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Beefs Five: The Saga Continues

Alex Linder vs. Brad Griffin Editor’s Note: Unlike Alex Linder, who is an internet personality with a forum and a podcast, I am actually an organizer. In fact, I am getting on the road to go to an event right … Continue reading

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The Political Cesspool Conference & 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (Memphis, TN)

James Edwards hosted a private conference in Memphis, TN this weekend for friends, family, and supporters to come together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Political Cesspool. The event was more than a year in the making. For understandable … Continue reading

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Beefs Four: Greg Johnson Strikes Back

Greg Johnson responds to Alex Linder and Andrew Anglin Alex Linder responds to Greg Johnson White Nations vs. VNN Forum

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Beefs Three: Andrew Anglin Declares Total War

The playing cards are a nice touch. Note: The entry of Chechar into this hilarious soap opera is the cherry on top of this clusferfuck sundae. If you have the time on your hands, read through this long travelogue and you … Continue reading

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More WN Beefs

Here are some new links to WN beefs: Alternative Right vs. Daily Stormer Matt Parrott vs. Andrew Anglin’s Critics Alex Linder vs. Various People Daily Stormer vs. Jared Taylor Sebastian Ronin vs. Richard Spencer and NPI

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Beefs In The WN Movement

Get your popcorn. Check out this partial list of ongoing current beefs: Greg Johnson vs. Daily Stormer Greg Johnson vs. Richard Spencer Alternative Right vs. Daily Stormer Alex Linder vs. Jared Taylor Alex Linder vs. Greg Johnson Ramzpaul vs. Robert … Continue reading

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Jared Taylor, “Report From Budapest”

Read it here. Note: Jared has also published the text of his speech on Amren.

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NPI Conference Salvaged Minus Spencer, Dugin, and Vardon

My friend Paul Fromm reports from the NPI conference in Budapest: “NPI’s Richard B. Spencer is being deported from Hungary and banned for 3 years from all Schengen countries, he writes from jail. Despite police state efforts to shut down … Continue reading

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Third Update: NPI Conference Shutdown In Hungary, Richard Spencer Being Deported From Hungary, Meeting Underway Without Spencer

Third Update: The conference seems to be underway without Spencer. Jared Taylor is delivering his speech Update: According to a source on Twitter, the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that Richard Spencer is in the process of being … Continue reading

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Antifa Fail In Philadelphia: March Against Racists and Rapists

H/T Tremley We haven’t seen Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project since he showed up with his entourage of communist neckbeards and morbidly obese homosexuals to entertain us back in April at the 2014 Amren Conference in Burns, TN. “Shutdown … Continue reading

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