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For over a decade, I was involved in the White Nationalist movement.

Do you know what I remember most about those years? I remember waiting … patiently waiting for the day when “it” would happen, when America’s racial and cultural decline would get so bad that the US economy would collapse, or failing that White people would be pushed to their breaking point and would get so fed up with the system that the “movement” would catalyze and get its act together.

That day never came. It never came because White people and White Nationalists were afraid to stand up for themselves and their interests. Like the status conscious IT consultant in Alex Kurtagic’s dystopian novel Mister, democratic bourgeois man was cowed into submission by the soft oppression of the taboos that we live under. I’ve written stories about all kinds of horrific black-on-white crimes and I have had people contact me and plead with me to remove stories because they were afraid of violent retaliation from the “no snitchin’” black community, or they were afraid that someone might think they are “racist” for connecting the gruesome death of a loved one to the dysfunctional black thug culture that thrives in our cities. Such is the present state of White America which is more than willing to take such abuse.

In the UK, over 1,400 White little girls were gang raped in Rotherham for 14 years by Pakistani Muslim child sex predators. The police and social services knew about it and did nothing out of fear of being accused of “racism.” Now that the Rotherham atrocities have been brought to light, you would think this would be a watershed moment. This would be the “it,” the catalyst, that would finally bring down the entire unpopular edifice of diversity, multiculturalism and mass Third World immigration in Britain.

Like the US after the 9/11 attacks, it seems this “teachable moment” will pass and life will continue much as before in Britain, people will be shocked and outraged by the child abuse, they will talk about it with their friends over the water cooler and even if they draw the right conclusions, they will keep their thoughts to themselves. For democratic bourgeois man, the modern American, a person who combines the worst aspects of extreme individualism with extreme conformity, the perceived cost of speaking out and being thought a “racist” is just too great to bear. He’s free in the strictly legal sense of the word to do so, but he is deterred by the strong taboos of that fearsome dictator known as “public opinion” from exercising his right to assemble.

In a nutshell, that’s why education and outrage are insufficient to solve our problem. It doesn’t change the cost-benefit calculus of getting actively involved in the movement. For twenty years now, we’ve educated and outraged thousands upon thousands of White people over the internet – titillated them with shocking crimes, or impressed them with fancy Nietzsche essays, often both – and it hasn’t moved them to take action.

A few generations ago, just one rape by a Muslim immigrant would have been enough to incite a lynch mob in parts of the South. Then as now, previous generations were outraged by heinous crimes, but something like that would never happen in our own more “enlightened age.” It doesn’t happen because our Southern ancestors were moved by something their descendants have lost: an honor based moral code.

It is a primitive sense of honor and an accompanying sense of duty, not expertise in Plato or Nietzsche, that physically moves men into action. In the Confederacy, men marched off to war and risked their lives on a daily basis because death and defeat was preferable to the thought of being degraded to the level of equality with the free negro. In the words of William L. Harris, Mississippi’s secession commissioner to Georgia, “She had rather see the last of her race, men, women and children, immolated in one common funeral pile [pyre], than see them subjected to the degradation of civil, political and social equality with the negro race.”

It’s unimaginable to ever hear such sentiments being uttered by the modern democratic bourgeois American individualist who is content to flood the country with millions of Third World immigrants, and ruin it for countless future generations, so long as the price of a head of lettuce is a few cents cheaper at the nearest Super Walmart. Even plenty of our own people, who rightfully hold such despicable characters and sentiments in contempt, still haven’t fully broken with the mindset of Americanism.

If you are haunted by the thought of what “public opinion” will think when someone sees you breaking a taboo, and it deters you from action, you still have a ways to go in your journey. If you prefer death and defeat and doing your duty to enduring the status quo, you have arrived. Fortunately, we are not at the point yet where people have to die to build our movement. We’re not even close – as we have seen time and again, the actual consequences that follow from taking action are quite small.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that we got to do more than educate and outrage you. We got to convince you, somehow, that you don’t want to be a modern self absorbed democratic bourgeois American individualist. The challenge is to tap into the aristocratic qualities that are a part of our Southern heritage and summon them to kill off the modern American within ourselves. That’s how we will move forward.

