able to contribute to the highly technical 21st century economy. If you add to this the fact that all the janitorial, crop-picking, and other menial labor jobs are being done by Mexicans then we are really faced with only two choices.

    1) Buy them off with government benefits.
    2) Send them back to Africa.

    Number one is the only workable solution. We just need to give them generous bonuses for being sterilized as a pre-condition for receiving these benefits. An additional $250,000 cash reward for voluntary sterilization would have a high uptake rate and be quite cost effective over the long-term.

    The real problem facing this country is massive non-white immigration, not African-Americans.

  8. It will take violence to wake the American whites up.

    They presently just would rather not think about it. Soon, it will be unavoidable.

    And this time: the whites fight back.

  9. Hunter, would it be OK if I reproduced this post in its entirety for the AmRen news today, or would you prefer that I snip it?

  10. “This means that vast numbers of blacks will *never* be able to contribute to the highly technical 21st century economy.”
    Yes, but hilariously, the head of NASA wants “more black astronauts”- a very difficult goal to fulfill since less than 1% of Air Force pilots are black. They can keep wishing, but blacks have a limited IQ. This is just one of the reasons that our industry was moved to China- where the populace is glad to get any employment and willing to actually work. (It doesn’t hurt that their average IQ is higher than that of Whites either) . Most importantly, there are no black welfare queens to support and no strangling evironmental laws hindering their exploitation of the land there. We are well and truly screwed. So here we are: cursed with living in “interesting times”.

  11. Henry,

    Feel free to use whatever you want.

  12. Peter Blood | July 13, 2011 at 2:57 am |

    Any hope that whites will wake up and stop paying for BRA? Any chance that the government would permit it?

  13. Otis the Sweaty | July 13, 2011 at 3:11 am |

    Any hope that whites will wake up and stop paying for BRA?

    Sure. Just look at the debt ceiling debate.

    Any chance that the government would permit it?

    No. Just look at the debt ceiling debate.

  14. Good call Otis. A few hours ago, RINO Sen. McConnell signaled that the Republicrats are simply going to pass the debt ceiling ball to Zero, then let him get “blamed” for raising it. Michelle Malkin has a good post on McConnel’s demarche and, hopefully, this latest sellout will split the Republicrat pty in two. If so, 2012 = 1860. Chaos comin’ at ya.

  15. I saw that earlier.

    The Chamber of Commerce puts its foot down … but, in order to cut a deal, Boehner and McConnell have to sell it to their own caucus, which probably means there won’t be a deal after all.

  16. Otis the Sweaty | July 13, 2011 at 7:39 am |

    McConnell have to sell it to their own caucus, which probably means there won’t be a deal after all.

    McConnell doesn’t need to sell shit, he is only the minority leader. And in any case, the Senate Repubs are way more moderate than those in the house. The only real right wingers in the Senate are Paul and Demint.

    You are right that there is zero chance of this particular shit sandwich getting through the house, but something fairly similar will. Boehner doesn’t need his whole caucus, he only needs 25 to vote in favor along with every House Dem.

    But this is good for us. It means that after 2012 we can get rid of the moderates and vote in leaders who will openly go after BRA like Paul and King.

  17. Paul is retiring from the House.

  18. What me Worried | July 13, 2011 at 11:28 am |

    The total $787 billion is one hell of a lot of money. You can pull out a lot of millions of dollars in batches to waste here and there.
    No proof, but I would guess that the same bankster crowd that got the big bail out, not to mention cover up, has their hands on a large portion of that money. It would not surprise me at all if a lot of it was now being used building factories in

  19. Otis the Sweaty | July 13, 2011 at 6:23 pm |

    I meant Rand, not his dad

  20. 2012 = The Big Comedown | July 13, 2011 at 6:55 pm |

    CF:”If so, 2012 = 1860. Chaos comin’ at ya.”

    Perhaps there is something to the various prophecies regarding 2012:

  21. Max – I saw that too! Well done, Hunter!

  22. The ultimate shovel ready project would be to erect a 2,000 mile fence along the US Mexican border. Not only would it provide jobs to Americans (assuming they use E-Verify) but it would keep millions of people from immigrating here illegally and competing for American jobs.

    In fact, a real fence would be so popular that the government could probably solicit donations from Americans to do the job. $3 to 4 billion max for a double row steel and concrete (permanent) fence that would keep out 99% of those considering trying.

  23. This is truly a fantastic site. A nice mixture of informative and caustic.

    Great analysis of he Stimulus ho-down.

    Please consider blogrolling and / or following us over at :

  24. Great website. I have been reading your work for sometime, just never posted before. Wanted to say THANK YOU for caring and trying to wake up our people to the seething hatred of non-whites and their handlers.

