No Picture

November 25, 2016 William Rome 10

This past week has been dominated by The Roman Salute Heard Around the World. What has been lost in this unnecessary debate sparked by Richard […]

Losing Fox News

July 20, 2016 Jack Ryan 14

The Bush Family, Rockefeller Family, Conservative Inc, RINOs, Country Club Chamber of Commerce Conservatives, Cuckservatives, Christian Zionists, Cheney military industrialist, Karl Rove consultants, Harvard and […]

OD Classic Comic

June 12, 2016 Jack Ryan 31

In such terrible, depressing times it’s important to stay positive. Also, understand that one of our best weapons is a good sense of humor. Our […]

ESPN Fires Curt Schilling

April 21, 2016 Jack Ryan 17

ESPN fired baseball analyst Curt Schilling for maintaining that males don’t belong in the women’s room and females don’t belong in the men’s room. (link) […]

Donald Trump is Being Mean

March 31, 2016 Jack Ryan 52

The Lugenpresse “lying press” and motley collections of Libs, Leftists, Progs, Antifas, BlackLiesMatter, Mormon pussies, a big % of a certain people that we can’t […]