Mayor of Union Springs Issues Executive Order to Remove Confederate Flags From Confederate Graves In Confederate Cemetery

Saint T. Thomas Jr., Mayor of Union Springs, AL

Saint T. Thomas Jr., Mayor of Union Springs, AL

The Confederate Battle Flag controversy in Union Springs is escalating.

Yesterday, I reported that some Southern patriot had restored 10 of the small Confederate Battle Flags to the graves of the Confederate soldiers buried in the Confederate cemetery in Union Springs, AL.

Last night, and WSFA 12 again carried the story which has evoked a strong negative reaction from the public. Among other national media outlets, The Washington Times and Fox News have picked up the story, which is now spreading through both the liberal and conservative blogosphere.

Mayor Saint T. Thomas Jr. of Union Springs has announced his plan to quell racial tension and make the controversy go away: at a meeting of the Union Springs City Council, he issued an executive order to instruct city employees to remove the Confederate flags from the Confederate cemetery by 6 PM this evening.

Presumably, once he does that then this row will all blow over. It’s not like having the city remove the Confederate flags from the graves in the Confederate cemetery will further polarize his community, antagonize Confederate heritage groups, and attract yet more statewide and national media attention to Union Springs.

Note: Mayor Saint T. Thomas Jr. needs some help. I want to do my part.

So here is what I am going to do: I’m going to drive down to Union Springs, snap some photos, and film Union Springs city employees removing the Confederate Battle Flags from the graves of Confederate soldiers in the Confederate cemetery. Then I am going to publish it here and upload it to Facebook and YouTube.

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Confederate Flags Restored In Union Springs

H/T Johnny Adams News

They’re back.

Note: I wish I could take credit for this, but someone else beat me to it. BTW, the Flagging Union Springs event on June 19 is gaining steam. Come to 75 percent black Union Springs, AL and bring your Confederate Battle Flag.

Now that’s a sight that I have to see.


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Hillary Clinton’s Jewish Handler

saban-clintonI’m surprised that National Review would publish this, but for some reason the “mainstream” has been becoming much more open to discussing how Jewish oligarchs are the puppeteers behind American politicians:

“Weeks after Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the State Department objected to a proposed consultancy arrangement offered to Bill Clinton by media mogul Haim Saban, citing concerns about conflict of interest. Nevertheless, public records show that Saban’s nonprofit gave millions to the Clinton Foundation throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure.

Saban, a billionaire best known for creating Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and has spent heavily to support Israel. “His greatest concern, he says, is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship,” The New Yorker noted in a 2010 profile of Saban. At a conference in Israel, the article said, Saban had outlined three methods for influencing American politics: “make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.” …

Yet between 2009 and 2013, as Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state, the Saban Family Foundation paid the Clinton Foundation more than $7 million, and listed $30.5 million in “grants and contributions approved for future payment,” according to nonprofit records filed with the Internal Revenue Service. It’s unclear whether there was any overlap between the $7 million paid and $30.5 million committed to the Clinton Foundation in those years.”…

Note: I believe Haim Saban also owns Univision which is now the largest television network in the US.

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Introducing The American Eagle Party

Words fail me …

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Hispanic Invaders to Reach Nearly A Quarter of American Population By 2035

Gaze at the future of the nation. When I was a child, I always thought the gang signs were a sign of Tourette Syndrome, or some other sort of twitching disease.

Gaze at the bright future of the nation. When I was a child, I always thought the gang signs were a sign of Tourette Syndrome, or some other sort of twitching disease.

It looks as if the insane, and likely deliberate, demographic replacement of Whites within the confines of the United States is progressing at a rate far faster than previous estimates have indicated, with Hispanic barbarians expected to reach upwards of 23 percent of the American population by the mid 2030′s.

Such a massive increase would put the number of Latrino invaders within the country at just over 85.5 million souls, a figure which does not take into account half-caste abominations, future undocumented illegals, or those who decide for whatever reason to mark themselves off as being of “European” descent on census surveys.

The model, which shatters previous estimates put forward by organizations such as the Brookings Institution, was published by the Centers for Disease Control earlier this month amid calls for further funding, out of the coffers of White families, in order to increase the well-being and overall lifespan of various Third-World squatters.

Washington Examiner:

America’s Hispanic population is projected to soar in the coming two decades to 85,543,000, faster than some have expected, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on Latinos.

CDC on Tuesday said the Hispanic population will total 22.8 percent of the U.S. population by 2035.

