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Review: 2014 CofCC National Conference

The 2014 CofCC National Conference took place without incident this weekend in Nashville, TN. Unlike the 2014 Amren Conference in Dickson, there was no sign of “anti-fa” opposition in Nashville. We had a great time in Tennessee which has become … Continue reading

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Review: A History of Appalachia

Richard B. Drake’s A History of Appalachia is an excellent introduction to the history and culture of the people of the region. The book can best be described as a scholarly overview of the literature that exists on the subject. … Continue reading

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The Political Cesspool on the SECEDE Billboard

Tennessee Here’s a link to the archive of my appearance on The Political Cesspool with James Edwards. We discussed America’s cultural decline and the League of the South’s SECEDE billboard that was recently taken down in Montgomery.

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Leftist Scum at Amren 2014

Tennessee Here is a much longer video of the counter-protesters at the 2014 Amren conference. A while back, I promised to film them wherever we run into them. Note: Are these people going to stop us from organizing and spreading … Continue reading

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Opposing American Renaissance

Tennessee DLJ of One People’s Project in action: Note: We still haven’t published our video.

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Knoxville Pridefest Counter-Demonstration: (Knoxville, TN – June 21st)

Tennessee This looks like it will be fun: Note: Maybe our buddy Chris Irwin will be there. “On June 21st, cross dressers, transvestites, pedophiles, and an array of other sexual perverts, will be filing in to march through Knoxville and … Continue reading

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ADL on 2014 Amren Conference

Tennessee I have two comments: 1.) First, I told Liberty Lamp that there were about 200 people at Amren, and the ADL says there were approximately 175 there. 2.) Second, I want to say how much I enjoy these blog … Continue reading

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RamZPaul on Captain Manboobs

Tennessee There were two of them: Captain Manboobs in the blue shirt was holding the “Hey Nazis, Remember Stalingrad” sign, and his wingman in the turquoise shirt.

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OPP on Amren

Tennessee OPP has published its account of the Amren counterprotest: Update: There is another, much longer video coming soon:

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Review: 2014 American Renaissance Conference

Tennessee The 2014 American Renaissance Conference was held this weekend at Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson, TN. The CofCC at Amren I briefly spoke there on Friday evening as the representative of the Council of Conservative Citizens. In my … Continue reading

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