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Knoxville Confederate Flag Rally

H/T CofCC Kyle Rogers reports on the dueling Black Lives Matter and Confederate flag rallies this afternoon at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville: “Members of the CofCC, the South Knox Ten Mile Club, and others participated in a Confederate … Continue reading

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Re: Hate Tourism

The SPLC has a new article on our “hate tourism” in Tennessee. Note: I’m disappointed that our best work which was the tour of the blighted neighborhood that surrounds Central High School in Little Rock wasn’t mentioned. Photo Gallery

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Here’s Matt Heimbach delivering a speech at the recent Stormfront conference:

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The Political Cesspool Conference & 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (Memphis, TN)

James Edwards hosted a private conference in Memphis, TN this weekend for friends, family, and supporters to come together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Political Cesspool. The event was more than a year in the making. For understandable … Continue reading

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Memphis Is Going To Burn

The “youths” have struck again … “Memphis is going to burn,” unless the Lord of the Flies-style existence of the Black Undertow is reigned in: Note: Judging by what I saw a few weeks ago, the Black Undertow has already … Continue reading

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Memphis Photos

We briefly stopped in Memphis on the ride home from Arkansas to visit the monument and grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest as well as the Lorraine Hotel where the “Rev.” Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Note: Memphis … Continue reading

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Whites Beaten By Black Mob At Kroger In Memphis, TN

In recent weeks, OD has spotlighted real racially motivated mob violence by blacks in West Point, MS and Springfield, MO, violent crimes which in stark contrast to Ferguson have been met with deafening silence from the SPLC. The latest incident … Continue reading

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Review: 2014 CofCC National Conference

The 2014 CofCC National Conference took place without incident this weekend in Nashville, TN. Unlike the 2014 Amren Conference in Dickson, there was no sign of “anti-fa” opposition in Nashville. We had a great time in Tennessee which has become … Continue reading

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Review: A History of Appalachia

Richard B. Drake’s A History of Appalachia is an excellent introduction to the history and culture of the people of the region. The book can best be described as a scholarly overview of the literature that exists on the subject. … Continue reading

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The Political Cesspool on the SECEDE Billboard

Tennessee Here’s a link to the archive of my appearance on The Political Cesspool with James Edwards. We discussed America’s cultural decline and the League of the South’s SECEDE billboard that was recently taken down in Montgomery.

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