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South Carolina: Confederate Flag Rally

Yesterday, OD attended a Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia, SC. It was a six hour drive, but we found the time and the resources to travel to South Carolina to support a worthy cause. We shot almost an hour worth of video on the scene. I've uploaded the footage to our YouTube channel. 1.) Traveling to South Carolina/Columbia State House In this video, we share a hilarious racial anecdote that happened in Rock Hill, SC.  I also tour the grounds of the South Carolina capitol and make various observations.

2.) Engaging a Counter-Protester/Singing Dixie with H.K. Edgerton

I engage a homosexual counter protester from Atlanta and ask him several questions about the Confederate flag. H.K. Edgerton, a black man famous for supporting the Confederacy, leads a sing along of Dixie for the FOX News television cameras.

3.) William Carter

William Carter of the South Carolina Conservative Action Council, the organizer of the event, explains why it is important to support the Confederate flag. Only White Americans are defamed and attacked for daring to celebrate and preserve our heritage.

4.) Kirk Lyons

Kirk Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center speaks at the Confederate Flag Rally.

5.) Kyle Rogers

My friend Kyle Rogers of the South Carolina CofCC, a veteran pro-White activist, takes the microphone at the Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia.

6.) Waving the Gadsden Flag

I take turns waving the Gadsden flag and Confederate flag in front of the South Carolina legislature. FOX News was filming us and snapping photos.

After the rally was over, I stuck around in Columbia with H. Rock White and Mike Capatano. We had a great time chatting with Kyle about every aspect of the White Nationalist movement.

Red Jeffrey and One People’s Project were nowhere in sight. There were 100 of us and 1 counter protester at the Columbia Rally. A3P supporters were on the scene. Carolina Patriot, an OD commentator from South Carolina, came out to join us.

There is nothing stopping us from winning this fight. The biggest enemy facing us is not our opposition. It is our unwillingness to show that we have the courage of our convictions. There should have been thousands of us there waving the Confederate flag in the 95 degree heat.

I had a blast in Columbia. These road trips are far more fun than writing and arguing on the internet. It is always a pleasure to be around good people who care about their race and its future. I think more of our supporters will come out when they see all the action and good fun they are missing.

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  1. Great content. I’d be willing to bet that the SPLC-minded protester wouldn’t oppose the flying of Mexican or Israeli flags on U.S. soil.

  2. Just a thought: instead of getting an emotionally charged argument with this guy about ancestors and all, why not logically counter the guy? He had a legitimate point about it not being a state flag. Never once did I hear the good guys counter back with the fact that the flag is at a war memorial site and that it doesn’t fly over the state house at all. Then, challenge him on why the Federal colors fly over a state house at all. Unfortunately, what could have been a dynamite chance to drop a great argument on a possible opponent, we got a diatribe against Atlanta (my hometown) and some ugly and completely irrelevant nonsense about the guy possibly being a homosexual. “If you don’t love Dixie, get out!” doesn’t win us friends or arguments.

  3. feminizedwesternmale // June 28, 2010 at 3:18 am //

    “There should have been thousands of us there waving the Confederate flag in the 95 degree heat.”

    Part of the problem is that I knew nothing of this event. I follow the WN scene fairly closely. I live in Charleston and could have easily attended, and more importantly, spread the word amongst my TP/2nd Amend. ring of patients who keep me updated (via email) about the going-ons of this pure, white phenomenon.

    I mean f*ck-an-a, what is the point of being “facebook” fag-friends if the CofCC cannot spread a word via internet, our only apparent strength.


  4. Mike,

    I gave Kyle your email address. I assumed he contacted you or that you had seen the post about the South Carolina rally. There’s always next time. :)

  5. Lena,

    It is easy to speak out against BP in the Gulf States. That’s on the level of saying the sky is blue in public. It is uncontroversial and there are now consequences. Not the same thing. Try again.

  6. jack,

    I did challenge the guy:

    1.) I pointed out to him that the Palmetto flag is a secession flag. It was the flag of the Republic of South Carolina.

