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Baltimore Burns

I’m on the road in Kentucky and don’t have the time to address this properly right now. I just wanted to quickly chime in here to say that I am watching the Black Undertow burn down our old friend Spelunker’s … Continue reading

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We are The Other

Every society is based on hate. That hatred of those outside society. Those that society is based on being better than. Those who society’s negative energy is directed towards. The Other. The Greeks and Romans looked down on all those … Continue reading

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Huffpo Shows Why WN is Needed

The Libtards over at Huffpo just released a video about whites becoming a minority. It’s meant to be satirical about white guilt but actually shows why we need an ethnostate. Why would any people look forward to what they say … Continue reading

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Liberalism is Narcissism

My newest podcast in which I discuss how Liberalism is narcissism. A way for people to politicize and thereby justify whatever they need it to justify. Warning: some graphic language.

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Actual Good Boy Murdered In Ferguson By Black Undertow Mob?

A rumor is spreading around the internet that he was one of the black witnesses who testified on behalf of Darren Wilson or that the Black Undertow mob at least thought he was a witness.

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Fergadishu Photos

Looter Urinates In Front of Burning Autozone This Black Kid Was Robbed, Shot Dead, Burned, and Left For Dead In Ferguson During The Looting Elderly Man With Oxygen Tank Carjacked and Run Over Looter Honors Michael Brown By Stealing Boxes … Continue reading

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Jacob deNobel and Spelunker

Editor’s Note: Jacob deNobel sent me this email on Friday night about an hour after I promised to spread Spelunker’s identity across the internet. What do you think? Hello, I’m Jacob deNobel, and after everything that’s happened over the past … Continue reading

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Regime Change

… in Burkina Faso. Note: Give these Africans some credit. In the United States, we have been voting for the GOP for 50 years.

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#Ferguson Thugs Threaten To Rape Cop’s Wife

H/T Ferguson Scanner Updates

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NY Times: Pedophilia, a Disorder, Not a Crime

Impeccable timing! The NY Times reveals the next frontier in “equal rights” in the USA: pedophiles are people too! CAMDEN, N.J. — THINK back to your first childhood crush. Maybe it was a classmate or a friend next door. Most … Continue reading

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