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Pat Buchanan on Judicial Monarchy

I agree with the point Pat Buchanan is making here, but I dislike Pat’s characterization of the problem as a “judicial monarchy.” To my knowledge, no monarch in human history, even the Neros and Caligulas (or even fictional caricatures like … Continue reading

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Oracle Protesters Turn Back Illegal Alien Buses

I’m noticing a trend here … the Bundy Ranch, Murrieta, CA and now Oracle, AZ. Instead of putting their faith in their “elected representatives,” White people in the Southwest are starting to stand up to the federal government themselves. They … Continue reading

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Creative Loafing: Georgia Should “End” All Confederate Memorials

Last November, I organized a protest of the removal of the Tom Watson statue from the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. Gov. Nathan Deal said at the time that the removal of the Watson statue was only … Continue reading

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Washington and Lee University To Remove Confederate Flags Inside Lee Chapel

The president of Washington and Lee University, Kenneth Ruscio, announced in an email this afternoon that the eight regimental Confederate battle flags on display in Lee Chapel, which rests above the crypt where Robert E. Lee and his family are … Continue reading

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The Invasion

Behold the spectacle: – In California, the US federal government is bringing in federal agents with riot gear to protect the illegal aliens that are being bused into Murrieta, CA from the protesters waving American flags who are trying to … Continue reading

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Anthony Cumia of Opie & Anthony Radio Show Fired By Sirius XM For Violating “The Standard”

That’s all there is to this story. Anthony Cumia, the host of the Opie & Anthony radio show, was viciously attacked by a black woman in New York City. She hurled racial epithets at him, punched him five times, and … Continue reading

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Murrieta Protesters Block Border Patrol Station Buses

If these people had been content to have their fate decided by the Democrat-controlled California state government, the Obama administration, or even worse, a US federal court, there is doubt they would have been stuck with these illegal aliens: Update: … Continue reading

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Fools and Traitors on the Right: “Patriot” Cliven Bundy

Nevada Most racially aware Southerners are accustomed to seeing their enemies as liberals or leftists. There are Northeastern liberals such as those who work for the SPLC and ACLU, who come down to Alabama and other Southern states to incite … Continue reading

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Black Memorial Day 2014

United States While the national media spent most of Memorial Day weekend discussing Elliot Rodger’s Retribution against blonde haired White women, Black Summer 2014 kicked off around America with dozens of shootings, stabbings, and mayhem at Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, SC … Continue reading

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Review: The City That Bleeds

Maryland I’ve only been through Baltimore once in my life. In August 2010, I had to travel through there on a business trip to Philadelphia. My truck was low on gas and I was forced to stop at a BP … Continue reading

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