    2.) I pointed out to him that no one was proposing replacing the Palmetto flag with the Confederate flag as the South Carolina official state flag.

    3.) Everyone knows the Confederate flag doesn’t fly over the South Carolina state hose. That was the whole point of the event!

    4.) I did challenge him about flying the American flag over the state capitol. He said it was a national flag.

    5.) If you live in Atlanta, it should have been even easier for you to show up in Columbia. Atlanta is what – two or three hours away?

    6.) Atlanta is full of non-Southerners.

    7.) If he doesn’t love Dixie, he should get out of here.

  7. Wow. Just Wow.. So we have here more love pof a flag then people or land?

  8. Lena,

    What are you talking about? I live in Virginia. Columbia is six hours from Charlottesville. The nearest Florida beaches affected by the Gulf Oil Spill are thirteen to fourteen hours from here.

  9. So let’s male this very clear. You do not care about the total pollution and destruction of the gulf? Yet you are a Southern Patriot? Do I have this right?

    Really, WOW.

  10. The oil is GUSHING, is your flag going to stop it? It is a southern flag. Yes, it will hit you, and you claimed you wanted to establish a homeland in the south. Do you care about the land or not? Do you care about the people effected or not?

  11. Really , do I need to “come up” with something better then fucking reality?

  12. What are you talking about? Of course I care. I grew up in the area. I know tons of people who are affected by this. I visit the Gulf several times a year.

    Do you have any idea how far the Gulf of Mexico is from Virginia? It is a three hour drive from my house in Alabama to Destin. It is an eleven or twelve hour drive from Alabama to Charlottesville.

    I don’t have the time or the resources to travel to Florida right now. What do you want me to do? Tell Southerners to dislike Obama and BP?

    What would be the point of that? Everyone there already hates BP and Obama.

  13. I really cannot believe this. I cannot even type.

  14. Southerners are already irate at BP and Obama. Mission accomplished. How exactly is OD supposed to stop the Gulf Oil Spill?

  15. How about not making fun and mock women advocating for their people?

  16. Why not write about the black out? IT IS SERIOUS.

  17. The people talking to the counter-protester aside from Hunter are not OD people, they were local flag-waving patriot types

    Myself and Carolina Patriot both advertised this on Facebook

    The BP thing is all over Fox News and CNN, I don’t see any relevance to this site for it

  18. Edison Carter // June 28, 2010 at 4:00 am //

    A woman with more love of the south and more balls then all you guys combined:

    Debates about pollution are allowed by the Jews because they’re no obstacle to the war against Whites. To the extent that environmental issues justify a strong federal government they provide a small boost to anti-White power.

    The endangered species we need to defend is our own.

  19. Getting WN out of the area? Supporting them? Why on earth would you care about “real” people in the “real” world? Yeah, I guess that is not needed. carry on in lalalalalala land.

  20. Lena,

    You were the one who raised the subject in an unrelated thread. I pointed out the obvious: speaking out against BP and Obama is the equivalent of saying the sky is blue. It is uncontroversial. There are no social consequences because everyone already agrees with you.

    What black out are you referring to? There hasn’t been any media blackout of the Gulf Oil Spill. The people back home I know literally talk about nothing else. There are boycotts of BP gas stations going on all across Alabama and Florida right now. Obama’s poll numbers are in the toilet.

  21. You want to re-raise the stars-and-bars? Then win the NEXT Civil War…the last one was lost because our white ancestors tried to secede from the Regime instead of attacking and destroying it outright. Empirically, this multinational corporate catastrophe in the Gulf + Barky’s flailing response are – with apologies to those currently being destroyed – almost a godsend. Along with everything else – collapsing economy, immigration disaster, Zionist wars – it is all bringing the Day of Wrath closer and closer. Today in my coastal Calif. town I saw several parked mestizo vehicles with Mex flags clipped onto windows. I fought back the urge to stop my cab and rip them off….the time will come when I no longer fight the urge. A trivial thing, I know; but that’s how revolutions begin.

