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Review: The Marriage-Go-Round

May 14, 2015 // 7 Comments

Andrew Cherlin’s The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family in America Today is the third book I have consulted to learn more about the collapse of [...]

Marriage and Expressive Individualism

May 12, 2015 // 6 Comments

I’ve known about this for well over a decade now, but I will share it here for those who aren’t familiar with expressive individualism, which is now a core [...]

Marriage and Revolution

May 5, 2015 // 62 Comments

Here’s a brief history lesson on divorce and revolution in the United States and France from Andrew Cherlin’s The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the [...]

Review: A History of The Wife

May 4, 2015 // 7 Comments

Marilyn Yalom’s A History of The Wife is the second book that I bought to gain a better understanding of the history of marriage and gender roles. There’s [...]

The Medieval Wife: Part One

April 6, 2015 // 5 Comments

Griselda, the Medieval ideal of the patient and obedient wife Here are my notes on marriage in the Middle Ages from Marilyn Yalom’s book  A History of the Wife: In the [...]

A History of The Wife

April 4, 2015 // 20 Comments

This was written by a feminist, but it sounds like an interesting book: “How did marriage, considered a religious duty in medieval Europe, become a venue for personal [...]

Women and Americanism

April 2, 2015 // 31 Comments

What do you think? My guess is that virtually all of my readers after seeing this degenerate image of Miley Cyrus, formerly the child star Hannah Montana, gyrating on an [...]

Women In Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800

April 1, 2015 // 47 Comments

Editor’s Note: Consider this a companion guide to the latest podcast over at the Stormer. I’ve chosen the Early Modern Era to illustrate what life was still like [...]

Women and White Nationalism, Redux

March 29, 2015 // 178 Comments

Does the White Nationalist movement need to include women? We’ve discussed this old issue before here and here and here and here. Listen to this Daily Stormer podcast [...]

Ain’t That America: Obvious Child

June 5, 2014 // 40 Comments

New York Culturally, I have nothing in common with people who enjoy romantic comedies about abortion: “She lives in New York City, where no one questions her right to [...]

Elliot Rodger’s Retribution

May 25, 2014 // 121 Comments

California I just heard the news about the Eurasian loser in California, Elliot Rodger, aka the “supreme gentleman,” who went on a shooting spree after he [...]

Femen Ruin Christmas

December 25, 2013 // 52 Comments

Germany While this Femen protest happened in Germany, I think it captures the essence of America’s ‘natural rights’ ideology when taken to its logical [...]

Smart Women and The Intelligence Paradox

August 8, 2013 // 25 Comments

Why are smart women having so few babies? United Kingdom In “The Childfree Life,” we saw that Time magazine had dedicated its entire August issue to glorifying [...]
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