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Hypocritical Liberal Liars Obama and Hillary Both Used Confederate Flags In Elections

A very interesting piece has been put together by “Crimson Tide” over at Majority Rebellion, that folks will definitely find shocking. Not ones to ever let a good massacre go to waste, nor a chance to smear and destroy the … Continue reading

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Racism + Reddit Shitstorm

Reddit H/T CofCC See the shitstorm here. See the HBD hate truth comment that sparked fury.

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Reddit Shitstorm

Reddit OD’s Color of Crime page has sparked two big threads at Reddit: Saw this today on the bus… Seriously? and Whole thread in WTF bubbling with everything from SRS to defenders of white power. Note: The APD statistics can … Continue reading

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Why Racialists Must Join Twitter

Breitbart Everything that John Nolte says here about discourse poisoning is equally true for racialists. We recently harassed Touré to the point where he had a meltdown on The Dylan Ratigan Show about “racist tweets.” “More and more news narratives … Continue reading

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Facebook Purged

Alabama Hunter Wallace is no more on Facebook … purged for “hate speech or singling people out based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or disease.” The only speech tolerated on Facebook now is liberalism … Continue reading

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Dixie The black mascot of Wall Street has declared war on the nation of Dixie. The tyrant in Washington is using executive orders to force “diversity” on the entire federal workforce and “amnesty” on America. Thank you, Mein Obama. Note: The … Continue reading

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Calhoun’s Resurrection

South Carolina It is the year 2011. In 1850, John C. Calhoun collapsed on the floor of the U.S. Senate and died in Washington from tuberculosis. In 1980, John C. Calhoun is resurrected in the State of Georgia, and by … Continue reading

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Custer’s Last Stand

District of Corruption A few points before signing off … (1) Everyone can come out of their shell now because Americans are the most self absorbed people in the entire world. We don’t care what happens in Norway. What goes … Continue reading

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District of Corruption It’s the latest mega topic on Twitter: the hashtag #Fuckyouwashington got 64,000 tweets yesterday. Join America’s conversation on BRA’s establishment.

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Colonizing Reddit

I’ve created a beachhead for White Nationalists on Reddit. It can be used to round up the best links from around the web. The articles and blog entries can then be voted up or down in a central location. From /r/White … Continue reading

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