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South Carolina: Blacks And Traitors Attack Pro-Confederate Flag Protest

Here we see a moderately-sized clique of primitive savages, and a few White Leftist bottom-feeders, launching a tribal raid on a group of Southerners attempting to defend their heritage from cultural genocide, as has been reported extensively here, and on Majority … Continue reading

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We Shall Not Succumb: Confederate Flag Rallies Erupt Across Dixie

Early reports are rolling in from a wild weekend of pro-Southern activism: 1.) Nearly 1,000 people turned out to support the Confederate Battle Flag in Montgomery, AL. 2.) 40 to 50 people turned out to support the Confederate Battle Flag … Continue reading

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Deeply Saddened by Charleston Killings

I would like to make a personal statement about the terrible killings in Charleston. I’m deeply saddened by this terrible, cowardly act of mass murder against innocent Black Americans in a Christian church in South Carolina. The suspect Dylann Roof … Continue reading

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FBI Criminal Profiler on Dylann Roof

Unlike the flotsam floating around most of the internet, this is actually useful in understanding Dylann Roofs mindset, which Joe Navarro identifies as the key to understanding his shooting spree. I’ve said the same exact thing here twice now.

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The SPLC is now suggesting that Dylann Roof was an anonymous Daily Stormer commentator, AryanBlood1488. The Stormer has a disclaimer on its sidebar that disavows violence. A Google search for “AryanBlood1488″ casts doubt on this and suggests this user may … Continue reading

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Three Names: Black-on-White Crime In South Carolina

While absolutely nothing excuses Dylann Roof’s evil, horrific crime in Charleston, the Council of Conservative Citizens “stands unshakably behind the facts on its website” and will continue to point out the “dangers of denying the extent of black-on-white crime.” The … Continue reading

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CNN Interviews Pat Hines, LS South Carolina State Chairman

This interview has just came to my attention: Note: I would add here that spree killings are becoming more common in the United States as we move further and further away from the Confederacy. Of the 70 mass shootings since … Continue reading

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Rod Dreher on Confederate Battle Flag

Rod Dreher’s latest piece on the Confederate Battle Flag illustrates why so many people have such a hard time taking him seriously: “True, Dylann Roof did not display the Confederate battle flag in his rampage inside the church, but it … Continue reading

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Neo-Conservative Traitor Karl Rove Calls For A Repeal Of Constitution’s Second Amendment

Skip to the five minute mark in the above video, filmed this morning on Fox News Sunday, to witness Republican strategist and devilish worm Karl Rove demand an immediate suspension of the Second Amendment, and subsequent gun confiscation. Using the … Continue reading

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Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Demands South Carolina Confederate Flag Be Scrapped

In yet another strange happening that was also reported on the Majority Rebellion site, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, champion of whichever cause grants popularity at the immediate moment, has come out swinging both fists against the South, demanding that the … Continue reading

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