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Protesting CorporatePAC

I can’t improve upon a remark that Brian Pace made on Facebook: Democrats or Republicans, it is two wings of the same buzzard. Both American political parties are the puppets of the same oligarchs. Both political parties push the same … Continue reading

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League of the South To Celebrate Lincoln’s Assassination In Maryland

“That means nigger citizenship. Now, by God, I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever make.” – John Wilkes Booth “After being hunted like a dog through swamps, woods, and … chased by gun boats till … Continue reading

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Gainesville and Alachua Demonstrations

Heading into 2015, the League of the South plans to continue our street activism and build upon the network we have created over the past two years. This weekend we held two anti-immigration demonstrations in Gainesville and Alachua, FL. The … Continue reading

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SPLC on Harrison SECEDE Billboard

The SPLC has noticed our latest SECEDE billboard in Harrison, AR. So far, the League has put up four of these SECEDE billboards in Tallahassee, FL, Montgomery, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, and Perry, GA. The Montgomery billboard was taken down amid … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Americans or Alabamians?

John Archibald has a thought provoking article at this afternoon: Are we American? Or just Alabamian? “The question is simple. Are we Americans? Or are we Alabamians? Are we Americans, loyal above all else to the notion of liberty … Continue reading

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League of the South Unveils New #SECEDE Billboard In Harrison, AR

Why not? Note: As the SPLC has already pointed out, the League has an anonymous donor who is willing to match up to $10,000 in donations to our general billboard fund between now and Feb. 20. That can pay for … Continue reading

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League of the South Participates In Lee-Jackson Day In Lexington, VA

H/T SNN Here’s a write up of the League of the South’s participation in the recent Lee-Jackson Day festivities in Lexington: “League of the South members attended the annual pilgrimage to Lexington Va. Lexington is the final resting place for … Continue reading

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The Southern Project: On Romanticizing Failed Republics

Red Phillips has written an article in response to the debate over republicanism we are having on this website, and which has come up many times before on Facebook, which he connects to some recent changes in the League of … Continue reading

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US Conservatives Are Living In The Past

SNN has a new video about how US conservatives are living in the past:

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2014, In Retrospect

In hindsight, 2014 was a year that was utterly dominated by my life offline, whether it was due to work, family, or traveling to attend conferences or protests. My blogging on this website was reduced to short posts whenever I … Continue reading

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