My Awakening

A biographical note.

I didn’t start out as an anti-Semite. The Jews didn’t appear on my radar screen until Fall 2001, shortly after my 21st birthday, when my concern over third world immigration led to my participation in online political forums. At the time, I was reading David Horowitz’s Hating Whitey and Pat Buchanan’s The Death of the West. In the aftermath of 9/11, I began encountering various anti-Semitic arguments in cyberspace, mostly on Age of Kings chatrooms and messageboards.

Growing up in Alabama, I had no real life experience with Jews. There were very few in my local area. As an undergraduate, I didn’t encounter that many at Auburn either. Jews had about as much relevance to my life as Eskimos. Insofar as I thought about Jews at all, I had a vaguely positive attitude towards them. I tended to believe their narrative of victimology and resisted anti-Semitic arguments when I was first exposed to them.

In late 2001, I stumbled upon Stormfront, which had been relaunched as a vBulletin only a few months before. I don’t remember exactly how I got there, but I think it was through a Google search for Buchanan’s The Death of the West. David Duke was arguing that Jews were responsible for 9/11. There were a lot more Neo-Nazis and Third Reich fetishists back then. At the time, Stormfront was still a small internet forum.

When I showed up at Stormfront, I was already a racialist, but not yet an anti-Semite. I took offense at the widespread anti-Semitism there. I argued against it for several months and eventually created my own “free speech” messageboard. It was at Stormfront though that I was first exposed to the theory that Jews were responsible for many of America’s racial problems. I dismissed the theory, but logged it in the back of my mind.

In 2002 and 2003, I began to research America’s racial decline. I read almost exclusively mainstream academic sources in my college library. I stayed away from the anti-Semitic stuff. To this day, I still haven’t read Duke’s My Awakening or Jewish Supremacism. It quickly became clear that there was a Jewish angle to the problem. In particular, I noticed the “New Books” section of the AU Library always seemed to be filled with recently published anti-racist screeds by Jewish authors. I developed the impression that Jews were ubiquitous in anti-racist circles.

Anti-Semitism is like tuning a radio. If you adjust to the right frequency, a distinct pattern emerges. In the daily grind of current events, you begin to see multiple confirmations of Jewish malfeasance. I’ve experienced thousands of these “ooh” and “ah” moments over the past seven years. This weekend it happens to be the Jewish reaction to the Swiss ban on minarets. A week ago, it was Barry Mehler on White Nationalism. A week from now, it will be something else.

The culmulative weight of these moments adds up over time into the attitude that White Americans, racially and culturally speaking, would be better off without the Jewish impact on our society. So that’s how I became an anti-Semite.

How did you?

Note: In 2004/2005, I had a brief relapse while arguing with Neo-Nazis over whether or not the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration was Jewish controlled. I was also beginning to realize that America’s racial decline was complex; that the war propaganda and backlash against the Third Reich played an important role in changing White racial attitudes. While arguing against extreme anti-Semites, I allowed myself to get polarized into taking an equally extreme position.

As the polarization wore off, I came to my senses. The drip, drip, drip of daily Jewish misbehavior solidified my view of the Jewish Question. In the past five years, I have seen nothing out of the Jewish community to give me reason to change my mind, only implacable hostility toward racially conscious White Americans. While there are arguably a handful of pro-White Jews, they have no influence over the wider Jewish community which remains committed to our destruction.

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  1. “Sarkozy looks and acts like a PURE JEW. His lineage proves that even the slightest infusion of Jewblood is a DISASTER.

    His son looks even more Jewish, with the curly mop and the scimitar nose. He looks like he walked straight out of a yeshiva.

  2. FDR was a Crypto. His family were Dutch Jews, and were listed as such, when they infested America in the 19th Century.

    Churchill’s mommy was Jennie Jacoby from Brooklyn, NY. Do I need to elaborate?

  3. The Holocausts of the Persians, greenlighted by a total traitor, in favor of the Jew Whore of Whores Esther, was a tragedy. A horror, an a tragedy. The Armenian Holocaust, and the Russian Christian Holocaust, both perpetrated by The Jew Devil – the same.

  4. The Jews deserve to be removed from Human Society. And must be removed, so Human Society can heal, and flourish.

    You are trying to draw me into stating something along the lines of murdering all Jews. I am not saying that. I am not typing that.

  5. Actually I find being called Swede for more insulting. People always think I’m Swede because I’am blond and blue eyed. But I’am actually half Czech, a quarter French Canadian, with one-eighth Russian, and lastly one-eighth Swedish ancestry. Those Swede genes most have real punch, for me to mistaken for Swedish ancestry while only being one-eighth Swede.

  6. The WORST THIN – the VERY WEORST THING – that can be done to Jews, is to force them to face their own beliefs, and history, and actions.

    I believe they are congenitally unable to do so. Look at the responses here. I’ve seen worse. No matter what evidence is provided, no matter what montrous deesa are detailed – all Jews do is screech and spit, and deny, and whine about “Anti-Hebe-ism”

    I believe that if Jews are FORCED to confront what they are, and tell the truth – I believe that they all will spontaneously combust, on the spot, and go back to their Daddy.

  7. Richard Mccullough, the grand old man himself.

    I haven’t read McCollough’s work (vaguely familar with his premise) but on a genetic basis Jews are not nordid, and only marginally European.

    And again: you mention Arabs as being on the low end of the racial totem pole, yet it is fact that Arabs and Jews cluster close together genetically due to having essentially identical origins.

    One cannot accept Jews on a racial basis while denying the same to Arabs.

  8. So by his definition, Mark Potok and Tim Wise would not be Jewish, they’re just white liberals.

    The difference being (a difference that eviscerates your straw man) that Potok and Wise walk like ducks, quack like ducks, swim like ducks, whereas Scroob walks like a swan, quacks like a swan, swims like a swan, etc.

    Kinda hard to miss, IMO.

  9. @Crypto Jew Advocate

    Denise, tell me honestly, what do the Jews really deserve?

    Jews deserve to be told to shut up and go bother their own people. Aren’t there some anti-White Jewish groups you could be convincing to stop being anti-White?

  10. Donald, I’m not a race materialist myself but I think McCullough was talking about those Jews whose phenotype is Nordish. I suppose he had Jews like Gwyneth Paltrow in mind.

  11. ‘ so that leaves Sarko as part ethnically/genetically Jewish — 1/4 Jewish.’

    If sociopathic ambition and disregard for human rights are genetically transmitted, that might be dangerous.

    Then again, I wouldn’t want to live in a “Gattaca” style police state.

  12. Mark #98: you’re saying Potok isn’t Jewish? This is the first I’ve heard of that. Everything I’ve seen says the opposite but I’ve never specifically “looked up his background.”

    If you’re saying he’s Jewish but at one point was raised Christian, so was Abe Foxman. And? Your point with that is?

    As for Zionism: some Jews aren’t. That doesn’t cancel their tribal membership.

  13. Greg Johnson made a fine point in his recent interview with Tom Sunic. He said that we must distinguish between good Jews and bad Jews. A good Jew is a Jew that lives in Israel.

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