  22. This rally was advertised on a multitude of websites, including the CofCC national site, the SC CofCC site, and the CofCC facebook group. The SC CofCC also snailed mailed a newsletter to 300 people a week before the rally that also advertised it.

    “There should have been thousands of us there waving the Confederate flag in the 95 degree heat.”

    Part of the problem is that I knew nothing of this event. I follow the WN scene fairly closely. I live in Charleston and could have easily attended, and more importantly, spread the word amongst my TP/2nd Amend. ring of patients who keep me updated (via email) about the going-ons of this pure, white phenomenon.

    I mean f*ck-an-a, what is the point of being “facebook” fag-friends if the CofCC cannot spread a word via internet, our only apparent strength.


  23. HenryFordFan // June 28, 2010 at 6:25 am //

    Regarding event promotion, it is possible to create a toolbar with an alert system, like the jews megaphone system, which I am sure most have heard about,if you have not it is Here is a site that allows a free toolbar to be created and then alerts could be made. You could have a blog which a few people have access to update, and then the updates are sent via RSS to the toolbar. Another alternative would be to pay someone to program an application that does the same thing.

  24. Edison Carter // June 28, 2010 at 1:26 pm //

    Here is a site that allows a free toolbar to be created and then alerts could be made.HenryFordFan

    In the short run we could use that, though I’d warn anyone signing up that we don’t know who is going to have access to the complete list. Long term we shouldn’t depend on sites we don’t control. If it becomes an effective tool Jews can usually get us thrown off.

  25. Here’s the mainstream news article about the rally:

    The comments are a mix of pro-flag:

    CarolinaSpirit wrote on 06/28/2010 08:58:53 AM:

    If If you earnestly look at the flag of the Confederacy for what it stood for you’ll find no “oppression, hate, or terrorism” as stated in some of these comments. This comes from a good liberal “Black-washing” of the truth.
    Now if you look at the flag of the United States; who interned a whole group of people because they were the same etnicity as those we were at war with (America), who dropped atomic bombs murdering thousands of these people (America), who is presently planted around the world forcing our western ways on others (America).
    Again; my people fought for the north, but I don’t look at the Confederate flag for what groups well after the Civil War turned it into supporting their rebelious views – I look at it in respect for those who would stand up against the federal government and fight for what is merely written in the Constituion “States Rights”. Remember, Lincoln could have cared less about the slavery issues until it became a ralleying point during the war.
    And; as we see our liberties eroding today under the socialist federal government – I think it’s time we reflect on those who once took up protecting their rights with their lives and respect this flag. Then reach down and pull back up the strength to defend the true “American way of life”

    And anti:

    RepublicanAGAINSTlibertarians wrote on 06/28/2010 04:16:57 PM:

    CarolinaSpirit, there are people who think that about the American flag and they burn it or stomp on it, etc. but that doesn’t change the fact that it is the country’s flag and legally belongs on the dome. We are talking about an extraneous symbol from history with a powerful message. In its time it stood for lots of things, some good and some bad. The same goes for the Nazi flag. It was simply the flag for Hitler’s political party that rebuilt Germany. It didn’t begin with the baggage it would soon acquire. But both symbols can’t escape their meaning in THIS time period. It isn’t the symbols’ fault….it isn’t how they began their life, but it doesn’t change how they ended up. They are no longer benign and have no place as ACTIVE symbols here and now. They can be placed in museums to tell us about history.

  26. Hunter, I’d promised to meet up with you and was quite sorry to have not been able to, even if it was for a good reason: My wife went into labor, and we have been blessed with a son. A white, Southern male, to complement his twin white, Southern sisters.

    [We’re not done yet, either. My feeling is that one of the most revolutionary acts WNs can engage in today is to have as large and stable and racially-conscious families as they can afford, and educate them at home or among like-minded homeschooling families and that is what we intend to do.]

    See you next time you’re in the area!

  27. Congratulations!!!

  28. richard williams // November 8, 2013 at 1:10 pm //

    Re.diversity in NFl….white players….exodus….similar to jews fleeing germany1940

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