The report studied the health and causes of death of the American Hispanic population and found that despite more living in poverty than whites, Hispanics live an average of two years longer than whites.

As we can now see with our own eyes, and in urban locations hear with our own ears, the apathy of the last few generations, and treason/subversion by some noteworthy characters, has led to a rather dire situation in many parts of the country that can only grow worse in coming years.

Following such news, one question must be asked of those White men and women who understand our race’s decline and plight.

Do you wish to at least make the attempt to change things in the here and now, or do you wish to leave your children and grandchildren with a true multicultural hell on Earth, with an even lesser chance of halting the descent towards complete destruction?

Such intellectual brilliance, and long-term planning skills. This will be a common sight in future America; completely equal migrants dumping sewage into the street.

Such intellectual brilliance, and long-term planning skills. This will be a common sight in future America; completely equal migrants dumping sewage into the street.


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Myron Penn Removes Confederate Battle Flags From Confederate Cemetery

This is a story that strikes close to home.

Myron Penn, a black attorney with the law firm Penn & Seaborn, who used to be my Alabama state senator in District 28 from 2003 to 2011, has created a huge local controversy in nearby Union Springs, AL by removing Confederate Battle Flags from the Confederate cemetery there.

Penn and his White wife went into the Confederate cemetery and plucked the small little flags off the soldiers’ graves which had been placed there by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to honor Confederate Memorial Day:

“At Monday’s Bullock County Commission meeting, Attorney Myron Penn announced that he and his wife, Karen, recently removed Confederate flags from behind the Red Door Theater.

In his presentation, Penn stated that the flags were “symbols of a divided society, and I do not want the children of our community—black, white, Hispanic, or whatever–to ever feel they are a part of a community that is divided.” …

The story has roiled the Confederate heritage community on Facebook. It has also created a local backlash which was featured last night on WSFA 12:

“It’s not about race or the flag or anything else. It’s about decency and respect for the dead. You don’t do stuff like that,” added Rebecca Atkins. “You got to give respect where it’s deserved and those soldiers gave their lives just like any other soldier gives their lives. It’s nothing racial and it’s not about discrimination. You look at the person who served for our country and that’s what matters.”

Others say it was criminal, citing Alabama Code 13A-7-23.1 which states that it’s against the law to “willfully and wrongfully or maliciously destroy, remove, cut, break, or injure any tree, shrub, plant, flower, decoration, or other real or personal property within any cemetery or graveyard.”

Penn responded to the backlash and says no laws were broken since he left the items at City Hall for anyone to claim and pick up. He says the city typically removes the flags after Confederate Memorial Day anyway. …”

Note: A group called “Defenders of the Confederate Cross” will be holding a protest in Union Springs on June 19. Montgomery Alabama news.

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Is There A Special Place In Hell For Anti-Whites?


Here’s the latest SPLC article on the League:

“Michael Hill’s fall from the ivory tower knows no depth. In a message on Friday to members of a private League of the South Facebook, the former Stillman College professor offered an odd sort of prayer.

“May Yahweh bring a dire earthly punishment on all those anti-White Whites who assist in any manner in the destruction of their own people and civilization. Such is treason to the created order,” Hill wrote in a private Facebook message that was leaked to Hatewatch. “Also, may Yahweh hold open a special place in hell for them.”

While the tone and tenor of the post may not be that surprising, given the steady fall of the League into more radical racist and antigovernment positions, it does shed some light on what may be the ideological underpinnings of what the League has become over the last several years. …”

This is another timely article. I’ve been wondering the same thing lately. I know it can sound a bit nasty and judgmental to say “you are going to Hell,” but that’s where Christians believe the damned will eventually end up.

Over at The American Conservative, Rod Dreher has been blogging about the Benedict Option and this new book he has written about Dante. In Dante’s Inferno, the sodomites are located on the bottom-most ring of the seventh circle of Hell, far below the homicides and the suicides, because sodomy was considered an even worse form of violence. It is a culmination of violence for “being destructive to neighbor, violating self-love, and at the same time undermining family and community.”

The ninth circle of Hell, which is reserved for traitors, is closest to Lucifer himself. It is composed of four rings which correspond to those who betray their family, betray their community, betray their guests, and betray their liege lords. In the Inferno, Judas Iscariot is found in the fourth ring of the ninth circle of Hell, which is named “Judecca.”

