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Maybe We Aren’t That Different

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Free Love To LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM: Sliding Down The Slippery Slope

In the United States, the idea that anyone should be able to fornicate with whoever they want, whenever they want, without interference from the state or the church, or at the risk of social condemnation, was once associated in the … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: The Modern Woman: A Horror Story

This is actually from the UK, but this woman’s story could just as easily take place here in the United States. American modernity encourages us to forsake the things really matters in life – faith, family, and folk – in … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Obvious Child

New York Culturally, I have nothing in common with people who enjoy romantic comedies about abortion: “She lives in New York City, where no one questions her right to make her own decisions about her body. The procedure is safe, … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: RamZPaul on Elliot Rodger

California RamZPaul on how Elliot Rodger is the archetype of the modern, progressive American male:

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Elliot Rodger’s Retribution

California I just heard the news about the Eurasian loser in California, Elliot Rodger, aka the “supreme gentleman,” who went on a shooting spree after he couldn’t get a date with a beautiful blonde White woman: Update: Here’s the link … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Musings of a Virgin Attention Whore

United States Here’s another story which kept popping up in my newsfeed on the ride home. A 28-year-old liberated woman, aka Elizabeth Raine, who runs the blog “Musings of a Virgin Whore,” is auctioning her virginity in order to be transformed into … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Emily’s Abortion Video

New Jersey This kept popping up in my Facebook newsfeed on the drive back from Missouri … an abortion counselor from New Jersey got pregnant, filmed her abortion, and uploaded it to YouTube in order to show people how cool … Continue reading

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Femen Ruin Christmas

Germany While this Femen protest happened in Germany, I think it captures the essence of America’s ‘natural rights’ ideology when taken to its logical conclusion. This is the kind of woman that Western liberalism inevitably produces: Note: See also the recent US federal … Continue reading

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Smart Women and The Intelligence Paradox

United Kingdom In “The Childfree Life,” we saw that Time magazine had dedicated its entire August issue to glorifying voluntary childlessness. In the UK, BBC magazine ran a parallel story called “Your post-pregnancy tales: Stretch marks, scars and ‘breasts like … Continue reading

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