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Live Thread: Catalonia Secession Vote

It is a non-binding poll, but this is still worth following.

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Catalonia Marches For Independence

“To submit to the encroachments of this vulgar crew of plunderers and fanatics, is a degradation no other free people than the people of the South ever endured; but to submit to their rule will be the desperation of a … Continue reading

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Catalonia Independence Referendum

Spain The two major Catalan nationalist parties have agreed to hold an independence referendum in 2014. Madrid still considers secession illegal, but the Catalan nationalists intend to move forward anyway: “MADRID, Dec 18 (Reuters) – Two of the largest parties … Continue reading

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Separatism Surge

Europe Who needs FOX News when you have RT America?

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Catalonia and Scotland: In Search of Independence

Catalonia and Scotland Here’s a new article that compares and contrasts the independence movements in Catalonia and Scotland: “Still, the SNP planned their referendum on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannock Burn in 1314, when Scots defeated the English, like the … Continue reading

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Catalonia’s Domino Effect

Spain You know that the Basques have to be watching what is going on in Catalonia in light of the ETA’s vanguardist tradition of armed struggle: “The results of Sunday’s local elections in Catalonia will likely have most immediate impact … Continue reading

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Live Thread: Alex Linder Debate on Radio Free Mississippi (Round Two)

Mississippi It is too late for the live thread, but I decided at the last minute to participate in the debate, and we spent about two hours discussing Greg Johnson and homosexuality, Catalonia, and Christianity. Note: Here’s the link to … Continue reading

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Catalonia’s Precedent for Texas

Spain In spite of the media spin, the bottom line coming out of Catalonia’s elections is that the four separatist parties won a clear majority in parliament, and there will be a referendum on Catalonia’s independence in spite of Madrid’s … Continue reading

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Catalan Secessionists Win Regional Elections

Spain Early Returns: A bittersweet victory in Spain … the Catalan secessionist parties have won a majority in the regional elections, but it looks like the CiU will lose 12 seats in parliament: “Nationalists in the Spanish region of Catalonia … Continue reading

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Catalonia Goes To The Polls

Spain The Spanish state of Catalonia is holding elections on Sunday which are expected to return a strong pro-independence majority in the Catalan regional parliament: “Her confidence is not based on nothing. The ANC, formally launched in March, is the … Continue reading

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