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Banal White Nationalism

September 13, 2009 Hunter Wallace 28

“Banal White Nationalism” is a concept used by the anti-Confederate, SPLC affiliated activist Edward Sebesta. He uses it to describe White Americans with a vague, unarticulated […]

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September 11, 2009 Hunter Wallace 39

Looking back, I am far less patriotic today than I was eight years ago. I was in my second year of college at Auburn University […]

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Grant Havers on Hitler

September 6, 2009 Hunter Wallace 25

At Takimag, Canadian paleocon Grant Havers chides Adolf Hitler for misunderstanding Britain and condemns the Third Reich as “an untrustworthy and murderous regime.” In a […]

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Adapt or Die

September 3, 2009 Hunter Wallace 35

This should come as no surprise: the Orwellian “Commission for Equality & Human Rights” is attempting to crush the BNP, and the party now has […]

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Buchanan on Hitler

September 1, 2009 Hunter Wallace 22

At VDARE, Pat Buchanan asks the shrieking anti-Natzees a few tough questions, which they will undoubtedly ignore. It was Great Britain that transformed a local […]

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Gottfried on WASPs

August 27, 2009 Hunter Wallace 57

Paul Gottfried (Jew) weighs in on the Kaufmann vs. MacDonald debate and blames Anglo-Protestants for the self loathing version of multiculturalism. I can’t say that I agree with […]

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Myth Revisited

August 18, 2009 Hunter Wallace 12

GuessedWorker has responded to Myth and Self-Interest. In his latest entry, he reiterates his argument that mythization was not employed in the conquest, acquisition and […]

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August 18, 2009 Hunter Wallace 32

OneSTDV, another HBD/RR blogger, on EGI: First, I have absolutely no vested interest in the success of the larger white racial collective. I care exclusively […]

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August 17, 2009 Hunter Wallace 44

In my absence, Vanishing American has written a long post about divisiveness within the pro-White movement, which was undoubtedly inspired by the previous thread here. […]

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There Be Demons

August 14, 2009 Hunter Wallace 42

Apparently, Lawrence Auster finds the scientific evidence for demonic possession (a made-for-TV-movie) to be stronger and more persuasive than that for Darwinian evolution. I’m currently enjoying […]

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Imagine 2050

August 14, 2009 Hunter Wallace 20

This website has been running a series of articles about White Nationalism. The writers there are dishonestly trying to link us to the Birther movement […]

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Comrade Lindsay

August 11, 2009 Hunter Wallace 32

Robert Lindsay is hurling epithets (insane, lunatics, total losers, psychos) at White Nationalists who want to eliminate legal immigration and deport non-White U.S. citizens. He […]

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G.W., Liar

August 10, 2009 Hunter Wallace 37

A few hours ago, I arrived home from Florida and fired up the computer. Over the past three days, nasal philo-Semitic race realists from the Northeast […]