Personally, that’s how I moved forward … after 10 years of waiting on the “movement.” I decided that I didn’t want to be a modern democratic bourgeois American individualist. I realized there wasn’t much that was attractive to me about that empty, unfulfilling lifestyle. I couldn’t in good conscience remain idle while my country was sinking around me beneath the waves. When I finally accepted that, I ceased to care about “public opinion” and observing its silly politically correct taboos. It was a liberating experience. That was the real catalyst for me, not the hundreds of books I read while in college, or the years of being outraged while surfing the internet.

The greatest Alabamian who ever lived, William Lowndes Yancey, once said on the eve of the War Between the States that “even if disunion resulted in war,” rather than live under a government that violated the Constitution “and places me in a position inferior to the Northern free negro,” he would gather a corps of brave men who, “however few in number, would find a grave which the world would recognize, my countrymen, as a modern Thermopylae.” That’s the language and spirit of the Old South’s honor based culture.

It is the spirit we are going to take with us over the next two weeks when we travel to Little Rock, Arkansas and Apopka, Florida. We’re going to take the initiative and bring our flag into Arkansas and Central Florida. We’re not going to wait around for another decade hoping for a “movement” to spontaneously materialize on its own. We’re going to cheerfully do our duty and start building one in the South right now.

Yes, I know it won’t be the “Night of the Torchlight Parade,” but isn’t that our definition of a real “movement”? Tens of thousands of people marching in the streets? We can still work towards that day.

Note: If you are in the Little Rock or Orlando area, come out and join us over the next two weeks. Even if you can’t participate in the demonstrations, you can always meet up with us afterwards while we are in the area. Oh, and we will be doing something somewhere in Northwest Georgia in mid-October.

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Obama Plans Huge New War In Iraq and Syria

I will be watching Obama’s big primetime speech tonight in which he will announce his intention to unilaterally, on our behalf of course, start a vastly expensive, interminable new foreign war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Note: Meanwhile, check out America’s borders 13 years after the 9/11 attacks. Remember, you can always count on Washington to keep us safe from rampaging mobs of black “youths” attacking White people in our cities, rapists and murderers from Latin America sneaking into the US, and especially Islamic terrorists!


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#Runninscared: Warm Up Ye Olde White Power Chopping Block




Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project has been on a roll this year!

- In January, an Oklahoma court ordered Daryle to pay $50,000 in damages to David Yeagley for violating his civil rights by getting the 2010 Amren conference shutdown in Washington, DC.

- In March, Daryle assumed he had caught a lucky break when David Yeagley died from cancer. What a relief not to have to cough up that $50K! Thank god!

- In April, Daryle showed up in Burns, TN with Captain Manboobs and made a fool out of himself at the 2014 Amren Conference. Watch the video!

- Just the other day, Daryle and friends were outnumbered and pushed around by White Nationalists from Stormfront on their own home turf in Philadelphia. They were called “masked superhero wannabees” and were told to get out of Tacony and get a job … yes, in Philadelphia by other anti-racists! Man, that must have burned.

This brings us to the mysterious Gofundme fundraiser by One People’s Project which we discovered this morning and noticed wasn’t being advertised on their website:


What’s that about?

“The $50,000 judgement against left-wing gang leader Daryle Lamont Jenkins is once against moving forward. Jenkins believed he was off the hook when David Yeagley died of cancer. However, the judgement has now been re-assigned ownership.

The judgement was for tortious interference related to the cancellation of the Washington, DC American Renaissance conference. Members of a violent left-wing gang network made threatening phone calls to multiple hotels to get the conference cancelled. Jenkins runs an umbrella website for the gang and bragged on video about being responsible for getting the conference cancelled.

Jenkins is over forty, but rumored to still live with his parents. It is unlikely that he has any money. However, there are many examples of an offenders domain name being seized. Jenkins would have to start over from scratch building an audience after fifteen or so years of running the site. His website has been doing very poorly for the past several years. The SPLC, which likes to wink at left-wing violence, occasionally plugs his site.”

