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Live Thread: Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally (Richmond, VA)

Virginia We’re about to eat breakfast and proceed to the state capitol.

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Richmond Bound

Virginia We’re passing through South Carolina now.  

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White Man March Video

Alabama This was on the news in Birmingham:

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Some Conspiracies Are True

District of Corruption Here’s the latest from Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden: “One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse … Continue reading

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From Russia With Love

Is this the greatest Olympics ever? OK Mother Russia restored hockey team lost at home… But they lost to…. the Finns! How cool is that? Check out this attempted anti Putin protest from lesbian, Marxist punk rock band “Pussy Riot”. … Continue reading

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Finland Defeats Russia!

Huge upset in Winter Olympic hockey: Finland defeats Russia! This great Finnish victory harkens back to the brave Finns defeat of the Russians in the 1939-40 Winter War. This was when the Russians were Bolshevik Soviets, so it was definitely … Continue reading

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Wholesome G Rated Utah Mom Wins Silver Medal

Another beautiful day at the best ever Winter Olympics. Some “issues” with homosexual “gays” mouthing off, but Vladimir Putin and our guys have things under control. I’m so proud to be 25% Russian. Today we celebrate the silver medal victory … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics Day V

The Winter Olympics are a beautiful testimony to White European Civilization. Even the few Black athletes there seem to be well mannered, nice – showing good sportsmanship. Inner city Chicago native Shani Davis was attempting to win the 1,000 meter … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics Day IV Belarus Wins Biatholon

Another great day in Putin’s Russian Winter Olympics -this looks to be the best Olympics ever, even better than 1936 in NS Germany Berlin. My favorite event is the women’s Biatholon – women cross country skiing, mixed with rifle target … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics Day III – Dutch Speed Skaters Kicking A$$

Dutch male speed skaters just swept the bronze, silver gold medal in the 500 meters. I could tell when the nations were marching in during the opening ceremonies, I could tell right away that these Nordic Dutch guys were ready … Continue reading

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