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Federal Court Decides “Same Sex Marriage” Ban Is “Unconstitutional”

Utah It is only a matter of time before the US federal courts strike down all the bans on “same-sex marriage” in the South: Note: Salt Lake County is already issuing “marriage” licenses to homosexuals. Gay marriage has come to … Continue reading

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LDS Church Unequivocally Condemns Racism

Utah I have no interest in this subject, but there are Mormons who read this website, so this is worth sharing: Note: The actual statement can be read here. “The new statement says the LDS Church “disavows the theories advanced … Continue reading

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Justice Department Sues Utah

Utah Utah has been sued this evening by the Obama Justice Department, the Obama Department of Homeland Security, and the Obama State Department. As you probably imagined, the Obama administration is not suing Utah over its HB 466 guest worker … Continue reading

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