    Rudel: Number one is NOT a workable solution because that will be defined genocide and extinction of the black Race in America because sterilization is exactly that. Blacks may have an average IQ of 85 but there NOT that stupid. 2) The “international community” and the “Judeo-Christians” will NEVER buy into that much less the black communities so-called leaders like Jesse Jackass and Al $harpton and side kick.

    I believe all races of people have the right of survival, however it is apparent forced integration thanks to Lincoln is an utter failure. White people are on the loosing end and are under threat of slow motion genocide in America as well as our extended kin in Europe.

    The only workable solution would be to ship them back with FED (Fait) Reserve notes, hell after all its only printed out of thin air and back by nothing of value. Seriously. It would be cheaper in the long run. Just think how much money we could save on taxes, no welfare, no HUD housing, no busing into white schools, LESS CRIME overall and the prisons would be almost empty! Furthermore, Lincoln did purchase newly freed black slaves Liberia. Liberia has wanted “American Blacks” to come home, however you won’t hear about that campaign in any MSM because the ugly elites will NOT allow for that. They want genocide of the White Race!

    However with that being stated white people also need to have babies at a replacement level. Rate now that is below (1.5) the replacement level. And stay married for crying out loud.

    White people have become their own worst enemy due to constant brainwashing, false history, self-hate and propaganda starting at the kindergarten level.

    That is why Hunter’s site and others like him are important. And the worse it gets the better it will get for white people, hopfully.

  25. When people actually start adding all of these things up and reflecting on it, they will begin to realize how frightening the situation really is: (1) actual black umemployment + (2) blacks not covered in unemployment figures because out of work too long + (3) federal and military employment of blacks + (4) state employment of blacks + (5) city / municipal employment of blacks (4, 5 and 6 all being forms of hand-outs, and at the very least are not value-creating jobs but come from taxpayer dollars) + (6) “NGO” employment of blacks (e.g. ACORN, NAACP, MoveOn, countless local “community empowerment” groups, etc.) that ultimately derive their funding from government grants + (7) black people on welfare, food stamps and other direct hand-outs + (8) government set-asides and preferential treatment for minority contractors + (9) affirmative action hires in the universities, + (10) affirmative action hires in corporate America, + (11) blacks in prison

    FTFY 😉

    My father has been saying for thirty years that when it comes down to it, affirmative action and welfare are about the prevention of riots. We are about to see how prescient he was in the coming years.

    Yes and no. Yes in the sense that it’s an implicit excuse for the feds to grab more power with the collusion of the media, and hand out the goodies to their pets. No in the sense that it’s a bullshit excuse. At worst, it’s really a bribe so we won’t have to put blacks in their place.

    It’s like bribing a 5 year old out of “fear for your life.”

  26. As for the “stimulus,” sounds like “porkulus” was being generous. I wonder how much of the “stimulus” cash was spent on stuff that actually led to jobs for the taxpaying classes. I wonder how many jobs were actually created for the taxpaying classes.

  27. Obama says “don’t call my bluff” to Republicans. As in, don’t pass a short term debt ceiling hike because I’ll veto it.

    Lol. This is how nuts the true-blue liberals are. Couple days ago there was a piece at the NYT about Republican resolve against raising the debt ceiling without getting what they want at the same time (spending cuts, no tax increases). The comments were a litany of hate against Republicans as total idiots and nutcases for “holding the government hostage” and “risking ruination for ideology” and such. Think ANY of them would accept the similarities between Republicans and Obama here?

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how partisan they are, but it still kinda amazes me. Obama says he’ll veto any short term hike, but I know without even going to look that this is kosher with the same people who were bashing Republicans for doing the same thing.

    And it’s not like I’m being partisan here, since I say a pox on both their houses.

  28. Joe Stalin | July 14, 2011 at 2:27 am |

    I saw a Chicago Transit Authority bus headed down Madison Street downtown Chicago a couple of months back that had on where it’s Route normally would be on the front that THIS BUS WAS PAID FOR BY STIMULOUS FUNDS!!!! The CTA is basically a Black Union shop that is ALWAYS on the prowl for more public funds. The bus drivers are at nearly the apex of bus driver pay in the USA.

  29. Rudel and GM – the solutions you list are ridiculous. Blacks are NOT going to be “shipped back”. They hold the reigns of popwer now – but they are still Black,

    The USA is a violent, and well-armed country. There’s ONLY one solution.

  30. Great post and well-thought out. I’m sure that your facts here only scratch the surface.

    With your permission we would like to link to this story at Help A White Guy

  31. Denise: Your solution is the answer? You’re kidding me right? Ok let’s go with your solution which is outright violence meaning another un-Civil War which means more dead White people. Hypothetically speaking we White people win the “violence” what then? What are we to do with the remaining blacks? And the illegal aliens for that matter. Still keep them here?

    Blacks and illegal aliens are only a symptom of the disease not the cause of it. What about disease that has caused the problems in the first place which are the invisible hand that controls the puppets in Congress including the President to the privately owned federal reverse?

