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The Data of Hate

Here’s an interesting analysis of Stormfront members by the New York Times.

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Updated: Mantra Billboard Goes Up Near Birmingham

H/T CofCC Update: This is starting to get news coverage here, here, and here. Given all the problems the League has had with their SECEDE billboard, I am not sure how they did it, but a huge new “Anti-Racist Is … Continue reading

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Michael Weaver Petition

Georgia Here’s a link to Michael Weaver’s petition which asks Gov. Nathan Deal to lift his banishment from Columbus, GA. Note: I’ve written before here about Michael’s case. It was discussed in this recent podcast in much greater detail.

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ADL on 2014 Amren Conference

Tennessee I have two comments: 1.) First, I told Liberty Lamp that there were about 200 people at Amren, and the ADL says there were approximately 175 there. 2.) Second, I want to say how much I enjoy these blog … Continue reading

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OPP on Amren

Tennessee OPP has published its account of the Amren counterprotest: Update: There is another, much longer video coming soon:

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Review: 2014 American Renaissance Conference

Tennessee The 2014 American Renaissance Conference was held this weekend at Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson, TN. The CofCC at Amren I briefly spoke there on Friday evening as the representative of the Council of Conservative Citizens. In my … Continue reading

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Amren: After Hours

Tennessee We went back to the bar from last year … no sign of anti-fa though. Note: A special shoutout to Spelunkstein below.

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Live Thread: 2014 Amren Conference

Tennessee Here’s what washed up outside two hours ago at the Amren conference in Tennessee: Note: The internet signal on my smartphone is terrible inside the park. DLJ of One People’s Project is here with the two neckbeards from Austin … Continue reading

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2014 American Renaissance Conference – (Burns, TN – April 25th – April 27th)

Tennessee Seeing as how the 2013 Amren protesters actually showed up with Red flags, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone to learn that the lead organizer, Preston Gilmore, who is associated with the Clarksville SDS at Austin Peay … Continue reading

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Rodney Martin on Kyle Hunt

California Even by WN movement standards, this was a particularly vicious attack on Kyle Hunt and the White Man March. Note: I cracked open a beer this evening and listened to ‘ol Rodney mount his soap box for an hour. … Continue reading

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