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13 Responses to Scots-Irish Project

  1. Enjoyed your posts on Scots-Irish.

  2. Kurt says:

    Irish people are the lowest there is. All they do is get drunk off their asses and dance like idiots when they are drunk and eat potatoes.

  3. james h swor says:

    We’re not Irish, we’re Ulster Scots!

  4. elaine lane says:

    Why you guys always putting people down???

  5. Rudel says:

    “We’re not Irish, we’re Ulster Scots!”

    A mongrel race of Gaelic Scotii (originally from Ireland before going to Britain after the Romans left and then returning!), Picts, and various English Borderer bandits who are themselves a motley collection of Britons, Romans, Angles, and Norse.

  6. Marshall Wolf says:

    “A mongrel race of Gaelic Scotii (originally from Ireland before going to Britain after the Romans left and then returning!), Picts, and various English Borderer bandits who are themselves a motley collection of Britons, Romans, Angles, and Norse.”

    The Scots-Irish descend from both the Lowlands of Scotland and North England, although there most likely hardly little difference between the two places, being literally right next to one another.

    The Lowlands, especially the south, are very, very Germanic. Angles even settled north of Hadrian’s Wall. Then the Saxon nobles fled there after the Norman invasions. Then the Normans settled there as well.

    ( )

    Picts dwelled in the north-east of Scotland. I don’t know how much raping and pillaging they inflicted on the Lowlands, but I doubt that they have much kinship with the Lowlanders.

    The Lowlanders also have little Brythonic (Briton) blood. The Angles, Jutes, and Saxons pretty much ethnic cleansed the landscape, and instituted apartheid on the survivors. It’s safe to assume there was next to no mixing in the Lowlands.


    True, the Scots Irish are the mutts of Northern Europe. I wouldn’t have it any other way. ;)

  7. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    DNA testing suggests that there has been virtually no infusion of Foreigns, before 1955 anyway…

  8. Time for ya’ll to show,
    we’re all brothers,
    don’t ya know.

    From the Caucus, we all came,
    Caucasian is, our name.
    Ten shofars we call horns,
    Ten virgins, split asunder,
    Ten toes, divided,
    the world is our oyster,
    and hate, our aim.

    The Chosen we did abandon,
    and went our separate ways,
    not lost, but in hiding, until The Time,
    of awakening, in the time of darkness.

    Remember the lesson of the Saxons, as spelled by ‘scholars’, who have deliberately stolen our heritage. For it was ‘Saacs Sons’, as they knew it. They often dropped the leading vowels in those days… and the Sons of Isaac, became Saacs Sons. One of the few tribes to remember their origins. But, we forget, deliberately, because we hated Judah, and their religion of stupid laws.

    God did not want us to have kings, learn the lesson of Samuel and Saul.
    How’s all that centralized government stuff worked out for us, over thousands of years… hmm?

    The darkness is here, sleepers awaken.

  9. Colton says:

    R1b is the dominant Haplogroup in Western Europe and also parts of Central Europe. It also appears in roughly 40% of Germans as well as the populations of the Low Countries. In Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, it reaches 80%. My point being, the so-called “superior” Germainic race has many who share the same Haplogroup with the Irish. Recent genetic studies show that only about 30% of the English have any degree of Anglo-Saxon at all. Most of the English are genetically the same as the Irish. So, while Nordic and Germanic (because the two are NOT the same) people can talk all the sh*t they want, the greatest empire in history was built by the genetic cousins of the Irish. Also, archaeological evidence has proven that the areas of Spain (where the Irish may have originally come from; once thought to be a simple fable though recent gentic studies may lend some credibility to this claim) and France were far more developed than the Germany of the same time period.

  10. survivor says:

    The only reason you hate the Irish is because they stayed Roman Catholic while the Scots and Scots/Irish became lunatic puritans. Had the native Irish become lunatic puritans you would love them too.

    I’m Scots Irish and so is my husband and 2 beautiful tall, thin blonde children who look just like their Father. Here is the story of the clan from which we both come.

    We were a border bandit tribe. We made our living raiding across the English Scots border to rustle cattle, rob and kidnap rich people for ransom. This went on from about 2,000 BC to 1610 AD.

    When James 6 of Scotland/ James 1 of England was conniving with the English great lords before ER1 died, he made them some promises. Remember, ER1 never named an heir and Arabella Stuart had a better dynastic claim. So did many of the great lords who married Henry 8′s numerous York Plantagenet aunts his Mother’s sisters.

    The great Lords and Cecil backed James Stuart because he promised to end the Scots border tribes raiding, kidnapping, killing, robbing and cattle rustling. Soon after he became King James deported all the thieving, raiding, kidnapping murdering border tribes to Ulster Ireland to genocide the Irish. The Scots tribes did their best to genocide the Catholic Irish but the Irish survived, fought back and delayed the English conquest of Ireland for about 70 years.

    Then James betrayed the Scots tribes. He promised them freedom to practice their lunatic version of protestantism. But he tried to impose the more civilized Church of England on the Scots in Ireland. By that time the Irish were re grouping and instead of the Scots immigrants killing off the Irish Catholics, the Irish Catholics were exterminating the Scots immigrants.

    A solution was found. The American Indians held the frontier. The ENGLISH wealthy capitalist planters and merchants on the coast were not about to fight the Indians themselves. So the Scots Irish were sent to be poor despised and scorned as poor White trash, live off useless mountain land difficult to cultivate and fight the Indians; all of them women and children included while the rich ENGLISH planters and merchants were safe and sound free to make money and import the black plague that will destroy America.
    But the Scots/Irish were happy. They could practice their lunatic puritan version of Christianity.

    I assume you’ve heard of the Whiskey rebellion. Quick summary; Hamilton, Washington and all the rich elites who profited from the revolution had to pay off millions they borrowed from the French. So they came up with the whiskey tax, just about the only tax other than import taxes in existence at the time. The entire burden of paying for the revolution debts was placed on the Scots/Irish frontier people considered poor White trash by the elites.

    That is the history of the Scots Irish. Don’t glorify it by sneering at the Irish.

  11. survivor says:

    That whole English glorification of the anglo saxons was a 19th century class warfare thing between the rising capitalists and the old land owning nobility. The capitalists claimed they were the descendants of the wonderful anglo saxons who had been so abused when the Normans invaded and conquered. From 1066 being of norman descent was considered superior. By 1820 the rising capitalists created the anglo saxon superiority myth.

  12. survivor says:

    Everyone on the British isles is related. There are about 3 million verified descendants of Charles 2 and James 2. There are about 15 million verified descendants of Edward 3.
    That’s just verified descendants. There were only about 1 million people in Scotland and England 2,000 years ago. So everyone is related.

    Walter Scott invented the anglo saxon myth with Rowena and Cedric in the early 19th century.

  13. James Davis McCoy says:

    Interesting commentary. I discovered this website while researching my Great Great Grandfather Emanuel McCoy. When I googled “Emanuel McCoy Farm Noonday Texas” I saw a post by Hunter Wallace stating that he & I have the same GGGrandfather; same birth date & place: 1838 Eastern Tennessee. Hunter, I would love to hear from you & especially ask if you have a copy of the McCoy/Williams family tree. My Grandfather was Sherman Albert McCoy b. Noonday 1898. I was born in Tyler Texas 1945, 10 miles away from Noonday. Emanuel is buried with a Confederate headstone in the cemetery on Hwy 110 close to Bullard Texas.

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