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South Africa: Boer Youth Attend Military Training Camps To Prepare For Race War

Twenty years have now passed since the tragic decision was made to entrust South Africa’s government to the whims of semi-feral Negroes, and the situation could now hardly be any worse for the embattled Whites of that once-prosperous land. The … Continue reading

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Confederate History Month 2012: Stephen F. Hale’s Letter To Kentucky

Alabama Commissioner Stephen F. Hale of Alabama attempts to persuade his native state Kentucky to secede from the Union. “What Southern man, be he slave-holder or non-slave-holder, can without indignation and horror contemplate the triumph of negro equality, and see … Continue reading

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Idaho Prospects

Idaho I feel like staying out West this morning. Lest I be accused of hostility toward the Northwest Migration, I want to take a look at Idaho, which is the most promising of the three states Harold Covington includes in … Continue reading

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White Zion

Wyoming Wyoming is the ideal destination for any serious effort at a Northwest Migration. This post is a rough sketch at pitching the Wyoming heresy to White Zionist circles. (1) Aesthetic Beauty – If I were to ever move anywhere … Continue reading

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White Preservationists are natural conservationists

White Preservationists are natural conservationists. We are not genocidal maniacs fixated on destroying. We actually like to perserve and maintain things of value. We do not desire the extinction of the other Homo Sapien races; contrary to popular belief, we … Continue reading

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