    You make it sound so easy by stating “violence” is the only solution to the black problem. But again they are only a mere symptom not the disease.

    What are you thoughts on the disease? Do you know what the disease is and where to cut it out? Or have you thought that far ahead?

  32. I’m NOT advocating violence. I am STATING tha the violence is already well underway. The only ethny that is oblivious to this long-standing fact are Whites. Some Whites know – but far too few. and I am in NO way stating that Whites will win (survive) – because most Whites seem to welcome their extermination. The “Tolerant” masses are literally killing off the handful of us that care about the existence of our people.

    I actually think our chances are not so fabulous. As long as the majority of us are “Above Race” – the White Race is screwed.

    Now – if oyu study actual history – violence is par fo rthe course. It’s the NORM. The USA s filled with all kinds of people. We are very well-armed, and violent – and this is gonna be slugged out in the streets. It already IS happening. Whites just need to notice, and start fighting BACK.

    There are little stories popping up, about Whites beginning ot defend themselves against violent assaults. How long before Obama and Holder et all put the clamp down, on White self-defense? Holder has given a de facto “care blanche” (haha) for Blacks to attack and kill Whites. We have a 200 year, 100% consistent history of what happens when Blacks gain power over Whites. They kill ALL the Whites, Modern Whites are completely oblivious to this FACT, and if enlightened, demur, saying things lie, “So what?”

    What will Whitey do, when this reality sinks in? Blacks will not relinquish power willingly – nor will their Talmudic Master. No. Not at all.

    So it’s up for grabs – but the whole of human history is the struggle for turf. Disputes are invariablt settled by one guy, or army, bashing in the skull of the other guy, or army, until one combatant ceases to twitch.

    That’s all I’m saying….

  33. Denise: While I understand your position and view whole heartily I see it everyday myself because I where I live unfortunately. However, this is not a solution either.

    We need solutions to our dilemma. The White Race as a whole is responsible for this mess in the first place. Our enemies could not have advanced this far without us as a whole allowing it to occur.

    We are going to end up like our kin in South Africa. We are being taken back into bondage! God help us and have mercy on our souls because our enemies sure as hell are going to.

    The only sliver of hope I have is you stated: “We are very well-armed, and violent” so were our founding forefathers. And look at what they accomplished. It was only 3% of the US population at the time that took arms against the strongest most well-armed military in the world, Great Britain and WON.

    With that said, I understand things have changed quite a bit since then, much better technology, weapons, airplanes fully equipped with weapons that could blow us all up, remote controlled drones, etc…. which our founders did not have to deal with. The war was fought on the ground. This time it will be fought from above, which raises the stakes to an all time high.

    I consider myself one of the 3 percenters. Why on earth do you think Eric “racist” Holder is looking to disarm Whitey and all returning Vets (most are White to the tune of 75%) because the threat to the tyrants in DC is real to them as it should be. And who else better to lead us in the fight for Independence and to stop the genocide of our people than Vets?

    Remember tyrants never give up their power willingly either.

  34. Oh – and I know what the disease is. The disease has been attacking White civlizations for eons. The cure is education, and a Final Surgery. Expel the cancer once and for all. Expel any sympathetic “non-cancer” cells, too,

    The fundamental issue, though, is White “tolerance” generosity, and cuiriosity. IF ur Rac is to survive, we must relentlessly instruct OUR children that helping The Other is literally killing off Our Own – and we MUST NOT EVER DO THIS. NOT AYMORE.


    We must NOT exert one dram of energy, one red cent, or one idea, to benefit a non-Whites. We’ve got to stop th Out Group Altruism. This generosity is literally killing us.

  35. GM – and there is the heart of the matter – the problem with Whites IS Whites. WE need ot learn top care for OUR very Selves.

    Or else.

    Re “Winning” – all ideas and strategems need to be based on what is happening NOW. We can worry about “deportations” later. We can’t boot non-Whites, from Our Country, unless we actually have a country.

  36. Denise, I didn’t say we should ship them back. I said we should bribe them into being sterilized. This will actually work, *especially* with the most wretched of them as they will certainly take the money.

  37. What would we all do minus the magnificent concepts you discuss on this web site? Who has got the patience to deal with crucial topics for the health of common readers like me? My partner and i and my friends are very blessed to have your site among the ones we regularly visit. We hope you know how a great deal we value your hard work! Best wishes from us all.

  38. Rudel – only a few will take the bribes.

  39. It’s not surprising to find this article being picked up by other sites; I, too, had forwarded it along. It’s a beautiful example of what you do best, and repeatedly — a complete analysis in crystal clear detail. Other favorites of mine have included your breakdowns of potential White homelands.

  40. After reading the above post, it is easy to see why Alabama is noted to be full of biggets. Yes, I am a Alabama native. As my daughter often replys, when returning to Alabama, for a visit, it’s like visiting a 3rd world country.

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