So where would White people who are anti-Whites end up in Dante’s scheme? Seeing how they betray their families and communities, wouldn’t they end up in the ninth circle?

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The Ancient Idiot

Here’s an excerpt from the next book that I will be reviewing, Larry Siedentop’s Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism:

“Religious belief shaped the character of ancient ‘patriotism’. Serving the ‘fathers-land’ emerges in the word itself. The defenders of an ancient city under siege were not moved by interest as we understand the term. They were not defending a public institution that had created and guaranteed individual rights. Neither were they inspired by the kind of historical narratives that have been created to celebrate and reinforce the identities of modern nation-states. There was nothing self-serving, abstract or sentimental about ancient patriotism.

The ancient citizen saw himself as defending the land of his ancestors, who were also his gods. His ancestors were inseparable from the ground of the city. To lose that ground was to lose the gods of the family. Indeed, the loss of the city meant that the gods had already abandoned it. That is why, whenever a new city was about to be founded, the first public rite involved its members digging a trench to receive soil carried from their previous city, representing the soil in which their ancestors had been buried. Citizens could then still say this was the land of their ancestors, terra patria. In Plutarch’s account, Romulus, the founder of Rome, did exactly that, in order to establish a new residence for his ancestral gods. The foundation of a city was not the construction of a few houses, but the assertion of a hereditary religious identity, ‘patriotism’.

When defending his city, the ancient citizen was therefore defending the very core of his identity. Religion, family and territory were inseparable, a combination of which turned ancient patriotism into an overwhelming passion. The enslavement that often followed the unsuccessful defence of a city merely confirmed a truly dreadful anterior fact: the loss of identity that necessarily accompanied the loss of domestic gods.

We can now understand why patriotism was not only the most intense feeling but also the highest possible virtue for the ancient citizen. Everything that was important to him – his ancestors, his worship, his moral life, his pride and property – depended on the survival and well-being of the city. That is why devotion to the ‘sacred fatherland’ was deemed the supreme virtue. In devoting himself to the city before everything else, the citizen was serving his gods. No abstract principle of justice could give him pause. Piety and patriotism were one and the same thing. For the Greeks, to be without patriotism, to be anything less than an active citizen, was to be an ‘idiot’. That, indeed, is what the word originally meant, referring to anyone who retreated from the life of the city.

So it is no accident that exile was the most severe punishment the citizen of a polis could suffer. It was worse than death, or rather it was a living death. To be exiled meant to be separated from the religious rites and relationships that were the source of personal identity. The city-state or polis was not simply a physical setting or place for the citizen. It was his whole life.

Let him leave its sacred walls, let him pass the sacred limits of its territory, and he no longer finds kind. Everywhere else, except in his own country, he is outside the regular life and the law; everywhere else he is without a god, and shut out from all moral life. There alone he enjoys his dignity as a man, and his duties. Only there can he be a man.

This, of course, is why Aristotle later famously argued that the life of the citizen was the only life worth living.”

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Review: The Marriage-Go-Round

the-marriage-go-roundAndrew Cherlin’s The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family in America Today is the third book I have consulted to learn more about the collapse of the traditional marriage, family, and gender roles in the United States.

Cherlin is a demographer and sociologist at John Hopkins University. The Marriage-Go-Round tackles the issue from more of a social science and international comparative perspective than Stephanie Coontz’s Marriage, a History or Marilyn Yalom’s A History of The Wife.

There were no real surprises in this book. Coontz, Yalom, and Cherlin all seem to agree on the general timeline of marriage/family breakdown: until the 1960s, ideas and behaviors which are now commonplace in the United States and the West were taboo, illegal, or both. The only significant difference between the US and other Western countries is that Americans are more religious and marriage has always had greater prestige here. Otherwise, all Western countries have followed a similar trajectory toward the same destination, even if they started from different points.

According to Cherlin, Americans can’t be sorted into traditionalist and liberal camps. Instead, the vast majority of Americans simultaneously believe in two cultural models, the traditional view of marriage, which we have inherited from Christianity, and individualism and its doctrine of self fulfillment, which we have inherited from modern liberalism. Depending upon our whims, Americans shift from one model to the other, as the mood strikes. In such a way, a deeply conservative and religious state like Arkansas can have the second highest divorce rate in the United States.

