Review: White Identity

Jared Taylor has created a sword to slay Black Run America


As you might imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jared Taylor’s wicked new book, White Identity.

I call it a “wicked book” because that is precisely the purpose that Taylor had in mind in publishing a book like this: it is not a full throated or even a muted endorsement of White racial consciousness, as the title might suggest.

White Identity is better understood as a poison pill for doubters of the status quo that is delivered as a dispassionate critique of forced integration. The purpose of this book is twofold: to destroy the reigning liberal consensus about race, and to undermine the existing system of race relations by attacking its legitimacy.

Jared Taylor accomplishes this in his usual surgical way. The cover art lends itself to the disinterested, aloof tone of the author.

Human beings are storytellers. They find their place in any society through the stories that are told about that society. The stories that are told about our society – Black Run America – are carefully selected and edited by our rulers to sustain a narrative that delegitimizes the previous system, White Run America.

The narrative of Black Run America is a complex tapestry of myths and clichés about race which are familiar to the racially conscious community: white privilege, white guilt, diversity is our strength, racial prejudice is acquired from the environment, racism and oppression explain racial inequality, integration and social contact will eliminate prejudice, the elimination of prejudice will eliminate poverty, miscegenation will end racism, etc.

Collectively, these liberal concepts can be understood as a kind of mental prison or a discourse that enshackle the minds of White people. They rely upon this mental framework to analyze and interpret every racial problem. It is what causes them to miss all the things which we see clearly.

There are White people who will implicitly recognize a dangerous situation such a traveling in a certain neighborhood at night (the brain has evolved an acute sensitivity to these things, fear of snakes is one example), but whose explicit conditioning will cause them to put themselves in unnecessary danger for utterly retarded reasons.

Here at Occidental Dissent, we have labeled these people “Libtards” (SPBDL calls them “Disingenuous White Liberals”), in light of the way that indefensible liberal ideas about race have a dulling effect upon the cognitive powers of White people which are otherwise sharp in non-controversial areas.

White Identity is a road map to racial identity for DWLs. It is aimed at a DWL audience that is entertaining doubts about the present system. The construction of the book makes sense when you understand that it is targeted at outsiders:

(1) First, there isn’t a clarion call for White racial consciousness anywhere in the book. This would only be a distraction for people with a low to negative sense of racial identity.

(2) Second, the Jewish Question is ignored because that too would only be a distraction for the target audience. The same is true of other controversial subjects like Christianity and the White ethnostate where there is no agreement even among White Nationalists. These people need baby food, not Jack Daniels.

(3) Third, the book is loaded with carefully selected news items which demonstrate the utter absurdity of Black Run America. These stories might seem a bit repetitive to veterans of the movement who discuss these things on a daily basis and who already understand race.

Every one of these little stories though leads to a footnote. The footnotes and a Google search engine make it easy for curious doubters of race orthodoxy to consume and digest more than a decade’s worth of hate truth that is much more voluminous than the book itself. You could have a lot of fun with White Identity and an iPad.

(4) Finally, there really isn’t a call for “White Identity” in the book because the narrative that is being told here makes the present system look so ridiculous, unjust, and indefensible that it can only induce a crushing feeling of despair in the people who once believed in its lies and who are suffering a rude awakening from that world for the first time in their lives.

The experience of reading White Identity for a DWL is what activates a sense of White Identity – every sentence in this book, every paragraph is crafted to induce that effect, and if a DWL manages to read the entire book, he will draw that conclusion on his own, making it all the more subversive and powerful.

My impression of White Identity is that it is a weapon – a tool that was clearly designed to disrupt the prevailing narrative about race relations in Black Run America. It was created like Frankenstein to be the book that someone who is already converted to racial consciousness could give to a friend or a relative to shatter their ideas about race and expose them to our perspective.

This is a “wicked book” that belongs in the same category as Pat Buchanan’s The Death of the West or Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique. It is easily the best book about race that has been written in over a decade – and that is high praise, as I have read them all.

There is so much hate truth in this book that Jared Taylor must have known that it would have been cruel and unusual punishment to sell and distribute White Identity in chain bookstores. I can only imagine how much pain and cognitive dissonance it must have caused to the publishers who rejected it.

Fortunately, we live in the age of Amazon and Kindle, so you can easily buy this book for a friend or loved one, or even better, as an anonymous present for someone who doesn’t get it. You can sit back from a distance, smile, and watch their distress.

Highly recommended!

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    That a national government will prevent the influence or danger of foreign intrigue, or secure us from invasion, is in my judgment directly the reverse of the truth. The only foreign, or at least evil foreign influence, must be obtained through corruption. Where the government is lodged in the body of the people, as in Switzerland, they can never be corrupted; for no prince, or people, can have resources enough to corrupt the majority of a nation; and if they could, the play is not worth the candle. The facility of corruption is increased in proportion as power tends by representation or delegation, to a concentration in the hands of a few.


    The balance of power has long engaged the attention of all the European world, in order to avoid the horrid evils of a general government. The same government pervading a vast extent of territory, terrifies the minds of individuals into meanness and submission.

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