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Antifa Fail In Philadelphia: March Against Racists and Rapists


H/T Tremley

We haven’t seen Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project since he showed up with his entourage of communist neckbeards and morbidly obese homosexuals to entertain us back in April at the 2014 Amren Conference in Burns, TN.

“Shutdown Amren 2014″ was a humiliating failure for OPP who came to Tennessee with significantly fewer people than who had showed up the year before. It seems though that Daryle has fallen on hard times even in his home turf in Philadelphia!

If you want a good laugh, check out the videos of below of Daryle & Co. getting outnumbered and pushed around by White Nationalists from Stormfront in Northeast Philadelphia. What’s even funnier though to me reading all this stuff is that the Philly Antifa were shunned in their own city:


Not wanted in our community … BURN.

How come? Because are they are “masked superhero wannabees” who run around and break things while chanting silly slogans. In other words, an embarrassment to other anti-racists. Y’all ought to go back home and get a job … in Philadelphia!

Update: Hey look, there’s that Red flag again:


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OD’s 2014 Fundraiser

I will start by saying that I hate fundraising.

It’s not something that I am any good at. It’s not something that has ever come naturally to me. I don’t have the temperament for it. In spite of this, there are hard limits to what we are able to do as a movement, and the hardest limit of all is financing.

It has been an incredible year. Last summer, I held our first real fundraiser here when Renee – who was my girlfriend at the time – was planning to move to Alabama. In the year that has passed since then, we have gotten married, we have had our first son, and we have organized or participated in nine public demonstrations in the South. We have been everywhere – Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Virginia – month after month, trying to build up support for our cause.


A year ago, I said that we ought to “get mad, give each other courage, and get out into the street and publicly get in the face of the opposition.” I said that we needed to build “institutions through which we can channel our beliefs, resentments, and resources into an organized resistance.” I said that if the Uvalda, GA demonstration was successful, that “we can start to hold similar rallies in other Southern states.”

Looking back, everything that I said back then was still at the conceptual stage. I believed that we could “restore some sanity where it is needed” and cited the transformation of the League of the South, which at that time was still recovering from the Rainbow Confederate cancer, as an example. Last August, I had a notion that one day there could be a coherent, reality-based, active and organized resistance movement in the South, a home for people who are wide awake and fed up, which unlike the stillborn White Nationalist movement, would not be purely anonymous, low trust, disorganized, adrift, plagued by infighting and self detonating psychos, deterred by fear of the opposition, and largely confined to podcasts in cyberspace.

I thought long and hard about why White Nationalism had stagnated in spite of reaching and educating millions of angry White people through the internet. Eventually, I developed a strategy that we have implemented to tackle the problem. Contrary to what some might think, the White Nationalist movement has never had any problem broadcasting and inculcating its audience with its ideas, and the tools of social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter has made it easier than ever before.

The main problem is not that our people are uneducated – you shouldn’t need a PhD in Platonic philosophy to stand up for yourself – it is that they are isolated and afraid, and this holds for even some of the most educated, dedicated and articulate people in the White Nationalist movement. They were afraid of the opposition. They were afraid to publicly stand up for their own beliefs and be identified with their own cause. And so they retreated to slacktivism on the internet because venting about our decline was so easy and cost free, and once the internet was allowed to consume and dominate the movement, it was distorted in all kinds of negative and unforeseen ways.

We are not afraid. We will not be swayed from our course. Some may submit, we will not

We are not afraid. We will not be swayed from our course. Some may submit, we will not

Afraid of what, you ask? The SPLC, the ADL, One People’s Project, people like Jeffrey Imm or our friend “Spelunker,” calling them names in silly little blog posts. For the longest time, our people were actually deterred by that sort of thing, and many of them still are. White Nationalists were certain that all kinds of negative things – complete financial and social ruin, violent attacks by the so-called “anti-fa” – would happen to anyone who stood up to these types in the real world.

