California: The Color of Crime


I’ve got a special present for our loyal readers in California. It is the Color of Crime in the Golden State:

In the pie chart above, we can see what California looks like, racially speaking. The pie charts below shows who commits all the crime in California:







Motor Vehicle Theft



Sex Offenses

Source: Crime in California, 2009

Occidental Dissent is reporting that Whites and Asians are paying the taxes in California whereas African-Americans and Hispanics are committing a disproportionate amount of crime in California.

This also means that White and Asian taxpayer dollars are paying for the massively overcrowded California prison system. An enormous amount of money in California is being stolen from White and Asian taxpayers for it can be squandered on idle African-American and Hispanic prisoners in jail.

Given the commitment of DWLs to Black Run America, Occidental Dissent is urging Asian Americans to lead the revolt against the Hispanicization of California.

Update: In 1967, California spent $839,631,000 on criminal justice expenditures, which includes law enforcement, prosecution, public defense, courts, and corrections.

In the previous “Color of Crime” studies, we only looked at expenditures on corrections, which is only one aspect of total spending on the criminal justice system.

In 2008, California spent $35,113,844,000 on criminal justice expenditures. The per capita rate of inmates under state supervision has soared from 107.5 in 1967 to 430.6 in 2009.

Just looking at these pie charts, we can see that African-Americans and Hispanics are committing around 65 percent of the crime in California.

If we assume there is racial parity in the total costs to California, that means at least $22,823,998,600 was squandered in 2008 just on the criminal justice sector for African-Americans and Hispanics.

The “budget gap” in California is $25.4 billion. In order to reduce the “budget gap,” $1.4 billion is being slashed on higher education spending, and the retail sales tax is being raised from 1% to 8.25% and the state personal income tax is being raised by 0.25%.

Occidental Dissent is recommending cuts in diversity to solve this problem. These cuts would have a cascading effect across the welfare state as EBT cards, TANF welfare, CHIP, Medicaid, Section 8 housing and access to emergency rooms without health insurance are taken to account.

These mandatory cuts in diversity would allow California to lower taxes and attract back the millions of White taxpayers who have fled the state.

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  1. My reason for looking at this chart was to determine the crime rate in California that was caused my immigrates in the Hispanic community but as I read the comments I see that most address the African American first thing hate is a disease that only going to eat away the person who have it. So let’s take a look at the crime rate to some of you who or ignorant rape assault burglary theft motor vehicle theft forgery kidnapping and sex offender these are higher percentage in the white community than African American so I guess the African Americans in California are also playing high taxes to keep the white people in jail. But why should I be surprised white people or known for rape and violence the have KKK and also they was the one who brought in African American stole them from their county enslaved them beat them raped them and their children to Cookie you want to know if black people have the capability for peace look at your own race behaviors or learnt and this is what you all taught us to be right to steal to be violent y’all taught or ancestors and now y’all won’t to point the blame major serials killers or white people white people invented violence to make you race feel superior I pity those who or scared of someone who is different from them or feel they must put one down to feel better about yourself to John did your wife leave you for a black man and that’s why your angry sorry to hear that but according to the chart white people have higher percentage in assault than African Americans so please get your facts rights you white people brought us here forced us to slave for you beat us sold and raped our children we never asked for white people to come to our land and discrupt or lives but now that we are hear thanks to you we are Americans and if y’all don’t like it than your ancestors should have never butted their noses into our business or white people shouldnt have been so damn lazy that they needed other people black people to do their labor. Look around white people if I was y’all I would be scared because y’all are becoming the Minority group it already happen in California and it’s spreading and Tracy says it best and secured racist white people

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