Racist Cat: The Delightful Subversiveness of YouTube

I don’t know if this video is real or edited, but its hilarious:

While the anti-white Left is desperately trying to maintain the power of “racism,” it is being attacked on all sides — Racism, Schmacism, Yup, I’m a racist, and now, by an Asian, “Racist Cat.”

The Racist Cat even growls at a picture of Saint MLK Jr., whose face we are supposed to remember when we commit the sin of racism in our heart (LOL).

Tens of thousands of White kids will see this youtube video, and be at least partly “deprogrammed.” Many will be inspired to go further down the path of liberation from the mental prison of fear of the “racist” incantation.

At the end of the video the word “racist” framed in red and red lettering is superimposed on the cat, ridiculing the alleged power of the anti-white incantation.

“Racist” is supposed to be like verbal Kryptonite to us. Apparently, Kryptonite has a short half life.


  1. Every once in a while, I need a little down time, away from the hustle and bustle of our devolving culture and the inherrent stress of an imploding, enfeebled morality. This article is one such time.

    Thus, this looks like an opportune place to plug the website


    It just seemed appropriate.

    PS: there is no deeper meaning to the site. it is apolitical. I just found it to be really, really cute.

  2. That is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen, with the way they ended it with the cat looking at the picture of Hitler and not growling. Totally makes the “racism, schmacism” point. I wish James Edwards could embed video in his book. I sent him the youtube link.

  3. If you visit the guy’s YouTube page, it states he went to film school and works in film, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the video is doctored or the cat coaxed in some way. Something seems a little “off” about it. Regardless, it’s well done and very funny.

  4. Ya, it’s pretty good. I posted this to my facebook a week or so ago, and it got way more thumbs up and comments than all the OD articles I post, so it does have a wider reach than the more cerebral type stuff.

    The Kitlers are hilarious too

  5. Yes, that was hilarious. It definitely shows the power of images and humor versus the written word.

  6. My cat is racist against squirrels for sure. I try to tell her to celebrate diversity, but methinks she would rather have celery with diversity instead (as a garnish).

    In all seriousness though, it is fun to see the ridiculous and made-up word “racism” being ridiculed like it should be. EVERYONE HERE NEEDS TO BUY MULTIPLE COPIES OF:

    RACISM SCHMACISM by James Edwards



  7. Subversive truths that take the form of short, snappy media presentations can be spread by trendy websites.

    4chan.org/b/ is notorious for tolerating racial views that would be censored elsewhere. However, it tolerates a lot of extreme communications.

    Simply visual jokes, something like a static LOLCAT image or an animated GIF, might do a great deal.


    As the Situationists say, “Detourn, baby detourn.”

  8. They are just hurting the cat to make him cry. It’s obvious, especially when you see the cat turning its head to the right.

  9. You can tell that the cats mouth is being digitally manipulated. I think the pictures were being change with the computer also as there was no break in the video. Still funny.

  10. Most of the time he’s not even looking at the photos, lol
    I think someone’s twisting his balls. Funny nonetheless.

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