After nearly twenty public demonstrations in the South, dozens of malicious attacks by the SPLC and the ADL, hundreds of blog posts by “Spelunker,” counter-demonstrations by “anti-fa,” companies like Lamar Advertising pulling our billboards, in which these types have thrown the kitchen sink at us with their stupid little yellow arrows, we have found that the actual power of the opposition to do us harm has been wildly exaggerated. We’ve weathered all of that quite easily. What’s really holding us back are things like fear, apathy, negativity, extreme individualism, lack of resources and disorganization – internal problems that have practical solutions.

With more resources, we can do a lot more than we are doing now, and we won’t be swayed from our course. If you appreciate the work we are doing here at OD and support the direction we are headed, please consider donating to this website. All the money we raise here will be spent on our activism around the South.

To donate through PayPal, which is the easiest and fastest way to contribute, use the “Donate” button on the sidebar or under the “Donate” tab, or if you prefer to send something through the mail,  send cash, checks, or money orders to:

Brad Griffin
P.O. Box 1544
Eufaula, AL 36072

Note: Don’t let these clowns own our streets:

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Whites Beaten By Black Mob At Kroger In Memphis, TN


In recent weeks, OD has spotlighted real racially motivated mob violence by blacks in West Point, MS and Springfield, MO, violent crimes which in stark contrast to Ferguson have been met with deafening silence from the SPLC.

The latest incident happened last night at a Kroger in Memphis, TN. In the video below, you can hear a black female teenager laughing with glee and say, “Hold on, they got a white dude!” A rowdy group of black teenagers assaulted two White Kroger employees while screaming “Fam Mob,” an “up and coming gang,” and even attempted to cave their skulls in by dropping over 20 pound pumpkins on their heads.

It was apparently so funny that they filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook. With Eric “My People” Holder in charge of the US Justice Department, I doubt they have anything to worry about. According to the Mainstream Media, Trayvon Martin was the real victim when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in the course of bashing his skull into the pavement of his apartment complex, and Michael Brown was the real victim when he robbed a convenience store and violently attacked a police officer who had the audacity to tell him to get out of the middle of the street.

As long as Dixie is part of the United States, you can expect that Obama’s sons will have a license – or a “civil right,” as it is fashionably called today – to beat White people in our streets and get away with it. The Mainstream Media will even glorify them and the federal government will sic its minions on the cops.

Update: Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South has weighed in on the Memphis beating with a common sense observation:

“White folks, this is why you need to be armed and ready when you go out, especially at night and in or near certain “hoods” where these feral “teens” tend to congregate. When will the media honestly report on the epidemic of black-on-white violent crime? Don’t hold your breath . . .”

Indeed, I have covered home invasions by the Black Undertow here before in Anderson, SC and Henderson, NC. It is better to be armed and ready in anticipation of a burglary or a robbery by feral black youths than to end up like Albert Jelks, an SCV Flagger who was beaten to death on a sidewalk in Macon, GA in 2012.

Second Update: The “youths” were reportedly playing a game called “Point ‘Em Out, Knock ‘Em Out” – the New York Times has labeled the game which is more commonly known as “Knockout King” an urban legend.

Get this: the US federal government is spending $148,885 on violent gang and gun violence reduction efforts in Memphis. Mayor AC Wharton had just addressed the rise of violence among the Black Undertow in Memphis, particularly Knockout King, in a Youth Violence Forum on Thursday.

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

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White Couple Beaten In Springfield, MO



While we are on the subject of real violence (the sort that has made Montgomery, AL the second fastest shrinking city in America, and not a bullshit sob story like Ferguson), take a look at this surveillance video of a White couple being savagely assaulted by a mob of black thugs outside a club in Springfield, MO.

Have you heard about that incident from the SPLC? How about the racially motivated beating of Ralph Weems IV in West Point, MS? Has “Spelunker” written anything about the young White man who was GUTTED by four blacks in Baltimore the other day? What about the 1,400 English children who were gang raped by Pakistani sexual predators in Rotherham in the UK and who got away with it for 14 years because social workers and the police were afraid of being labeled, god forbid, “racist”?

The answer is “no.” Nothing but silence followed all of those hideous crimes. Like the real “Tsunami of Violence” in Montgomery, they reveal too much about the ugly reality of multiracialism which doesn’t the narrative.

