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Communist Pete Seeger Is Dead

New York Here’s some good news. Note: This is from Seeger’s Wikipedia biography, “Seeger was born at the French Hospital, Midtown Manhattan. His Yankee-Protestant family, which Seeger called “enormously Christian, in the Puritan, Calvinist New England tradition”, traced its genealogy … Continue reading

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Abolition and Racial Equality

New England Here’s an excerpt below from Paul Goodman’s Of One Blood: Abolitionism and the Origins of Racial Equality. I’m really enjoying this book. There is a lot of good stuff in here – really, too much to post highlights … Continue reading

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Nationalist Woman Defies Marxist Crowd at Anti-War Rally

Oregon Thumbs up!

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MSU Professors Attacks “Closet Racists”

Michigan This is who we want to secede from:

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South By Midwest: Or, Where Is Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Is Oklahoma a Southern state? Where is the northwestern border of Dixie? “Before I come to that assertion, let me ask you, dear reader, who I trust has at least a passing interest in the nation’s 46th state: Where … Continue reading

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Gov. Paul LePage: Obama “Hates White People”

Maine I find it hard to believe, but it sounds like it is true. I suppose we will see if LePage gets down on his knees and does the Trent Lott crawl: “Maine Gov. Paul LePage told a group of … Continue reading

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Obama Losing Northeastern White Working Class Voters

Northeast Check it out … Obama is down by 22 points with White voters in the Northeast since the 2012 election: Note: He is down by 14 points with Midwestern Whites, 3 points in the South, and 16 points in … Continue reading

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Interview: Did Abolitionist Hatred of the South Cause the Civil War?

PJMedia Here’s an interview with Thomas Fleming on his new book, Disease in the Public Mind: A New Understanding of Why We Fought the Civil War: FLEMING: Americans first experienced one of these episodes in 1692, when the leaders of … Continue reading

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Bicausalism Type B: The Immigration Act of 1965

District of Corruption Kevin MacDonald writes: “Sorry, but I have to go with Joe on this one—probably the only area I would prefer Biden’s views to Buchanan’s. Kennedy was a freshman senator with little clout. His role in leading the … Continue reading

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Bicausalism Type B

Alabama Here’s a brief explanation of why I lean toward “Bicausalism Type B”: The short answer is Southern history. Jews have always lived in the South, but Southern Jews only played a marginal role in the downfall of our social … Continue reading

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