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Live Thread: 2013 BCS National Championship

Florida Here’s a thread for OD readers who are watching the BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

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Marcus Lattimore Injury Video

South Carolina I remember watching Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro go down in a similar way a few years ago: [youtube=]

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Amurrica Series: U.S. Soccer Team Booed In Los Angeles

California H/T Vox I can’t say that I blame the Mexicans in Los Angeles for booing the U.S. team for the umpteenth time … why would anyone want to identify with BRA when they can identify with their real nation? … Continue reading

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Our Beautiful Olympic Women Athletes II

Britain Another beautiful, inspiring day at the 2012 Olympics in London/Londonstan. I must admit that I was not looking forward to this international sports/culture spectacle as I thought it was going to be a non stop, cultural marxist celebration of … Continue reading

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Our Beautiful Olympic Women

It’s time to take a break from depressing American politics. Yeah, Mitt Romney wasted most of July pandering to the likes of the NAACP and the Israeli/Jewish lobby – two groups that will never in 6 million years vote for … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: Golfing The D

Michigan H/T SBPDL Charlie LeDuff golfs the entire length of Detroit: [youtube=]

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Soccer Euro 2012 – It’s a White Thing

Europe So Southeastern Conference college football has gone from being all White in 1967 to being virtually all Black in 2012 (the lone exception my Vanderbilt team – how ’bout them Dores?!). But, there is good news for our people … Continue reading

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Auburn Shooting

Alabama Got a call from my brother about the Auburn shooting earlier this morning … mumbled “probably niggers,” rolled over, went back to sleep … waking up, drinking a cup of coffee, there isn’t much else to say about the … Continue reading

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Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is The Enemy, They Are The Enemy

Tennessee This is hilarious. Apparently, Hank Williams Jr. has compared Barack Hussein Obama to Adolf Hitler on Fox and Friends and John Boehner to Bibi Netanyahu, and ESPN responded by firing him from Monday Night Football – he sees Obama … Continue reading

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Black People Acting Black In Sarasota

Florida These racial attacks on White people are becoming so common now that it is almost a waste of our time to report them here … the “flash mobs” of Black Summer 2011 have finally succeeded in shattering the taboo … Continue reading

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