Update: In Montgomery, the historic apartment of civil rights martyr Rosa Parks was recently ransacked and destroyed by copper thieves. The Cleveland Court housing project where her apartment is located has been renamed “Parks Place” in her honor. BTW in 1994, Rosa Parks herself was beaten in a strong arm robbery – no doubt by a “good boy” like Michael Brown – while living in Detroit.

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Currently Seeking Employment – Professor Mark Patrick George


It has come to our attention that Mark Patrick George, a former professor at Valdosta State University, is very, very upset with this website.

As some of you may recall, Professor George first popped up on our radar screen here in July when an article in Creative Loafing exposed his campaign to “end” public support for all Confederate monuments in Georgia. An activist backlash started to congeal across various pro-South Facebook groups and culminated when Professor George was terminated for misusing his VSU email account to engage in political activism.

We’ve known for several months now that Professor George is a self hating anti-Southern, anti-Christian, “anti-heterosexist” piece of shit, but it wasn’t until the last few days that the full extent of George’s “anti-racist work” came to light. Hating the South and Christianity usually tends to run together with hating White people.

Unbeknownst to us, Professor George had created a documentary with Tim Wise called “Whitewashed: Unmasking the World of Whiteness.” The documentary follows a bunch of White liberals around as they flagellate themselves over the wickedness of their “racism” and whiteness. It’s actually an excellent illustration why it is futile to deny the meaningless charge of “racism.”

Whenever Dr. Hill is accused of “racism,” he responds to the charge with a “so what” or “I don’t know,” and this is why. If you take the time to watch “Whitewashed,” you will find that it is mostly about ordinary White people who don’t consider themselves “racists,” but who are nevertheless treated as “racists” because of the existence of what is called “structural racism” or “institutional racism” means they nevertheless benefit from “white privilege” no matter what they do.

The Left is perpetually stretching the meaning of the term “racism” to encompass a broader range of thought, feelings, and behavior. There’s structural racism, institutional racism, white privilege, implicit racism, and even “microaggressions.” Studies have shown that newborn babies exhibit racial bias. Harvard University has an online implicit association test which teases out subconscious racist bias.

Watch this documentary. It illustrates why people are putting up billboards that simply say, “Anti-Racist Is a Code Word for Anti-White.” For Professor Mark Patrick George and others like him, “anti-racism” really is about hating White people, and their “anti-racist work” is about advancing non-Whites at the expense of Whites. By their own standards, even these hardcore anti-racist activists STILL consider themselves “racist” because they can never escape the original sin of being born White.

Note: Professor George, if you are reading this, check out our new #Secede billboard in South Georgia near Perry on I-75 North. It should be clearly visible to you on your way out of our fine state! When you finally arrive where you belong, you might want to look up Paul Bridges, the former mayor of Uvalda, GA.

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EXCLUSIVE: SPLC Publishes Sensationalist Article on “The Indomitables”


The SPLC has published the dumbest, most unfounded, sensationalist article that I have ever seen on the Hatewatch and that’s saying something because I have been reading their blog on a daily basis for years now.

The core assertion of the article is that the League of the South has formed “a uniformed, paramilitary unit” called “The Indomitables” which is to be “stacked with white supremacists, former Klan members and neo-Nazis.” Michael Hill has allegedly referred to our top secret “militia” in leaked “internal Facebook posts.” This “uniformed paramilitary unit” is allegedly led by Eric Meadows whose role on the League’s national staff is “Training.” It includes people like Abe Monroe who is “representative of that new type of southern nationalist the League now seeks.”

Where to begin?

1.) First, I was present more than a year ago in Uvalda, GA at the scene where “The Indomitables” concept was created, as well as at nine other League demonstrations that have followed since then, including the one at SPLC headquarters in May, and the term “The Indomitables” has always referred to the League’s core group of activists who have organized our many peaceful, non-violent street demonstrations.

“Indomitables” are simply hardcore activists who participate in lots of League demonstrations – I’m an “Indomitable,” and I have the wristband to prove it, but I am sorry to report there isn’t any “uniformed militia.”

