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Fergadishu Burning

H/T Ferguson Scanner Updates Note the irony: “Body of a Black male found near Canfield Apt in ?#?Ferguson?. In his 20s shot to death and set on fire. @FOX2now” Note: Maybe it was a case of Klan violence? What do … Continue reading

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Here’s Matt Heimbach delivering a speech at the recent Stormfront conference:

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Live Thread: Negro-geddon (NO INDICTMENT!!!)

Breaking News: NO INDICTMENT!!!

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Congolese Economics

Editor’s Note: This excerpt comes from David von Reybrouck’s Congo: The Epic History of a People. Nothing that follows in Reybrouck’s account comes as any surprise to me. I’ve studied the DRC for years and I am already familiar with … Continue reading

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The Simba Rebellion

We’re now several years into independence in the Democratic Republic of Congo: “Mama Lungeni saw the rebels come to town. In early August of 1964 they took Stanleyville. The stronghold of Lumumba and Gizenga was theirs once more. They went … Continue reading

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White Liberal Beaten and Chased Through #Ferguson

H/T Conservative Treehouse As Negro-geddon approaches in St. Louis, the Black Undertow beats down an UMSL student on their side in #Ferguson: “He finally escaped the horde, and while being chased screaming down the road, he made it to a … Continue reading

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Congo’s Independence

I’m getting to the good part now in this massive book on the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo … first, this is the state of the country when the Belgians left after 75 years of colonialism: “The first … Continue reading

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Democrats Get Wiped Out In Dixie

It’s the culmination of a story that I blogged about for many years, but ultimately lost interest in because the GOP is just capitalizing on demographic angst and cultural alienation. Update: More on this theme here. Note: How bad is … Continue reading

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Vote, or Else

I found this on my windshield at work: Note: Good work, Klansmen. Apparently, you control this state, and black people are 3rd class citizens here who “didn du muffin” and are arrested for no reason!

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Congo’s Mineral Wealth

Here’s an important excerpt from David Van Reybrouck’s new book,  Congo: The Epic History of a People: “Beneath its surface, Congo turned out to conceal a true “geological scandal,” as Cornet put it. It was almost too good to be … Continue reading

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