More than anything else, The Marriage-Go-Round is about the turbulence that has been introduced into American family life since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Americans get divorced more, but also get married more. We have more sexual partners. We have more cohabiting relationships. Increasingly, young Americans don’t even bother with the old rituals of dating and forming long term relationships, and just use smartphone apps like Tinder to “swipe right” and find hook ups.

In one memorable passage, Cherlin described how marriage has been transformed into a “capstone” in America, as opposed to the “foundation” of adult life that it used to be. American women want increasingly lavish wedding ceremonies and honeymoons to display the status of being married. It has become a way that women announce to their peers that they have finally “made it” or “arrived” as an adult. The wedding ceremony and status of being married is becoming more important than married life itself. These days getting married is like acquiring a Boy Scout merit badge.

American family life has become like a carousel or merry-go-round of fragile relationships, broken homes, and new partners coming into and out of the household at blinding historical speed. This unprecedented instability within the American family seems to be having a negative effect on children. Cherlin doesn’t put much stock into a return a traditional values. Instead, he only counsels Americans to “slow down” and think about the consequences before starting new relationships with cohabiting partners, especially single parents who have young children.

I thought The Marriage-Go-Round was another worthwhile read, but Cherlin raises too many serious questions about the instability of marriage and family life while being too timid to question the reigning cultural orthodoxy in the West, most likely because he wouldn’t have been able to find a publisher.

Here are some interesting statistics from the book:

1.) Median age at first marriage for women: United States, 25

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 31, 32, and 33, respectively.

2.) Percent ever married by age 40 for women: United States, 84

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 70, 59, and 68, respectively.

3.) Percentage of marriages ending in separation or divorce within five years of marriage: United States, 23

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 11, 12, and 8, respectively.

4.) Percentage of cohabiting relationship disrupted after five years: United States, 55

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 37, 32, and 29, respectively. By international standards, Americans aren’t very good at marriage or cohabitation.

5.) Percentage of children who experience the dissolution of their parents’ intimate partnership (married or cohabiting) by age fifteen: United States, 40

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 30, 29, and 33, respectively. Interestingly, the number for New Zealand is 42. Kiwis with children are even worse at marriage and cohabitation than Americans.

6.) Percentage of children seeing a new partner enter their home within three years of a parental disruption (from either a marriage or cohabiting relationship: United States, 47

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 32, 29, and 23, respectively. In Norway, it is 41.

7.) Percent who have spent time as a lone parent by age thirty: United States, 33

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 15, 12, and 14, respectively.

8.) Percentage of children born to lone parents who have experienced a new parental partner entering the home by age three: United States, 37

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 29, 32, and 13, respectively.

9.) Percentage of women who had experienced more three or more coresidential partnerships by age thirty-five, for all women over the age of thirty-five at the time of FFS interviews: United States, 9.5

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 4.5, 2.9, and 1.3, respectively.

10.) Percentage of children experiencing exactly two maternal coresidential partnerships by age 15 for all children over age fifteen at the time of FFS interviews: United States, 21.4

The numbers for Sweden, West Germany, and France are 15.8, 13.5, and 8.2, respectively.

11.) Percentage of marriages ending in separation or divorce in fifteen years: Non-Religious Americans, 54; Religious Americans, 39; Swedes, 28; West Germans, 27; French, 30.

12.) Percentage of unions begun as cohabitations that end in separation within fifteen years (whether or not the couple married in the intervening time): Non-Religious Americans, 76; Religious Americans, 68; Swedes, 56; West Germans, 51; French, 48.

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Ain’t that America: Tubman to replace Jackson?

The latest manifestation of the never ending March of Progress in the United States is a movement to replace President Andrew Jackson with abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar Federal Reserve Note. An online poll conducted by a feminist organization called Women on the 20s received over 600,000 votes, ultimately selecting Tubman over other Progressive and non-White women. The campaign has made international news. If successful, it would see the highly symbolic replacement of a Southern White slave-owning man who supported the Indian Removal Act (which mandated the forced migration of American Indians to Oklahoma and opened up large areas of land across the South for White settlement) with a Black women who recruited men for John Brown’s (failed) attempted slave revolt, spied for the Union cause during Lincoln’s War Against the South, and promoted Black emancipation, equal rights and women’s suffrage.

The campaign urges the public to “join our virtual march”. The ideologically-motivated movement says that it targeted Jackson for removal because he fought to “make room for white European settlers” in the South and “was a fierce opponent of the central banking system and favored gold and silver coin or ‘hard money’ over paper currency.”


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