2.) Second, there are all kinds of ways to “fight” back and within the League this has taken the form of organizing street demonstrations and putting up SECEDE billboards, which we have been doing for some time now, and which the SPLC has largely ignored. There hasn’t been any violence at our street demonstrations – including three of them where Keegan Hankes and Ryan Lenz were present – or by anyone affiliated with us since the Uvalda and Vidalia, GA demonstrations.

3.) Third, the League of the South (and the CofCC, for the same reasons) has always declined to converse with the SPLC because their journalism lacks credibility. Why would anyone give an interview to a hostile, muckracking journalist who just wants to misrepresent your organization and smear you?

4.) Fourth, it’s true that Abe Monroe RECENTLY got a tasteless “white power” tattoo with a swastika and publicly posted it for the world to see on Facebook, but this proves nothing about the League. All it proves is that Americans are fond of getting stupid tattoos, posting selfies on Facebook, and that some people radicalize and move further to the right all the time (and back again, in the case of Matt Heimbach).

When Abe Monroe attended our demonstrations in Central Florida, he didn’t have the swastika tattoo, and he has never been to any of our events outside of Central Florida. There’s no reason to believe he is a League member, has ever met Eric Meadows, or that he is part of any secret militia called “The Indomitables.”

5.) Fifth, the job description “Training” refers to training new activists, physical fitness, survival skills, and marksmanship.  Like the vast majority of White Southerners, the League has always been pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment. For several years now, we have been “training” our members in skills that will help them prepare for America’s economic decline, which shows no signs of abating under Obama’s stewardship.

6.) Finally, Dr. Hill’s article in The Free Magnolia about “fourth generation warfare” was just a discussion of a mainstream military concept, not a call to action, although the article has been misrepresented and sensationalized by ignorant leftists to promote the preposterous idea that the League is forming “three-to-five man death squads.”

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed reading about warfare in the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages, but that doesn’t mean I am styling myself as a knight in shining armor! Reading and writing about the Enlightenment and French Revolution doesn’t imply you are about to decapitate aristocrats with a guillotine.

As for “violence,” the SPLC is located in Montgomery, AL which Bloomberg News has identified as the second fastest shrinking city in America. Because of the “Tsunami of Violence” in Montgomery, which The Montgomery Advertiser has laid at the doorstep of the black population, not the League of the SouthMontgomery is well on the way to becoming another Ferguson with all the crime, poverty, failing schools, declining property value and commercial activity its changing racial profile entails.

In such an environment, Whites in Montgomery might be forced to band together to defend their homes, families, and businesses in the event of another “Ferguson.” Undoubtedly, the SPLC will be cheering on the blacks who initiate the actual violence while simultaneously ignoring violent hate crimes committed by blacks against White people. While the League of the South currently doesn’t have a “militia,” it might be necessary to create one at some point in the future for self defense purposes.

For the record, we don’t see much to worry about from the opposition:


The SPLC is either credulous, willing to print anything, or the victim of a joke by someone trying to pass off nonsense as “insider information.”

Update: Apparently, I need to remind our excitable friend Spelunker that being a member of a Facebook group is not synonymous with being a dues paying member of the League of the South. Most of the people who are “members” of our public Facebook group, as well as some people who attend our demonstrations, are not members of the organization itself.

Note: It is worth noting here that the SPLC has already inspired a domestic terrorist attack on the Family Research Council. In an article in their Intelligence Report, they celebrated the Tinley Park 5, a group of “antifascists” who violently assaulted a group of White Nationalists in a Chicago restaurant, as  “a symbol of a good cause.”

The SPLC held a vigil in Montgomery for Michael Brown and said he was just another black teenager who died “for our freedom“ when he was shot to death in the course of attacking a Ferguson police officer after committing a strong arm robbery. As usual, they had nothing to say about the night manager at Taco Bell on Atlanta Highway in Montgomery who was beaten to death with a tire iron in March, and whose name will not be appearing on their Civil Rights Memorial any time soon.

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Ain’t That America: Worship For Yourself

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston is the largest congregation of Americanity in the United States:

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