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Confederate Appalachia

Virginia Here’s an excerpt from John Alexander Williams’ book, Appalachia: A History: “It was also a fact, however, that the mountain region had plenty of secessionists. Thomas Clingman and William Waightstill Avery, Democratic rivals of Vance for leadership in western … Continue reading

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“Buckwild” Premiere

West Virginia The “Jersey Shore” of West Virginia premiered on MTV last night: Note: This is the latest entry in a series of redneck and hillbilly television shows like “Duck Dynasty” and “Swamp People” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” … Continue reading

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Charleston (WV) Beating

West Virginia H/T Anonymous Eric Holder’s people have struck again in West Virginia in an incident that is not getting enough attention: “Charleston detectives are looking for two men who robbed and beat a man unconscious in front of his girlfriend … Continue reading

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Andy’s Revenge

West Virginia It is a great thing that we have spent so much time discussing Colin Woodward’s American Nations and Joel Garreau’s The Nine Nations of North America. The theory advanced in these two books is that there is no … Continue reading

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